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Day 9: "It’s all about Moisture Flows” 07/14/2024


Day 9: "It’s all about Moisture Flows” 6/23/24, "We’ve missed the point on some of what’s out here for us: the reality of a benevolent system of integrated species that are trying to all thrive; i...

Kingston WOWS (7) 07/08/2024

:::premieres today:::
Amazing things other species did (TREES) while I was at Black Range Lodge watering to bring rain on 6/21

0:30 #1 Hissing Trees
6:15 #2 Forest State Shift
7:00 #3 Winds from the East
8:00 #4 Tractor Beam
11:15 #5 RAINS from the East
12:50 #6 Clouds & RAIN flowing East to West all day
13:30 #7 Perfect Rainfall
14:05 #8 Perfect Rainfall continues

Kingston WOWS (7) 6/21/24 - Extra-ordinary Natural Things. Chris Searles recounts seven, real-life, pretty darn magical experiences that took place while watering the forest t...

THE PLAN - PART 1 (nutshell) 07/05/2024

HEY, HAPPY 4TH!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 May our country learn to love self and all neighbors in a new way: through kinship, as we continue to defend against our enemies (which are who again? I don't get the war thing anymore).

I hope to redo this video on my plan for The Southwest Projects, but for now here's a quick layout of what I'm doing, Rainmaking with Trees, June 15-July 28. Thanks for watching

THE PLAN - PART 1 (nutshell) Chris Searles shares a quick overview of his plan for "The Southwest Projects." Contact Chris via the website with questions.

6/10/24 - Buda rains 06/11/2024

thanks Julie!

6/10/24 - Buda rains Perfection, unforecast.


not the best time to send email, but: CHECK THIS OUT
"Austin Exits Drought (We Did It!)"


Drought 'B Gone, y'all.

This is not a joke, friends: We did it! Look: Drought (not to mention "severe drought) has been nearly eradicated from Dripping Springs and all parts north, especially since last week's rains. (Tues & Frid.)

It took 7 or 8 weeks of sponging, then watering.
Yes, historic. More soon, more to share!!!!

Thank you everybody who helped! ie: my Big Country Neighbors
Report coming soon thanks again

This image relevant as of about 9am Tuesday, and published this morning, from US Drought Monitor:

5/28/24 | RAIN: “NAILED IT. Look at the cloud break.” (11:58am) 06/05/2024

from Rainmaking with TREES, last Tues,
the final segment, #10:
Pardon the language, RAIN!
(Check out the cloud break above our trees)

These rains were almost entirely isolated to our project area, bringing about 1/4" at noon and helping bring 1" rain to the whole Central TX region, downwind of our project area, that night.

5/28/24 | RAIN: “NAILED IT. Look at the cloud break.” (11:58am) (Notes by Chris Searles) This segment is specifically for my good friend, Norm Ballinger, who was supporting the development of this rain-made event via smart…

5/28/24 | Looking Foggy & Dark (6:44am) 06/05/2024

from Rainmaking with trees, last Tuesday,
this is key segment #8 of 10: Green Fog

5/28/24 | Looking Foggy & Dark (6:44am) "Got the fog I ordered."

5/27/24, Cowabunga: Landscape Cooling (7:35am) 06/04/2024

from , last Tuesday
Here's segment 7 of 10: Cooling the landscape...

5/27/24, Cowabunga: Landscape Cooling (7:35am) (notes by Chris Searles) Here. We. Go. The most important indicator in this project's particular rainmaking process, in my opinion, was gonna be a state…

5/27/24 | Green Fog returns !! (7:16am) 06/04/2024

from Rainmaking w/ TREES, last Tuesday
Here's segment #6 of 10

5/27/24 | Green Fog returns !! (7:16am) (notes by Chris Searles) A critical piece of the rainmaking process is "Green Fog" generation, also a great indicator that rains will come. My watering…

5/26/24 | Our Raincloud ... the Only Raincloud (2:37pm) 06/04/2024

Segments from Rainmaking with Trees, last week! Here's #5 of 10

5/26/24 | Our Raincloud ... the Only Raincloud (2:37pm) Here ya go. Direct effects of Chris's "deep hydration" and tree-cooling waterings is obvious.

5/26/24 | Changing the Atmosphere (7:20AM) 06/04/2024

Segments from rainmaking-with-trees last week.
Here's #3 of 10

5/26/24 | Changing the Atmosphere (7:20AM) After adding about 1,500 gallons of water to this grove, "M3.2", and two additional groves, we see significant changes in atmospheric structure overhead.…

5/22/24 | Huge Rain Clouds (5pm) 06/04/2024

I'm posting my segments from building-the-rain last week.
Here's #2

5/22/24 | Huge Rain Clouds (5pm) Chris Searles here - writing these notes, continued from the previous video, "5/22/24 | Sudden Rain Clouds (4pm)": These clouds, to my surprise, came…

An Introduction to Rainmaking with Trees (Chris Searles) 06/02/2024

GOOD EVENING, here's a short video

An Introduction to Rainmaking with Trees (Chris Searles) there are a lot of complicated images in this, hit pause! then rewind, it's a lot, at times. # # # # # # # # + citations on moisture circulation: https://...


🌳 = 🌧 is reversing the drought
learn more:


Doing G.I.F.T. FEST this year was AMAZING. Here's the full "Wrap Up". It contains centering & uplifting video segments; classes, conversations, work-socials; for everyone -- 🌱🙏🎁🌳

G.I.F.T. Fest II | Final Event: Carbon Landscaping & Moisture Retention 05/03/2024

new biointegrity video!!
wrapping up G.I.F.T. Fest

G.I.F.T. Fest II | Final Event: Carbon Landscaping & Moisture Retention With Chris Searles and Norm Ballinger. Sorry about the sound quality~ So glad to share some of these highlights, however. PROGRAM0:00 Oliver Steck intro1:50 ...


today: 12pm-3pm, you are invited

Rain should've stop around noon.
We are goin' for it,
Please stop by!

Here is today's plan:
1. We gather - grab a taco & a drink.
2. We learn, we do Chris Searles teaching anti-drought technology.
3. We talk - Norm Ballinger leads an open convo, "How do we participate in the places we live"
4. We relax, recharge & get energized - Norm & Oliver Steck play music that is better than just about everything else out there.

Hope to see ya



Join us tomorrow, 12p-3p, for our workshop+ !
"Carbon Landscaping & Rehydration"


re: Tomorrow's Event, 12pm
come on! we'll be inside if need be !

How We're Changing The World: This Sunday 04/26/2024

Finale this Sunday
click below for more info!

How We're Changing The World: This Sunday

Photos from The GIFT's post 04/23/2024

Y'all, it's Earth Day and we have a drought crisis. Also, it's Earth Day and we have a very accessible/affordable/doable SOLUTION!

Join us this Sunday, 12noon-3pm, for any portion of "Carbon Landscaping & Rehydration."

Chris Searles will be teaching how to make and fully install tree-sponges. Tree sponges are rich, soil gardens for your trees' health. We add right materials to the landscape, in the right places, and we water it-in, we create bio/eco-lushness and resilience to extreme weather that is self-perpetuating.

More info here:
and here:

Come on down, we're bringing tacos!

Photos from The GIFT's post 04/22/2024

Here is The G.I.F.T. Garden after our first G.I.F.T. workday, Jan 28, and then yesterday, Apr 21. Thanks to EVERYONE who's participated in this grow a better future project, especially Kirby Fry, Billy Tweedie, and Tim Klatt (


What is Carbon Landscaping?
Join us next Sunday for our final work-lean-social to find out!
(or, just click the photo here)
more info:

"Carbon Landscaping" - join us April 28! 04/21/2024

Join Chris Searles (producer of G.I.F.T. Fest)
for a learn-do-social on "Carbon Landscaping & Rehydration"
next Sunday, 12noon-3pm, no coST! more info:

"Carbon Landscaping" - join us April 28!


"watering-in" tree-sponges in 78737


Ladies & Gents - here is the first announcement, re: our Final G.I.F.T. Fest event for 2024, "Carbon Landscaping & Rehydration" with Chris Searles (director, BioIntegrity). Hope you can be there! Learn more about the event:


Team RG 💚

Don't throw away those eclipse glasses. Here's how to recycle them in Austin. 04/10/2024

Don't throw away those eclipse glasses. Here's how to recycle them in Austin. Bins will be set up at viewing sites across the city Monday, as well as at facilities and public libraries through April 26. The used glasses will be donated to the nonprofit Astronomers Without Borders.


A favorite takeaway from Jimi Calhoun's events. Watch/listen to the whole conversation:

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Jimi Calhoun @ G.I.F.T. Fest
G.I.F.T. FEST Highlights: Work-Social #2
This Sunday: 12noon w/ Kirby!
This Sunday: You're Invited
Let's Do It
Kirby gettin us started on Sunday ~Our elite team of about 14 people planted 15 large beds#blownaway!!!! THANKS KIRBY, T...
NORM & OLLIE @ Carbon Gardening work day
One way to get to know Leashya, our garden czar, is through this video her phone just made of her 2021 homegrown flowers...
Last Saturday -- from the Garden, pt. 2we are transitioning from summer to fall!thanks for the video Leashya!
Last Saturday -- from the Gardencurrently transitioning from summer sunflowers back to fall foodthank you, Leashya!
Just Another Saturday at THE GIFT
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