Town Square NW Austin

Town Square NW Austin

Town Square is an adult enrichment center that provides guided activities for seniors.


Travel back in time at Town Square! Our members revel in a charming and reassuring environment while their families find solace in knowing their loved one is under excellent care. Explore how you can become a part of our community at and discover our comprehensive range of services, including Social Adult Day Care, Alzheimer Care, and engaging Reminiscence Therapy Activities. πŸ’«πŸ•°οΈ

The Surprising Ways Your Mind Influences Your Health 11/16/2023

Your thoughts can influence your well-being. Studies have shown that taking responsibility for simple decisions and challenging limiting beliefs can lead to a healthier, happier life. Learn more about the incredible connection between your mind and your body in this thought-provoking article: 🌟

The Surprising Ways Your Mind Influences Your Health A new book argues that we can harness the connection between our minds and our physiology for better health. 


🎨✨ Celebrating Creativity! ✨ Meet our Artist of the Month, Elaine! 🌟 Voted by her fellow Town Square members, Elaine fills every day with the magic of her inspirational crafting skills. πŸ–ŒοΈπŸŒˆ Thanks for making our community vibrant and full of creative beauty, Elaine! πŸŽ‰πŸ‘


Unlock the incredible power of gratitude for seniors and caregivers! 🌼 Discover easy ways to make gratitude a part of your daily life. Check out our blog post to learn more:


🍬 Spark Memories Monday - This or That: Candy Edition! 🍫 Get ready for a delectable showdown on this Spark Memories Monday. In one corner, we have the iconic M&M's, which have been adding color to our lives since 1941. In the other corner, we have the beloved Reese's peanut butter cups, a classic since 1928. Cast your vote and share your favorite candy memories with us! 🍭

Weekly Activities at Town Square Adult Day Center 11/13/2023

Get ready for another fantastic week at Town Square NW Austin! 🌍 We're taking you on a cinematic adventure with the movie "Around the World in 80 Days." Feel the thrill of the journey from the comfort of our Starlight Theater. Later in the week, it's all fun and games with beachball kickball. And on Friday, we've got a special treat – The Pit Crew Dog Therapy is coming with their lovable pooches for pets and wags. Join us from November 13th to November 17th, and schedule a tour to be part of the excitement! 🎬🐢

Weekly Activities at Town Square Adult Day Center


πŸͺ”βœ¨ Wishing You a Joyful and Prosperous Diwali! ✨πŸͺ”

May the Festival of Lights fill your life with warmth, love, and endless blessings. Town Square NW Austin extends its heartfelt wishes to everyone celebrating Diwali. Let's embrace the spirit of this beautiful festival and illuminate the path to happiness and togetherness. 🌟


Town Square NW Austin is honored to pay tribute to our veterans on this Veterans Day. We salute the brave men and women who have served our country with unwavering dedication and courage. Your sacrifices have protected our freedom, and for that, we are deeply grateful. Thank you for your service. πŸ™πŸŽ—οΈ

How to prevent burnout and financial stress when caring for an elderly parent or relative 11/09/2023

Feeling the financial strain of caregiving? The cost of nursing homes and home health aides can be staggering. Many family caregivers spend over a quarter of their income on caregiving expenses. Discover the steps you can take to prevent burnout and financial stress, like getting paid for caregiving through Medicaid, tax deductions, and support groups. πŸ’°πŸ€

How to prevent burnout and financial stress when caring for an elderly parent or relative Caring for an elderly parent or other loved one can be expensive, adding to caregiver stress and burnout. However, there are some steps that can help.


Unlock the incredible potential of gratitude. 🌼 Begin your day with appreciation, take mindful moments, and discover the beauty in everyday experiences. Dive into our blog post "A Journey to Wellness: How Gratitude Benefits Older Adults and Caregivers" for even more gratitude tips. 🧑


πŸ“† On This Day in 1966, British rock sensation The Beatles walked into London's Indica Gallery, where they met avant-garde artist Yoko Ono. John Lennon was drawn to her art piece - a ladder topped by a magnifying glass revealing the word "Yes." Their encounter marked the beginning of a profound love story that would change history. 😍🎢


🌟 Monday Motivation:"Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for." -
Let's kick off the week with the power of gratitude! Today, take a moment to appreciate the goodness in your life and watch it multiply. Your positive attitude can brighten your path and inspire those around you. Check out our new blog post for more information on how to incorporate gratitude into your life: πŸ™Œ

Weekly Activities at Town Square Adult Day Center 11/06/2023

Get ready for an exciting week at Town Square NW Austin! 🏈 We kick things off on Monday with a celebration of the anniversary of the First College Football Game. Then, we've got a sing-along with Susie that's sure to brighten your day. On Friday, it's time for some friendly competition with putt-putt golf, dominos, and pool. Join us for all the fun from November 6th to November 10th. Schedule a tour and be part of the excitement! πŸŽ‰

Weekly Activities at Town Square Adult Day Center


⏰ Don't forget to "Fall Back" this weekend! ⏰

As Daylight Saving Time ends, set your clocks back an hour on Sunday, November 5th. Enjoy that extra hour of cozy, wintery goodness! πŸ‚β„οΈ


Discover the world of social adult day care at Town Square NW Austin's Craft Corner. Our senior day services include engaging activities like reminiscence therapy and guided crafting lessons, where members unleash their creativity. Join us to explore senior enrichment programs like never before, and we proudly display the beautiful handiwork before it's brought home to share with loved ones. Unleash your creative side at our Memory Day Care Programs - where artistry meets heart. πŸ’πŸŽ¨

The 7 Worst Foods for Arthritis to Limit If You Can - GoodRx 11/02/2023

🍽️ Discover the 7 Worst Foods for Arthritis! Are simple carbs, salty snacks, or fried foods affecting your joint health? delves into how your diet may impact arthritis symptoms. Learn more about the foods to watch out for and what you can eat instead. Click the link to find out!

The 7 Worst Foods for Arthritis to Limit If You Can - GoodRx Inflammatory foods like dairy may aggravate joints. See what experts claim may be the worst foods for arthritis and what you can eat instead.


🎨🌟 Watch our incredible members unleash their creativity through crafting! πŸ§Άβœ‚οΈ Crafting isn't just about beautiful dreamcatchers; it's about keeping minds active and hearts joyful. Discover the power of creativity in aging gracefully!


We're here to make your spooky season a real treat! As you gear up for a night of tricks and treats, remember age is just a number when it comes to enjoying Halloween fun. πŸŽƒπŸ‘»

So, dust off your witch's hat, don your capes, and get ready to enjoy some spine-tingling surprises with us. Remember, candy tastes even sweeter when you share it with friends! 🍬🍭

Whether you're a witch, a wizard, or a pumpkin pie enthusiast, we hope your Halloween is filled with laughter, fun, and maybe just a touch of mischief. Have a spooktacular day! πŸŒŸπŸ‘½


πŸ“ΊπŸ¦‡ Spark Memories Monday - This or That: TV Edition πŸŒ•πŸ‘»
Get ready for some classic TV nostalgia! In the spirit of Halloween, we're putting The Addams Family and The Munsters face to face. Which spooky sitcom was your favorite? Share your preference in the comments below, and let's conjure up some TV memories! πŸ—³οΈπŸ‘‡

Weekly Activities at Town Square Adult Day Center 10/30/2023

Join us at Town Square NW Austin this week for some spooktacular fun! πŸŽƒ We've got Halloween charades, a special screening of The Addams Family in the Starlight Theater, and a sing-along with Susie that you won't want to miss. It's all happening from October 30th to November 3rd. Ready to join the fun our members have each week? Schedule a tour and check out our fantastic activities. πŸ‘»

Weekly Activities at Town Square Adult Day Center


🌟 Questions and Answers: Who can find joy and enrichment at Town Square NW Austin? Our programs are designed for older adults who are looking to enhance their lives through socialization, are fairly mobile with or without assistance, have minor physical or cognitive challenges, and may be experiencing Alzheimer’s or dementia symptoms. Discover how we can make a positive difference in your loved one's life. πŸ’–


This is going to be fun! Give us a call and reserve your spot.

Join Halcyon Home, LLC and Town Square NW Austin for Jupiter's Jukebox every 2nd Thursday of the month at 11:00 a.m.
Call 512-375-4328 to reserve your spot

Panel: Bringing Brain Health Equity to Communities of Color 10/27/2023

🧠 Discover the critical conversation on brain health equity in communities of color. Join Dr. Charles Windon, Dr. Joyce Balls-Berry, and Dr. Jordan P. Lewis as they discuss the barriers to dementia diagnosis and care while crusading to bring brain health equity to communities of color. Dive into this insightful discussion about improving brain health care, making clinical trials more accessible, and addressing cultural norms. Don't miss out on this vital discussion!

Panel: Bringing Brain Health Equity to Communities of Color This article is part of the series Diversity & Dementia, produced by Being Patient with support provided by Eisai. Research shows that Black, Latino, and indigenous...


πŸŽƒDo you remember the fun we had LAST Halloween ? I do! Enjoy this blast from the spooky past πŸ‘» πŸ‘» πŸ‘»
What are you gonna be for Halloween this year?


On this day in 79 AD, the world witnessed the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius, a cataclysm that engulfed Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis, and Stabiae. In a remarkable twist, recent research in 2018 unveiled the true date of this historic event, reminding us of the mysteries hidden in the past. The eruption's weighty impact is unimaginable β€” debris equivalent to 250,000 fully grown elephants fell every second. Join us as we delve into the awe-inspiring tale of Vesuvius' fury and the indelible mark it left behind. πŸŒ‹β›°οΈ


🎨✨ Monday Motivation: "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." - Pablo Picasso πŸ–ŒοΈ Dive into the world of creativity and let art cleanse your soul. May this week be a canvas of inspiration and new beginnings! 🌟

Photos from ATX Good News's post 10/23/2023
Weekly Calendar of Activites for Town Square NW Austin 10/23/2023

πŸ“… Get ready for a fantastic week at Town Square NW Austin from Oct. 23rd - 27th! πŸ‚ Enjoy some classic entertainment with Johnny Carson on the screen. Test your skills with a fun game of Ring Toss and challenge your knowledge with Logo Trivia! Join us for a delightful piano performance by Carissa and Ryan. πŸŽƒ And, of course, get into the Halloween spirit with some creative Pumpkin Painting! There's something for everyone to enjoy at Town Square this week!

Weekly Calendar of Activites for Town Square NW Austin


At Town Square NW Austin, our unique model of adult day care services makes us the best senior day care option in the area, for people with or without dementia and their loved ones. Through our programming, we meet our most important goal: Making all of our members feel happy, included, and fulfilled.

Genetic and Test for Alzheimer’s β€” Do You Want to Know? 10/20/2023

πŸ” Are you curious about genetic testing for Alzheimer's? Discover the potential consequences and dilemmas involved in this thought-provoking article. To test or not to test, that is the question. πŸ§¬πŸ’­

Genetic and Test for Alzheimer’s β€” Do You Want to Know? To test or not to test. Do you really want to know? What are the consequences of genetic testing and a test for Alzheimer's?


We want to make sure we thank the rest of our sponsors for taking part in the Senior Resource Fair. Please be sure to tag yourself if we missed you in any of our photos! A shout out also to Terri Smith of Small Personal Care Home, Robert Brown of Reskin Mobil, All the amazing folks over at Parenting Aging Parents, and HealthMarkets Insurance Agency for participating as well.


🎨Three (or more) cheers for our October Artist of the Month - Oskar! Your smile and your art brighten every day at Town Square. Way To Go Oskar! πŸ™Œ


🚨 Final Countdown Alert! 🚨 The 2023 Walk to End Alzheimer's - Williamson County is just around the corner on 10/21/2023, and we need your support more than ever! πŸ’œ Help Team Town Square NW Austin make a BIG impact in the fight against Alzheimer's by making a donation today. 🏁 Every dollar brings us closer to a world without Alzheimer's. Join us in the final push! Donate now:


Town Square NW Austin is an adult day care center founded by Emily Rollins and her family out of a personal need for quality care. After struggling to find suitable care for their father in Austin, Texas, they decided to create a loving tribute to their father by ensuring that families in similar situations have access to better senior care options.


⚽🎾 Spark Memories Monday - This or That: Sports Edition πŸ†πŸŽΎ
Calling all sports enthusiasts! It's time to dive into some sports nostalgia. Did you play soccer or tennis in school? Which sport gets your adrenaline pumping? Who's your all-time favorite team or player? Cast your votes and share your sports stories in the comments below! πŸ—³οΈπŸ‘‡

Photos from Town Square NW Austin's post 10/16/2023
Town Square NW Austin Weekly Calendar of Activities 10/16/2023

πŸŽƒ Get ready for another exciting week at Town Square NW Austin from Oct. 16th - 20th! 🍁
On Tuesday, we're going all out with some gaudy fun to celebrate the season! Later in the week, join us for a nostalgic movie night with the 90's Halloween classic, "Hocus Pocus." πŸ“½οΈ Stay active, have a ball with our balloon volleyball game, and unleash your creativity with a Halloween wood craft project.
Don't miss out on all the spooktacular fun we have in store! πŸ‘»

Town Square NW Austin Weekly Calendar of Activities


πŸ₯ At Town Square NW Austin, your loved one's health and safety are our utmost priority! πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ We're proud to have a dedicated nurse on staff who assesses our members' needs and provides assistance with any medical concerns. Your peace of mind is our mission. πŸ’™

Can You Get Medicine for a UTI Over the Counter? - GoodRx 10/13/2023

πŸ”‘ Don't let a UTI get the best of you! Learn about over-the-counter UTI treatments and how they can provide relief while you wait for antibiotics. Discover what you need to know in this informative article. πŸ’ŠπŸ’§

Can You Get Medicine for a UTI Over the Counter? - GoodRx Can you treat a UTI with over-the-counter medicine? When you need fast relief, over-the-counter UTI treatments like Azo can ease symptoms without you having to go to the doctor. But they won’t cure the condition. Learn about your options and when you need antibiotics.

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