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The most epic moments often follow immediately after the wedding ceremony. The pre-wedding jitters are gone and the amazing newly-married energy is setting in. You get to look at each other and know you've committed your lives to the love you share and now it's time to celebrate all of the moments that have led to this exact day. There is nothing like the realization that you finally get to start your life together as one and move through each season of life with your best friend.🤍

Dress | Wear Your Love
Suit | John H. Daniel Custom Tailors
Florist | Always in Bloom, LLC
Decor | Ruby Design
Desserts | Magpies Bakery
Officiant | Bruce Herrboldt
Hair + Makeup | Lox Salon
Jewelers | Ash Hilton Jewellery + Fail Jewelry

Celebrate the long weekend in 🥂𝓼𝓽𝔂𝓵𝓮🥂!

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

The Groovy Wedding Co. | Naomi Phelps- Sweet Memories Photo | Huckleberry Wedding Films | Woodbine Mansion | Lavender & Lily Floral | Blush Bar | Fail Jewelry
That just-married-in-the-mountains giddiness😊
Erin and Jon eloped in the Smoky mountains surrounded by their closest friends and family.

They wanted to include their family in their wedding day as much as possible so Jons father officiated the wedding, his mother and sister both gave readings and Erin's brother provided some amazing musical entertainment (it was amazing.)

The couple was so intentional about picking a place they loved, and I always want to celebrate that and capture the location in its full glory. I didn't want to pull the couple away from their family on their wedding day/night so I was able to spend the day after the wedding exploring the mountains with the couple after everyone had left to get some more amazing photos with the breathtaking backdrop.
-xoxo Kate
Dress | Wear Your Love
Suit | John H. Daniel Custom Tailors
Florist | Always in Bloom, LLC
Decor | Ruby Design
Desserts | Magpies Bakery
Hair & Makeup | Lox Salon
Jewelers | Ash Hilton Jewellery Fail Jewelry

This was truly one of the most special weddings I have ever photographed (which is definitely saying something). No offense to any of my past couples, but there is just something deeply moving and mind-blowing about being able to photograph your best friend's elopement. For 18 years, I've watched Erin grow and flourish into the incredible person she is today. It's been such a pleasure to get to know Jonathan and see the joy he brings to Erin's life.

This past Saturday, Erin and Jon wed in the Smoky Mountains with only their immediate families present. It was an incredibly emotional weekend, one that I don't think words will ever be able to fully relay how epic it was. This is just a sneak peek of how these two special souls celebrated their wedding weekend. BRB, going to go cry again ❤️

Many incredible vendors made this weekend possible: John H. Daniel (suit designer) | Wear Your Love (wedding dress) | Always in Bloom, Inc. (florals) | Magpies Bakery (cakes) | Ruby Design (decor) | Lox Salon (hair and makeup) | Ash Hilton Jewellery and Fail Jewelry (jewelry)
Valentine’s Day is this Sunday! Do you know what you're doing to treat that special someone? If not, don’t worry! This week, the Realty Awesome team is sharing their favorite gift and date ideas with you! Plus, everything you’ll see this week is from a local business! So treat yourself or someone you love this Valentine’s Day & let’s !

Spa Essentials: Slow North
Flowers: Mercedes Flowers
Leather Bag: Raven + Lily
Plants: East Austin Succulents
Candle: Honey & Hay
Jewelry: Fail Jewelry

Did you know that Mercedes Flowers is a BIPOC owned business? BIPOC owned businesses have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, so what better way to show our community some much needed love this holiday than to support BIPOC owned businesses?!

Do you remember the most unique gift you’ve ever received? Did it make you feel good? 🎁 You can make equally great gifts if you know where to look. Small businesses run by local artists are one of your best bets, as they have tons of cool things you will hardly find anywhere else. Here are three options:

💎 Fail Jewelry– for one-of-a-kind jewelry that steal the show

🚿 Austin Natural Soap – for natural, handmade, vegan soaps and shower essentials

🕰️ take heart shop - Austin – for artisan household goods, apparel, jewelry, and more

Designed and crafted in Austin, TX, Fail Jewelry is high-quality, contemporary jewelry that is made to be worn every day. Fail Jewelry
In early March, Fail Jewelry hosted Troop 814 in the studio to teach the girls about jewelry making and help them earn their jewelry badge! 🌟 These are the beautiful brass pendants they made in the studio after a tour. (📸: failjewelry) Renew today and plan for your next adventure!
"All year I have waited for this moment…Florian is back. As anyone who has lost a loved one, you long for any physical connection to them. I sleep in his t-shirts to feel his hug. I spritz on his favorite cologne to smell him. I drink his finest French liquor to remind me of his taste. What I wouldn’t do to feel his breath on my skin. But now, his ashes have been made into a diamond and set into a piece of jewelry that I can wear around my neck to keep him close to my heart.⁣⠀
He said, “Take me on your adventures with you. Diamonds shine bright. They are forever.”⁣⠀
Merry Christmas to me. Forever love, Florian. ⁣⠀

Eternally grateful to Eterneva and Fail Jewelry for this beautiful work of love. And yes, 😇"⠀

By Renee Rouleau Skin Care
Take 2--> it's the last weekend of EAST and we hope you'll come out and say hello! We're at stop #435 Fail Jewelry and there are so many other wonderful artists showing on Cesar Chavez. Swing in to the shop, check out our new work, grab lunch at Bento or Sweet Chive, and enjoy!
EAST is around the corner! Excited to be showing new work at stop#435 with Fail Jewelry at her beautiful shop. Stay tuned for sneak peeks and details on our kick off party on 11/15.
Fail Jewelry 💛 @ Fail Jewelry
The skies are clear, the weather is crisp, and we have two wildly talented women at tomorrow’s Downtown Bastrop 1st Friday Art Walk.

Make sure to come by between 5:30 and 8:30pm to see Katie Allcorn and Fail Jewelry’s talent in person.

📷: Katie Allcorn
Lost Pines Art Bazaar is excited to host two amazing artists again for First Friday Art Walk - Thankful. Fail Jewelry was an instant classic at the store, and founder and artist Christine Fail will be featuring extended pieces from her collection during First Friday. Lost Pines Art Bazaar is also excited to be hosting local artist and illustrator, Katie Allcorn of Snake Oil Studio, who will debut her new landscape art prints. As if their gorgeous artistry is not motivation enough, every $100 worth of purchases from featured artists will be entered to win a $100 store gift certificate. Join us this Friday, November 2nd for First Friday in Downtown Bastrop!
We will have regular business hours today and are sorry to miss the fun at tonight's Downtown Bastrop 1st Friday Art Walk. Stop by the the store before 5pm, and please be sure to stay downtown this evening to enjoy all of the amazing festivities, including the Museum and Visitor Center of Bastrop County Historical Society newest exhibit "Endings & Beginning," the Beautycounter Social at Southern Edge Boutique, and live music from ChasingGypsy at Neighbor's Kitchen and Yard!

And mark your calendars for our fall lineup of 1st Friday Art Walks makers, where we will be showcasing author, artist, and entrepreneur C.J. Klinger and jewelry maker extraordinaire and cult favorite Fail Collective!

Fail Jewelry is a contemporary fine jewelry shop and studio in East Austin. The Fail Jewelry collection consists of pieces that are understated, elegant, and easy.

Modern yet classic, Fail embodies the spirit of Austin with pieces that transition effortlessly from a t-shirt and jeans to the little black dress.


This one-of-a-kind grey rose cut pear diamond dropped on the website 2 weeks ago along with a handful of others and a big announcement.

Did you miss it? Sign up for my newsletter (link in bio) and stay in the know. It’s where I’m going to be spending more time talking about my new designs, where I will try and educate my customers about truly ethical jewelry, and where I’ll announce the rare sale. Join the family and follow my journey!

Photos from Fail Jewelry's post 08/04/2022

This AMAZING custom set got the professional treatment from the talented . I was so proud of how these ring turned out I wanted to show the off. I’m still drooling…

Jenna & Chris were upgrading Jenna’s wedding set to something less traditional and more unique. This whopper of a grey salt and pepper diamond came in at 3.34 ct! I knew it needed to shine all on its own in this understated bezel setting. For the wedding band Jenna was originally dawn to my Wave Contour band and I became inspired when I found these 1/2 🌙 icy diamonds. These two ring play perfectly together but both stand firmly on their own.

All of the diamonds in this set came from . Over the next few months I’ll be making announcements about the moves Ive been making to be a more ethical jeweler. Ethical diamonds pose some challenges (which I am diving into on the website) but there as a handful of options that I think are better than others. Misfit is using their position to start pushing for more mine to market transparency in the diamond industry and are the only supplier I know of taking Canadian mined diamonds and doing unique modern untraditional cuts (my favs). While these diamonds aren’t Canadian mined, I will happily support them with my purchases to keep moving their mission forward.

Photos from Fail Jewelry's post 08/01/2022

I am SO behind posting but will try to catch up! So many beautiful pieces finished this year that haven’t been celebrated!

Leigh wanted a ring that she could wear everyday that wasn’t too ostentatious using 5 family diamonds. I think I hit the mark with this lovely band! Initially hand carved in wax, each diamond is bezel set in an organic band in 14k gold. The hand carved details and hammered band give this ring a delicate imperfection that gives it life.

I think re-imagination is the perfect way to celebrate the memories of loved ones while breathing new life into old jewelry. These pieces would just stay sitting in a drawer or safe but are now living their best life being enjoyed every day.


Y’all I am finally settled in my new studio and need help clearing out my storage unit. I’m selling product from the flagship at deep discounts in stories this week. Take a look! 🙏❤️

Photos from Fail Jewelry's post 06/03/2022

Ethically sourced Montana sapphire flanked with two faceted diamond slices 🤌

Just handed off this custom ring so Carrie Lou and Lizzie could get married a little earlier than originally planned. They didn’t want to delay given the fragile nature of our civil rights these days. I am so honored to have helped them recognize their love and commitment to one another. Check out stories to see the beautiful couple ❤️

Happy today and everyday!

Photos from Fail Jewelry's post 04/29/2022

Another custom ring for a dear friend, Jackie of . Ethical and sustainability were important to her husband Greg and he chose an ethically mined and cut Montana Sapphire, cut just for me by my friend . He wanted to play with scale and asymmetry so adding the champagne diamond beauty mark was 👌

I helped make Jackie’s original engagement ring years ago but alas it disappeared on a vacation not long after. This was an over due replacement and think it turned out beautifully!

I actually made this last year but forgot to photograph it! Then I got it back to clean and photograph and the pictures were blurry! Still trying to figure out the quick photo setup in my new studio but I think these capture the beauty of this ring. I guess the third times the charm 🙃


A year and a half ago I started a few big projects and this was another- my new shipping container studio is finally picture ready! (from the outside at least) Open by appointment only in East Austin, this is where the magic happens.

I worked with a company out of Houston to customize everything from the length (27’) to the skylight and fold up awning. I couldn’t be happier, and it’s all mine! I’ll show off a bit more in stories soon I promise and I’m sure there will be an open house in the future so stay tuned!

I’ve also got an update on the flagship on Cesar Chavez. Unfortunately some issues came up during remodel and .co is currently hunting for a new space. That means for the time being you must schedule an appointment to see the fine jewelry. 🤞 I find a new home for fine in Austin but it’s all up in the air right now. I’ll keep you posted as thing develop.


BIG NEWS - BIG SALE (for those of you who don’t subscribe to my news letter). Changes are coming to the shop. This is the last week you will be able to shop classic fail in gold fill and silver in person. The flagship will remain the home for Epic Fail fine jewelry only. The classic collection will continue to be available online.
It’s a bitter sweet change that has me excited for the future but also nostalgic for the past.

To make room for the .co expansion, everything non-fail is 50%-70% OFF! That’s prints, frames, wall hangings, fragrance, and a few fine jewelry pieces from other amazing artists.

The shop will close Monday April 1 as we remodel for this transition. Come get it while you can!


Li’l fail has arrived! Of course I’ve still got more to do but wow, we made to .

So many people contributed to the birth of this little nugget. for sharing my vision and finding her in Oklahoma (and so so much more), for geeking out in our backyard and getting the brakes and motor right, for body work, for fabing this amazing display box, for putting it all together and for coming in clutch to finish out the paint 🙏🙏🙏.

I’ve definitely got more in store (like some amazing hand painting by ) and general fine tuning, but the big part is done! Check out stories for some before shots and video of me driving like a crazy woman (yes it drives!).

Photos from Fail Jewelry's post 03/04/2022

This was a fun custom ring project I just finished. A bit out of my usual, I knew I was the right person the recreate this family heirloom ring as a new wedding band for Antonio.

The well lived and worn original came from his mother and is Peruvian in origin. He believed it to be Inti the Sun God. I was surprising excited about engraving after my master class with last year and knew I could bring those skills to my wax carving. Other jewelers in town would have used CAD and 3D printer to make the copy but i think so much would have been lost. This ring was absolutely handmade to begin with and I wanted to keeps that essence.

Under magnification I was able to see the original detail and infer the original design (before years of ware). Swipe through to see some details and comparisons (I accidentally put it upside down on the side by side 🙃) Congrats Brandy & Antonio on your union! So honored to have helped you make this dream come true ❤️

This re-excited me for engraving in wax. What do you think? Should I incorporate more starving in to new designs?


Sleet Day! 🥶😂 We’re staying safe and warm at home. The shop will reopen tomorrow if the weather cooperates!


Simple, color ✔️

Photos from Fail Jewelry's post 09/10/2021

Remembering this ring I made back in 2019 for with diamond from a family heirloom ring, diamonds collected by her grandfather over time that had sentimental meaning. We wanted a ring to honor these stones that could be worn every day. I think we succeeded!


Goes well with denim

Photos from Fail Jewelry's post 08/26/2021

A modern remake of a vintage engagement ring for a special couple.
“Having gotten married during the pandemic where things weren’t as planned I have felt like getting married was pretend...I have to say that receiving the rings feels like a milestone; a symbol of the marriage that others might see.”
So honored to have played a part 🙏

Photos from Fail Jewelry's post 07/31/2021

Spent another week at , my spiritual center. It’s a truly magical place, my happy place, a place for reflection, where you commune with strangers who won’t be for long, a place of inspiration, acceptance, a place without pretense. Andrew joined me for the week and drank the kool-aid. We are hooked. Im horrible at sharing but I’ll slowly put some pictures up in stories. A new one of a kind collection is in the works and I can’t wait to unveil it for you later this year. This first 📸 was our early morning hike up to Chimney Rock. I hadn’t been able to do hikes previously because I was glued to the studio. Classes ended a day early and we were able to explore. From here you can see Georgia’s house and pretty much all of Abiquiu. The second os our rig in our home for the week. We brought our bikes to get around the ranch which made this outpost by the stables pretty perfect. Check out my stories from 2019 to see my first experience at the magical Ghost Ranch.


Architectural hooks inspire by in 14k


Mix and match Dot Hooks in 14K


Simple, elegant


Work in progress for this one a kind creation using a very special diamond to celebrate and capture the spirit of the woman who passed it on.


Oldie but a goodie

Hope you’re enjoying your Memorial Day weekend. The shop is closed today so we can enjoy a little ☀️ after the ☔️


New one of a kind ring in the shop! Finally got to use this 1.6 carat rose cut grey diamond. This picture does not do it justice so you’ll just have to see it for yourself. Professional pictures and an online listing coming eventually. DM me for details if you’re not local!


Setting this one of a kind custom ring today! It’s a bit different than you’ve seen from me before but I was super excited about this design concept and talked my customer in to it. Can’t wait to see it all come together and show you the final product! 💚


Mother’s Day giveaway! Tag a mom who makes your world go ‘round for a chance to pamper her with some of our favorite things from Austin-based, women-owned businesses.

1-Like this post + follow:

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Winner will be announced on May 4th.

And to all the moms out there - we salute you!

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram . By entering, Entrants agree to a complete release of Instagram. Must live in the continental US. Good luck!


The pendulum necklace is perfect for low-cut summer dresses. It’s just darn sexy


Whoops, I forgot to make the Staple Hook live on my website when the collection launched 2 week ago! I've got 1 in my ear currently and its a part of my new everyday routine. Inspired by our classic and super popular trace hook, and reminiscent of our newer tiny hook, these guys knock it out of the park in 14k gold in two textures. Longer in the back and shorter in the front, how many of my old faithful would wear their trace hooks even though they weren't designed that way.


The chaos stud is one of my best sellers hands down. I love that it looks like multiple earrings in your ear at once. Evolve isn't so bad either...


Just realized I didn’t publish these guys on the site when they launched a few weeks ago! 🙃😳 Whoops!!! The Staple Hook is in my ear currently and never leaving! A take on the classic trace hook and the newer tiny hook, but better in 14k gold.


New one of a kind Montana Sapphire ring in the store. This is a super special ring and the first of many. The sapphire was not only USA mined but also cut by my friend and neighbor just down the street. There are some big unknowns in the jewelry industry like how your materials were pulled from the earth and the treatment of the people who come in contact with it on its journey. I am working hard to bring more sustainability and accountability to my brand over the next year and working with people like Chris is just one little step! Not available online (yet) this guy is $2190 and 1.02 tcw. DM me if your not local and want to see/learn more.

Fail Jewelry updated their business hours. 04/05/2021

Fail Jewelry updated their business hours.

Fail Jewelry updated their business hours.


New mix and match studs and hooks now available online and in store. Your new everyday essentials.


The goldfish earring in 14k


Spring (and the great thaw here in Texas) has got me excited about rediscovering a new season of clothes in my closet and getting back in to wearing jewelry, like theses sculptural parallel hooks.
I WILL NOT wear the same pair of pants and 2 tank tops that was my COVID uniform for most of last year. Well, maybe just a whole lot less...

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Li’l fail has arrived! Of course I’ve still got more to do but wow, we made to @houstonartfest. So many people contribut...
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At Fail Jewelry, we have both a classic line and a fine jewelry line that include handmade earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, engagement rings, and wedding bands.



2612 Cesar Chavez St E
Austin, TX

General information

Fail Jewelry is our flagship retail store located in East Austin. Visit us at 2612 E Cesar Chavez St #100, Austin, TX 78702

Opening Hours

Monday 11am - 6pm
Wednesday 11am - 6pm
Thursday 11am - 6pm
Friday 11am - 6pm
Saturday 11am - 6pm
Sunday 11am - 5pm

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