Hi, I am with Town Hall.
We are preparing a Welcome Kit for new residents that are moving into our community.
Our Welcome Kit can only feature one Massage Therapist and I would like to discuss your being the exclusive Massage Therapist for our new residents.
I would like to schedule a time when you are expecting me so that I may drop off a sample of our "Welcome Kit" and explain the program in greater detail.
Please message me or for immediate assistance, feel free to call or text me on my cell which is listed below.
Pam Dugdale
(512) 516-9213

Offering massage for active individuals looking to attain postural balance and pain free movement Your one-stop shop for getting out of pain, feeling 10 years younger and 3x more athletic.

From massage to personal training you will get what you need to upgrade your body and feel faster, stronger, healthier.

Operating as usual


Are you in pain?

Would you like not just pain relief, but insight into why this pain is here in the first place?

And what you can do about it to keep it at bay for the rest of your life?

Would you like to see my new kickass office that I've been able to bring into my life by getting results for people just like you?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then check out the New Office Special in my linktree and book a session for 30% off!

For first time clients only!


Have you ever felt pain? Well so did Mina!

Which is why she came to see me. For low back pain.

We worked together to find what muscles/fascia were weak, long, short, overused, etc.

She still hasuch to work on but she her back pain has mostly disappeared!

Photos from PinnacleMotionTherapy's post 05/28/2021

So far, so good. Thanks Kauai!


"Do I recommend driving with both feet?" Asks Sophie from IG

Here is my answer

Got any questions?
What did you think about my answer?


In the body, we are the sum of our current actions up to this point.⁠

We typically repeat certain actions from certain muscles repeatedly, leading to imbalances.⁠

if these imbalances go to far, we feel pain.⁠

To get the pain to go away and stay away, we need to fix these imbalances. ⁠

message me now if you would like to start addressing your pain so it goes away and stays away!⁠


A fun 3d dynamic move for you to play with.
Try it out homies:


Are you active but held back by stiffness?

You run or play pickup yet after a week of sitting at the desk you feel tight, heavy, and like you have lost the bounce in your step?
Fear not, we will get time back on your side and pep back in your step.

The course I am building will slash the time it takes to go from being sit-stuck to sport-ready.

I will do this by:
1) Showing you the main bang-for-buck spots to release via selr-massage to undo months worth of sitting in just 20 min a day, 3-4x a week.

2) Showing you how to functionally and dynamically stretch essential muscles for any type of 3d movement.

3) Giving you targeted and effective ways of identifying and activating key muscles that aren't "taking part" in your movment, and haven't been for maybe weeks, months, or years!

Ultimately, my goal for this course is to give you set of tools you can use 2x a week on an ongoing basis that will keep your body fresh, light, and ready for action.



Photos from PinnacleMotionTherapy's post 10/27/2020

👻Deal Alert at the bottom👻⁠

Respect and gratitude to have @mateo.flows as a friend and colleague.⁠

The dude defines passion and inspires me to love what I already love: movement, even more.⁠

Here are some shots from a session we had where we were trying to get his Spiral Lines a little more in sync and balance🤓⁠

For a lot of us, myself included, our 4 obliques are not equally strong/engaged/potentiated😮⁠

Some people have both internal obliques strong but not external obliques, for others it is vice versa. ⁠

Some people have internal and external, but only on one side(most common).⁠

Identifying these weak links and helping find the "ON" button for these muscles can be quite a daunting task.⁠

I am not yet the expert at correcting these kinds of issues that I want to be.,⁠
But with enough luck and practice, I'll get there.⁠

In the mean time, you can help me practice by taking advantage of the deal I'm doing right now which is a posture assessment and 6 sessions for $400.⁠

This will include:⁠
-A posture assessment including photos with marks around the areas of potential improvement.⁠

-A plan to improve those areas including stretches, activations and more. ⁠

send a DM if interested to learn more

Massage for Sport: mma fighter 09/13/2020

Massage for Sport: mma fighter

Massage for Sport: mma fighter working with MMA fighter Shaka, helping him prepare for his fight.

Timeline photos 08/18/2020

from one of my favorite health resources: @realfoodgangstas
• • • • • •
Why you may want to reconsider your multi-vitamin

The balance between Magnesium (Mg) and Calcium (Ca) is a very important ratio in the body. Typically the ratio should be 2-3 parts Mg to 1 part Ca. But in most multivitamins the ratio is 3-5 parts Ca to 1 part Mg. This depletes Mg at a very fast rate. Check our recent post on Mg.

A lot of synthetic zinc is included in most multivitamins. High doses of synthetic zinc chelate copper and decreased ceruloplasmin. This will slow down the thyroid, increase cholesterol and increase oxidative stress from iron. Check our recent post on Zn.

Most multivitamins contain too much iron, which our body is supposed to supply to use through the iron recycling system (RES). The only way our iron recycling system can work, is not with iron, but by having enough bio-available copper. The more iron you take, the more you shut down copper metabolism. People are swimming in iron! Check our recent post on iron.

Vitamin A is usually beta-carotene (plant form) or synthetic (palmitate). Beta-Carotene is not easily converted to retinol (requires lots of thyroid hormone) in the human body. As well, both suppress thyroid health. Check out our post on Vitamin A.

B vitamins are derived from coal tar…google it. A better option is Bee Pollen.

Ascorbic acid and vitamin C are not the same thing. The ascorbic acid added to a multivitamin is not the entirety of vitamin C but devoid of all of the co-occurring factors of vitamin C. It has been described as the “antioxidant wrapper” that co-occurs with the other parts of vitamin C: flavonoids, rutin, the enzyme tyrosinase, which assists in the production of copper dependent enzymes that benefit blood vessel strength and the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells....and Ascorbic Acid actually depletes Vit. C!

Vitamin D - Having optimal magnesium is essential to metabolizing Vitamin D and the excessive intake of vitamin D supplementation will lower vitamin A, Magnesium an Potassium, as well as increase calcium in the tissues (ie calcification). Check our recent post on D.


Health = metabolism
I'll say it again and again.

Do you want to be the home with a monthly income of $2,000 or $10,000?

Support your body to a place where it makes the equivalent of $10,000 in energy and THEN put it through the 20 minute cold baths and occasional fasting (emphasis on occasional).

I was doing intermittent fasting 10 years ago. I know where that road leads.

Learn from my mistakes and save yourself the pain.



Muscle activation.

Lots of people have muscles that got sleepy along the way and are not doing the basic jobs they were designed for.

Waking them up and getting them to contribute to the tensegrity of the body is a mandatory first step before going to more dynamic movements.



Thank you Naudi Augilar for making such an epic training tool.

Friends, the answer you seek is rotation.

Want to be better at volleyball?

What about live pain free?
Again, rotation is the answer.


✋Do you foam roll/ self-massage?✋
I hope so. Because it truly is the best way to perform self care and maintain your vessel.
Tissue does not need to get longer, it needs to slide freely(for the vast majority of cases).
So, got pain but don't know what to roll? Ask away!

Timeline photos 05/20/2020

This young'n here is the definition of drive when it comes to getting athletic and strong. I remember the fire of ambition at that age. Boys on the route to manhood are hungry! Refreshing for a 26 y/old like me to be reminded of that energy.

He loves weightlifting too, and I tell him to enjoy it full force because this is the only age where you can do traditional weightlifting and stay hydrated enough to not suffer the consequences(injury, stiffness, pain)

For most, that road ends in the 20s and one has to decide if they want functionality, agility, and mobility(which is not what most say it is), or if they want the body that our current culture finds attractive but inevitably leads to dysfunction and pain.

Timeline photos 05/18/2020

❌Did you know a trigger point in a muscle the rotator cuff can cause carpal tunnel-like symptoms? ⁣⁣
❌This is a commonly missed diagnosis and often treated like carpal tunnel syndrome ⁣⁣which often results in failed treatment
✅Trigger point release and postural training is a simple solution when a problem like this occurs ⁣

Timeline photos 05/04/2020

❌Do you think you have “sciatica”? Do you feel like your hamstrings are achy but rolling/stretching them doesn’t help? ⁣

Did you know that Glute Med can cause pain down your leg? ⁣

Yes, I said it. That little muscle at your hip can cause pain down the back of your leg. For this to happen, you do not need to feel pain or discomfort in the muscle itself. This is called referred pain. ⁣

If you are experiencing this or have questions, feel free to message me. ⁣

Timeline photos 05/01/2020

🚫Have you noticed that foam roller just doesn’t quite get the job done no matter how much pressure you apply?

✅ Not all tools are created equally!! Different sizes and densities of tools are necessary for different areas of the body and varying levels of tenderness. For example, a golf ball is ideal for feet and the soft ball is amazing at hitting those hamstrings.

🔑Understanding how and when to use different tools to self-massage is vital for keeping your body pain-free and ready for those workouts!

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