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Our favorite Corrective Bodyworker, Shannon of Chulel Wellness, demonstrating some great stretches for wrists/forearms to help you get through all this extra desk/computer work!
These talented, wonderful folks have been integral parts of my 'branding' from logo to Instagram to YouTube.

I've so appreciated their dedication to getting to know me, my business audience, my skills...and helping me translate that into an online identity.

Check out Emily Galusha at her studio at Canopy this weekend.

And Richard Casteel for any audio/visual needs including wedding photography!
Hey all,

Hosting the wonderful Bhakti, Shakti and Raj Studios for some FREE Kundalini yoga classes this week and next week. Kundalini is a more gentle form of yoga with some stretching, meditation and breath work. We have 2 open spots for tonight at 6:30. Click on the photo for the link to sign up!

Corrective Bodywork & Pilates
Helping your body free up space & neurologically connect to places you haven't used to prevent/rehabilitate an injury, improve athletic performance and eliminate chronic pain.

Unfurl your inner ninja. Have chronic pain spots in your body that you're always wanting massaged or adjusted? The way you move day-to-day is likely reinforcing those pain patterns. We provide individualized, one-on-one sessions to correct what is going on in your body that's keeping your hurting so that you can move forward in life with more ease and efficiency.


As we officially start the holidays this week, feelings of overwhelm are likely to occur for a lot of us. We also may be triggered by someone in our lives or reminded of a traumatic event.

I personally feel like the wellness community over emphasizes the notion of ‘grounding’ instead of being centered. Here’s what I do when I have 👆🏼feelings. Link in profile.

What's Causing Your PLANTAR FASCIITIS or Foot Pain? | Plantar Fasciitis Class 1 11/05/2021

What's Causing Your PLANTAR FASCIITIS or Foot Pain? | Plantar Fasciitis Class 1

Full plantar fasciitis course is up on YouTube! This content is also relevant for general ankle and foot pain. If you're in the midst of marathon training season, check these videos out as a form of injury prevention.

What's Causing Your PLANTAR FASCIITIS or Foot Pain? | Plantar Fasciitis Class 1 Hi friends, welcome to the first episode in my Plantar Fasciitis series! This series will be beneficial to anyone who suffers from plantar fasciitis, foot pa...


In this short video in the Fix Your Carpal Tunnel series, I go into common emotional connections I’ve seen over the last 10+ years.

The hands are what we use for ‘doing’, so I’ve found that the folks who have come to me for help with chronic wrist pain are get-er-done types who often have a hard time receiving.

I go over some other connections as well as some tips for self-healing around this re:wrist pain.

Link in profile…


Onto the often tight and weak sides of the body and how they relate to chronic wrist pain!

In this episode we start at the lateral calves and walk our way up via self-massage techniques as well as stretching for the lateral line of the body.

The video wraps up with activating areas that are often turned off, including the lateral aspect of the wrists.

Link to YT video in profile. ⬆️

Photos from Chulel Wellness's post 09/29/2021

WHY have I never thought to do this for back pain?! Get that facial stretch on!!!


Next video in Carpal Tunnel and Wrist Pain Relief is up!

We’ll delve into how tension in your opposite leg can impact pain in the wrist and forearm. Yes, everything is connected!

Link in profile with a simple solution of self-massage, stretches and proper reactivation of muscles along fascial chains.


In today’s episode I cover some of my favorite products for releasing tension in the hands and forearms. These are beneficial for carpal tunnel symptoms as well as wrist pain when trying to workout.

We also cover how to assess strength in the hands so that you can reassess as the course goes on and see which complementary exercises are most helpful for you in this course.

Link to YouTube in profile. Thanks for watching and sharing!

Photos from Chulel Wellness's post 09/20/2021

Helping this young programmer improve his posture.

Unwound some tension in his arms, which helped his shoulders open up. We then found that tension in his mid-back (lower traps) as well as triceps were throwing off his hips and not allowing his glutes to engage.

This is a fairly common pattern I see as it follows the Posterior Kinetic Chain. Pictured in second photo as depicted by Joseph Schwartz.


New series starting this week! We’ll spend the next couple months looking why you could be having carpal tunnel or wrist pain and how to improve it at home.

Link to watch first episode and subscribe on YouTube in profile.

Photos from Chulel Wellness's post 08/27/2021

The last 2 episodes of Fix Your Plantar Fasciitis are up on YT (link in description).

This completes a 10-part ‘Masterclass’ so-to-speak on common reasons why people end up with foot pain, what to do to fix it at home and how to keep it from coming back.


We’re wrapping up the Fix Your Plantar Fasciitis course this week!

I want to highlight this video, in particular, as it has some really helpful exercises you can do at home to fix your gait (how you walk) which is helpful for anyone who has had lower body issues…think hips on down.

Over the last 10 years I’ve read a lot about gait and taken several workshops. These are a few of my favorite, simple exercises that can be done anywhere. AND they’re super helpful to do before taking a long walk or run to get more proper spiraling through your body (think fascia!) as you walk. 💃💃💃💃

Photos from Chulel Wellness's post 07/06/2021

The calf and foot portions of How to Fix Your Plantar Fasciitis are up! I know a lot of you started running and/or walking as a form of exercise and stress relief during the pandemic. These videos contain a lot of self-care to also AVOID something like plantar fasciitis.

Take care of your feet! They do a lot and are under-appreciated.

If your feet are strong, flexible and mobile, you’ll feel a better connection to your core and better fluidity in movement. 👯🤸🏼‍♂️👯🤸🏼‍♂️

Link to YouTube profile.

Photos from Chulel Wellness's post 06/08/2021

First 3 episodes of the Fix Your Plantar Fasciitis series are up! We look at how your upper body tension—triceps & neck as well as how your tight diaphragm (read: poor posture) can affect tight calves and feet.

Fourth episode will drop later this week where we get into those tight hammies!

Photos from Chulel Wellness's post 04/21/2021

These photos detail a new client that I’ve seen a handful of times who is trying to deepen his upright squat. First photo is from our first session, swipe to see our last session.

His other goal is a handstand, to which I said, “Great, cause they’re related!”

Getting a good, deep squat involves upper back and scapular strength. Read: postural muscles.

Since Covid, more and more clients are coming in with forward heads from poor workplace setups at home. For this client, he’s connecting with some new spots up top and it’s helping improve his squat.


Now that we have released/stretched/re-engaged all of the things, it’s time to work them. 💪🏼

This beginner pelvic floor routine hits up anything connecting to the underwear lines and is appropriate for some currently experiencing pelvic/lower back pain or just on the other side of an injury or pregnancy.

Link to YouTube channel in profile.


In this episode, we get into the meat of things about how to release specific pelvic floor muscles and how to properly engage those areas (read: not Kegels IMHO).

Releasing these spots will initiate relaxation all over including the lower back, neck and legs. Doing some of these before attempting any core work may also help you engage your abs more properly and make breathing easier.

Link to channel in profile. It’s well worth the try, promise. 😘💫


Relax your holes!! In this episode of Pelvic Floor Rehab we’re getting into jaw/head/neck tension as well as the diaphragm and how those areas can create tension and dysfunction in the pelvic floor.

Seeing as you’re looking at a screen right now I GUARANTEE you that you could use some of the gentle self-massage techniques in this video. 😘🤗

Link to YouTube in profile. ☝🏼


Next episode in the Pelvic Floor Rehab course is up! We’ll look at the ankles & calves and how to reactivate those areas. I’m hard pressed to think of an example where I have worked with a pelvic floor issue (again, anything in the underwear lines) where there wasn’t a gait (how you walk) component. Not pushing off correctly or fully on one foot can lead to hip impingements and/or lower back pain.

We’ll go through some stretches/releases in this area as well as some of my favorite tools to help keep these areas flexible.


Tight feet can make your neck (and jaw) tight!

Did my uncoiling technique on this client’s right foot first and you can see how it dropped in the photo on the left.

She matched up pretty well by the time I finished the other foot. Then I went in for neck and jaw work.

I like starting distal or away from where I feel tension connected, so that by the time I get to ‘the spot’ the client’s body is more ready to let go…and it’s less work for me to get that to happen.


Last fall I did a case study on a friend with advanced MS to see if CranioSacral Therapy (CST) could help his symptoms and pain.

CST is a gentle, hands-on technique that seeks to improve the function of the Central Nervous System and other body systems that relate to it, including the Immune System. It has helped me immensely in healing from severe head trauma as a child, and I’ve seen it do wonders for my clients with histories of physical as well as emotional trauma.

We met weekly in the 2 months preceding the election and I performed the basic, 10 steps on him. He had a 60% improvement in his pain levels!!!

For more info on the study and how we quantified the progress,

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It may not look big but that’s some deep hip rotator work we’re doing. This is one of my favorite Ki Hara active stretch...


NeuroKinetic Therapy
CranioSacral Therapy
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