It’s essential for everyone to communicate well, but this is one effort that must start at the top through commitment and modeling by leaders.

Read more at from Hinda Mitchell of Inspire PR Group, Rebecca Thorburn of Visible Impact, Christopher Tompkins of The Go Agency, Jared Knisley of Fizen Technology, Scott Scully of Abstrakt Marketing Group, Messina Truttman of Beck Flavors Inc., Kim Baker of Vivid Performance Group, Amy Marshall of Slalom, Zane Stevens of Protea Financial, Cindy Lo of RED VELVET EVENTS, Jason Comstock of Clarity Technology Solutions, LLC, Chip Laingen of Defense Alliance and Carlos Casas of Predictive Data Lab
What are some ways B2B organizations can reach out to clients who are having a hard time recovering from the effects of the pandemic?

Read more at from Deena White Tearney of Pacific Point Inc., Scott Scully of Abstrakt Marketing Group, Jason Comstock of Clarity Technology Solutions, LLC, Cindy Lo of RED VELVET EVENTS, Cindy Zhou of LogRhythm, Christopher Tompkins of The Go Agency, Jared Knisley of Fizen Technology and Joanna Swash of MoneypennyUS
We are grateful for any donation and we'd like to take today to thank RED VELVET EVENTS for their contribution to our upcoming event!

Thank you, Cindy Y. Lo!
New on the blog: our friends at RED VELVET EVENTS, Loot Rentals, and Dart Collective share their advice for producing a fun and sophisticated professional event:
Les Goldberg talks with Cindy Lo from RED VELVET EVENTS, Tim Glanzer from Elevated Meeting Solutions, David Sonntag from Decibel Management and Wendy Drake from The Webster Group about negotiating the contract in a post-Covid world. #BeyondTechnology #Podcast
Another successful event with RED VELVET EVENTS! Always a great partnership.

We are soooo incredibly proud of our team! It's been a struggle finding staff in this climate, and we could not have asked for a better crew.

Thank you Fairmont Austin for hosting and Real Estate Council of Austin - RECA for the great event.

We always love working with our one and only favorite photographer Prana by Jonesie

#recaknockoutnight2021 #realestatecouncilofaustin #RECA #eventprof ##atxevents #EventStaff
Have your events become unpredictable again? Our guest
Cindy Lo of RED VELVET EVENTS has her finger on the pulse of the meetings industry. Join us for a fast-paced discussion of event trends.
Have your events become unpredictable again? Our guest
Cindy Lo of RED VELVET EVENTS has her finger on the pulse of the meetings industry. Join us for a fast-paced discussion of event trends.
An amazing #ThrowbackThursday courtesy of RED VELVET EVENTS 🥂
Business leaders must often make important decisions for their companies — decisions that don’t always have simple solutions.

Read more at from Jessica Hawthorne-Castro of Hawthorne Advertising, Gene Yoo of Resecurity, Inc., Amy McDougal of CLEAResources, LLC, Aviva Ajmera of SoLVE KC, Cindy Lo of RED VELVET EVENTS, Brenda Bryan of The Bryan Agency, Lauren Reed of REED Public Relations, George Befeler of The Befeler Group, Joseph Wynn of Seiso, LLC, Don Dodds of M16 Marketing - Web Design and SEO Company, Asami Cillo of StraPack Inc, Jonathan Nobil of Ensurise, Joe DeSensi of Educational Directions, Diamonte Walker of Urban Redevelopment Authority, Brian Bishop of Gold Heat Custom Electric Radiant Floor Heat Mats, and Solomon Thimothy of OneIMS - Integrated Marketing Solutions
Because of its critical role in business growth, a company must be thoughtful and intentional about its website design and content.

Read more at from Gene Yoo of Resecurity, Inc., Lauren Reed of REED Public Relations, Joe Morgan of Joe's Datacenter, Beth Waterfall of Beth Waterfall Creative, Joe DeSensi of Educational Directions, George Befeler of The Befeler Group, Todd Marks of Mindgrub, Solomon Thimothy of OneIMS - Integrated Marketing Solutions, Greg Herman of Herrman & Herrman, PLLC, Cindy Lo of RED VELVET EVENTS, Pradeep Anand of Seeta Resources, Scott Young of Houston Computer Support From Penncomp LLC, Jeff Shuford of National Invest In Veterans Week, and Rachel Namoff of Arapaho Asset Management
A message that connects with your target audience will require more than just recycled advertising buzzwords.

Read more at from Bill Dickinson of C3 Leadership, LLC, Jeff Shuford of National Invest In Veterans Week, Cindy Lo of RED VELVET EVENTS, Solomon Thimothy of OneIMS - Integrated Marketing Solutions, Oyvind Vik of Omega Project Solutions (US), Mark Coronna of Chief Outsiders, Samir Mokashi of Code Unlimited LLC, Jon Schram of The Purple Guys, Shannon Block of Skillful, Gene Yoo of Resecurity, Inc., Vikram Kanda of VUE Health, John (F) Dini of MPN Inc., Tom Pierce of Integrated Information Systems, Inc., and Scott Young of Houston Computer Support From Penncomp LLC

Full-service Experience Agency. Partnering with global brands to ideate, design & execute since 2002.

Operating as usual

Photos from RED VELVET EVENTS's post 09/09/2022

Our ongoing installation at @fsaustin has some serious jams on display for the "Key of Fall" theme.

Shout out to @fsaustin @Kitscheventstyling @adamsonbrosdesign for making an awesome team ❤️


It’s y’all! Don’t forget to stop by the Still Austin Music Lounge and Tito’s tailgate at Longhorn City Limits before you head into the game.

Jacky’s ready for a cold drink, live music, and before kickoff, are you? See you there!


Photos from RED VELVET EVENTS's post 08/12/2022

There are few things that bring a greater reward than quality time spent with the team. Thank you again Camp Lucy for sharing your incredible space with us and to Tillie's for treating us like royalty.

@camplucyoncreek @tilliescamplucy


Just a reminder that the RED VELVET offices are closed until Monday morning for our All Hands retreat.
We managed to squeeze in a group pic before our incredible dinner at @tilliescamplucy in @camplucyoncreek.

Photos from RED VELVET EVENTS's post 07/07/2022

Wishing the one and only @mindyboykin a wonderful birthday full of craft paper, hot glue, and glitter. Thank you, Mindy for sharing your unique creativity, get s**t done attitude, and warm hugs to RED VELVET. WE ♥️ YOU!!

Photos from RED VELVET EVENTS's post 06/29/2022


We have endured the senseless deaths of our unarmed POC friends and family, the debilitating spread of COVID with lockdown after lockdown, mass shootings at places of worship and in classrooms, the failed insurrection of January 6th, a war on the people of Ukraine, a failed power grid, and now THIS.

On Friday, June 24th, the US Supreme Court chose to strip women of the right to their own bodies and deny them access to safe healthcare. Regardless of your personal, religious or moral beliefs, this decision will only prove to be a momentous setback for human rights in America.

It is not only reproductive health on the line. Now we must agonize over the possibility of overturning LGBTQ+ rights, losing access to contraceptives and IVF, ending environmental protection acts, restricting legal immigration, and many more freedoms we have all fought so hard to obtain over the past 250 years.

At RED VELVET we maintain our belief that you have the right to choose what is best for your body. We will continue to provide unlimited PTO for ANY medical reason, 12 weeks of parental leave as well as 100% coverage for our FTE medical plans.

Though we may currently feel hopeless, we must not despair, but instead remain informed and take action. To ensure a better future for our community, WE MUST DO OUR HOMEWORK AND VOTE ACCORDINGLY.
If you are not already registered to vote in the US, you can do so using the link in our bio or by visiting For candidate and election information use or
The deadline for registering to vote for the Nov 8, 2022 election is Oct 11, 2022.


Happy Pride Month y'all It's time to celebrate with our Austin LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈 friends and family. Click the link below to learn more about RED VELVET's favorite PRIDE events.



We took a trip down the rabbit hole 🐇 this week with the Mad Hatter 🎩 and Queen of Hearts ♥️
Special shout-out to @alicecocktailexperienceglobal for letting us keep (some) of our heads.


Thank God for Mother’s Day, am I right? We hope all the moms out there had a wonderful day full of family and love!
At the RED VELVET office last week, we got to talking about what it’s like to be a mother (really, a parent) in the experiential events industry. Here’s my stab at some of the most asked questions about being a working mom. Check out the full insight

Photos from RED VELVET EVENTS's post 05/08/2022

💐🌼🌷 Wishing all mothers out there a day full of big hugs and appreciation for everything you do! Our resident mom had some words of motherly wisdom for any other hard working parents out there.


Photos from RED VELVET EVENTS's post 05/03/2022

Did you have a chance to stop by at ? Huge thank you to @poweredbysparks for inviting us to join your team. You guys really don't SLACK off.

Photos from RED VELVET EVENTS's post 05/02/2022

Throwback to last months floral installation. Summer is just around the corner and with a new season comes a new floral design!
What are your favorite summer blooms we should include in our refresh?


Shout out to @fsaustin @thebloombartx @adamsonbrosdesign for making an awesome team ❤️


Let's talk stage design. This custom-designed 1,008 sq/ft beauty included four geometric wing panels, suspended waterfall florals, four large display screens, and a custom LED lit sign. The stage comfortably fit 100+ award winners and allowed all 1,460 guests to get a full range view of the dimensionality of the stage design.

Photos from RED VELVET EVENTS's post 04/22/2022

Today we celebrate our planet and give a little more love to the earth.

Our industry can definitely play a bigger role in protecting our environment from harm. We took step back and thought a lot about what we can do as a company to be more sustainable.
Future generations should experience all that the world has to offer and we can ensure that with a clean Earth.

To read more about RED VELVET’S sustainability pledge, go to or click the link in our bio.

Photos from RED VELVET EVENTS's post 04/21/2022

Our partnership with Kendra Scott WEL Institute is truly an honor.
We love to see women supporting women with innovation, expertise, and philanthropy.

Congratulations to the two pitch competition winners and a very special thank you to our judges Dee Poku, Julia Cheek, Kendra Scott, Liz Mathews, Julianne Hough, and Kelly Steckelberg.

Special shoutout to Vogue Vignette for always making the coolest art and @atxeventsystems for being the best production team.
Event sponsors: Sorbabes, H-E-B, Dell

Photos from RED VELVET EVENTS's post 04/15/2022

Ever meet someone and you can’t help but feel you were meant to together❤️❤️ RED VELVET gains another production wiz 📋📱 Welcome MADISON to the RV squad.

We are growing!! If youre thinking we are the right fit for you, head over to

Photos from RED VELVET EVENTS's post 03/24/2022

We had way too much at SouthBy y’all. So much more to share!


😮‍💨 phew, what a crazy week it’s been! Jacky the jackalope still remembered to support some green for ! @jackythejackalope


Photos from RED VELVET EVENTS's post 03/08/2022

Today we celebrate by recognizing a few of the most influential women in the experience industry. We have come so far in the push for equality and it is important to acknowledge the women who set our path to innovation.


Photos from RED VELVET EVENTS's post 03/04/2022

Just showing some extra love to our incredible RED VELVET team on day. There’s never a boring day here, that’s for sure. 🥳


Photos from RED VELVET EVENTS's post 02/17/2022

When it comes to creating an immersive experience, details make all the difference — a key component our client, Nymbus, focuses on for impact. VIP guests of Nymbus attending the were equipped to rev up their racing journey with an welcome gift. Inside featured a survival kit providing all necessities for race day, a refreshing beverage box featuring local offerings to enjoy after the journey to Austin and an experience book to commemorate their time together. F1 trivia was also highlighted throughout, taking guests from observers to experts. At the track, each VIP was then gifted a custom racing jacket to display their newfound love of motorsport. These are just a few details that made the weekend one Nymbus would be excited to repeat in 2022.


Jacky wants to know if you’ll be their Valentine?
If you haven’t seen, Jacky was hit by Cupid and has heart eyes just for you! ❤️❤️


Photos from RED VELVET EVENTS's post 02/07/2022

Who remembers our events? This we are throwing it back to 2019 and our Random Act of Red Event with the Austin Humane Society. What do you think? Is it time to bring back RAOR?


February is Black History Month! Here are a few local events that you can check out this month with your friends and family. Don't forget to tag us in your event pictures.

To register for any of the events go to

Photos from RED VELVET EVENTS's post 01/24/2022

At RED VELVET we love creating lasting memories. Have you ever attended an event that swept you off your feet? If so, what memories did you take with you, and how do you share them with friends and family?
Event: Titos Handmade Vodka • Feb 2020 • Palm Springs, CA


Curious about the Hospitality and Event Industry and want to learn more from established leaders? Join us Tuesday, January 25th at County Line On the Lake for a free event that will be sure to leave you with a full brain and stomach!

Register for free at:


Today we honor and celebrate the revolutionary Martin Luther King Jr.

Photos from RED VELVET EVENTS's post 01/12/2022

Sarah Lo is officially a RED VELVET teenager!!
13 years ago today was Sarah’s first day at RED VELVET. Through hundreds of events and thousands of Oreos, Sarah continues to be the best leader, thinker, and motivator. Cheers to your teen years 🥂🥳 @sarahsweetnlo

Photos from RED VELVET EVENTS's post 01/04/2022

It's official! Hayden Lockaby is our new VP, Strategy & Growth! With 3 years of RED VELVET under her belt she's shown incredible resilience, dedication, and leadership.
Hayden has been essential in helping us transition to the agency model, shifting away from traditional destination management services (DMC).
She helped rebrand the company in 2020 and has been instrumental in preparing and shaping the team to excel in our new space. We couldn't ask for a better leader, visionary, or goofball.
Check out the full press release here:


Wishing everyone a very happy New Year!! It feels unreal that 2022 is already upon us but we sense a great year coming.


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


And that’s a wrap on 2021. We’ll see everyone in the New Year!
Just a reminder that the RED VELVET office is closed until January 4th.

Photos from RED VELVET EVENTS's post 12/21/2021

There are not enough words to express how incredible last night was. To the people who made it possible, we cannot thank you enough for rallying together to create this memorable experience for Joe McReynolds and the Baylor Scott & White Lakeway ICU team. It was an honor to show our appreciation to Joe and his team. We hope you guys had a blast!
Thank you again to our partners. We couldn’t do what we do without you: American Color Labs
ATX Event Systems, LLC Austin Detours The Balloon Collective BoothEasy Photo Booth Company The County Line on The Lake County Line on the Hill The Cupcake Bar (Austin, Texas) @GatsbyDJ Hart St Bakeshop Loot Rentals Malleret Designs Premier Events RepublicPromos Star Hill Ranch Trulove Studios Nomad + Camera

Photos from RED VELVET EVENTS's post 12/17/2021

We are still riding that F1 weekend high...
3 Days. 4 Events. 20+ Event Partners. And 800 happy guests.
We couldn’t be more grateful to be the Austin agency of choice when Country LAB and their global client came to Austin for F1 weekend. Though we are oceans apart, we loved working with you and look forward to partnering again soon. Let us know when we can come out to Italy and party together!!
Thank you to our incredible venues The Arlo , Geraldine's Austin, Austin Marriott Downtown and Fair Market!
We couldn't have done it without all our partners: Contigo Catering, tablemannerstx , Thriving Botanicals, NOMAD SOUND, Strong Events, CORT Events, American Color Labs, Nomad + Camera, Adamson Brothers Design and so many others.


We were honored to host the talented Anastasia @a.verbitskaya_life for her Russian Business Fellowship Program. Having you on the team was a blast and we hope to maybe collaborate on an event in the future!
Verbitskaya Event @verbitskaya_event has an incredible future ahead of it, full of amazing experiences and dedicated vision. Thank you for sharing your story with us. 😊

Для нас было честью принимать талантливую Анастасию для ее программы стипендий для российского бизнеса. Было здорово, что вы были в команде, и мы надеемся, что, возможно, поработаем вместе над мероприятием в будущем!
У Вербицкой Ивент впереди невероятное будущее, полное удивительных впечатлений и преданного видения. Спасибо, что поделились с нами своей историей. 😊

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How incredible does Bangers look decked out in blue and purple?? Throwback to an incredible celebration worh. Special th...
We were honored to host the talented Anastasia @a.verbitskaya_life for her Russian Business Fellowship Program. Having y...
Throwing it back to 2019 and one of our favorite experiences at Fairmont Austin. You can't beat an airbrush tattoo pop u...
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