Magic Caravan

Magic Caravan


When I was in the 6th grade a teacher told us about how she and her sister would sit on their grandmothers rugs and just look at the patterns, looking for small irregularities. They would spend hours at a time looking and looking.

I thought they sounded crazy at the time. Then, a few months later, during summer vacation I saw a rug, live, in person and not just a picture or as a prop in a movie. I was mesmerized. I stood there, looking for irregularities.

When I was almost 19 I was in Turkey for the first time, met the love of my life - a Hungarian there to learn more Turkish. We spent 2 weeks together in Turkey and visited many carpet shops. I was mesmerized that she could speak such a beautiful language and knew so much about carpets.

When I was 23, we were living together, she wrote her History of Art thesis on carpets. We had books all over the place, articles, etc etc etc.. Back to Turkey and more shops, then to Diviğri and ulu camı. Wow!

I had an eye, she had a brain. We got to see so many carpets in Van, Kars, Trabzon, Istanbul after Diviğri . Wow! We would walk in, shop keepers started their spiel. Evi chit-chatted with them, I ignored them, found the good stuff, pointed to them, then things would get serious. Evi asked lots of questions, they were so happy that finally somebody knew their way around carpets.

All of these wonderful memories because I learned from a teacher that carpets tell us stories, tell us life, we just have to listen, to open our eyes and more importantly our hearts.
I'm dreaming about the cloths that are on the way. They will hang from the ceiling.
LOVE my new Turkish made leather shoes from Magic Caravan. Get rid of those rubber soles and get grounded with earth.
Thank you Huseyin Sahin, much love brother!
Thank you so much for your warm welcome, the delicious Turkish coffee, and my beautiful little bowl. I cannot wait to come back and visit with you, Stella, and the pups soon!
Great seeing you today... and thank you for the gorgeous pillows!

We specialize in genuine, handmade Turkish imports including carpets, ceramics, and jewelry. Magic Caravan is the American flagship of his Istanbul-based Arsah Carpets.

All items are authentic & unique to Turkey, and to what was known geographically as Persia during the Ottoman Empire. As such, our unique selection of textiles & ceramics are carefully hand-crafted in Turkey, incorporating the various techniques of both ancient & modern traditions. From antique & vintage Turkish rugs to pestemals (hand-loomed Turkish bath towels, shawls, & robes), and handmade jew

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Iyiki dogmussun alcak seni ck seviyoz

Iyiki dogmussun alcak seni ck seviyoz

Photos from Magic Caravan's post 09/04/2021

I love Austin Powers Shaggy rugs

Photos from Magic Caravan's post 08/02/2021

See y’all soon


Sun is everything for your rugs at least once in a year front and back all day we doing it with @realestateluver and David

Photos from Magic Caravan's post 07/30/2021

Getting ready for the weekend rug party just like good old days with my dear friends @realestateluver and David, we been doing this 18 years now

Photos from Magic Caravan's post 06/05/2021

The pot

Photos from Magic Caravan's post 04/10/2021

For mom and my brother memory I designed this rug a lot of symbols in this rug Mehmet’s name is hidden in the mom which is the peacock

Arsah_kilim and carpets_Conversation with Huseyin Sahin 01/23/2021

Arsah_kilim and carpets_Conversation with Huseyin Sahin

Long time ago in Istanbul store

Arsah_kilim and carpets_Conversation with Huseyin Sahin into the magic of Arsah Carpet shop, located in Istanbul Gulhane district.contacts: [email protected], www.lacompagniadelrelax.netstarring Enrico Radriz...




Magic Caravan Holiday Sale


Magic Caravan's cover photo


Caravaner @erourke42 brought a bit of magic with her to Nashville, and we’re so happy to see her beautiful çiçim rug + kilim pillowcases in their new serene home over East! 🏡❤️ #magiccaravanaustin #magiccaravanhomes #vintagerug #turkishrug #kilim


When that afternoon light hits juuuuuuust right ✨ rug piles take on a certain glow! #magiccaravanaustin #comeandseethebeauty #goldenhour #vintagerugs #turkishrugs #inturkeyiambeautiful


We can always trust our resident pigeon man to catch a good sunset! 🕊🕺🏻🌇 #magiccaravanaustin @ Magic Caravan


We’re a little late on the uptake, but WOW! And THANK YOU! We just found out that we were awarded Best Home Decor shop in @austin_monthly ‘s Best of ATX 2020 issue! 🙏🏼❤️ Thank you all who voted - your support means the world to us, and keeps us here slinging rugs and smiling. 😊 We appreciate your, Austin, and we appreciate you, @austin_monthly for continuing to highlight the people and businesses that make this town so special. #magiccaravanaustin #austinmonthly #bestofaustin2020 #shopsmall #austinlocalbusiness @ Austin, Texas


A year ago in San Fran, visiting with old friend Dimitri and co. ❤️ It wouldn’t be a proper Caravan stopover without time spent sitting and loving on rugs (as collectors do), and Dimitri’s beautiful collection is always a pleasure to revisit. We sure do miss our days on the road - it’s hard to believe that our big west coast trip was a whole year ago! 🚐🛣✨ #magiccaravanontheroad #magiccaravanhomes


Dreary gray days ⛈ call for cozy mosaic lamplight to daydream or read by....🏮 #magiccaravanaustin #inturkeyiambeautiful #turkishgiftshop #mosaiclamp #moodlighting


My fresh vans caught the white cotton highlights in this funky 1950’s grain sack! 🧡💜💚 Happy Monday, friends! This bold wool flatweave is quite large for a grain sack - opened up like this it’s approximately 7x7, and the colors play both warm and cool. It would be amaaazing in a midcentury living room! #magiccaravanaustin #mondaymatchup #vintagerug #turkishrug #kilim #vintagestyle #ihavethisthingwithrugs #austininteriordesign #vintageaustin


☀️ Woke up to this suzani dream dappled with sunshine like a little beating heart. 💖 #magiccaravanaustin #gooddaysunshine


This gorgeous weather’s got us just like Gofret here 🐯 - he’s always got the right idea!! Happy Caturday - ahem, Saturday, Caravaners! #magiccaravanaustin #caravanimals #kedi #dailygofret


#tbt to a breezy overcast morning at Fischer Lodge a few months ago - a rich red Sofra to match @senourreed ‘s porch door, and a princess keeping watch over the wildlife outside. ❤️🏡 #magiccaravanaustin #magiccaravanontheroad #dailysippush #fischerlodgelove #georgiaonmymind #vintagerug #turkishrug


What could be better than getting to match one of your favorite mamas in the comfiest, coziest, most colorful cotton robe? 🌈 We still have a few of these robes of many colors left, and ship for free anywhere in the US. Call or DM to snag one for your mama dearest! #magiccaravanaustin #turkishtowels #mothersday #mothersdaygift #dollyparton #loburnibizdistrict #shoplocalatx


Today’s lil treasure is a peek at this incredible Luor (southwest Persian, circa 1920’s) camel bag from Huseyin’s private collection. ⚡️ It’s incredible to see the work and detail that went into making this fantastic textile, and the mix of both pile and flatweave techniques. ✨ Wouldn’t it be something if we still put this amount of care into our everyday tools? #magiccaravanaustin #comeandseethebeauty #vintagerug #rugcollector #vintagetextile


Our resident pigeon man (Huseyin🐦) claims that today is #pigeonlover day and so of course we must pay proper tribute! After a trip to Lowe's Home Improvement for some supplies, Mr. Magic whipped up a new breeding box for his flock at the back of our veggie garden. ❤️ #magiccaravanaustin #caravanimals #pigeons #pigeonlovers #pigeonsofinstagram #birdman #inturkeyiambeautiful


We just wanted to take a moment to say ✨ THANK YOU ✨ to our wonderful Caravan community. 🙏🏼 While our sweet little shop doesn’t look as inviting without all our rugs and rags hung out as us usual, we’ve received many calls and messages from y’all and every single one keeps us here in business during these uncertain times. We are still open by appointment behind our closed doors, and hope to see y’all at a safe social distance soon. ❤️ 📸: @bonnieburkephoto #magiccaravanaustin #comeandseethebeauty #burnetroad #loburnibizdistrict #austinlocalbusiness #supportsmallbusiness #shopsmall #localaustin #inturkeyiambeautiful


Mother’s Day is coming up, and our Kilim handbags are always a big hit! Handmade from fragments of vintage rugs, each one is unique, and has its own little history to wear. 🌹 Call, DM, or email us with questions or inventory pics! 📸: @laurenmoffettphoto #magiccaravanaustin #comeandseethebeauty #mothersday #mothersdaygift #kilim #vintagestyle


A pile of rugs truly is a thing of beauty when you’ve got the rug bug! #ifyouknowyouknow 😉 #magiccaravanaustin #vintagerugs #tuurkishrugs #kilim #kilimrug #turkishrugshop #loburnibizdistrict #localaustin #ihavethisthingwithrugs austininteriordesign


Another Monday....another matchup! 💕 This çiçim is a real subtle beauty - for all you neutral lovers out there, the natural ground of this rug doesn’t hide the gorgeous mint greens, oranges, navy blue, and hot pink details that make it so special! 🌟 Oh and did I mention that perfect grey 🌪 to go with my vintage @tonylamaboots ? #magiccaravanaustin #mondaymatchup #vintagerug #turkishrug #vintagecowboyboots #tonylama #midcenturymodern #austininteriordesign


Another #throwback snap from Santa Fe last spring, spread out in @misscrowb ‘s driveway. 🚐🌤⛰👌🏼 We sure are pining for a good ‘ol venture in a van, but are staying safely tucked away at home here in Austin for now. 🏡❤️ Where are you dreaming of traveling to, Caravaners? #magiccaravanaustin #magiccaravanontheroad #santafe #newmexicotrue #rugroadtrip #popuprugshow #vanlife #gypsetliving #homeiswheretheheartis


🎩 Portrait of the most Perfect Gentleman, and protector of our pack, Sir Zaza. ❤️ We’re daydreaming on this sunny Sunday of #magiccaravanontheroad in Santa Fe last spring with @misscrowb ⚡️🚐⛰ #magiccaravanaustin #dailyzazush #caravanimals #vintagerugs #turkishrugs #vanlife #popuprugshow #santafe


30 colors. 2500 silk knots per square inch. 🧿 A close-up of the incredibly complex and fine beginnings of a rug Huseyin commissioned years ago in memory of his Mother and Brother. 🙏🏼 Now it sits on its loom in the front of our shop in quiet remembrance and as a perpetual work-in-progress. ❤️ #magiccaravanaustin #comeandseethebeauty #vintagerug #silkrug #turkishrug #inturkeyiambeautiful #theloveyousave


Laura and Raul’s home in Tampa is its own game of Caravan eye spy - it’s a delight to see the various pieces they’ve added to their collection over the years displayed all over the place, and in happy coexistence. ❤️✨ Grain sack runner, pile carpet, suzani pillows, the rug draped over the couch, and the headdress hung in the corner - what a feast for the eyes! 🏡 #magiccaravanaustin #magiccaravanhomes #vintagerugs #turkishrugs #rugcollector #caravantribe


Absolutely 100% in love with this trio about to leave for Brooklyn, NY, to land in @davinaellen ‘s living room! 🦋🌺🦐🌼 This to-die for combo of color and pattern proves the FUN to be had in combining completely different styles in one space. We can’t wait to see them styled in their new home! 💌 #magiccaravanaustin #vintagerugs #turkishrugs #kilim #kilimrugs #ihavethisthingwithrugs #austininteriordesign


Sippi making sure her rugs don’t go anywhere without her. 😂🐣 #tbt #magiccaravanaustin #dailysippush #caravanimals #germanshepherd #turkishrugshop #inturkeyiambeautiful


Is it Mr. Magic or Mr. Mischief?! 😉😁 #maybemagic #maybemischief #maybeboth #magiccaravanaustin #magiccaravanfam #caravanstyle #troublemaker #stayhome #springtime @ Magic Caravan

Our Story

Before landing in Austin and founding Magic Caravan’s North American flagship store, Huseyin Sahin traveled around the world expanding his knowledge and adding to this collection of Turkish rugs and goods. As a seventh-generation rug collector, and having been named in the front room of his grandfather’s rug store, Sahin grew up learning the intricacies of Turkish rugs and the art of collecting. He first set up shop in the early 2000s in Göreme, Turkey and later moved the operation to Istanbul and opened Arsah Carpets in 2004. Over the next decade, Sahin established himself as a one-of-a-kind, colorful fixture in the Turkish rug scene and expanded his shop to include HuseyinIstanbul, a line of towels, robes and hamam products, many of his own design.

During this time, Sahin was traveling back and forth to the United States and touring cross-country with a van full of rugs. He would visit his American clients and host events that came to be known fondly as “Rug Tupperware Parties” in almost all 50 states. After returning to Turkey and following the death of his younger brother in 2012, Sahin traveled the coastlines of Australia before to the States to start another “Rug Tupperware” tour. It was during this trip that he stopped in Austin and ended up staying permanently and establishing Magic Caravan in December 2015. He quickly fell in love with the various local businesses and the energy of Burnet Road and decided to set up shop.

Phoebe Reed, a Brooklyn-born transplant, joined the Magic Caravan team in 2017 after moving to Austin. As a Studio Art major, maker, world traveler (having lived in the Middle East for some time), embroiderer and textile lover, Reed became enthralled by the art of rug collecting and quickly became an asset to Magic Caravan. Her part time role at the shop developed into a deep friendship and investment partnership with Sahin and she became a full time co-owner and operator of Magic Caravan in January 2019.

“The goal was to become a locally known business in town, and in the area - to get to know our neighbors, and to serve our clients who live here, around us, and come back again and again because they love our rugs and the way we love our rugs,” said Sahin. “To have them, in their homes, honors us because they choose a rug with their heart, to live on it and have it in their daily lives.”

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☀️ Woke up to this suzani dream dappled with sunshine like a little beating heart. 💖 #magiccaravanaustin #gooddaysunshin...
We’re still hard at work getting our online shop running over here (👩🏼‍💻🥴), so in the meantime, here’s a lil throwback t...
Making sure everything and everyone (hayvanlar included) stay sanitary during these Covid-19 times! ☀️🏡💦😆 #magiccaravana...
Despite these crazy corona times, these Texas country roads never fail to take us home. 🤘🏼❤️🌼 #magiccaravanontheroad
Today we’re thankful for 🌞bright sunshine, 🌬the fresh warm air in our lungs, and rug piles to snooze on in these slow ti...
👀 The last (to arrive) are most certainly not least, and this incredible kilim and the long runner are our favorites of ...
🚨 New rug alert!! 🚨 Some fresh new stunners have started to roll on in and they are gorrrrrrgeous! 🌹 In these crazy time...
SxSW is fast approaching and y’all know it’s a scene! ⚡️ Have an event coming up or an AirBnB to deck out? 🏵 We’ve been ...
As Mr. Magic so perfectly put it yesterday, 💁🏻‍♂️ “Welcome to our candy store!” 😂🤤 Run, don’t walk, your way on over to ...
When the reference books come out, you can bet there’s an interesting piece open on the floor for some close examination...
A good rug is one hand-woven to last beneath your footsteps and the footsteps of your children and grandchildren - we li...




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