The Grass Outlet

The Grass Outlet


Orders 3 pallets of grass and it looked bad! Called them and said the grass was dormant. orders 2 more pallets since we needed more(with delivery issues) and that grass was green! So now we have to water the heck of the backyard in order to keep it alive. See more photos in comments.
Do you offer pickup in the Dallas area?
Look at my beautiful lawn!! Ordered the St. A from the Dallas branch the last week of May. Two months later, it's the envy of the neighborhood!!

At the Grass Outlet, we are committed to providing the highest quality turf grass available in the s

At the Grass Outlet, we are committed to providing the highest quality turf grass available in the state of Texas. We’re dedicated to delivering fresh pallets of grass directly from our farms to your home or business. By offering our turf farm-direct, we are able to cut out the middle-man and provide fresh, quality sod delivered in a timely manner, at a fair price.


In 2007 the Grass Outlet was founded to provide Central Texans with a source for quality turfgrass paired with genuine service. Starting with just one small delivery truck, one phone, and a few community ties with coastal grass farms in Matagorda County, we began delivering grass to homeowners and turning Austin green one yard at a time!

Gaining momentum, we launched our website in 2012, allowing customers to order fresh grass online. In 2014 we began our own farming operations to better control the quality & supply of the highest performing grass varieties.

Today, we continue to grow and harvest the grass we are proud to deliver across Texas!

Now it's easier to send The Grass Outlet a message. 03/03/2022

Now it's easier to send The Grass Outlet a message.

Now it's easier to send The Grass Outlet a message.


We are happy to announce that our new & improved website is live! We have made various enhancements & added new features, including comprehensive Grass Care & Grass Tips pages. These pages will guide you through the grass installation process, from removing w**ds & prepping the soil to post-installation sod care & maintenance.

So, go ahead and peruse our new content to better prepare for your new lawn this spring!

⛳️ Happy Lawns! ⛳️


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The Grass Outlet


Need grass? The time is now, tomorrow never comes! The HOT Texas temps will definitely make it for their annual visit though, so it's time to make a move. If you want to have a B-E-A-utifully flourishing lawn instead of a lawn slightly resembling a small desert or hay patch, there's still time! Give us a call at the office Monday-Saturday, 8am - 5pm for any questions or to place your order. You can also visit for information about the different varieties, descriptions, feedback, pics and lots of other useful tools to help with your decision. You'll find all of our contact info there or simply place your order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make it a GREAT week and we look forward to hearing from you!

=The Grass Outlet Team= 03/05/2014

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