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RAW Running


Going HAF last night, RAW Runners were radiating good vibes doing the Bryan Deibel Loop X 5 in the Deep Eddy Neighborhood.
Set to take a snapshot every 5 seconds, the camera managed to catch quite a few RAW Runners going through the aid station. High Five to all who competed and completed the course today. :-)
Massive thanks to everyone who joined the Austin Marathon x RAW Running team for Under Armour's All Out Mile, crushed their mile, and helped us raise $15,000 for j.k. livin foundation!

🎥 - Rio Reina x Bryan Deibel
Reminder: On November 6, 2021, the small town of Bartlett Texas will host its first annual Strudel Stroll and 5K. Many walkers! People 17 years and younger are free. $25 adults. Following the race there will be a walking tour of Bartlett including the old electric power plant, the abandoned bank, old jail and much more. Join us!

Hey RAW! The Daisy Dash is coming up and I'm looking for volunteers to help ARC host it. https://bit.ly/DaisyVol

Email me at [email protected] if you have q's!

(Also I have discounted no-swag entries for 5k and 10k to race if anyone is interested.)
So glad to have RAW Running back in Pease Park last night! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ #peaseparkprograms
Join us this Friday, June 18, to kick off our social runs with RAW Running meeting at our Fleet Feet Austin Seaholm location at 6:30am

Chat over 3-7 miles at a chill pace, catch up, make weekend plans, and top it off with some coffee and tacos.

Click here to learn more:
Is there a regular raw running group on friday morning? The used to be one from seaholm. Is that still happening? Somewhere else?
Hey guys and gals... Here is the link to sign up for the Aid station on Monday morning. You don't have to be there for all of it, just need to cover both morning and later. Thanks in advance!

And the link does work. For some reason it says page not found.
Hey, ya bunch of maniacs! I hope y'all are continuing to cover miles and keeping safe, lookin' forward to getting things rockin' again over the course of the next few months (fingers crossed).

We (Fleet Feet Austin) are hosting a plantar fasciitis screening event this upcoming Wednesday, February 10th, from 2pm-5pm at the shop. More information can be found here for those interested in learning more about the event: https://www.fleetfeet.com/s/austin/calendar/plantar-fasciitis-screening

Dr. Sonia Lucas is found and owner of Active ATX Rehab & Wellness, located here in Austin, and will be dedicating her time to offer a better idea of causes, remedies, and preventative measures associated with plantar fasciitis.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions and/or requests in the meantime. Thanks for the continued support, y'all!
Hello friends!
I hope you’re all doing well! I miss running with you all!
It’ll be awhile with my stress fracture recovery...😭🤷🏼‍♂️

I hope I’m not out of bounds posting this, but I know Paras has brought a fair amount of you out to the Symphony before.

I’m working with the Austin Symphony Orchestra for their season ticket sales campaign (I did the same thing last year too). We’re getting close to wrapping up (only a couple weeks left!)
The first few concerts are set to be virtual. They’re going to do a good job putting together a cool product for those (multiple camera angles, well produced, etc.) I can tell you more about it if you’re interested.
We do have some great stuff coming up that we’re excited about. We have some wiggle room/contingency plans if needed (maybe an additional virtual concert and/or pushing the rest of the season back a little further), but we’re commitment to having as much of the season as possible be in person and also being responsible and keeping everybody safe, and we’re confident that we’ll be able to get all those boxes checked and have a great season.
You can look at AustinSymphony.org to see what’s coming up and look at the main options. I can talk you through most of that as well. I’d be happy to let any of you know more about the coming season, answer any questions, and get you set up if you’d like.

(3 “friend disclaimers” I want to mention:
1: No pressure.
2: They don’t ask us to reach out to people. I’m doing this on my own.
3: Yes, there is a portion of commission involved, but I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think it was a solid product that was worth it and that some of you might be interested! 😁)

Join us by coming to our free weekly workouts and get faster. We welcome all levels and celebrate our efforts together with a cold beer when we're done!

Every Tues @ 7pm from Mean Eyed Cat The reason we started RAW was to bring people together and push ourselves to become better runners and improve our fitness. RAW has done just that. We've all met amazing people and have seen a lot of personal bests go down along the way! No matter what level runner you are, if you are looking for a way to push yourself and meet good people along the way then you've come to the right place!

Operating as usual


India and Shannon are two of our ladies that lead the pack. They both ran their first time races in RAW jerseys last month’s @austinmarathon and absolutely crushed it 💪 They go #HAF on Tuesdays too.

Tonight, we have the Dyson for RAW #424.

See you at @meaneyedcatbar at 7p.
Tip your bartenders.

Timeline photos 03/15/2022

RAW #424 - The Dyson (modified version of Bouldin Hills) - https://mailchi.mp/0082ce1fe481/track400s-5716469

Beach To Bay Relay Commitment Form - May 21, 2022 03/13/2022

Beach To Bay Relay Commitment Form - May 21, 2022

Beach To Bay Relay Commitment Form - May 21, 2022 - https://mailchi.mp/202c3c88fe44/postponeraw-5716209

Beach To Bay Relay Commitment Form - May 21, 2022 2022 Beach to Bay Marathon Relay Hey RAW Runners! We are excited to announce our spring team race event, the Beach to Bay Marathon Relay in Corpus Christi on May 21, 2022! This will be a Friday-Sunday group trip, with a Friday pre-race team dinner, 7 AM Marathon relay race, and a full Saturday after...

Photos from RAW Running's post 03/08/2022

Some of the hardest working people on @austinmarathon weekend were our talented musicians @_robioli and @wvonrose! Their band @not_brothers_band played for the marathon runners all AM. They came back to play another awesome set in the PM @meaneyedcatbar.

When you add setup and breakdown, this is a lot of work. We appreciate you guys! Buy them a beer tonight.

Speaking of putting in a lot of work, it’s Tuesday 😈 We have Rollingwood Hills tonight.

Please tip your bartenders.

Timeline photos 03/08/2022

RAW #423 - Rollingwood Hills - https://mailchi.mp/e0b37e106d4c/deibel1111111-5713881

Photos from RAW Running's post 03/07/2022

Big ups to our RAW @austinmarathon finishers!

We had quite a few conquer the 26.2 distance 💪 Amongst our RAW runners, we had quite a few in the top 20 finishers including @_sammy.o, @nathanstraathof,
@mattray_atx and @luislemus.psd and @wojd_23 with a top 10 finish!

We also had quite a few first time marathoners as well! Big shoutout to @dejablue @carlosj_atx @evanbrakefield @ptearson for going the distance!

See you guys Tuesday.

Photos from RAW Running's post 03/01/2022

Big shoutout to @meaneyedcatbar! Amazing staff, great venue, a near endless supply of Lonestar! Thank you for making RAW the place to be on Tuesday night 🙌

It’s RAW #422.

We have mile repeats at Barton Springs Pool on deck.

7p. @meaneyedcatbar #HAF

Timeline photos 03/01/2022

RAW #422 - Barton Springs Pool Mile Repeats - https://mailchi.mp/be97b17a474e/deibel1111111-5710925

Photos from RAW Running's post 02/22/2022

Big shout out to our RAW Cheer Station who rallied the runners at mile 7.2 this weekend’s @austinmarathon! The energy was absolutely awesome! @uarunning and @liannemstraathof was a huge help to organize the station.

For those who raced this weekend, we hope you enjoy your recovery 🙌 For those who didn’t, it’s back to work 💪(including you, cheer station crowd)

It’s tempo loops at Pease Park tonight for RAW #421.

7p @meaneyedcatbar.

Tip your bartenders. See ya tonight.

Timeline photos 02/22/2022

RAW #421 - Pease Park Rainbow Bend Loops - https://mailchi.mp/10f0cb38baa9/deibel1111111-5692617

Photos from RAW Running's post 02/22/2022


📸: @collinfindlayphotography

Photos from RAW Running's post 02/21/2022

Austin Marathon shake out run photos from our very own @collin_fin! Thank you @fleetfeetaustin and @uarunning!!

📸: @collinfindlayphotography

2022 Austin Marathon After Party -- happening at 6.00p at Mean Eyed Cat 02/20/2022

2022 Austin Marathon After Party -- happening at 6.00p at Mean Eyed Cat

2022 Austin Marathon After Party -- happening at 6.00p at Mean Eyed Cat - https://mailchi.mp/be890c0ca407/postponeraw-5691169

2022 Austin Marathon After Party -- happening at 6.00p at Mean Eyed Cat

Photos from RAW Running's post 02/20/2022

What a day!! So many PRs! So many crushed goal times! This is when all the Tuesdays pay itself off! Congrats everyone!

The @austinmarathon crew put on another amazing race again!

See you at the @meaneyedcatbar tonight. You’ve earned your Lone Stars tonight! 🍻

Special thanks for the awesome cheer station put on by @uarunning and the RAW crew!

2022 Austin Marathon IT'S RACE MORNING! 02/20/2022

2022 Austin Marathon IT'S RACE MORNING!

2022 Austin Marathon IT'S RACE MORNING! - https://mailchi.mp/7f2ae2fa5cb3/postponeraw-5691165

2022 Austin Marathon IT'S RACE MORNING! 2022 Austin Marathon RACE DAY! Hi folks,  It's race day! GOOD LUCK!!!!! Here is one of two places you should be at .... right now!

Photos from RAW Running's post 02/20/2022

Ready to roll for @austinmarathon.

Fresh new looks from
@uarunning x @rawrunning. Tomorrow is a good day to run #HAF. Let’s go!


Nice rise and grind this morning runners☠️ Tomorrow we #RunAustin then we party 🍻 Who’s with us?!?

See you bright and early run fam 👋

Photos from RAW Running's post 02/19/2022

All smiles at today’s Shake Out run at @fleetfeetaustin!

We had a great turnout today and are ready to roll @austinmarathon tomorrow!

Thank you to @uarunning and @highfiveevents for bringing the tacos and coffee. We also had some awesome prizes handed out by @aftershokz and @fleetfeetaustin.

Rest up. We will see you at Congress tomorrow.

Austin Marathon / RAW Shake Out Run at Fleet Feet Seaholm - Starts NOW (7.00am) 02/19/2022

Austin Marathon / RAW Shake Out Run at Fleet Feet Seaholm - Starts NOW (7.00am)

Austin Marathon / RAW Shake Out Run at Fleet Feet Seaholm - Starts NOW (7.00am) - https://mailchi.mp/2c6563bdfd92/postponeraw-5691161

Austin Marathon / RAW Shake Out Run at Fleet Feet Seaholm - Starts NOW (7.00am) Austin Marathon Shakeout Run at Fleet Feet Austin Hi folks, Quick reminder that the Austin Marathon Official Shakeout Run starts now (well, at 7.00am) at Fleet Feet Seaholm! Fleet Feet Austin 211 Walter Seaholm Dr, Austin, TX 78701 So wake your friends up and come out and come run a couple of easy m...

Photos from RAW Running's post 02/18/2022

Come join the @austinmarathon cheer party on Sunday! We will be posted up at Austin High track (mile 7.2) at 6:30am! @liannemstraathof has done a great job organizing this and even has a limited amount of shirts available. Please sign up through our FB link in our email.
BYOB. Let’s go!

2022 Austin Marathon Weekend [reminder email + details] 02/18/2022

2022 Austin Marathon Weekend [reminder email + details]

2022 Austin Marathon Weekend [reminder email + details] - https://mailchi.mp/98100d6d7519/postponeraw-5691153

2022 Austin Marathon Weekend [reminder email + details] 2022 Austin Marathon Weekend Hi folks,  We are back in *full force* and with that, we're so pumped up for Austin Marathon weekend. This is our Super Bowl and is the funnest weekend of the year. If you're running - awesome. Have fun, get a big PR, and tag us + @austinmarathon on Instagram all week l...


It’s @austinmarathon week! RAW is ready to bring it like @seantaymill! It’s going to be a great weekend ahead!

But first, RAW 420. Let’s get our runner’s high going at the track tonight as a fast tune-up. Come get a good sweat in and crack a Lonestar. It’s race week baby! Tip your bartenders. Sign the waiver. Go
#HAF, always.

Timeline photos 02/15/2022

RAW #420 - Track 400s - https://mailchi.mp/69cec12ca32a/raw311-5659637

2022 Austin Marathon Week Plans 02/14/2022

2022 Austin Marathon Week Plans

2022 Austin Marathon Week Plans - https://mailchi.mp/1501ba5a2a32/postponeraw-5659645

2022 Austin Marathon Week Plans 2022 Austin Marathon Week Hi folks,  We are back in *full force* and with that, we're so pumped up for Austin Marathon week. This is our Super Bowl and is the funnest weekend of the year. If you're running - awesome. Have fun, get a big PR, and tag us + @austinmarathon on Instagram all week long. I...

Photos from RAW Running's post 02/13/2022

It’s 🚨RACE WEEK🚨! It’s our biggest and best week of the year and we have a lot up our sleeve!

Tuesday night is RAW 420 and we will have something special for everyone before the workout.

Saturday morning we are leading the official shakeout run at @fleetfeetaustin. Come on out at 7.30am and do a few easy miles with us.

After that, @nathanstraathof and @liannemstraathof are hosting everyone at @anotherbrokenegg where starting at 9am if you want to eat some breakfast with us and @electricathleticclub come on up and we’ll have a little discount and some special treats from Nate and his staff.

Race morning! We will meet at 6.15 somewhere (details coming soon) to take a group pic. Then we race!

If you’re not racing come to our cheer station lead by @liannemstraathof! We will have some party favors and a whole @uarunning cheer zone going on to start the morning off. 6.30am!

Then the big, big after party of the year is happening at 6p @meaneyedcatbar. Wear your @austinmarathon / @uarunning or @rawrunning/ @uarunning shirt or bring your race bib for access to a few drinks and food. We will have a band and DJ playing and the party will be LIT.

More to come on social, email, and in person Tuesday night. Buckle up, it’s going to be a hell of a week.


That was a good, good night. So good that @carlosj_atx couldn’t fit everyone into the pic he took!

Just a couple weeks until the @austinmarathon! Keep it rolling!


The guy behind some of our sick videos and photos @rioreina at the 2022 @3mhalfmarathon!

Rio hails from San Antonio and is from one of the most prolific running families in America. But he made a mark for himself as a former @razorbacktfxc athlete who has kept up his running (and beer drinking) long, long after his college running days.

Rio also helps lead RAW workouts and you can ask him about photography, running fast, good beer, and anything Arkansas sports.

RAW 419 tonight

📷: @bdeibel4

Timeline photos 02/08/2022

RAW #419 - South 1st/Lamar Loops - https://mailchi.mp/71b1b4bf3b5a/deibel1111111-5634282

Photos from RAW Running's post 02/04/2022

@peterfaull and @mewouttatx doing what they do best - donating their time and having a lot of fun while doing it.

Stoked for the @austinmarathon at the end of this month! If you’re interested in volunteering, we are helping out @highfiveevents with some race day stuff. Camera truck navigators, sag vehicles, navigators, all fun stuff. Slide into our DMs and we will connect you with the right person.

If you’re not racing - help out and volunteer or come to our cheer station (more coming on that).

📷: @bdeibel4 (have him photograph your next event)

Timeline photos 02/01/2022

RAW #418 - The Deibel - https://mailchi.mp/6c7f4457196b/deibel1111111-5542142


Alright we are getting ready for the 2022 @austinmarathon officially! Well, some of us have been for a while and some of us are cramming it it.

This Sunday at 6am we are going to meet @uarunning, the Austin Marathon team, and the AM Pacers for a run to gear up for the race! We are going to meet at @fleetfeetaustin in Seaholm.

Hope to see everyone there!


Instead of going downhill, we are going uphill today. 8 times at @peasepark.

We will see everyone tonight at 7p @meaneyedcatbar.

-sign the waiver on our website
-show up on time
-run #HAF
-stay for beers after


What a day! Thanks for all the fun memories @3mhalfmarathon it’s great to have the race back going again. We had so much fun and there’s so much to celebrate tomorrow night - from @wojd_23 finishing in the top 10 to @taramsch finishing her first EVER half all the way to @bex_in_atx organizing our biggest and best aid station yet.

We are proud of everyone and thanks to @bdeibel4 we have so many pics to share with you.


Last night was amazing.

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Join this run crew by coming to our free weekly workout and get faster! Open to all levels and we celebrate our efforts with a cold beer

Every Tues @7pm at Mean Eyed Cat

Every Fri at 6.30am at Fleet Feet Austin

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Happy birthday BIG P!
V*O*T*E@aarongnz explains that we are under 50 days away from a national election and that it’s time to gear up and get ...
Happy Birthday Diesel Deebs! (@bdeibel4). One of the nicest guys around, Bryan has been around RAW for a number of years...
It’s @austinmarathon week and the 🌧 and 🥶 didn’t stop this sqUAd from getting after it on the track.🚨the new @uarunning ...
Friday Night Lights: Claire vs. Alonso - THE RACE
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Friday Night Lights (Dec 14, 2018) - Paras vs. Cohl, 200m Showdown
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Come on out and join us! 6.30am @fleetfeetaustin tomorrow morning. On Fridays we go #CAF pace. We will #bless someone wi...



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