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I have had great results for several issues for which I was treated. I'm moving out of state, and there are only a couple things I will miss. Si Shou Accupuncture (Dr. Stephanie) is one, and I'm considering returning periodically for her treatments. Also, her herbal recommendations have been right on. I'm enjoying the best health I've had in years.

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Si Shou Acupuncture and Wellness, PLLC will be joining us in the vendor area for the first time this year. We hope everyone will stop by, visit with them, and make them welcome at the 2019 Bluebonnet Horse Expo!

We are an acupuncture clinic in Oak Hill in SW Austin. We offer acupuncture, herbal medicine and ot

We are a full service Oriental medicine clinic located in the Oak Hill region of SW Austin. We offer acupuncture, acupressure, tuina (asian bodywork), cupping therapy, herbal medicine, guasha, nutritional support, taichi and qigong.


🤣 When was your last eye exam?

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How many of you knew Stef was a badass (comment below)???

- Diving at Socorro Island -

(This is Christina btw. Not to worry...Stef has not started speaking about herself in the 3rd person, LOL.)

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This is Dr. Dwyer making a freshwater diving wish that she was back under the Pacific Ocean with the hammerheads, whitetips, and manta rays.🦈

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Let us help you get unstuck! (🤷‍♀️ But you're sticking me with needles. 📍 😁)

Si Shou Acupuncture and Wellness
5424 West US Hwy 290 Service Road, Suite 106
Austin, Texas 78735
P: (512) 387-4002

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Sometimes it's difficult to know where to begin when it comes to tackling complex health issues. When it comes to self-care, you can literally begin anywhere. It can be as simple as journaling to help you identify any unknown triggers.

A health journal can include any of the following:
🔸 When do symptoms occur (date and time, morning or night, etc.)?
🔸 The duration of symptoms (1-2 hours or maybe 1-2 days).
🔸 Are your symptoms chronic, intermittent, acute, or a mixture of all three?
🔸 What provides relief (heat, ice, rest, chiropractic adjustments, etc.)?
🔸 What aggravates your symptoms (exercise, prolonged standing/sitting, etc.)?
🔸 Rate the severity of your symptoms on a scale of 1-10 (10 being worst).
🔸 Hours and quality of sleep (difficulty falling or staying asleep, dream-disturbed sleep, waking unrested, etc.)
🔸 Energy levels.
🔸 Food and fluid intake.
🔸 Stress levels (rate severity on scale of 1-10).
🔸 BMs and digestion: daily BMs, constipation, loose stools, gas, bloating, etc.
🔸 Me**es (for women): Onset of cycle, # of days in cycle (28 days, 31 days, etc.), duration (3 days), quality (painful, heavy bleeding, scanty, etc.), symptoms of PMS (cramping, irritability, mood swings, breast tenderness, weepiness, headache, low back pain, etc.)

Slowly but surely you'll begin to identify patterns that are helpful in determining not only what type of care you might need, but also what to avoid and what to do more of.

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Don't forget to wear sunscreen! 🏖️🐚🐠🐙🦈🐬😎

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For all the athletes out there - 🏌️‍♂️🤽‍♀️🏊‍♂️🚴‍♀️🤽‍♂️🤾‍♀️

Did you know that acupuncture not only improves post-event recovery time, but also performance? Acupuncture can also help you recover from injuries by reducing the severity of symptoms and expediting the overall healing process.

Why not combine your acupuncture session with a massage to really loosen up those achy, sore muscles?!💆‍♀️

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Thank you to all the amazing fathers out there! 💙


Most people don’t know that acupuncture is an excellent choice for supporting the vital structures of the eye. Compelling studies have shown that acupuncture can be especially effective for treating AMD (wet and dry) due to its ability to increase blood flow to the eyes. In doing so, acupuncture may help to improve and minimize symptoms, while also slowing the progression of the disease.

COMMON SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS THAT CAN BE IMPROVED WITH ACUPUNCTURE: swollen and painful eyes, blurry vision, dryness, redness, floaters, excessive tearing, blurry vision, light sensitivity, poor night vision, and headaches.

🔹Get regular eye exams, especially after age 40. Prevention and catching disease at its early stages is critical.
🔹QUIT SMOKING. Smoking can quadruple a person's risk for degenerative eye conditions like macular degeneration and speed vision loss by up to 25 percent.
🔹Avoid drugs and alcohol.
🔹Wear sunglasses, especially ones with 100% UV protection.
🔹Use blue-light-blocking screen protectors on your computer and/or wear blue-light-blocking glasses.
🔹Adjust your blue light settings on your smart phones and/or use blue light tempered glass screen protectors.
🔹Increase your intake of nutrient-dense foods, as well as foods rich in antioxidants.
🔹You can also supplement vitamins A, C, and E, as well as copper and zinc.
Regulate your blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.
🔹Exercise regularly.

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Did you know that being grateful can literally rewire your brain to be happier? When we feel more positive emotions, we can improve our health.

Adversity can get the best of us at times, but finding something to be grateful for (no matter how small or seemingly insignificant) can make each day worthwhile.

💜Those of us here at Si Shou Acupuncture and Wellness are so incredibly grateful to all of you that have allowed us to be a part of your healing journey!💜

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Although it's technically not summer yet, Austinites are already experiencing the intensity of the Texas summer heat. Whether eating for the spring or summer season, it never hurts to manage the health of your Liver (LV) and Gall Bladder (GB), which are yin and yang paired organs in Chinese medicine. Eating more greens and incorporating raw foods can be beneficial for cooling these particular organ systems, which are prone to heat, stagnation, and damp accumulation.

🔸HEAT SIGNS/SYMPTOMS (S/S): fever, redness, inflammation, thirst, red eyes, burning sensations, scanty dark urine, constipation, red tongue with yellow tongue coating.

🔸S/S OF DAMPNESS, WATER, & PHELGM: weight gain, bloating, achiness in the limbs, digestive weakness, foggy headed, low energy or fatigue, loose stools, swelling (edema), mucus or phlegm production. Tongue will be swollen with scalloped edges and thick, white coating.

🔸S/S OF DAMP-HEAT IN THE LV/GB: fever, dark scanty urine, fullness below the chest, nausea, maybe vomiting, abdominal distension, inability to tolerate fats, bitter taste in the mouth, jaundice, vaginal itching and/or discharge. Red tongue with thick, yellow, greasy tongue coating.

🔸FOODS THAT CLEAR HEAT: alfalfa, apple, asparagus, barley, broccoli, cabbage, celery, chard, Chinese cabbage, cucumber, elderflower, grapefruit, kelp, lemon, lettuce, millet, mint, mung bean, olives, pear, peppermint, persimmon, potato, radish, salt, seaweed, spirulina, tofu, tomato, and watermelon.

🔸FOODS THAT RESOLVE DAMPNESS: aduki bean, alfalfa, asparagus, barley, basil, buckwheat, celery, caraway, cardamom, clove, coriander, daikon, garlic, green tea, horseradish, jasmine tea, job's tears, kidney bean, kohlrabi, lemon, marjoram, button mushroom, mustard leaf, onion, oregano, parsley, pumpkin, radish, rye, scallion, turnip, umeboshi, and plum.

🔸FOODS THAT PROMOTE CIRCULATION: basil, caraway, cardamom, carrot, cayenne, chive, clove, coriander, dill seed, fennel, garlic, grapefruit, kohlrabi, marjoram, mustard leaf, orange peel, peach, peppermint, plum, radish, squash, star anise, tangerine peel, turmeric, turnip, and vinegar.

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Thank you for the 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review, N.G.!

"Outstanding, Fantastic, and Best Ever -
I can’t sing the praises enough about my experience. As soon as I stepped my foot inside, I was warmly greeted, the intake process was quick, and I was extended exceptional compassion from all the staff. I was in tremendous pain upon arrival, but I left feeling far better and my reduction in pain was dramatic. I highly recommend you pay them a visit. If you are seeking quality results in a warm, friendly, clean, professional environment look no further."

We 💛 our patients!

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If you frequently feel frazzled and overwhelmed 😣, there are strategies that can help you to bring your nervous system back into balance, acupuncture being one of them!

Don't forget that if you're already an established patient, you can book our 30 minute mini-stress relief treatment for $25.

Si Shou Acupuncture and Wellness
Stefanie Dwyer, LAc, DIP. OM (NCCAOM)
5424 W US Hwy 290 Service Road, Ste 106
Austin, TX 78735
P: (512) 387-4002

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FORMULA NAME: An Shen Bu Xin Wan 😴💤
- This formula will Calm the Heart and Spirit and will restore normal sleep rhythms by nourishing Heart Yin and Blood and anchoring hyperactive Liver Yang. Just think of it as supporting restful sleep and a peaceful mind.

INGREDIENTS (Pinyin names): Zhen Zhu Mu, Ye Jiao Teng, Nu Zhen Zi, Dan Shen, Huan Lian Cao, Tu Su Zi, He Huan Pi, Sheng Di Huang, Wu Wei Zi, Shi Chang Pu

SIGNS & SYMPTOMS (S/S): tinnitus, dizziness, insomnia, or difficulty falling asleep, dream disturbed sleep, excessive dreaming, or nightmares, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, lightheadedness, irritability, restlessness, mood swings, heart palpitations

TONGUE: red, dry tongue; yellow coating
PULSE: thready, wiry

- Do not take if pregnant or nursing.
- Do not take during early stage of acute infection (i.e. cold, flu, fever etc.).
- Use with caution in patients with hemorrhagic disorders or on anticoagulant therapy (aspirin, warfarin, coumarin). Watch for bruising, or increased tendency to bleed.


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Developing good sleep hygiene is critical for everyone, but especially those struggling with insomnia or interrupted sleep patterns.

* Create a habit of going to bed at roughly the same time each night and also getting up at the same time each morning, including on your days off.
* Make sure your bedroom is dark, quiet, relaxing, and at a comfortable temperature.
* Ensure that your pets aren't in your bedroom, or scratching at your door, if they're notorious for disrupting your sleep.
* Remove electronic devices, including TVs, computers, and smart phones from the bedroom.
* Try curtailing all eating at least 2 hours before bedtime and also avoid eating large meals before bedtime.
* Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bedtime.
* Get regular exercise. Being physically active during the day can help you fall asleep more easily at night.

* Try diffusing calming essential oils in your bedroom/home 1-2 hours before bedtime. Some examples of calming essential oils are: lavender, chamomile, bergamot, clary sage, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, vetiver, neroli, cedarwood, or jasmine. If you suffer from allergies, or are prone to headaches, you can try peppermint or eucalyptus. You can also place a few drops of essential oil on your pillowcase.
* Take a warm bath with essential oils.
* Self-massage your feet, or get a partner to trade foot massages with before bedtime. Foot soaks are a great alternative.
* Playing ambient music, such as ocean waves, nature sounds, etc. can be helpful.
* Concentrating on deep abdominal breathing, meditation, or other mindfulness-based techniques are very useful tools for calming the nervous system.


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* AARON OCCHINO - is currently an acupuncture student at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, but will soon become a Licensed Acupuncturist and will be joining the team at Si Shou Acupuncture and Wellness!

* STEFANIE DWYER - Clinic Owner, DAcOM, Licensed Acupuncturist (and Dream Weaver 🤗). Did you know that Dr. Dwyer teaches at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine?

* SUSAN REMMERT - Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). Many of you already know Susan. She too is an AOMA graduate and will soon become a Licensed Acupuncturist. Susan currently rents space at Si Shou Acupuncture and Wellness, offering massage, but we can't wait for her to join our acupuncture team!

Timeline photos 06/11/2022

Did you know that after becoming established as a new patient (initial visit: $140), that you have the option of re-booking either a 60 minute follow-up appointment ($90), or a 30 minute mini-stress treatment ($25)?

For more complicated cases, a full 60 minutes is required. However, for those needing quick stress relief, try our 30 minute mini-stress treatments.

Stefanie Dwyer, DAcOM, LAc, DIP. OM (NCCAOM)
Si Shou Acupuncture and Wellness
5424 W US Hwy 290 Service Road, Ste 106
Austin, Texas 78735
T: (512) 387-4002

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a 2,000 year old medicine that views the mind, body and spirit as an inseparable and interrelated system. TCM philosophy asserts that when Yin and Yang imbalances of the 5 fundamental substances occur, disease or illness arises. The 5 fundamental substances are: Qi, Xue (blood), Jing (essence), Jin Ye (body fluids), and Shen (spirit). One way to prevent such imbalances is to develop a mind-body practice as a daily discipline.

Most acupuncturists are required to study mind-body disciplines as part of their core curriculum in acupuncture school. Through self-cultivation, acupuncturists learn to quiet the mind, as well as balance and unblock the energy (Qi) coursing through their own bodies. These systems can then be taught to patients for the purpose of self-healing. Mind-body disciplines and internal martial arts can include some of the following disciplines: Taichi (Yang Style and/or Chen Style), Wushu, and Qigong (with both static and moving postures, as well as healing sounds). Included within these disciplines are the tenants of meditation and the cultivation of the mind and breath.

The beautiful and elegant design of these ancient systems allows for anyone to develop a daily practice. Almost all forms can be tailored to meet your specific needs or limitations.

About Si Shou Acupuncture & Wellness

As a full service Oriental medicine clinic located in the Oak Hill region of SW Austin, we offer acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, cupping therapy, acupressure, tuina (asian bodywork), guasha, nutritional support, taichi and qigong. Book your initial consultation, assessment and treatment to find out how we can help you with chronic pain, neuralgia, headaches, insomnia, digestive issues and so much more!

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Most people don’t know that acupuncture is an excellent choice for supporting the vital structures of the eye. Compellin...
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