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I have visited multiple cryo places and this one of the best! The owners and staff are all very knowledgeable and make you feel comfortable, appreciated, and like family.
Such an amazing group of dedicated staff at Champion Cryotherapy! I am proud to be partnered with such a great company! #Partnerships #ChangingLives #CbdMD
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Champion Performance & Recovery delivers superior, innovative therapies to accelerate your athletic recovery, eliminate your pain and elevate your performance.

Champion Performance & Recovery is Austin's leading physical recovery center. Book your appointment now at the most innovative recovery center in the nation. We administer a range of superior, research-proven therapies including: NeuFit Neuromuscular therapy, Cold Laser therapy, Cryotherapy, NormaTec compression therapy, TheraGun percussive therapy, Sports Chiropractic, Dry Needling, Cupping, Acti

Operating as usual 10/22/2020

Local doctor, patient explain the benefits of cryotherapy

Our friends have a great write-up introducing #cryotherapy to Virginia Beach. If you are curious about how well cryotherapy works, come see us! Whether you are suffering from a chronic pain condition, inflammation, or simply want to accelerate your recovery from your training, we have the right package for YOU! #recovery #lasertherapy #NeuFit #neuromusculartherapy #Sportschiropractic #StriveReviveThrive Cold ice baths have been used for a variety of ailments, but cooling the body this low this fast is new and can be very effective.


We are devastated to hear the passing of Kirk Leavell. Please join us in support of the Leavell family this October 2-3. 09/10/2020

Jaden Smith Braves Freezing Temperatures Inside A Cryo-Chamber For Three Minutes

The celebrities are catching on! Let us show you what Jaden Smith now knows! Jaden Smith took the word "chill" to a new level recently. Smith shared a clip Wednesday in which he heads inside a cryo-chamber: "I'll try to stay in there for as long as I possibly can." RELATED: Jaden Smith And Justin Bieber Reunite For ‘Falling For You’ The 22-year-old, who was dressed in sw... 09/03/2020

Why recovery is the key to effective exercise: How to reboot your workout routine

CNN has caught on and is saying what we have been saying since our inception 5 years ago! Come see how we can can give you the keys to effective exercise! #recovery #cryotherapy #striverevivethrive In the final installment of this seven-part series on how to reboot your workout routine, fitness expert Dana Santas takes a closer look at the key to keeping your exercise program working for you: recovery. 08/07/2020

Alabama utilizes whole-body cryotherapy in Sports Science Center

Of course University of Alabama Athletics uses #cryotherapy. Cuz champions chill! "Lowering the body’s temperature, now the body will start work to raise it back up and get a lot of physiological benefits when that happens." 06/08/2020

Vibrational Massage Devices Can Aid Your Workout Recovery — If You Use Them Correctly |

If you've never tried a TheraGun, you should! Come by for a great percussive massage treatment! #Percussivetherapy #NeuFit #Cryotherapy #Lasertherapy #Normatecmassage Vibrational massage can boost your recovery and performance in and out of the gym. Plus, these hand-held devices are a fraction of the cost of weekly massages. 05/29/2020

4 Theories About What Causes Overtraining

Great article on the causes and consequences of overtraining--and why proper #recovery is VITAL! #StriveReviveThrive #NeuFit #Neuromusculartherapy #Cryotherapy #Normatec #Lasertherapy #Sportschiropractic #Theragun #Sleep #Nutrition Maybe the debilitating effects of chronic overtraining syndrome are in your muscles after all, not your head or your hormones 05/11/2020

Preventing The ACL Injury Epidemic with Strength & Conditioning

Good advice about preventing #ACL #injuries. We add the technological advantage of the game-changing #NeuFit System to develop optimally trained athletes! We are here to help you become the best you can be, so come see us! I was asked this year point blank at one of my seminars, "What's the secret to preventing non-contact ACL injuries?" and I honestly didn't have a definitive answer. With decades of "research" and prevention programs focusing in on ACL Injuries and Prevention from our industry, we've made no ground i...


Psychology Today drops some wisdom for maintaining physical and emotional health during this time of social distancing. #Word #StayFrosty


Did you know over 45% of the US population is Vitamin D deficient? The "sunshine" vitamin is essential for a range of bodily functions includin bone and muscle health, regulating blood pressure, supporting the cardiovascular system, reducing inflammation, and modulating the immune system. 03/18/2020

State College, PA - Penn State Football: For Galt The Next Step Is The Recovery, Not The Workout -

"the areas that Penn State and all programs can improve and innovate within is the area of recovery. . . now have these tools, these methodologies that we use that you can recover faster so you can train harder the next workout." #Recovery #StayFrosty,1482714/ What do you do when a weight program is reaching its peak? That's the question facing Penn State strength and condition coach Dwight Galt as the Nittany Lions continue to rise up the physical charts in the weight room as well as the rankings on the field. 03/16/2020

Coronavirus Impact To Small Business | Champion Performance

To our customer and community, it's a privilege to serve you and we so appreciate your business during this time. We've seen generosity that we want to pass as--as well as some insight into the affect that coronavirus is having on small businesses like ours. Please read and pass on! Small businesses are the backbone and lifeblood of the American economy--and of our own community. We both thank you for your support and issue a public service announcement--"We need you to help us get through this time." Small Businesses Are The Lifeblood of a Community Whether it’s your favorit... 03/13/2020

Sleep Impacts Performance More Than You Might Want to Believe

We've written about the importance of #sleep for performance and overall #wellbeing. Now Men's Health has weighed in. Give it or our blog a quick read--it' worth your 3 minutes! #Sleeplikeachampion #StayFrosty Why rest could be the most important piece of your fitness regimen—and how to optimize your shuteye. 03/12/2020

How to Recover From Injury FAST--Part 2

Part 2 of our series on how to speed your recovery from sports injury. We can cut your recovery time by ~ 50%! #NeuFit #Cryotherapy #Coldlaser #StayFrosty In Part 1 of our series on How To Recover From Injury FAST, we discussed the mental challenges we face while we are sidelined due to injury. Your mental strength really can accelerate your recovery, so please read that post. In this post we will move to the physical side. So, what can you do--physic...


Penn State Football 2020 winter workouts

Dwight Galt, the assistant director of performance enhancement, explained the three tiers of the program . . . "And a big part of this is taking a look at how the team recovers from his workouts. . . The thing is giving them this heavy workload and being able to get them to recover in shorter periods of time so you can do it again and we now have these tools, these methodologies that we use that we can get them to recover faster and if you can recover faster then you can train harder the next workout,” Galt said. “So I think recovery, regeneration, nutrition, all of these things we are really trying to embrace so we can put a better product on the field on Saturday.” #Recover #StriveReviveThrive #StayFrosty

Follow the Collegian for everything Penn State football. By Olivia Royle | The Daily Collegian 03/06/2020

How To Recover From Injury FAST!

Dealing with an injury? We've found these tips most helpful! Share with those who could use the wisdom and encouragement! We see people from all ages and athletic abilities who are looking to accelerate their recovery from injury. Ankle sprains, knee pains, hamstring strains . . . you name the injury, we've seen it and we've discovered ways to heal--FAST. In pursuit of getting our customers back to thriving mode again-... 03/02/2020

How To Prevent Sports Injuries

Interested in doing everything you can to prevent sports-related injuries? Where compiled the Top 8 Tips from the best in sports medicine, so take a look and share with friends! Learn the Top 8 things you can do to prevent injuries, including sleep, nutrition, hydration, dynamic stretching, Cryotherapy, NeuFit, TheraGun, NormaTec compre 02/28/2020

Can Cryotherapy Help Improve Sleep?

Are you having trouble sleeping? These tips fro experts can help! #SleepLikeaRock #StayFrosty According to experts, very few Americans get enough sleep. And every Strength & Conditioning Coach, every counselor and every bit of common sense says that 02/26/2020

NBA Pros Reveal Their Warm Up and Recovery Hacks

Many players rely on NormaTec Recovery Compression therapy to revive their legs. Why don't you come give it a try! #Squeezesogood #FreezeandSqueeze #StayFrosty They’re just as important as the workout or game. 02/25/2020

Benefits of NormaTec Compression After Knee Surgery

Curious how NormaTec Recovery Compression boots help post-surgery? Click here to learn the benefits of compression therapy after knee surgery! Recovering from knee surgery to your pre-surgery performance level is every person's goal. We spoke extensively about all the steps required to return to fo 02/17/2020

How To Recover From Knee Surgery FAST!

Have you scheduled or recently undergone knee surgery?If you want to accelerate your recovery AND regain your pre-surgery performance, read these Must-Do's! #optimalperformance #backinaction #NeuFit #Coldlaser #Cryotherapy Having knee surgery can interrupt your plans, passions and sports. Learn how to decrease knee surgery recovery time and get back active here. 02/14/2020

Champion Performance & Recovery on Google Champion Cryotherapy is now Champion Performance & Recovery! We are your one-stop shop to eliminate your pain, accelerate your recovery and elevate your performance!


Champion Performance & Recovery's cover photo 02/14/2020

Can NeuFit Neuromuscular Therapy Resolve Chronic Back Pain?

Do you experience back or neck pain? We are successfully resolving pain with this game-changing therapy from NeuFit. Give us an opportunity to help you--or maybe a friend! #Nomorebackpain Is chronic back pain preventing you from living a full life? Learn why everyone is talking about NeuFit neuromuscular therapy, and what it can do for pain.


Champion Performance & Recovery's cover photo


Champion Performance & Recovery's cover photo 02/06/2020

Compression Therapy Isn't Just For Athletes

"Compression Therapy Isn’t Just For Athletes"--true that! Come try one of the best-feeling therapies you can find to reward your legs! #SqueezeandFreeze #Normatec #Cryotherapy #StayFrosty Ever wonder what those space-like boots on your Instagram feed were for? Well, it's a little thing called compression therapy — and it's great for everyone, not just athletes. 02/02/2020

A knee injury could change the structure of your brain, making it harder to recover

Interesting research on the impact a knee #injury and/or #surgery has on the neuromuscular system. This helps explain how and why our #NeuFit system is unique and so highly effective. If you are dealing with either, call us to learn more about how we can cut your recovery time by 50%! #Neuromusculartherapy #NeuroReeducation Patients of ACL reconstruction recover only 80% of strength in their injured leg, and a new study suggests this is because of changes in the brain. 02/01/2020

What We Can All Learn From How Pro Athletes Recharge and Recover

#Sleep is your most important recovery tool. If you are having trouble with your sleep quality, we can remedy that! Come see us to try #Neufit reset, #CBDoil and #Cryotherapy! #Sleepwell #StayFrosty The secret to optimizing our health and vitality lies in recharging our batteries — in bed. 01/31/2020

New Orleans Pelicans increase their focus on recovery with cutting-edge recovery room featuring NormaTec Technology | New Orleans Pelicans

I know you'd like to hang with Zion Williamson and the Pelicans, but we've got you covered! Come try this #NormaTec compression--an amazing, massage-like therapy for your legs! #FreezendSqueeze #StayFrosty January 29, 2020NEW ORLEANS – The New Orleans Pelicans officially announced access to an expanded offering of NormaTec Recovery Systems for players this season. Enhanced athlete recovery has been identified as an opportunity to optimize the team’s success, prompting them to work more closely wit... 01/29/2020

Cristiano Ronaldo And Kyrie Irving Use Secret Recovery Tool For Body Pain

Wanna try what numerous of your neighbors--and pro athletes--use to relieve muscle pain, soreness and knots? Come on down to test-drive the #theragun! #StayFrosty #Percussivetherapy #Painrelief Cristiano Ronaldo and NBA superstar Kyrie Irving are both using this tool to recover from pain and injuries. 01/28/2020

David Reagan, Certified Atlanta-based Personal Trainer, Reveals Five Essential Benefits of Recovery Days

Good reasons to focus on your recovery! #Reduceinjury #Improveperformance #StayFrosty #Sleep #Cryotherapy #Neufit #Lasertherapy #Sportchiropractic #Normatec #Theragun Whether you’re training for a fitness event, exercising for your health, or just for fun, you might feel like taking a day off is a waste. However, in reality, there are many benefits. In this article, David Reagan, Atlanta native, and a certified personal trainer shares five of them. It isn’t j... 01/17/2020

Why Skiers Are Trading Hot Tubs for Cryotherapy

Of course they do! #Cryotherapy keeps you on the slopes!! Serious skiers say fighting the cold with more cold actually works. 01/16/2020

Here's why adding *more* probiotics might not be the key to good gut health—and what to take instead

Tight #hips? We deal with numerous #pain and #injury conditions sourced from tight hips. Watch this short video for great stretches to open up your hips! #StayFrosty #Stretchlikeachampion #Cryothewrapy #Theragun #Normatec #Neufit Because more isn't always better. 01/10/2020

What is CBD: The Scientifically Proven Benefits

Our members and customers rave about the benefits they get from #CBDoil. If you have #sleep issues, #anxiety, #stress, #pain, #inflammation, #focus issues or #ADD, then you really need to try this natural, healthy and organic solution! CBD refers to cannabidiol, which is one of the most active ingredients of the cannabis plant. Unlike all the other ones, it doesn''t possess psychoactive effects, which make users feel 'high'. Since the time it''s been legalized for medical use in many states, many people have already gotten to enjo...

Our Story

Champion Performance & Recovery is Austin's leading performance recovery center. We help you thrive on the field/court/track, recover from injury and deal with chronic pain--all with natural therapies that activate your body’s healing and recovery systems.

Our whole-istic therapies will help you:

  • Eliminate Pain & Inflammation

  • Accelerate Muscle Recovery

  • Enhance Performance
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    The winners of our FREE 5 pack Cryo + NormaTec Compression therapy sessions are... Janet Sanders and Elias Acevedo! Cong...
    #Mondaymotivation: Did she really say that?! 😂 #goodadvice #StayFrosty #Cryotherapy #Recovery #humor
    #TestimonialTuesday: Dr. Rachel Benson using Active Release Techniques to return “superhero” Shanika Goodspeed to once a...
    #Mondaymotivation: Future #worldcup and Major League Soccer (MLS) player Jommar Reyes working on strength and balance wi...
    Leander Spartans track stud Gavin Davis throws down on Coach Bryan Hendricks while getting chill before Regionals! #Stay...
    #Mondaymotivation: Wanna excel? Getting your muscles to fire correctly like this Lonestar Soccer Club player allows you ...
    #Cryotherapy makes you want to dance! #TGIF #striverevivethrive #stayfrosty
    #TestimonialTuesday: Let us help you like we helped Adam Rethlake! Whether you’re dealing with an injury, post-op, or lo...
    Stud Leander Spartans track athlete Spencer Williams throws down a challenge to coach Bryan Hendricks! #StriveReviveThri...
    Champion Cryotherapy - Return To What You Love To Do
    After being developed by Lonestar Soccer Club, future Major League Soccer (MLS) player Jommar Reyes is going beast mode ...
    #Neuromuscular therapy re-programs the nervous system and re-activates the muscular system to achieve maximize strength,...



    NeuFit Neuromuscular, Thor Laser, Cryotherapy, NormaTec Compression, Sports Chiropractic, TheraGun, Cupping, Dry Needling, Injury Risk Assessment



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