Phaser Lock Interactive

Phaser Lock Interactive

Phaser Lock Interactive creative and visionary Virtual Reality Game Company, with award-winning game titles Final Approach, Twisted Arrow, and FINAL ASSAULT

Creative VR studio specializing in immersive experiences within Virtual & Augmented Reality worlds. Creators of Final Approach and Twisted Arrow.

Operating as usual

Final Assault | RTS 05/10/2021

Final Assault | RTS

SO THIS JUST HAPPEND!! GOLD AND SLIVER!! The NYX Game Awards were just announced, and #finalassault took home GOLD for PlayStation Game-VR/AR and SILVER for PlayStation Game-Best Game Direction! Congrats to our incredible dev team here in AUSTIN and everyone that helped make it Final Assault possible!!
#NYX #NYXAwards #psvr

Final Assault | RTS Final Assault is VR-RTS game created by award winning Game Development Studio Phaser Lock Interactive.

Phaser Lock Interactive 03/17/2021

Phaser Lock Interactive

🌟🌟NOW RECRUTING-Senior Environment Artist
Join the ranks of the Phaser Lock team in defining the future landscape of VR. Remote work, full benefits, & all the VR you can handle! And wait till you see what we are working on...ooooooh! Apply now.

Phaser Lock Interactive Creative virtual reality studio based in Austin, Texas. Virtual reality game development, interactive VR experience production and integrated VR consultancy.


Help us welcome Phaser Lock's newest crew member and rock star, Art Director ARTURO POLECIO. From Lord of the Rings Online, Warhammer, Wizards101 to Epic Mickey, he brings it all in Art Direction and Team Leadership! Happy to have you on the team Arturo and can’t wait to show the world what you are working on!!

Help us welcome Phaser Lock's newest crew member and rock star, Art Director ARTURO POLECIO. From Lord of the Rings Online, Warhammer, Wizards101 to Epic Mickey, he brings it all in Art Direction and Team Leadership! Happy to have you on the team Arturo and can’t wait to show the world what you are working on!!


We're looking to hold more community pick-up games for #FinalAssault, but we need YOUR input!

To pick the best time for PvP battles, please fill out the availability scheduler below:


#Oculus #SteamVR #PSVR #Viveport

We're looking to hold more community pick-up games for #FinalAssault, but we need YOUR input!

To pick the best time for PvP battles, please fill out the availability scheduler below:


#Oculus #SteamVR #PSVR #Viveport 01/26/2021

Gravity Sketch on Twitter


@GravitySketch has gone FREE for individual users! Now you can create even more impressive designs and prototypes in #VR without the price tag. We can't wait to see the creative designs that the community creates.

Maybe we'll even use it in the future? 🤔
#creative #gamedesign #indiedevs “It's official! We are now free on all platforms and to all individual users. We humbly thank the entire community for supporting us all these years and look forward to a bright future ahead. Check out our in-app tutorials to get started using Gravity Sketch!”


"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try."

-John F. Kennedy

Mondays can make it hard to get motivated, but as long as you give it that 'ol' college try', you're bound to starting knocking down that 'TO DO' list.

Let's get after it!
#MondayMotivation #VR #gamedev


It's FINALLY FRIDAY & we hope you fancy fun to finish off this Friday, with some #FinalAssault for a few!

If you plan to stream, HIT US UP! We LOVE hosting and hanging out in the chat!

Join our Discord for more info:
#VR #oculus #SteamVR #PSVR #Viveport


ICYMI: Japanese instrument maker KORG_INC getting into the #VR game with a VR music-making app!

Soon, we'll be able to create entire games for VR, from IN VR! How cool is that?!

Read more via VRScout :
#gamedev #musicmakesgames #OculusQuest2


On this #Wednesday,

#WeThePeople welcome into office with open arms and open hearts, President @JoeBiden and Vice President @KamalaHarris!

🇺🇸Happy Inauguration Day!🇺🇸 01/19/2021

Danny Yaroslavski on Twitter

This is NEXT LEVEL #devhacks right here! 🤯

Props to @dannyaroslavski for the creative solution for devs who always have to put on and take off their HMD while creating your favorite #VR games!

Do you have any creative solutions to this modern problem?
Oculus HTC VIVE #PSVR “Working on my home #vrdev setup- optimizing for (not) taking the headset on and off. #OculusQuest2 #WebXR”


"It is not possible to be in favor of justice for some people and not be in favor of justice for all people."

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Today, we honor a man whose bravery knew no bounds as he stood in the face of evil and refused to raise his fists. His courage and determination continues to inspire people all around the globe to fight for equal right for ALL people.

#MLKDay #EqualityForAll


#FinalAssault on Fridays feels good!🤗

Command a colossal column of TANKS to make your comrades cower! 🗺️🪖

Get out the stress of your week and shower🌦️ your friends in artillery fire TODAY!💥

Find out more:

Oculus HTC VIVE #PSVR @Viveport



Soon, families can play the same games and track their progress separately! And you can share games with up to 3 local accounts?!?!🤯

BIG thanks to Oculus for listening to the users and improving the platform!

#ThankfulThursday #VR
Via Road to VR :


A little humor to lighten your timeline:

Q: What do you call a Wednesday that it doesn't rain?❌🌧️

A: A DRY Hump Day! 🤨😂🤣

Happy #HumpDay🐪 everyone, you're halfway to the weekend and long sessions in #VR!

#Oculus #HTCVive #PSVR 01/12/2021

Careers — Phaser Lock Interactive

Spread the news, we are growing with new opportunities to join our killer team of devs in helping define what's possible in VR! Stay tuned, we have more positions coming!!! We strive to boldly go forth and explore the possibilities of virtual reality to their fullest extent. Technical prowess and a mind full of creative wonder are only the base prerequisites- one must have a desire to create something where there was nothing before. With virtual reality, we are constan...



@LucasfilmGames & Bethesda teasing an Indiana Jones game? 🤨

Color us INTERESTED! We can only hope to use that famous whip🤠in #VR! Make it so Bethesda!

#IndianaJones #gamenews #TechTuesday


Good morning, soldiers! 🪖

#MondayMotivation time! ⏲️

Today's quote from former🇬🇧Bristish PM Winston Churchill:

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts"

Keep pushing whether in failure or success. Strive to be better than before!


We feel Thursdays are for #thinkinggames,🧠

And what better type of thinking game than a #VR #RTS like #FinalAssault. You'll have to keep your wits as you command your troops to victory in our award-winning🎖️ WW2 title.

Flex those brain muscles today!💪
Oculus HTC VIVE #PSVR 01/07/2021

7 Things You Can Do to Overcome VR Motion Sickness

There are a lot of new #VR users since the holidays🎉, and we're going to start today with some #thoughtfulthursday info from UploadVR

If you are prone to motion sickness🤢, give this one a read📖!

Check it out:

#Oculus #HTCVIVE #PSVR Editor’s Note: With so many new people getting VR headsets this holiday season we thought it would be valuable to republish this listicle from 2017 focused on ways to overcome VR motion sickness. If you’re experiencing severe effects the best thing you can do is take off the headset and stop rig...


What's that rumbling down the streets?

Jeepers Creepers it's one of them Hetzer "Anti-Tank" Tanks!😱

We better call in some backup ASAP!📻

Check out our news reel for the infamous German Hetzer and take command of your own in #FinalAssault TODAY!


It may be a new year, but the tradition lives on! Hey Michael Daubert , guess what day it is.....


Hope you all have a good #humpday🐪today from all of us here at Phaser Lock!
#VR #indiedevhour


Rosie Summers 🥽✨ on Twitter

@VR_Rosie is one of our ⭐️favorite #VRartists! The imagination put into each piece is incredible and often times they are scaled so that the more you dive🐬 in the more you discover🧭!
Keep up the AWESOME work Rosie and we hope to see more #VR artists being inspired in 2021🎨!

“💥My VR Art 2020 monthly reel!!!💥 I've picked a favorite #Tiltbrush piece/project from every month of this year, and combined them into 1 big 2020 roundup! ✨🌌 This year #VR has meant more to me, than any other year... Bring on 2021. 💃” 01/05/2021

実況 Final Assault(ファイナルアサルト)初見プレイ PS4 VRゲーム

Last Nov. we were able to launch #FinalAssault with our #VR friends in Japan 🇯🇵 (and many more), and we are excited to see and share more content from those communities!

Thanks to @nerusoragamer for his video on #PSVR 🪖!

You can check it out here🎥: モーションスティックで部隊に指示を出して対戦するVRストラテジー。これがやりたくて、Playstation VRを買いました。Please Subscribeよろしければチャンネル登録お願いします!


Now that we're back from the holidays: How did YOU spend the holiday break?

Spending hours in another world w/ #VR? 🎮
Binging things on Netflix? 🎞️
Maybe some light reading? 📖
Tell us below!

Or keep the conversation going, by joining us on Discord:


New Year, new #MondayMotivation!

Today's quote comes from US Army General George S. Patton:

"Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory."

Will you accept the challenges and command your own army like Patton, in #FinalAssaultVR? Join us in the fight TODAY!

Find out more:


We want to meet all of the newest members of the #VR family!

Whether you make videos, stream, or just love playing VR! Shout yourself out below! We love sharing what YOU are up to, just as much as our own updates!

Happy New Years!
Oculus HTC VIVE #PSVR #RTS #VResports



We are excited to see what 2021 has to bring for #VR, and glad that you are along for the ride with us! 🎢

Good luck to everyone with their resolutions, & let’s show how 2020 only made us STRONGER!💪

#NewYearNewMe #Oculus #HTCVive #PSVR



We are on the FINAL DAY of our campaign for military members and veterans along with Stack Up ! End the year on a high note🎵 and help us push to our goal!

Donate here🌐:
#CallToArms #VRforgood


New year, new you!

Are those WFH sweats👖 feeling a bit too tight after all that holiday food🍗? #VR is a GREAT way to burn off some calories in a whole new world!

We want to hear YOUR New Year's resolutions! Drop 'em below!

🥂🎉Have a safe New Year from Phaser Lock!🎉🥂



⌛️2 DAYS LEFT!⌛️

We're fighting🥊to our goal of $5k for the Stack Up #CallToArms campaign by raising money to help military members and vets through gaming!

Everyone needs a smile this time of year especially our veterans!

Join us in donating here:
#VRforgood #holidayhelp #oculus #HTCVive #PSVR


If you're from a colder climate, you know the importance of warming up your car in the morning before you hop in. 🚘🌡️

We're keeping the #VResports engine warm as we prepare for EVEN MORE #VR competitions with #FinalAssault in the New Year! If you're new to Final Assault make sure to join our Discord for access to a helpful community and the ability share your input with our team!

Stay Tuned!


End the year with a BANG🧨
🌟TOP 10 'Best PSVR Games of 2020'🌟

#FinalAssault made the list for top #PSVR titles! So honored to be among great games like Pixel Ripped and Pistol Whip VR !

Congrats to everyone and a BIG THANK YOU to VRFocus and to all of our community! Without you none of this would be possible! 🙏



🚨🚨 3 DAYS LEFT! 🚨🚨

We are still raising money for Stack Up and their fight to help aid veterans 🪖 through gaming and support programs!

We're halfway there, but could still use YOUR help! Help give back to those who often give too much.

Help us give back to our heroes and answer the #CallToArms !🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️

Donate here:


If you recently picked up #FinalAssault, we want to hear from you!👂

Drop us a review, or join us in our Discord, we value ALL of your feedback in making the best #VR #RTS game possible!

Join the conversation on our Discord🤳:



Reminder to all who got a new #VR headset for the holidays that #FinalAssaultVR is avail. on all major platforms, including #Quest (w/ link)!

At just 10 bucks, it's a great way to exercise your brain once your legs are jelly from too much Pistol Whip VR
#oculus #htcvive #PSVR

We Are VR

Award winning Virtual Reality Game Studio specializing in immersive and compelling games that use the full power of Virtual Reality.Creators of ground breaking VR Games-Final Approach, Twisted Arrow and highly acclaimed Final Assault.

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