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At Bloom we offer a deeply human, holistic approach to counseling, helping people heal mind, body, and spirit from the inside out. At Bloom we offer a holistic, scientific, and deeply human approach to therapy and healing.

Our primary goal is to introduce clients to fresh ways of relating, thinking, moving, and being that foster personal growth. We specialize in engaging the natural healing capacity of the mind/body system to help people work through normal but difficult human experiences like anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, spiritual struggles, life choices, and transitions, and come out on the other end refre

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Bloom Therapy updated their address. 10/28/2021

Bloom Therapy updated their address.

Bloom Therapy updated their address.

Bloom Therapy updated their phone number. 07/13/2021

Bloom Therapy updated their phone number.

Bloom Therapy updated their phone number.

Bloom Therapy -Katy David, LPCS - YouTube 04/13/2021

Bloom Therapy -Katy David, LPCS - YouTube

Super busy? Short on cash? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for as much free therapy as you can get without actually going to therapy! It also makes a great complement to work you are already doing with your individual therapist.

At Bloom, we're on a mission to help as many people as efficiently as possible, and expand access to quality, holistic psychotherapy. That's why our Founder & Supervising Clinical Director has started a YouTube Channel, where she offers a wealth of information that she finds herself sharing with clients repeatedly. While there is no replacement for one-on-one therapy, much of this valuable and healing information can be learned by regularly tuning in with a sincere commitment to learning and change, and implementing these ideas and practices in your daily life. Katy David, LPC-S, will produce new videos about 3-5 times per week, working from the ground up, starting with fundamental concepts and practices, and then moving into more nuanced and detailed topics to help you understand yourself and produce lasting growth. Stick with it; this information is life-changing. Katy is loved by her clients for her no-nonsense, direct style of teaching, spiritual insights, meditative voice and presence, and most importantly, positive results! As she moves into teaching & mentoring full-time, she offers this material to anyone looking to Bloom. If you enjoy the videos, please like, share, and subscribe! Much more to come.

Bloom Therapy -Katy David, LPCS - YouTube Holistic Psychotherapy & Spiritual Teachings’m Katy David, the Founder and Supervising Clinical Director of Bloom Therapy, a ...


2. What To Do With Emotions


Mindful Presence & Kosha Meditation

Timeline Photos 03/24/2021

New Therapists + In-person Sessions Available! -

New Therapists + In-person Sessions Available! -

Bloom Therapy 01/30/2021

Bloom Therapy

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Bloom Therapy Holistic Psychotherapy Based in Austin, Texas

Photos from Bloom Therapy's post 11/23/2020

Photos from Bloom Therapy's post


The Great Awakening And What They Won't Tell You

The time is NOW to live your truth!

Golden Glow - YouTube 11/11/2020

Golden Glow - YouTube

Ok, it's time for a lot of THIS!

Breathe... Be... Kind... Free... Love... Everything... Unconditionally.

Listen and Share if you agree!

Golden Glow - YouTube Provided to YouTube by CDBabyGolden Glow · NikaidoHey, Sun!℗ 2020 Wesley McGuffeyReleased on: 2020-05-20Auto-generated by YouTube. 03/19/2020

Important COVID-19 Update

Important COVID-19 Update - Bloom Therapy has decided to move exclusively to teletherapy (therapy using either phone or video chat) during this time of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, until further notice.  Community wellness is our #1 mission, and this policy is in line with that mission. While we generally consider... 03/15/2020

New Therapists 👩 + Teletherapy 💻

Bloom Therapy is here for you! New Therapists 👩 + Teletherapy 💻 means lower rates and safe support for you through these unsure times. - With the mission of making effective, holistic mental health care more accessible, Bloom Therapy is expanding. I, Katy David, am now a licensed supervisor; I have hand-selected two interns to train, mentor, and guide as they cultivate and strengthen their clinical skills.  Both of these clinic...


Twin Flames and Soul Mates (Do they Exist?) - Teal Swan

If you are trying to find your person, definitely watch this video! I 💚 Teal Swan. She is always right on point.

Twin Flames is an age old concept about meeting another soul on this planet of which you are meant to be together. This is a flawed concept as it is applying...


Unbroken - Motivational Video

"At the end of your feelings is nothing, but at the end of every principle is a promise."

DON'T live a life enslaved to your feelings (this does not mean push them down; that gives them more power); if you find feelings unmanageable PLEASE hire a therapist to teach you how to respond to and release them! That's what we are here for! There's no shame or blame; we simply learn to respond to feelings how our parents teach us to, regardless of whether it works or not! And society is not supportive of emotional intelligence learning. BUT your life purpose matters more than anything! It's WHY you are here on earth! You are far more powerful than fear, sometimes freedom is just one simple learned skill or shifted perspective away.

This motivational montage video has me jazzed this morning! Watch, and rewatch for instant inspiration and mojo!

Subscribe: Website: Facebook: Instagram: http://bit.l...


Anyone who wants to shop the Athleta Friends+Family 25% Off Event March 9th-13th, RSVP here! If they ask, tell them Katy from Bloom Yoga Therapy sent you!



Holding onto to anger and pain for extended periods time manifests as physical and mental health problems. But forgiveness can be difficult, especially when we don't understand its nature and purpose. I've just posted a poem on my blog about my personal understanding of and experience with forgiveness. I would love your thoughts and comments. For me, I give yourself back to you So that you may decide what to do with you. Your actions and words, beliefs and absurds, I give them all back. I don’t carry you. I no longer need t…

[02/12/17]   Finally got a blog up, y'all. This is an article I wrote awhile back, but more coming soon!


Stretched Out

New Poetry Post: Time moves slow with sadness And after broken dreams Nothing is the same. Why should time be? It stretches like taffy Intent on teaching us lessons. Every detail of what we missed And what we will …



Latest Blog Post: Sparkling at me Asking me a question Whether or not I want to know more Or is that the question? There are two questions. Do I want to? Am I willing to? Curiosity killed the cat. But the cat isn…



Check out my new blog post on my interpretation of the yogic guideline of aparigraha, or non-possessiveness. What is all this that you think you have? You don’t. Clinging to ideas about things and people is just like clinging to ideas. It’s noise in your head that your perceptions have been shouting at yo… 01/06/2017

How to Create a Sankalpa

Happy 2017 Everyone! Instead of the traditional New Year's Resolutions, consider creating a Sankalpa this year. This Yogic tradition asked you to set an intention from the beautiful and full being that you already are rather than what you want to become. Mine this year is "I walk in power, spreading love without limits." This article will help you create one that feels just right for you during the Chinese Year of the Rooster: The yoga tradition offers a profound formula for realizing your heartfelt desires.

[07/18/16]   Good morning! You are loved. You are beautiful. You are enough.

[07/16/16]   The more we are willing to sit with what we don't know with a sense of curiosity or wonder, the more intelligent we will become. Curiosity is intentionally channeled intelligence which leads to knowings and understandings. It actually opens up the gates so you can receive information from the universe rather than trying to dictate what that information is. Do not fight with the universe; meet it openly, with regard and respect for the higher power that created it and you. Every moment is an opportunity for this. Then you will be able to dance and play with ecstasy on planet earth, and delight in the wonder of it all. 09/26/2015

Blood Moon of the Warrior Star - Vedic Astrology

Tend to your spirit tomorrow while watching the Lunar Eclipse. Tune in, open up, and let go. The Blood Moon of September 27, 2015 will ignite the fires of transformation, sparking a radical shift on both the individual and collective level of our consciousness. This is a call to action for...

[09/11/15]   Everything will be okay as soon as you are okay with everything. 04/05/2015

A Narcissist & an Empath Walk Into a Bar: Understanding the Dynamic of Abuse.

All you empaths out there: Don't mistake intensity for intimacy, and don't assume that others are empathic. It is not just the narcissist that drives the paradigm, but the person he carefully selects to assist him. 03/06/2015

Busy Is A Sickness

I looove moving slowly and practicing quality over quantity. This value is not easily cultivated in our society. But it is still a choice. Don't become resentful at our fast-paced society; you get to choose your life and your pace. So my prayer today is this. That I stop defining myself by my doing, and start defining myself by my being. That I stop measuring time by the clock on the wall, and start measuring it by the experiences I share with those around me. And that I stop s...



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