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I am so sad that you have closed. I should have come in before to paint my last grandchilds piggy bank. You deserve the rest Nancy you worked hard. Thank you for all the fun times
Penny and I are getting through the dog days of summer with a custom water bowl! Thanks Nancy for helping me with this project!
At your studio, do customers get to do the whole process, or just paint? I'm really looking for a place that I can pour, set, remove mold, trim, fire, paint, etc. i.e. That I can do it from beginning to end. Just thought I'd see if y'all offer that, or know who might. Thanks!
Loved the dog bowl painting class tonight! Can't wait to see the finished product after its fired. Can you guess my pups name?
Nancy - I can't wait to come in and paint! Maybe I'll bring my girls who spent many hours there - quite a few years ago. Good times!! Kelly Catherine Garemko Rebecca Goldfarb
Like your new website, see you Tuesday!
Hello! You are invited to exhibit your works of art at one of the largest and the most visited online art galleries on the web - Art Gallery Worldwide. For more details follow the link https://apps.facebook.com/gallery_itad/
Hi. Please pray Jesus will send me people to hire asap and help me too!
I am needing to hire Male or Female Caregivers asap:
If I do not get caregivers to hire asap, I could end up in a nursing home or a group home and I am not able to eat the food any of those places serve and I would end up sick and diseases much worse and suffer a lot more pain instantly and dead soon after being in such a place so please pray this will not happen and people, GUYS and/or FEMALES will call me asap or message me to want to work for me and/or also some would just want to come help me too. Thx!
Would you be interested in working for me? This is for a full-time, part-time, or live-in caregiver job position for to take care of me. I'm a young gal. I live alone and have no kids or pets! I am a Christian woman in a powered wheelchair in need of daily basic assistance including but not limited to:
Preparing meals
The occasional errand
Washing Dishes.
I had been diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy some years ago, and I am unable to transfer myself out of my wheelchair, so I need a strong individual that can transfer my 65 pound body to and from the toilet and bed.
I have 19 hours a day everyday and can hire someone to work any range of hours or shifts as many hours or as little as you would be available to work.
One option is that you could work the 19 hours one day, if anyone would desire to do so! If not, I can make small shifts of 3 hours or 4 hours or 8 hours or 6 hours or 10 or 12 hour shifts or whatever you can do! Just let me know your availability and we can go from there.
Overnight time hours of care is available as well as mornings, afternoons, and evenings! A total of 19 hours a day with small or big shifts and flexible schedules.
* I am looking to hire caregivers as soon as possible. Applicants must be 18 years of age. I am hiring for part time or full time or both as I need 4 or MORE caregivers. Some can be back-ups.
Would you be available in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, overnight hours or a combination of the three? Please let me know when you message me. Or leave your phone number so I can call you to set up an interview to meet ASAP. Thank you very much and be blessed.
Call me at 5126978734
Laser Cutting & Engraving Services
My granddaughter and I had a great time today. Even though there was a birthday party in the other room, we didn't feel ignored. Plenty of advice and paint! We'll be back for more art.
We had a great time on Monday & Tuesday, looking forward to coming back in June...
Have totally loved this place for years! Great place for all occasions :)
Thank you all for some "great memories."

Ceramics Bayou is the original paint-your-own pottery studio in Austin, offering a variety of art cl Ceramics Bayou is Austin's original paint-your-own pottery studio.

Choose from over 100 pottery shape - including 20+ coffee mug shapes, plates, bowls, figurines - and we provide ALL of supplies you'll need to create unique and often functional art. We offer helpful advice, design ideas and inspirational pieces. Great for kids and adults! No appointment is ever necessary! We are a creative, friendly spot for individuals and families, and everyone is welcome, reg

Pottery Kits To Go 04/09/2020

Pottery Kits To Go

Great activity for the family on Easter!

Pottery Kits To Go All supplies are included to paint pottery at home. Order NOW for a fun Easter Day activity - enjoy painting together AND enjoy the pottery for years to come! Kits on sale through April 18.

Pottery Kits To Go 04/04/2020

Pottery Kits To Go

Pottery Kits To Go All of our pottery would like to find a home! We provide all supplies - pottery, paint, brushes - in an easy-to-grab Kit for you to create at home. Order before April 11 & you'll get 25% OFF! Hurry to get the best selection! These unicorns are on the move :)



Looking for something fun and creative to keep the kiddos busy during this time of being isolated?

We'll meet you at your car with all of the supplies you'll need.

Relax & create - turn off the news.

It's a great time to make a family platter, new dishes & gifts!

We've got bowls, mugs & platters ready and waiting. Paint, pottery, brushes, paint palettes, pencils will all be part of the To-Go Kit.


Take Pottery HOME to paint! 03/23/2020

Take Pottery HOME to paint!

Take Pottery HOME to paint! We'll meet you at your car with all of the supplies you'll need.


The last few weeks have been tough on everyone, but we know if we all work together we will get through it.

In the meantime, we want to make sure you can still enjoy the experience of creating fun art with family and friends.

We have two ways you can do this while still saying safe!

1. Book a 1.5 hour visit to our Studio for your group only

Only YOUR group will be at the Studio during your 1.5 hour creative visit. We are offering several appointments every day, with 30 minutes between groups o ensure chairs, tables and other supplies are squeaky clean between groups! One staff member, practicing social distancing, will be there to offer help and ideas.

2. Get Pottery-To-Go and create a masterpiece(s)!

Now that the family is ALL together, create a Family Platter or a set of dishes or ... I don't know - a herd of elephants! We'll supply everything you all need to paint pottery at home. We'll have the kits ready and waiting for an easy pick-up.

Take this opportunity to create something lovely for your home!


Call Nancy 512-940-4210 for ideas and pricing.


We believe that we are all going to get through this by helping one another, being safe and following the guidelines set forth.

We are currently making some decisions on how we plan to handle the current situation and will make an announcement when we know more.

In the meantime, we hope to see you in the shop ready to create and enjoy time with family and friends.


We love these smiling faces!

The Alpha Chi Omega house joined us for a night of fun and creative works of art while working together and laughing.

Did you know we have enough space for groups as large as 40+?

Give us a call today to find out more 🎨https://www.ceramicsbayou.com/



Open every day, Monday-Friday, March 16-20th.

Bring in your kiddos and spend some time creating fun, experiences and memories.

Come in and paint a beautiful Easter Egg and start a tradition.



Need a place to store those all important treats?

Whether they are treats for you (ccokie, anyone?) or treats for your furry best friend, this cute little canister is the perfect place to put them.

Come in and create your own little treat storage and enjoy being creative and adding some personal flair to your home.



Are you missing that starry night from your last camping trip?

Memorialize the stars and galaxy in your own unique way.

We love what one creative soul did!

Come in and create your own universe or anything else that comes to mind.

We want to see what you can do! ✨✨✨ https://www.ceramicsbayou.com/


We love these groups coming in to make beautiful art, have fun and enjoy their time together.

Whether it is a work group or a friends group, we have everything you need to have a fun and unique experience.

Join us or call us today to book our space for a group 🖌️🎨https://www.ceramicsbayou.com/


Parents know all too well the sounds of summer when you have kids.

"I'm bored!!"

"There is nothing to do!!"

We want to help. We have 3 great summer art camps we will be running in June, July and August to help you fight of the summer hum drums for the kiddos.

Our DOG DAYS camp will run Aug 3-7.

Find out more about this camp and the our others here ➡️http://bit.ly/2VV4Ymv

Photos from Ceramics Bayou's post 03/02/2020

Want a beautiful way to display the edition of your new home to your life?

Come in and paint your home onto a plate and let the creative juices flow while having fun with friends, kids, or co-workers.

Need help with your project? Our team can help!



Did you know that groups of 40+ can rent out our studio in the evenings?

We love to have work groups, team building groups, friend groups, birthday groups or any group, any time!

Come in and create something fun with your team! Call us today to schedule.



Beat the summer boredom with one of our Summer Art Camps.

Session 2 of our summer camp will be July 13-17 9 a.m - Noon


We'll make a fun planter out of clay on Day 1 and finish it up on Day 5! On Tuesday - Thursday, campers will be busy painting pottery, like our Sweet Succulent pottery and other planters. Many techniques will be explored and it promises to be a blooming good time for all!

Sign up today! 👉 http://bit.ly/2SFkmRG


"I'm bored!!!"

These are the words every single parent dreads hearing all summer long.

Looking for something fun to keep the kiddos busy this summer?

We have great Summer Art Camps that we will be running allowing your kids to have fun, get creative and relief the boredom.

Our first camp starts June 8-12th.

Sign up today for a No Llama Drama summer!



Finally a plant anyone can keep alive!

Come in today and paint a succulent that doesn't need sunlight or water to thrive.




Register your 8-12 year old in one of our Summer Art Camps!

We're offering a fun filled week long art camp every month this summer.

Sign up your kid for the week that best fits their schedule! We'll be playing in clay, learning a bunch of techniques and having a great creative week.

Space is limited to 8 campers / session - register today!


Photos from Ceramics Bayou's post 02/17/2020

If you missed our Valentine's Day celebration, no worries!

Any day is a good day to create something fun with friends or loved ones.

Just look at some of the amazing things our customers have created!

Come down and make your own and experience the fun of art, conversation, relaxation and laughter.


Photos from Ceramics Bayou's post 02/14/2020

Today is the day to celebrate the loves in your life.

We are open late (9pm) and we are serving up chocolate to enjoy while you create a gift that will mean more than anything you can buy!

We hope you will join us. Come on your own or with friends, a date, your kids, or anyone that you love spending time with!



Just a few days until Cupid descends upon us spreading love and romance.

We are open late on Valentines Day so do not miss your chance to spend time with your loved one experiencing the fun of creating a piece of art that is truly yours.

Enjoy chocolate, laughs, conversation and creativity with friends, your kids, a date, your parents, your co-workers or anyone you enjoy spending time with.

We hope to see you soon!

Photos from Ceramics Bayou's post 02/10/2020

Valentine's Day is Friday and we are open late for fun, art and chocolate!

10 a.m - 9 p.m.

Everyone is welcome!

We’ll be passing out chocolate to sweeten the experience.

We hope to see you there!

Photos from Ceramics Bayou's post 02/07/2020

Create a special personalized gift for your sweetheart, child or BFF this coming Valentine's Day!

Our Studio is overflowing with ideas.

We're also open LATE on Friday, February 14 10 a.m. - 9 p.m. so you can spend a creative evening with your Valentine!

No appointment is needed & we'll have chocolate to share.

Paint Your Pal/Gal/Valentine A Special Gift 02/06/2020

Paint Your Pal/Gal/Valentine A Special Gift

Paint Your Pal/Gal/Valentine A Special Gift & create memories and fabulous pottery!

Photos from Ceramics Bayou's post 02/05/2020

YES, we are open for Valentine's Day!

Friday, Valentines day, February 14
10 a.m - 9 p.m.

Everyone is welcome!

Bring a date, come with friends, bring the kiddos, have a girls night out or whatever your fancy!

We’ll be passing out chocolate to sweeten the experience.


How about a spoon full of love for your special Valentine?

This cute spoon rest would make any mom, grandma, aunt or friend swoon!

Come in and make one of your own with your little one and experience the fun of creating a one of a kind gift!



With just two weeks to go before Valentine's Day, the countdown is on to find something special for the loved one in your life or to plan a fun date night experience.

We have a variety of great Valentine's items to choose from.

Whether it's a first date, 100th date, a night with friends, or some quality time with the kiddos there is something for everyone!

Find our address, hours and more ❤️❤️https://www.ceramicsbayou.com/

Photos from Ceramics Bayou's post 01/29/2020

Valentine's Day is coming up and what better way to celebrate the love and mom in your life than with something you have created yourself!

This daddy/daughter duo had an amazing experience working together to make something mom will surely treasure.

Come down and share in the love with a special date with your little one.

For more information and hours 💕💕💕 https://www.ceramicsbayou.com/

Photos from Ceramics Bayou's post 01/27/2020

Meow, meow, meow...

Do you love your little feline friend? Or maybe you have other furry loved ones at home.

Come in and get creative with some of our cute animals designs. We have everything from cats and dogs to elephants and lions and much more.

Come in and have some fun with friends, groups, the kiddos or have a fun and different date night with a loved one.

Find our hours and much more -> https://www.ceramicsbayou.com/

Photos from Ceramics Bayou's post 01/23/2020

Do you have a vision for 2020?

Join us on Sunday, January 26 from 3:00 to 6:00 pm for a 3 hour workshop co-led by Joanna Coburn, a certified Expressive Arts teacher, and Nancy Germond, owner of Ceramics Bayou.

Make your vision for 2020 clear in this fun environment creating your own vision board and word of the year mug.

Come on your own and make some new friends or come as a group. Be creative, inspire yourself and others and bring your vision for 2020 into the New Year!

Sign up today --- https://www.ceramicsbayou.com/intuitive-collage-workshop


Our Story

Ceramics Bayou is Austin's original paint-your-own pottery studio. Choose from over 400 pottery shape - including 30+ coffee mug shapes, plates, bowls, figurines - and we provide ALL of supplies you'll need to create unique and often functional art. We offer helpful advice, design ideas and inspirational pieces. Great for kids and adults. No appointment is ever needed. We are a creative, friendly spot for individuals and families, and everyone is welcome, regardless of age and skill level.

If you have a group - Kid's and Adult birthday party, Team Meeting, Girl's Night Out, Bridal Shower - our large party room can be reserved. You’re welcome to bring in your own food and beverages, including alcohol.

We also offer camps - after school, spring break and summer - for kids and workshops for adults. Always check our website for more information on fun happenings.

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3620 Bee Cave Rd
Austin, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 6pm
Tuesday 10am - 6pm
Wednesday 10am - 6pm
Thursday 10am - 6pm
Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 8pm
Sunday 1pm - 6pm

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