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Happy Thanksgiving from the HealthFirst family! We hope you have a great holiday full of family and great food!
We will be open Wednesday 11/23 from 7am - 11am, closed Thursday 11/24, and open Friday 11/25 from 8am - 10am.


You may not realize it but pain and discomfort throughout your body can be caused by your feet! It is important to maintain a healthy base for the rest of your body to build off of. Come in and get a free scan to get fit for custom made orthotics to support all THREE arches of your foot!


The lowest portion of your spine is known as the lumbar spine (L1-L5). This section of the spine supports most of your body weight, as well as acts of the center of balance point. The lumbar spine provides points of attachment for muscles and ligaments which allow you to move, walk and run!


Introducing our latest addition to the office - The Foot Levelers Scanner Kiosk! Come in and get your feet scanned in order determine what custom orthotics would work best for you!


The mid portion of your spine is known as the thoracic spine (T1-T12). The thoracic spine connects to your rib cage and works to create a stable base for your neck and shoulders. When there is a lack of mobility in this area, your neck, shoulders and low back are forced to compensate which can lead to pain and dysfunction over time.


The top of your spine is known as the cervical spine (C1-C7). This portion allows you to turn, tilt, and nod your head. Maintaining the health of your cervical spine is imperative to preserving the necks flexibility and range of motion!


Happy Friday everybody! Make sure to take time for yourself this weekend and enjoy some time outside, we'll see you Monday!


Most leading healthcare organizations now recommend non-pharmacological approaches to treating chronic pain, including chiropractic care. So, if you've been living with pain, know that you have options that don't involve the use of risky drugs, and we're here to help!


One of the fundamental problems with pain medications is that they only mask the symptoms. The truth is, those prescription and over the counter pain medications don't actually do a thing to treat or resolve the root cause of your chronic pain. If you're looking for a long-term solution, that root cause needs to be addressed. Our team is an excellent resource for anyone who is dealing with chronic pain!


Subpar biomechanics (movement patterns) tend to be a common issue for many people living with chronic pain. In our practice, we help our pain patients thrive by using movement as medicine. Our treatment plans focus in large part on improving whole body movement with daily exercise and regular adjustments.


If you've been living with chronic pain, know that you have options that don't involve the use of risky medications. Leading healthcare organizations now recommend movement-based treatments for chronic pain like the care we provide. Simply let us know at your next appointment, and our team will work with you to identify the root cause of your pain and get you on a natural path to relief!


If you've been living with chronic pain, know that cooperation between your doctor and chiropractor can help provide the best results. Our practice is proud to partner with other healthcare providers who support a natural approach to pain management, and it's our mission to help you find lasting relief!


New research has shown that medications such as acetaminophen are not very good at providing relief, and in many cases, aren't even as effective as a placebo. The Agency for Health Care Research and Quality recommended spinal adjustments as the only safe, effective, and drugless initial treatment for back pain.


Did you know that movement is so crucial to the body’s healing process that even people who have spine surgery are encouraged to get up and move as quickly as possible after surgery?!

It's true. One of the biggest observed benefits of movement of the spine is that it can stimulate and accelerate the body’s healing process, which can help dramatically decrease your daily aches and pains.


The spinal cord can send information to your brain at a rate of over 250 mph! Knowing that, it’s no surprise that many patients leave our practice with less stress and less pain after just a few minutes of adjusting. So, if you've been living with chronic pain, remember an adjustment may be just what you need.


Making time for regular exercise, making it a point to maintain good posture, and getting screened and adjusted regularly by your favorite chiropractor are so important to ensuring the health of your spinal discs.


Your body is an incredibly strong, complex, and resilient system that both powers and is itself powered by movement. Motion is life, movement is medicine, and recent research has given us a glimpse at just how important movement is in our lives.


If you've been living with aches and pain, it's often connected to distorted movement patterns that affect your brain, nerves, muscles, bones, joints, cartilage, tendons, etc. Correcting those faulty patterns with safe and effective non-invasive methods is where chiropractors shine.


It’s been said, "you don't get old then stiff, you get stiff then old." Take it from us, that's the truth! We're here to help you leverage the benefits of movement - whether you’re young or young at heart - so you can keep feeling, moving, and functioning at your best for as long as possible. One of the best ways to do that is to make sure you have your next appointment scheduled. We're here for you!


In a number of studies, researchers observed that people receiving spinal adjustments reported a higher quality of life in general than those who weren’t - less pain, less down days.


Great way to go into the weekend with this quote as your mindset! Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you in the office next week!


Chiropractic adjustments to your neck or back have been connected to increased levels of certain pain relieving chemicals in the brain and body.

Let's look at neurotensin and oxytocin for example. In recent studies, researchers have observed increased levels of each of these chemicals in the body following chiropractic adjustments.

This matters because neurotensin is associated with pain blocking as well as the regulation of dopamine, and, similarly, oxytocin is associated with both a decreased sensitivity to pain and an improved mood.


Your body is an incredibly strong, complex, and resilient system that both powers and is itself powered by movement. Motion is life, movement is medicine, and recent research has given us a glimpse at just how important movement is in our lives


Movement is the medicine that helps the facet joints stay healthy and may even help slow down the effects of aging. Make time for movement - get active and get adjusted regularly. When you move better, you feel better, and we're proud to be a part of the healthcare team that helps you stay active!


By making time for regular exercise, making it a point to maintain good posture, and getting screened and adjusted regularly by your favorite chiropractor are so important to ensuring the health of your spinal disc


Recent studies have shown that conservative treatment options like chiropractic adjustments can be more effective than spinal injections for treating disc issues.

Still more studies have shown that movement, reducing intra-discal stress, and opening up the channels your nerves pass through can improve how you feel and help accelerate the healing process.


Words of wisdom for this week. We look forward to seeing you in the office soon!


Have a great weekend everyone! Do something fun that requires you to move your body! Try something new, go for early morning or late evening walk, swim or hike! Stay cool out there!


Obtaining an accurate diagnosis with a complete examination and spinal imaging is the first step towards determining the best plan of care to heal from your injuries. Because inflammation is often the primary factor that causes pain and restricted movement after a whiplash injury, taking steps to control that inflammation naturally and to reestablish your range of motion can help us turn the dial down on pain and improve the long-term results of your care.


If you've been recommended an operation, we encourage you to get a second opinion. You only have one spine, and the healthcare decisions you make today will affect your life for decades to come. The majority of people suffering from back pain can find relief without surgery, and research has continued to show that Chiropractic care is one of the most safe and effective options to help you on the road to relief.

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About Us

HealthFirst Spine & Wellness was born from the idea that your health should come first. You can have other values such as your career or family, too. But if you don’t make health your number one priority, everything else in your life will suffer. There is no more effective step to take for your wellness than to ensure that your spine has an optimal function.

Our goal is to get you out of pain, repair the underlying issue and then restore and renew you.

Our chiropractors welcome people from all walks of life, from stay-at-home moms and dads to professional athletes. Since everyone has different outcomes they want from their care, we take a personalized approach that helps you on an individual basis. We also welcome difficult cases that haven’t seen success elsewhere.

We’re here to listen to your concerns and what you’d like to get from our care. You might wish to wake up without pain or play with your kids again. We’ll teach you why you have your symptoms, give you choices on how to proceed, then devise a game plan to help you reach your goals.

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