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String players! Come hear what the traditional string instruments of Russia (the domra and balalaika) sound like at this spectacular and one-of-a-kind performance of Russian, Eastern European, Klezmer, and Romani folk music on July 27th at Bates Recital Hall. The concert features an 80-person balalaika orchestra and professional soloists from Russia and Ukraine.

Fiddlestick Bow Shop offers
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Konzert aus der Philharmonie Essen: Concerto Copenhagen - Bach Suiten 05/16/2021

Konzert aus der Philharmonie Essen: Concerto Copenhagen - Bach Suiten

Konzert aus der Philharmonie Essen: Concerto Copenhagen - Bach Suiten Concerto CopenhagenLars Ulrik Mortensen, Cembalo, DirigentFredrik From, 1. ViolineHannah Tibell, 2. ViolineAntina Hugosson, ViolaJudith-Maria Blomsterberg, V...

Vladimir Pliassov plays with bow of his own invention. J.S.Bach. Adagio from sonata g-moll. 01/31/2021

Vladimir Pliassov plays with bow of his own invention. J.S.Bach. Adagio from sonata g-moll.

If like to see this up close!

Vladimir Pliassov plays with bow of his own invention. J.S.Bach. Adagio from sonata g-moll. Vladimir Pliassov plays with bow of his own invention (US Patent No.5,918,297; Date of Patent Jun. 29, 1999). J.S.Bach. Adagio from sonata g-moll. Recordi...

S P A C E S 11/27/2020


Concerto Copenhagen

S P A C E S Exploring physical and mental spaces through the delicate timbres of Baroque instruments and gut strings, the series presents both famous and lesser known co...

S P A C E S︱Concerto Grotto︱Boccherini — String Quintet in D Major, Op. 39, III 11/04/2020

S P A C E S︱Concerto Grotto︱Boccherini — String Quintet in D Major, Op. 39, III

S P A C E S︱Concerto Grotto︱Boccherini — String Quintet in D Major, Op. 39, III Deep shadows and monochromatic light. Step inside the grotto and discover the musical light in the darkness. Boccherini performed like you've never seen befo...


Classic FM


The beautiful Prelude to Bach's Cello Suite No.2, played on double bass.

Played by Hugh Kluger, Sub Principal Double Bass of the London Philharmonic Orchestra. More on his channel at 👉 08/20/2019

Now Hear This | About | Great Performances | PBS Join renowned violinist Scott Yoo in a 4-part docuseries presented by Great Performances.


Erik Rydvall


Nice to be back to Bach. Giga from partita no.2. This time I tuned down the #nyckelharpa to A=415. 🎶🎻


11 Tips to Playing Popper 10

go liz go

Book: This for all of you trying to learn Popper Etude #10! There are definitely some tricky aspects of learning this etude, especial...


Extraordinary People

Meet the Piano Man of Washington Square Park. His life goal is to bring music (and a few tears) to the masses.


CBS Sunday Morning

An unusual outburst for a music concert: an audience member shouted "Wow!" at the end of Mozart's "Masonic Funeral Music." The group's president and CEO, David Snead, was determined to find out who had broken audience protocol. Steve Hartman reports.


Itzhak Perlman

I’ve been fortunate to have a lifetime of playing, performing, and teaching the violin, and now I want to share my experience. In my new MasterClass, I’ll demonstrate the tools and techniques that I hope will put you on your way to improving your sound and making the most of your practice. Bring your dedication, an attentive ear, and a love for the music—I hope it will be a rewarding journey for you.


IPCI (International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative)

Happy Earth Day! Thank you to our supporters for making it possible for IPCI to promote the conservation and sustainable use of Brazil's endangered national tree, pau brasil (pernambuco), which is crucial to the future of stringed instrument music. For those of you who would like to contribute to replanting pau brasil in Brazil's Atlantic Rainforest, please click here and accept our thanks in advance:


Huthmaker Violins

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Tuesday!!! 03/19/2019

This Rare Vintage Typewriter from the 1950s Lets You Type Sheet Music


UNH Violin Craftsmanship Institute

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - The UNH Violin Craftsmanship Institute is incredibly pleased to announce the addition of two all-new Guitar Repair courses in summer 2019! We're excited to welcome experienced craftsman and master luthier Chuck Sanzone to our staff of renowned instructors, and are proud to continue expanding our course offerings and areas of study with his two guitar workshops this summer.

Click the links below to check out Chuck's courses:


The Crooked Jades

Here's a wonderful new review and interview from FolkWorks by Art Powell Jeff Kazor Erik Pearson Emily Mann Megan Adie Lisa Berman


Huthmaker Violins

A happy orchestra is one where the musicians respect each other and follow protocol for section etiquitte. If you are not quite sure what your role in the section is, this is the video for you!


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


Celebrating his new film ‘Itzhak’ and the 60th anniversary of his appearance on 'The Ed Sullivan Show,' violinist Itzhak Perlman combines ‘Caprice in A Minor’ and ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ with piano accompaniment from Jon Batiste.


Yo-Yo Ma

Democracy works best when we all participate. If you're eligible to vote in the US, register now and cast your ballot on November 6. Here's how:




Building a handmade violin is mesmerizing. (via Guy Rabut - Violin Maker)


Huthmaker Violins

the coolest! and this is my friend Anna!!!

We are at NAMM!! Never know what you will find!


Badiarov Violins


How To Play Basso Continuo On Violoncello Da Spalla.

Have you ever felt thirsty for even more fun in music?

Maybe you even felt you could enjoy a more important role as a violinist or violist but you did not want the extra work associated with playing as a soloist on the violin?

Okay. I can understand and I agree with you.

Here is why.

Me too, I love music but I love making violins too...

And I have to confess, I love going on holidays, specially on sailing holidays.

So, extra work does not really suit my agenda...

I found a nice trick.

I enjoyed playing as a soloist specially on the violoncello da spalla 10x as much because:

1. Whoa... Can you imagine this amount of sound hitting your body right in the middle of your chest? You feel like you are a musical instrument yourself...

2. If you mastered even the violin, your technique is 10x as enough for playing violoncello like this, hence, not much extra work is required if you play as a soloist (Okay, except for the Six Suites, where you would probably have to practice the suites 4-6, and the Menuet of No.2).

3. It does not require ANY extra work if you play Basso Continuo, like in this Haendel.

The funny thing is... no extra work. But they suddenly start paying you more than when you play in the Tutti.

(And then you can go on holidays more frequently. That's where it get's even more fun).


If you are an instrument maker and you don't feel like playing Basso Continuo, you can still benefit from offering this opportunity to the musicians in your country.

Yeah... I know what you think.

In any foreseeable future XYZ Philharmonic is not going to introduce violoncello da spalla section and therefore there is no interest. Not really so.

It's not for symphonic orchestras of course :)

It's for those who like to play as soloists and chamber musicians, specially the earlier repertoire. These musicians get inspiration from music and from the primary sources rather from what's on the audition menu.

In fact, this is why a group of smart instrument makers have joined me for a spalla making course online. It's lot of fun. If you scroll down my videos, you will find couple of testimonials from these makers.

LIKE my page if you liked, I hope, this video. Enjoy.

P.S. If you are not playing any instruments and not making them but simply love music, thank you.
Music cannot survive without your passion for what musicians and instrument makers do.

#badiarovviolins #violin #cello #violoncellodaspalla #violadaspalla #rebirthofvioladaspalla #therealstoryofthecello #haendel #chambermusic #festival

#badiarovviolins #violin #cello #violoncellodaspalla #violadaspalla #rebirthofvioladaspalla #therealstoryofthecello #haendel #chambermusic #festival


Kronos Quartet

Happy 40th anniversary, Sesame Street! In 1987, Kronos visited Sesame Street to help Big Bird answer the question "What is a string quartet?"


Strings Magazine

From our friends at Shar Music:

The children’s song “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” has been used over the last sixty years to teach young children anatomy and to get them moving as they point to each part. The tune is actually a good advertisement for how we, as violinists and violists, should make use of our bodies as we play—from the top of our heads down to the soles of our feet. However, movement sometimes is derailed because we have chosen non-ergonomic equipment, especially in our choice of chinrests and shoulder pads.

Read more at:


Aeolus Quartet

Today, dear friends, we are so excited to share that we are releasing a NEW ALBUM! Gorgeous works by Missy Mazzoli, Christopher Theofanidis, Samuel Barber, and Aaron Copland, made with the Grammy Award-winning recording wizards at Azica Records. This is our second album of 100% all natural, organic American music, and we want to celebrate this art that truly brings us together. But to make it happen, we need your help. So please SHARE and SPREAD THE WORD!!!

The Aeolus 4tet 04/12/2017

Remembering Bernard Millant (1929-2017) - Tarisio Last week, bowmakers in France and around the world lost a father figure. Bernard Millant, who passed away on the 5th of April 2017, was a bowmaker whose contagious enthusiasm touched us all and whose certificates of authenticity were the backbone of authority in this profession for the last fifty y... 02/20/2017

6 Best Yoga Positions For Violinists These six best yoga positions for violinists develop beneficial posture to improve execution, precision, and performance abilities. Read on to learn more.


Nicolas Altstaedt

Happy weekend everyone! Enjoy the final movement of #Haydn's #Cello #Concerto No. 1 in C major - earlier in September, Nicolas was joined on stage by Arcangelo and Jonathan Cohen - Conductor. Thanks to Festival Maribor for the hospitality and the video footage!




Stereotype-defying, hip-hop violin duo Black Violin is striking a chord at just the right time. Made possible by Honda Stage #BlackViolin #BlackViolinUnity


Winds Unlimited discovery Mozart's operas for windsextet (2)

Megan Adie in the Winds Unlimited Discovery Mozart's Operas for windsextet!

HARMONIEMUSIK FROM MOZART’S FAVOURITE OPERAS In the eighteenth century it was common practice to hear excerpts from the public’s favourite operas and ballets... 10/28/2016

Finding the Beauty in Violin Repairs Behind the scenes: Repairing violins can be more than restoring function to a damaged fiddle, it can be art By Andrew Carruthers You never know what you’ll find opening up an old stringed instrumen… 09/22/2016

Texas State University String Day String Day 2016 – Saturday, October 8 August 25, 2016UncategorizedAmes Asbell The Texas State University School of Music welcomes high school students from the Austin/San Marcos/North San Antonio area for String Day 2016 on Saturday, October 8, 2016 from 10am-3pm. Registration begins at 9:30am in th...


The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc - Polska From Delsbo

The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc - Polska From Delsbo Olav Luksengård Mjelva, Kevin Hendersson, Anders Hall Filmed and edited by Petter... 08/08/2016

These 250-Plus Violins Are About To Be Owned By The U.S. Government American-made violins are often regarded as inferior to European ones, but guitarist David Bromberg knows their value. So does the Library of Congress, which is acquiring his impressive collection.


Itzhak Perlman

Such an amazing time playing the National Anthem at the New York Mets game. Thanks for having me!

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the evolution of the bow!



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