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Wanted to make sure y'all saw this so you could send him love & support! Just seems like the kind of story y'all would appreciate!
Easter at my house.......
Next Friday!!! 11am-3pm. Catch me on the east side at Cute Nail Studio. Get your tips done while you sips😋
What an amazing experience we had celebrating my daughters third birthday!! Life is full of rainbows.
How much would this set me back?! I’m dying to find someone to make this happen for meeeee 🥺
Love my Dalmatian nails!
Lauren Rollins Campbell you should try this nail salon out.. it's fairly close to your house!
I have a question - for custom gel art - which option would you suggest choosing - simple/basic?
I need something insanely durable for burning man.
Powder dipped?
Crystal gels? offers over 100 different salon quality nail art decal sets for any occasion. We also do custom orders. #nailart #moonsugardecals #unicorn #unicorns

You can also find us on Amazon

🌈magical happiness eastside rainbow nail art studio // we love you // now hiring // safe space // atx owned // open 10-10 every day except tue🌙

Operating as usual


What does “ethereal” mean to you?

@kokoistusa japanese gels by @nail.mouse


I’m getting a pedicure at a non-Cute nail salon (we’re booked and I dig the anonymity and no one is telling me to do anything work related), and these two women are sitting in front of me talking about how hard it is to find places in ATX that do cool designs & one of them has a birthday coming up and friends it is TORTURE to not jump in, but it would be bad form bc i’m in another salon’s space and also i just want to read my book (The Bone Clocks, by David Mitchell, strong recommend, ps please suggest books in the comments bc i’m almost finished w it), but it reminded me to at least do my goddamn jo. and post to social media so here I am.
@apresnailofficial extensions with @kokoistusa japanese gels by @nailedbyjan


The South Congress location continues carrying on our ancient tradition of Sunday & Monday service industry days! And just like always, we’re cash-only & hail satan there, too. All the stuff. It’s a vibe. We’re so excited.
Ppl have been asking if their jobs count for our service industry discount, so- if you’re curious as to whether your job is technically service industry because we didn’t mention your job in the pic, ask yourself: do I have to deal with the public and smile and sometimes say “thank you” when my heart is full of rage and blood and righteousness? And if the answer is “yes” then there you go.
Also also you don’t have to bring in a stub or anything, just ask for the service industry discount, idgaf.
Background image is “Party Party Time” by @acrylicana!
Ps if you haven’t yet, please vote for us in the Austin Chronicle Best Of thing that’s happening right now!
💅 #artnail


Yo did you know that lashes can be coaxed and seduced into being longer and curlier and maybe even dangerous? It’s a thing we do here at Cute. Lash training. Book a Cute Lash service and become more lash than human! Lasts 6-8 weeks, the world will collapse under the weight of your lashes.
cute lash by @elysecutewaxing (but all our aesthetics team can take you there)


Remember a few days ago when it was spring?
@apresnailofficial gel extensions with @kokoistusa japanese gels by @ohmylorb


Palm reading is passé, consulting crystal balls is forever.
@apresnailofficial extensions w @kokoistusa japanese gels & literal magic crystals by @chowmoji


Trigger warning: trypophobia.
@kokoistusa japanese gels on natural nail by @nail.mouse


I read a thing online that said that Spongebob was bad for kids bc the rapid cuts from moment to moment affect their attention levels and can contribute to ADD and honestly I can’t remember what we were talking about but ARE YE READY KIDS
@apresnailofficial soft gel extensions w @kokoistusa japanese gels by @ohmylorb, who lives in a pineapple under the sea


What if yr fingertips were literally a gay glam rock band?
@kokoistusa japanese gels by @rainy.dazed_


This Valentine’s Day, we at Cute would like to ask you to enter into a long-term, sweaty, hedonistic group marriage situation. Why not, right? Try something new. Live a little. We love you and it’s time we settled down and showed the world that live between a nail salon and the whole world.

Photos from Cute Nail Studio's post 02/11/2022

Normally I’d try to say something fun or witty in this space but the last thing I’d want to do is distract you from these insane claws. Hand-painted & sculpted by own own artiste de génie, @chowmoji in a “four hour fu***ng ridiculous” nail service (including party nails, iykyk), using @kokoistusa bobba gel, inspired by @trashkittyart, and on display for the world. Marvel.


These nails are amazing, yes, but I’d like to take a moment and point out that Tia, the artist that is responsible for their amazingness, has the best instagram handle of any nail artist in the multiverse.
@kokoistusa japanese gels w soft gel extensions by @fingeredbytia. See?
💅 💅


You know the trope in cartoons where the characters smile and then there’s a gleam and and a ding and friends: that could be you. You could live that cartoon moment.
tooth gem by @future_esthetix


There’s a couple really good trucks to making perfect sunny side eggs. The first is to crack it into a mesh colander and give it a swirl- the more liquid albumen will pass through quickly, allowing for a more aesthetic finished product. The second is to use a little more cooking oil (butter, or if you’re feeling rich, EVOO) and to tilt the pan a little and spoon the oil onto the tip of the cooking egg- you’ll cook it from too and bottom at the same time, allowing an evenly cooked white without cooking your yolk through. Finally, pull them with a slotted spoon and drain them very briefly on a thick paper towel to get off the excess oil.
@kokoist Japanese gels on natural nail by @fingeredbytia, who is quite the good egg, herself


Our salons are closed today (and part of tomorrow) as Texas is extremely cold and we all have trauma from last year!

We decided it would be a good time to have a sale- opening a new salon is expensive & as a participant in late-stage capitalism we need to recoup lost time in the form of cold, hard cash. Thus: anything you buy from the Cute Nail Studio site over the next few days is 25% off! Just use discount code COLDNAILSTUDIO at checkout and it'll automagically apply.

Also you can now book online at either Cute Congress or Cute Downtown right from our homepage! We have been slow to get the booking link on the site so there’s plenty of availability still at Congress! But the link is now up! Snag a spot quick before they fill up! It’s got all the same stuff as downtown: nails & tattoos & waxing & facials!

That's all for now. Stay warm. We love you.


It Scooby Do Be frozen outside y’all. We are closed all day tomorrow at both locations. If you have any questions about your appointments we hope to reach out to you all before we close up shop tonight and get our receptionistas home safely, but you can always reach us here.
🧊 ❄️
Icy nails by Tia @fingeredbytia


Tag yourself, I’m “dizzy daffodils on the hillside” or maybe also “bread and butterflies kiss the tulips” regardless tho this song goes tf off and if you disagree you’re wrong.
🌺 🌹
Elaborate art by Akina @nail.mouse @kokoistusa @apresnailofficial


Look, none of us are doctors (tho our tattoo artist is EMS) pero like u can’t deny that it’s real that getting your nails done is at least a temporary cure for the depressies.
🐱 👁
Custom art by Akina @nail.mouse


Bi god she’s done it again 😱 💖 Lorb u are a treasure with the work ethic of a goddess.
🍭 ❤️
3D sculpted super prolly like 6 hour mega nails by Lorb @ohmylorb

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With the way the weather has been, our exclusive Cute x @vincausa jewelry makes for the perfect accessory. One minute it...




1211 E. 7th St.
Austin, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 10pm
Wednesday 10am - 10pm
Thursday 10am - 10pm
Friday 10am - 10pm
Saturday 10am - 10pm
Sunday 12am - 7pm

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