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My 2 week results: creating new habits and reaping lots of benefits!

We wake you up to your Unlimited Potential. Awaken Austin is the d/b/a of Healing Touch Ventures, Inc.


Project Nightfall


This brings so much hope to the rest of the world and I can't believe no one talks about. If you are from an underrated country, help me spread this amazing achievement! 07/16/2019

Photographer Captures Owl Looking After Duckling

Life is more joyful (less stressful) when we find ways to get along. The cute pair were spotted in a tree in Florida 07/15/2019

Taking a nap sharpens your brain, suggests new science

One benefit of massage includes resting the mind while being more focused on feeling the massage on your body. It improves mental clarity!

First time massage massage clients take $25 off with coupon code FIRST TIME at www.AwkenAustin,com/massage A new study finds that naps bring cognitive benefits.


Shonté Jovan Taylor, Neuroscientist

Love this ♥️🧠


To change the social dynamics, we need to each take responsibility for our own energy instead of being swept into a collective response that generates more blame and separation. Creating social coherence starts with replacing old patterns and mindsets that no longer serve us. That’s why conscious, heart-directed choices are so important.

To change the social dynamics, we need to each take responsibility for our own energy instead of being swept into a collective response that generates more blame and separation. Creating social coherence starts with replacing old patterns and mindsets that no longer serve us. That’s why conscious, heart-directed choices are so important.


We'll be talking about the suicide epidemic in young people. Please join us tomorrow!

Mark your calendar for Friday August 24 at 12pm CST for a LIVE with Stacey Lemire Martin about Skills Not Pills!

Having worked through mental illness, obesity and a number of life threatening health issues over 20 years ago, Stacey knew she had to be a part of this movement and help spread the word that you CAN heal your life and you CAN find joy and purpose again.

Free Discovery Session

Become a member today at


Stacey Lemire Neuro Coach

Please share. You could save a life...

Tomorrow a vitally important, worldwide campaign is being launched. It's a free, 30 day online summit called Skills Not Pills, and I believe that every person in the whole world needs these 30 free skills.

Everyone knows our world is growing in complexity and for some, it gets harder and harder to navigate through day to day challenges. Stress, anxiety and depression are becoming health issues for far too many humans. Everyone knows someone who is depending on pills to get by in their daily lives today.

I believe, with all my heart, that people worldwide need to and CAN be empowered to live joyful, abundant and fulfilling lives, despite what is happening in the world around them. These 30 experts will show you the way.

The summit starts tomorrow. Each day a new video and gift will be released by email. The videos will go live for only 48 hours each. In order to receive these free skills and gifts, Sign up today. And please share with everyone you know. You could save a life!


Stacey Lemire Neuro Coach

The world needs this free information. Please share widely!

When you're facing health challenges (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) and you get stuck, it can be frustrating and cause you to lose hope. That's why I love what Kerri Hummingbird has created with the Skills Not Pills Movement. Sometimes all we need is to hear a story of inspiration of someone who overcame a challenge like ours, or listen to an expert share their wisdom and stories of client recovery, to know within ourselves that we've just discovered a piece to our puzzle.

I am delighted to be one of the featured experts for the launch of the Skills Not Pills Movement in May 2018 for Mental Health Awareness Month. 30 days, 30 experts, 30 skills: FREE when you sign up at

Starting May 1 you'll receive an interview a day and a link to claim a free gift from an expert to your email inbox. All the expertise and gifts shared in this event are worth well over $1500...and all of it is FREE when you sign up at

What if you discovered the solution that resolves your nagging problem by watching one of the 30-minute interviews with our panel of experts? Isn't it worth your time to tune in and find out if one of our experts has the missing piece to your puzzle? BONUS: You'll receive my free gift too!

Please share the Skills Not Pills Movement with anyone you feel would benefit from this event, and tune in for LIVE interviews on Facebook at Skills Not Pills Movement.


I’m ready to talk! Join me with 29 experts for 30 days and learn 30 skills for FREE! Join the Skills Not Pills Movement

Are you ready to lead your life to sustainable growth and vitality? If so, it's time for Skills Not Pills Movement


Stacey Lemire Neuro Coach

Most of my acquaintances know my joy is to help people get out of their stuck flight/flight response and monkey-mind circus of a life. I've been empowering people to take back their lives for over 20 years!

Something else that gives me immense pleasure is sharing my tools with fellow seekers on the spiritual path, to help them upgrade their spiritual practice.

I used to be able to do that only locally...and things have changed! You can now join me in my work online with the creator of the Higher Brain Living protocol, Dr. Michael Cotton himself, teaching #SourceCodeMeditation online. Click the link in this post to learn more.

I love that my work also allows me to help people upgrade to that next level in their spiritual practice.


Awaken Slimmer

Day 1 nearly complete! I was able to stick with the Xyngular program very closely today. I can see what my challenges are and I know that my current progress is my body balancing. It's the beginning of the storm before the calm.

I AM prepared! Thanks for joining me at Awaken Slimmer

Day 1 Success!

#AwakenSlimmer #AwakenAustin #TakeBackYourHealth #weightlossjourney #mindset


Awaken Slimmer

Well, here it is! I am stepping out and stepping up AND TAKING BACK MY HEALTH by creating new, healthy habits!

I hope you will join me on this journey for the next 30 days! The post that goes with the video is a bit more explanatory. Just to give you a heads up, the video is 20 minutes and the post is 2 pages worth of writing. Most of my posts, videos and blogs during this 30 day process will be much shorter. My goal is 3-5 minute if you are watching or reading.

I look forward to this journey and I hope you benefit by joining me! Please join in. The conversation will happen at Awaken Slimmer Slimmer and I will also post at Stacey Martin Life Coach


After the stress of living through my husband Ron's cancer and recovery over the last 12 months, I have put on 8 pounds (I was already about 12 pounds heavier than my formerly well fitting size 8 clothes!) .

I AM creating new, healthy habits over the next 30 days and I'm taking this journey public! Not just for accountability - I'm doing it because I hope and pray that others will be inspired to make necessary changes in their lives by following along.

Over 20 years ago when I fist took back my health from pharmaceuticals, bi-polar disorder, liver disease and obesity, I used an Atkins type diet, focusing on more protein, less carbs. I'm a Type O blood and it worked for me. I took of 40 pounds in 5 months before I started detoxing and moving to a 75% plant based diet.

That lifestyle allowed me to take off an additional 40 pounds over the next year and also allowed me to maintain my weight between 140 and 145 over the next 10 years.

Until my daughter died at age 21.

I stopped menstruating the following year and 6 months after that, my digestion changed.

See if you can relate to my current situation:

I typically live more Paleo and I have a fresh green salad almost every day. However, my habit this year has been that I didn't eat. In the PAST* when I ate I didn't feel well. Added to the fact that I'm so focused on my business and moving through my personal crap to my goals realized, that I didn't shop, I didn't prepare meals, and when I ate it was just salad with some meat or hemp protein or a shake. Sometimes Ron brings home Chipotle or BBQ. Drinking water just bloated me and made me even more uncomfortable.

I continue to do a 15-20 minute bust my ass metabolic at home work out 3 mornings a week and I'm proud of myself for staying motivated to do that for 10 months straight now. I feel my balance is returning and I have a healthier heart. My body just LIKES to move now because it feels so good to do so and I feel into that regularly with dancing several hours a day. I also anchor that feeling into my physiology. It's an important tool that keeps me successful at my goals realized. (If you want to know more about anchoring, PM me at Stacey Martin Life Coach)

Unfortunately for me, my lifestyle, no matter what I'm currently into, has NEVER been supported at home except when it involves BBQ LoL! And also from 2010-2012 when my Beloved was deeply concerned about keeping cancer at bay. He has experienced all this stress with me over the last 9 1/2 years and in 2012 we went through radical stress together when my 1st husband and my mother died and again when his mom died, my dad died and in 2015 when his first wife died. Can we say stress eating?

Since my give a damn had been busted, I had been eating both potato and corn chips, grapes, some cheese and other high sugar crap that is ANTI anti-inflammatory. My Beloved continues to offer these things to me (yes - even when I've been on extended fasts or juicing progtams) and I had been accepting the "temptation" because it was comforting.

Now, my Beloved's give a damn has a different toleration level than mine. We humans all do what we require for our own ability to move forward. He and I have a different temperaments. I'm all about working on myself, getting to the root cause and moving through lower brain strategies to thriving. My Beloved has his own idea of what thriving looks like for him and because he is my True Love, I'm not interested in wasting my time or putting friction in our relationship by trying to change him.

I used to get really upset about it! So I feel very grateful that I could re-frame my experiences for peace in my life. (If you want to know more about re-framing, PM me at Stacey Martin Life Coach) You see, my Beloved doesn't intended to tempt me or be disrespectful to my cause. He just gives into what he calls his "love language" of food and feeding people.

He eats out 75% of the time so all this inappropriate eating I did was at night after dinner. My best self protection this next 30 days is to retire to the bedroom and do my own self study after dinner.

Because my intended goal of this journey is creating new habits (thus dropping off the old ones), I looked for a program that would fit into my life on a continual basis. I can modify the food to suit my dietary needs after the 30 days if neccessary. All I desire from this 30 journey is new habits and the weight/inch loss I am receiving is a huge PLUS!

My program includes a shopping list, recipes that can be assembled one day of the week and a weekly menu plan so I know what to eat 5 times a day, supplements to cleanse the first 8 days, daily text messages and an online community for support and accountability. Really, y'all are my accountability partners and I'm going to be doing either videos or blogs here every day of my journey these next 30 days.

My stretch goal is inch/weight loss. Barbara Boruff Ruben is supporting me with weekly Nutritive Body Sculpting sessions to:

- keep my skin tightened and toned as I take off inches and
- support my health by giving me sub-dermal nutrition to support my inner journey and
- release inflammation as my body and digestive system heals, I affirm!

I'm not exactly sure when I will get my package and start this plan - either tomorrow or Tuesday is my best guess. My goal realized is a minimum of 8 pounds with 12 specific inches in mind. I put that goal in my TIMEline for Friday, November 10th when Barbara Boruff Ruben and I do the last sculpt and publish my final measurements. (If you want to know more about TIMEline work, PM me at Stacey Martin Life Coach.

I will be posting here Awaken Slimmer every day, either via video, photos or blog post. You'll also be hearing from Barbara Boruff Ruben via those same vehicles as she imparts her wisdom about the body, living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and skin care!

I'm so excited for you to join me on my authentic journey to TAKE BACK MY HEALTH! My goal beyond my own success is to inspire and motivate you. You can follow me here for this journey and please visit my business page Stacey Martin Life Coach and website

Cheers to my continued success!

*When I say "in the past" it is typically a reframe: it always means before this present moment and it can be referring to something is new moving forward or it can mean long ago in my history)


How would your life be different if you had a brain hack that tames your reptilian brain (the part that resists change) while tapping into your pre-frontal cortex (PFC - the part that is confident and has purpose and drive)?

Find out with a FREE PFC Awakening session. See details here:


Stacey Lemire Neuro Coach

Wow! An easy fix for an age old problem!

A new PFC brain hack to resolve the problem with hesitation. This helps lead to real action!


STEP 1 starts here:

How can YOU experience Higher Brain Living® in Austin?


Awakening Austin

Have you heard about Higher Brain Living™? Relieve Stress, Gain Mental Clarity and Rejuvenate Yourself by Energizing the Most Powerful Part of Your Brain! Now Available in North and South Austin Locations!


Isn't it interesting how easy it can be to forgive others, yet our monkey mind doesn't let us off the hook for mistakes we've learned from.

Find out how to tame your monkey mind

Allow yourself the freedom of forgiveness. It's okay to be human.



A deeper look into the pervasive myth that the left brain controls logic and the right brain controls creativity:


Awakening Austin

Make it easy! Try Higher Brain Living® today.


Stacey Lemire Neuro Coach

For a LIMITED TIME, get a complimentary Higher Brain Living session at

A good question is answered by Dr. Cotton himself.


Awakening Austin

I AM always at choice. To me, that is the ULTIMATE FREEDOM!

Daily Word Unity 2014

Today and every day I celebrate my freedom!

Who is in charge of my freedom? I AM! I have been given the gift of free will. I alone choose how I will live. I alone choose my attitude. I am free to choose the thoughts I think and to speak the words I wish to speak. I can choose to rest in the Silence, where I meet with Spirit and receive guidance. If ever I feel restricted or constrained, I affirm: The Spirit of the Lord is in me, and I AM FREE!

If I am unhappy or feeling unfulfilled, I am free to make a new choice. I choose to let go of limiting thoughts. Instead, I imagine my Highest Good and my limitless possibilities. I choose how I spend my time and set priorities accordingly. I live the beest life I can. Today, and every day, I celebrate my freedom!


Stacey Lemire Neuro Coach

Higher Brain Living® helps with the complexity of the prefrontal cortex.


Stacey Lemire Neuro Coach

Trauma is a major factor in illness. Unresolved stress from childhood can show up years later as life threatening diseases. 06/25/2017

7 Simple Tweaks That Make Your Brain Work Remarkably Well Your brain is influenced by a wide array of factors. Here's how to get it working at its best.


Steven Giron, Ph.D.

We're not using the full potential of our higher brain, and many of us are dominated by the effects of the lower brain: stress and worry!

Enough is enough!

The Higher Brain Living system will flip a switch in your brain from "fight-or-flight" to "thrive-and-fly" and will give you the tools to move forward in the direction of your highest aspirations, and to follow your heart with confidence!

We get messages all the time from clients saying "Thank you! All my resolutions for living my best life have come true!"



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