Juice Feasting

Juice Feasting

Juice Feasting helps people Cleanse, Rebuild, Rehydrate, and Alkalize by drinking 1 Gallon or more o

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#juicefeasting can and will help move you towards healing a mind/body connection, which leads to more nourishing eating habits. Tapping into your body’s needs is a skill that, like any muscle, needs to be used to get strong. Start by creating your own #juicerecipes and build your intuition and nourishing eating habits! ➡️swipe for more. 💚
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Happy Monday Juicy Friends!

Hope your day is FRESH!!💚

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Did you know that adding berries to your juices is an excellent way to boost the healing powers of your cleanse!?

We love this simple, three ingredient juice, so packed with things that help your cells thrive!

And healthy cells = healthy you, and that’s what we’re here for💚

Interested in learning more about Juice Feasting and finding out if it is right for you? Grab our free Juice Feasting Guide, link in bio, for all the resources you’ll ever need for a successful cleanse and beyond.

To your excellent health!
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Juice Recipe!!! This one is loaded with the energizing element of iron, so important for oxygenated blood = energy!

Big bowl of nettles
1/2 cucumber
2 beets
2 apples
4 carrots
1 lime


🍎 sign up for our free guide to Juice Feasting, and learn everything you need to know for a successful cleanse with amazing results, link in bio🍎

🍎sign up for our 92-Module Juice Feasting and Nutrition Mastery Course for an even deeper dive into the life changing world of juice cleansing and eating to thrive, link in bio🍎

🍎let us know if you’d like a free 15 minute consultation, to find out if Juice Feasting is right for you🍎

♥️May all beings be well♥️
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Ginger turmeric lemon tea is an amazing addition to any day, while Juice Feasting, or not.
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Golden Roots and Fruits.

8 oranges 🍊
8 tangerines 🍊
2 limes
3 lemons 🍋
Big chunk ginger
Even more turmeric

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Juice Feasting is a colourful cleanse designed with a super abundance of energizing, live juices, minimizing the cleansing reactions often felt on typical fasts and cleanses.

4 or more quarts a day for optimal cleansing and healing while also feeling great!

To your Health!
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Zing! I’m wide awake now!

Love the way this juice makes me feel💚

Celery has always been an important building block of Juice Feasting.

We suggest one head of celery per day added into your green juices while cleansing with Juice Feasting.


🌿 Celery is loaded with organic sodium which helps to alkalinize your body. Over-acidity is a leading cause of disease, and celery helps to address that through alkalinization.

🌿Celery has minerals that help rebuild the lining of your stomach (namely organic sodium) and helps to build digestive fire. Proper digestion is essential to assimilation of nutrients and therefore overall health, and celery helps to create the conditions for optimal digestion.

🌿Celery is hydrating. Dehydration is a contributing factor in many illnesses, and staying hydrated is key for optimal health. A properly hydrated body is able to regain and maintain health, so drink up!

Juice Feasting helped me heal from years of debilitating acid reflux, that would leave me unable to eat almost anything and lying on my stomach in pain, and I credit celery as being a key player in my healing.

Want to learn more about Juice Feasting and how to do it? Resources for results can be found on our website, link in bio!

To your health!
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Don’t let its delicate pink colour fool you!

This juice is a powerhouse of anti-parasite, anti-virus, and anti-mucus properties!

Grapefruit and Garlic juice certainly sounds weird, but it tastes delicious. The sour of the grapefruit and the sharpness of the garlic temper each other beautifully, and you get a sweet and spicy juice that can’t be beat.

I used 6 grapefruits and 4 big cloves of garlic. Try it with less garlic at first if you’ve never had it before, and work your way up to adding more and more.

Get that juicy medicine in your body!! 🤩🥳🙌🏼
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How it started ➡️ How it's going. 2007 ➡️ 2022!

Hi! We have quite a few new followers in these parts, and it feels like time for an introduction! It is lovely to meet you!

We are David and Katrina. Here are five things about us you may or may not know:)

1. We met in early 2007, and it was love at first vibration. Truly, I saw David and just knew. Then, I went to sit beside him in a group meeting, and he says without even looking at me, he could feel that his true love was there beside him like a "thundering silence."

2. We got married within a year of meeting, and since then have lived in three different countries, grown our family by two beautiful children born at home, done some epic road trips, lived in houses, tents, and tiny cabins, and the love keeps growing. ❤️

3. We currently live in a small house on an island in the PNW.

4. We are both passionate about finding ways to live in a way that leaves a healthy planet for our children's generation and beyond. We have spent years driving our vehicle on veggie oil, or car-free using bicycles, and see living in a smaller sized home as being one the most sustainable ways of dwelling. Our current home is 700 square feet, and we love every inch of it!

5. Our work is never ending source of joy. It is so rewarding to witness people take back their vibrant health, sometimes after years of suffering, and experience the self-reliance that comes with understanding how diet affects health. After healing his own chronic acid reflux, arthritis, hypoglycemia, and pain using Juice Feasting, David has been coaching clients on the topics of juice cleansing (Juice Feasting) and nutrition for 18 years now, and has no plans of stopping soon!

Leave us a comment and let us know something about you! We look forward to supporting each other.

To your health!
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Happy March!
Spring is a great time for a Juice Feast! Spring cleaning applies to our heath as well as our homes, if not more so.
This is one of my favourite green juice combos, and I find adding spinach makes the most amazing, creamy green juice.

Creamy Green

1 cucumber
1/2 head of celery
3 apples
1/2 small pineapple
3 big handfuls spinach
1 handful parsley
5 big kale leaves
As much ginger as you can handle
Got questions about Juice Feasting? What is Juice Feasting and how to do it? Check out our Juice Feasting guide for everything you need to know for a successful and rewarding cleanse, link in bio.
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Super powerful nourishment and support for your immune system is available, and delicious!
4 oranges 🍊🍊🍊🍊
2 grapefruits
2 lemons 🍋🍋
3 tangerines
2 carrots 🥕🥕
As much ginger as you can handle!!
Got questions about how to add juices to your life for amazing results? Or questions about juice cleaning or Juice Feasting?
✨We’re here to support your flourishing! Grab our free Juice Feasting Guide, link in bio✨
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Who else loves to mix in orange with their green juice!!?? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️
I love this one.

Orange 🍊
Kale 🥬
Pineapple 🍍

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What my clients HEAL... The video announcement for The 2021 Autumn Juice Feast makes it plain! Ready to heal in an artful, beautiful way?


We do it for the juice, but mostly we do it because we love it when people feel good.

Because when people feel good, the world is a happier place for us all.

Want to feel good in your body again? Juice Feasting has been known to help people overcome chronic pain, lethargy, acid reflux, chronic constipation, overweight and obesity, and so many other modern day ailments.

Back in 2004, it changed our lives when David was able to heal from debilitating acid reflux, arthritis, and general lack of thriving. He has been feeling good in his body ever since.
Since then we've also seen Juice Feasting change the lives of countless people for the better.

Sound like something of interest? Make sure you grab our free juicing guide, link in bio!

And is there anything better than orange pineapple juice on a hot summer day!? Not much we say, this stuff is truly liquid gold.

To your health!


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The 2021 Summer Juice Feast for HEALTH MASTERY — Juice Feasting 07/27/2021

The 2021 Summer Juice Feast for HEALTH MASTERY — Juice Feasting

The produce is ready, the Juicer is all set, we are about to MAKE SOME JUICE!

The Summer Juice Feast Begins this Friday! 30 Days of Juice Feasting with David Rainoshek, M.A.

Daily Private Coaching, Weekend Group Calls, All the Q&A and personalized guidance for your Juice Feast you need!

The 2021 Summer Juice Feast for HEALTH MASTERY — Juice Feasting We have a revolutionary Juice Feast coming up! If you need to tune your health up, get traction on a major health challenge, and get advanced training in Integrated Nutrition with a Master Coach, (like so many before you) you are just in time.

Photos from Juice Feasting's post 07/27/2021

The cherries used in the last post's cherry juice. We picked 21 lbs from a friend's tree!! So yummy!

What have you harvested lately that you are excited about? From a garden, the forest, an orchard, or even a grocery store?

I wanna see your magic! Share a picture of what you've been juicing!
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Photos from Juice Feasting's post 07/21/2021

Oh my this was sooooo good! Have you ever tried cherry juice? With lemon?

I juiced 2 cups cherries🍒 and 1 lemon 🍋 and it tasted amazing.

On top of being beautiful and delicious, cherry juice also boasts an amazing list of health benefits that you want to get into your body!

Cherry juice can help reduce inflammation and arthritis pain, reduce swelling, boost immunity, and can even help you sleep thanks to its sleep-regulation melatonin. It is also hight in potassium and iron.

Try it, you'll love it!

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Best part of summer? Might just be the berries.

Best berries ever? Ones that are local to you.

Back when I was first beginning my inquiry into health and diet, goji berries were all the rage. I remember reading all about them, and their "superfood" powers, feeling this longing and lack that I didn't have any easily available (that was back before they were everywhere). And they were expensive!

I did eventually try them, and they were ok. Kind of like red raisins that had a more sour taste. I do enjoy them.

But what I realized was that I like fresh berries that grow local to me WAY better! And I don't have the science to back it up, but I feel like local, and even better wild, berries picked from the land that I live on are far more deserving of the title "superfood" than any dried, shipped to me berry could ever be.

So don't get wrapped up in the hype of things being sold to you. Remember to look around and give thanks for what you DO have.

Accessibility has always been a key feature of the health practices that we teach, and almost everyone can get out there and find berries to pick, be it in the wild or at a local u-pick.

Get out there and get 'em!

Hope everyone is having a berry good summer!

Keep it juicy, 💚

💚PS. If you are looking to jump start your health in a massive way, be sure to grab our free Juice Feasting Guide. Link in bio.💚

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