Organic Skincare by Elizabeth Bentley Committed to improving her clients’ skin, Elizabeth is passionate about overall wellness and therapeutic facial products.

Her methodology and product choice achieve the desired effects of invasive dermatological procedures, such as wrinkle fillers and harsh chemical peels, but without the pain and fleeting results. Elizabeth’s facials are gentle and the results long-lasting. Her facials are as healing as they are relaxing. Elizabeth’s approach involves carefully assessing each client’s skin care needs then individual


When I’m not hosting a virtual appointment, giving a facial treatment, or cuddling my new kitten, I’m busy working on a very exciting new project with my wonderful collaborative partner .
We look forward to helping all women suffering from post adolescent, hormonal, inflammatory, cystic acne. Our approach addresses all the root causes including blood sugar maintenence, liver & gut health, hormonal balance, stress management, toxic load, diet, and inflammation.
We don’t know of any other program like it. Can’t wait to share it with all in need.


I want to start by pointing out that it’s ok to have bad days.
I find that several times a month I have a day where suddenly it’s 2:30pm and I’m still in my pajamas. Life’s caught up with me, the stress has taken a toll, I haven’t had a good night’s sleep the night before, and the worry has become habit forming.
My body forces me to halt.
When I’m exhausted, my brain wants to rest too.
But it’s on these frustrating days when I find that I’m my own worst critic...”I’m not accomplishing enough, I’m not meeting the deadlines I’ve committed to, I haven’t exercised, my skin looks dull and I’m tempted to search for any pore that might be clogged, etc”
Again, worry is habit forming.
And as my awe inspiring teacher, said recently “Worry is not love”
Why is it that we can’t give ourselves a break but when our friends or family are in the same depleted state, we encourage them to rest and take care of themselves?
I can give incredibly valuable self care advice all day long...advice that’s deeply rooted in all the extensive trainings I’ve taken. But applying it to myself? Still hard!
This is not necessarily just a post about skin but about holistic health which is all encompassing.
I am a very real and flawed human.
Today, I am working on giving myself acceptance.
Wishing you peace, health, happiness, rest, self love, and laughter!
Xoxo, E
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December Update: New Products, Gift Ideas! 12/11/2020

December Update: New Products, Gift Ideas!

December Update: New Products, Gift Ideas! -

December Update: New Products, Gift Ideas!


ℍ𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕊𝕡𝕒
My favorite way to end the day is a 20 minute soak in the tub with a mineral rich salt & seaweed powder, followed by a cold rinse in the shower and dry brushing...
A few times a week, I’ll apply a mask to my face & neck while in the tub, allowing the steam to keep the mask damp ...then wash the mask off in the shower.
It’s important to rinse the toxins your body’s excreted in the bath off afterwards in the shower. The cold water benefits the nervous system, circulation, stress response, and speeds up recovery, all of which contribute to a natural high and boost in mood and attitude.

Cold showers stimulate your autonomic nervous system.

The importance of cold showers, especially for the sympathetic nervous system, is that the shock from the cold water induces a stress response. Not all stress is bad stress, and the reason the shock from a cold shower is so beneficial is because in our climate controlled environments, many people’s bodies are not under enough thermal stress.

The best part about cold showers is that they are completely natural, free, and are great for your health. They increase your ability to deal with stress and prevent illness and weakness in general.
Try it! For instructions on how to take a
C͟o͟n͟t͟r͟a͟s͟t͟ S͟h͟o͟w͟e͟r
go to the Rituals tab on my website.
*I recommend contrast showers in the morning as they can be rather stimulating 🤩



Chronic stress, the overactivation of your autonomic nervous system (ANS) contributes to being in the state of "fight or flight". This in turn increases your androgen hormones (male hormones) which are produced in your adrenals, leading to an increase in your DHEA-S levels which can increase the potential for a surge in oil production & pore clogging. This is due to the rise in general inflammation in the skin.
There's undoubtedly a scientific connection between stress and acne: Increased androgens are associated with higher levels of free radicals/inflammation, which transfer to the skin and can alter sebum production.
If you can relate to this kind of breakout, it’s important to start managing your stress with lifestyle modifications and nutrients that improve stress levels.
A few key nutrients that come to mind are vitamin C and E and flavinoids like quercetin.
Also, try breathing exercises like the 4-7-8 technique and get some movement in during the day, meditation and taking baths are nice options too.
Topically you need to address the triggers for acne like poor cleansing techniques (examples: makeup wipes or coconut oil) that do not properly remove makeup and grime, harsh cleaning products that strip the skin's protective barrier, and excessive air pollution.
It's important to use gentle but effective products to fight against pollution and other inflammatory irritants that can lead to acne.
I personally love the Unburden and Balance Serums from as well as the Deep Clarity and Support Cleanser & the Elixir II. And the entire Treatment line of products from
All of which can be found on my website.
Check out the Rituals tab on my site for stress management techniques.


The connection between
Milk & Acne
If you read nothing more than this: please reduce your dairy intake if you have acne.
Most evidence-based studies agree that dairy can be a common trigger for acne. While the exact mechanism is unknown, researchers theorize that dairy’s role in acne is likely due to the artificial hormones dairy cows are treated with or the growth hormones that naturally exist in cow’s milk. These hormones may throw off our own hormonal balance and contribute to acne. Others believe it is the common combination of refined foods and processed sugars with milk products in the Western diet that regularly disrupt insulin levels and cause hormonal breakouts in those that are prone. Despite the lack of consensus on the connection, many people with acne find that reducing or eliminating dairy helps them reduce acne and improve skin quality. If you’re regularly experiencing breakouts, it might be worth experimenting with the removal of dairy to assess its effects on your skin.
Get your hormones checked
If you’re an adult and experiencing acne for the first time along with other signs of excess androgen production, such as menstrual irregularities or infertility, unwanted hair growth, then you might have a hormonal imbalance. Consider getting a hormone test to check your total androgen levels and serum testosterone. I recommend the Dutch Test by Precision Analytics! Search providers on the Dutch Test website for someone local who provides this test and is skilled at reading the results + coming up with a protocol to address any imbalances!
Try alternatives to cow’s milk like goat’s milk, oat milk (watch out for the ones containing hydrogenated vegetable oils), nut milks...


Clean Makeup Brands that recommends:


Tell me show of your favorites! 💄💋♥️


Can you please tell me what’s not to love? Americans have fed us the most inaccurate belief that post-menopausal women, with grey hair and wrinkles are no longer powerful, sexy, relevant, “in the male gaze”?!!!
This is so incredibly backwards. Women who no longer tolerate the bu****it of immature partners, who no longer fuss with the worry of relevancy, who no longer seek out attention for their youthful appearance, who know who they are and what their place in the world is, should be considered the sexiest most confident form of humankind!
I plead with you to stop peeling your skin off, injecting your face with horrendous toxins, start reading the labels of products before buying them, stop using filters on your photos and videos, stop try to measure up to a societal standard of “attractive”! Dig deeper, find self love, take care of your health, sleep, read, exercise, laugh, love, get some sun, make a difference in someone’s life, be the example. Stop with all this shallow obsessing over a fine line or wrinkle, pimple, or grey hair.
XO, Elizabeth


If your skin is breaking out, your complexion is dull, you have puffiness under your eyes, or your skin feels may want to acquaint yourself with the Lymphatic System. Often completely ignored by Western medicine, because few doctors have any understanding or education on it...
Our circulatory system is backed up by the lymphatic system, which is a collection of tubes called lymph vessels that begin in the tissues and, like the veins, drain waste products and water. This lymph fluid is filtered and cleaned by the lymph nodes, and eventually returned to the blood. The lymphatic system is also heavily involved in immunity, protecting the body from outside organisms, cleaning up toxins, and destroying abnormal cells.
Our circulatory system works on it's own but our lymph system has to be stimulated by us...if you do not encourage flow with your lymph fluid, your skin will not glow!
As one of my mentors, Angela Peck says "No flow, no glow"
This is where using facial massage, gua sha, facial compressing, honey tapping, herbal infusions, dry brushing, contrast showers, and whole plant skin care products comes in!
I highly encourage you to refer to my website for instructions on how to do many of the aforementioned techniques or to schedule a virtual appointment...also, check out the incredible lymph loving skincare products on my website by
Art: Juniper Briggs


Clearer Skin, Happy Heart
To follow up with a few essentials for clearer skin & a balanced emotional state, in response to my post about Acne and Toxins yesterday...
🌞🏃‍♂️Finding time for 30 minutes of movement in the morning sun will boost your mood, balance your blood sugar, and release anti-inflammatory mediators.
🥕🍠🥬🥑Eating plenty of antioxidant rich & fibrous foods + warming spices for Vata (fall) season.
Fiber promotes balanced blood lipids, regulated blood sugar, promotes detoxification, feeds beneficial bacteria in the gut & the production of anti-inflammatory short chain fatty acids.
🔥🍁Warming spices (ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, turmeric) aid in digestion, are antioxidant rich & anti-inflammatory
🧂🛀 Minerals: soaking in mineral rich salts 3x/wk in the bath (great for nervous system support and subcutaneous absorption of minerals) + using on your food will support the kidneys which will minimize inflammation & oxidative stress
🍣 🥚🥑🥩Balanced fatty acid intake: this will balance blood lipids for the composition of your sebum, balances inflammation signaling, optimal heart & mental health
🥦🍳🌰🥬🍗And lastly, making sure you have adequate levels of Vitamins A, D, E, K. These are fat soluble vitamins so you don’t want to overdo it on any of these. These vitamins counteract leaky gut (inflammation), regulate bad bacteria overgrowth on the skin & in the gut microbiome, decrease systemic inflammation, reduce dead skin buildup, & help regulate sebum production
Art: 🤍


Sensitive Skin
So do you really have sensitive skin?
Yes, it can be genetic...however, 9 times out of 10, it’s not that your skin is naturally sensitive...It’s more likely that it’s been sensitized by overuse of acids, retinol, fragranced products, active ingredients (yes the stingy stuff), essential oils, or just using too many products in general!!! Cue: The 10 Step K-Beauty (for example)
The beauty industry as of the last 5 or so years has placed a big focus on the skin’s microbiome. Hmmm wonder why all the buzz around this new focus & why so many products designed for “sensitive skin”? Did you ever hear about the skin’s microbiome before? The reason it’s even part of our common vernacular now is because the beauty industry created the problem by selling so many active products that destroyed the protective barrier of our skin and now they want to solve the problem too! Sell💲Sell💲Sell💲
The “shelfie” photos with people’s medicine cabinets overflowing with 20 different products for their face...that’s just wrong and really nothing to brag about. It doesn’t make you more of a skin officianado & certainly won’t make your skin look any better to complicate the hell out of your skin care regimen.
Please stop giving into this $532 billion industry.
Yes, I sell products and no I never push them on any of my clients. And the products I sell are made to support the natural processes of the skin, not intended to work against them. I only use products that are safe enough to ingest or use on a child or animal.
If you want to have healthy, glowing skin, then try leaving it the hell alone. Less is MORE! I would be so happy to help guide you to achieving a simple, effective, and enjoyable skin care regimen! Let me blow your mind with some suggestions... I assure you the regimen will not be reliant upon you buying 10 new products.
There’s a fantastic in depth article on this subject written by on go to her profile & click the link in her bio to read it! Thank you for bringing light to the truth for those who are so misinformed.

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