Indigo Charcuterie event for National cheese day was a blast! Thank you all for coming and congratulations to the 2 winners of our swag bag prizes. Thank you Rumbarger WoodWorks for providing the beautiful handmade charcuterie boards for our event!
also a shout out to ChedoJ for setting up a booth during our event!
JNJS (just nourishing joyful strands) you give us more than enough thanks for that❤️❤️👏
@ jNjs taking it one strand at a time. Allow jnjs to get your beard looking like hot sauce 💚💚ChedoJ Anita Onyema
We've put together some easy ways to care for your beard.
Check it out!
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Over the years, as a media/digital content creator, I’ve formed the habit of testing products or services before promotion… if the product or services don’t come as advertised, I simply stay away from it….

Also, as a young man in his 40s my hair started running away from me😃😄😄😄 hence I Treat the small hair I’ve got like a treasure… my beard is my swag😃😃that’s why I tested several beard oils before settling for JNJS beard oil treatment….. the product is awesome 👏 and comes at an impressive price too..

Buy as gift for your spouse and see his beard glows….

Contact ChedoJ for easy sales and shipping…. Also available @
There're natural & organic, there're money well spent, 👌 they're healthy alternatives for your beard, hair and skin ChedoJ
check out some our natural ways of treating dandruff and other care for you scalp ChedoJ

JNJS by ChedoJ Treatment Oils are made from natural ingredients that's Ethically Sourced and Respons


Mother & daughter can't resist our Hydra-Moist Body Treatment Oil
Thank you @ Chineye. We appreciate your support & trust 💚💚😘


Can I ever find the beard that suits me?

You can find the beard that suits you with the right gare

At JNJS by ChedoJ, we focus on health and look because the performance of the beard lies in the product

Try one today or refer it to a friend who might

International shipping is also available at


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How would you like to increase blood circulation on your scalp?

Experience growth & strength on the tresses like never before.

Allows hair that coils up at the bottom of the hair root to sprout up🌱🌱🌱🌱


We're on this journey with you always,😘
One Strand At A Time."

Available at

May also order here if in Nigeria 🇳🇬 +234 901 922 7383  or +234 708 791 0645

International 🌏 shipping also available at


Get up and do

Check us out at .....


How does up to 48 hrs of Hydration and Moisture sound and serve on a platter?

JNJS Hydra-Moist Body Treatment Oil is For
All Skin Types ✨️

Calm, itchy, dry
Soothe eczema and psoriasis on the skin
Works magic on damp skin

**Run toward our hydrating moisturizing body oil this summer, and you will thank us later ▪︎▪︎▪︎

Circle C Farmers Market WilCo Farmers Market Pedernales Farmers Market


Spring it out

Decluttering? Spring cleaning? Which is it for you?

Let us know or share your tots


Can I use both beard shampoo and conditioner at the same time?

Yes! Depending on your needs.

Beard shampoo can be used to wash and exfoliate your beard, and conditioner to heal and revive your beard tresses

JNJS " Always One Strand At A Time. "

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, what kind of moisturizer do you think St Patrick used during his time?

Share your answer

Remember, our Treatment oils are for

Wolf Ranch Farmers Market


Community is everything ❤️
Thank you, , for always bringing us together and keeping it lit💚💚💚

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How do you feel about reviving your beard from the root?

Heal broken skin to allow the beard to thrive
grow fuller, thicker and stay hydrated and Moisturized

Try our Beard Treatment Oil or recommend it to someone who might love it

International shipping is also available at


Dramatically you, and it's not if you do not take care of you. How do you take care of yourself?

Photos from ChedoJ's post 03/14/2023

Meet JJ, and she runs toward what most people run from because they think it's gooey, sticky, does not absorb and clog pores

Did you know that oil is the oldest form of moisturizer?

We took something super old and gave it a Modern Day Twist

Heal and revive your hair, skin, and beard one drop at a time

try it today at !!!!!!!!!!


Before and after using JNJS Hydra-Moist Treatment Oil

She experienced reduced hyperpigmentation, acne, and texture and improved completion

Try our product today!

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Nothing is more glorious than having a romantic dinner with a well-groomed beard radiating and oozing clean all night. And all day long 💋

100% Boar Bristle set


How does up to 48 hrs of hydration and moisture lock-in sound this summer?

Oh! It comes without the feel of oil or stickiness

Lightweight and does not stain your clothes

**Meant for your lovely skin, Not your sheets 😉

Try one today at


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Thank you madam' 💚

Looking for the best spices for a tasty, delicious meal?
Got you covered 😉


A splash of color makes everything bright and beautiful 🌱🍓💚

Spring out with your favorite Treatment Oil




Thank you for you support
We love you

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What is powered by nature?

JNJS by ChedoJ are 100% natural and organic

Unique and Potent
Fast Absorption


Does not clog your pores
Heals skin texture
Soothes dry, itchy scalp and skin
Tames frizz and adds shine
Deep pe*******on

Smells fantastic 😋

is "Always One Strand At A Time. "

Photos from ChedoJ's post 03/07/2023

What's your hair goal? Healthy hair or Length retention or understanding your hair type, or going natural for the first time? Or you're simply looking for a good quality hair oil to nourish and revive dry, brittle hair?

JNJS by ChedoJ Dry Hair Treatment Oil is lightweight and works for all hair types !!!!!!!!!!

soothes the scalp,
promotes hair growth,
use as a heat protectant, styler, detangler, or even deep oil treatment and more
made with the best ingredients.

International shipping available at

For All Hair Types !!!!!!!!!

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I would want my scalp free of radicals that work against the performance of my general hair health.

Wouldn't you?

With JNJS by ChedoJ Itchy, Scalp, and Dandruff Treatment Oil, which works to help remove detox, soothe the scalp, and allow it to breathe

Try one today at

Photos from ChedoJ's post 03/05/2023

jNjs by chedoj are natural organic treatment oils for all hair, beard & skin types. We are made from 100% natural ingredients, Powered by nature, ethically sourced, and responsibly made.

, we opt for healthy natural alternatives & strive not to compromise our values.

"Always One Strand At A Time."


Original inspiration ✨️
Thank you More


Did you know that oils are moisturizing goodness for our skin?

Did you know that some can help forty our skin barrier?

Did you also know that oils help our skin retain its elasticity?

@ jnjs by chedoj, Hydra-Moist Body Treatment Oil works one day at a time to help heal your skin texture and give it a deeper hydration and moisture 💋

Try one today at !!!!!!!!!



ChedoJ, we work to improve the well-being of your hair, beard, and skin by using our oil in its natural state.

Most people have the impression that oils are STICKY and do not ABSORB


With JNJSbyChedoJ, Treatment oils, you will be convinced otherwise.

We invite you to Try it out today !!!!!!!

JNJSbyChedoJ, "Always One Strand At A Time."

Wolf Ranch Farmers Market Pedernales Farmers Market Circle C Farmers Market Free Vendor Event Igbo Online Market. (buy and sell your products)Best online market..


Made, with love for you by me!

Photos from ChedoJ's post 02/28/2023

Build-ups causing commotions? Or are you just looking for an organic natural oil for general hair maintenance? We got you.

@ jNjs by ChedoJ is for all hair types;;;;;,,,,,,,

Or may also here if in Nigeria 🇳🇬 +234 901 922 7383

International 🌏 shipping also available at

jNjs " Always One Strand At A Time."

A flaky scalp makes us conscious, uncomfortable, and wary 02/28/2023

A flaky scalp makes us conscious, uncomfortable, and wary

What embarrasses you the most? Flakes or messy hair?

A flaky scalp makes us conscious, uncomfortable, and wary Why do you often watch over your shoulders? Could it be disappointments and embarrassments from people you love and trust? or could it be from a bad hair day? Or annoying flakes? Do you agree that people aren't the only reason we look over our shoulders? for this, dandruff, itchy, flaky, dry scalp,....


Simplicity and transparency are the Qualities of life simplified

Compromise you; you Compromise your values

JNJS by ChedoJ, Always One Strand At A Time."

Photos from ChedoJ's post 02/27/2023

Which are you? , Treatment oils are for all hair. Be it braids, colored, damaged, permed, or relaxed.
We love you all.❤️💚

Nourish Mi is one of a kind. Raw, authentic, original, and 100% Natural

Our quality Speaks for itself. Feed your scalp the best 👌

Best on damp. 💋 !!

JNJS "Always One Strand At A Time."


You may also order here if in Nigeria at +234 901 922 7383 🇳🇬

International 🌏 shipping also available at

Photos from ChedoJ's post 02/26/2023

It's the beauty that comes with the right find
Softer, cleanskin, fragrance-free
Your beard, A Modern-Day Romance💋

* much more than your regular beard find

A trial will change your mind !!!!¡!!!!!


for your support

JNJS by ChedoJ, "Always One Strand At A Time."



Photos from ChedoJ's post 02/24/2023

Why heal your skin texture?
Your skin is the outer cover that protects your body from heat, environmental, hot water damage, and more

Use JNJSbyChedoJ Hydra-Moist Body Treatment Oil to heal the skin texture, hydrate & moisturize, and soothes irritated, dry-itchy skin,

Natural, Handmade, and Organic 🌱💧

Available at

You may also order here if in Nigeria 🇳🇬 +234 901 922 7383 

International 🌏 shipping is also available at


Photos from ChedoJ's post 02/22/2023

Did you know that men can pamper their facial hair?

Yes, they can! 💧💧💧



JNJS byChedoJ, "Always One Strand At A Time."

Available at

You may also order here if in Nigeria 🇳🇬 +234 901 922 7383

International 🌏 shipping, available at

Photos from ChedoJ's post 02/21/2023

Did you know that water helps oils absorb?

Oils attract water💧and allow it to gently and slowly absorb into the skin to lock in moisture.

* At JNJS, We aim to help you produce and balance your natural oil

Try one today at

Say Good Morning to Healthy you 02/20/2023

Say Good Morning to Healthy you

Can Teas help boost hair, beard, and skin health?

Check out this tee DIY


Say Good Morning to Healthy you The Healthy DIY Tea

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How are you keeping up with your beard this weekend?
Look at that glow? Our Hydra-Moist Body Treatment Oil will have your skin moistened, hydrated, and glowing.💃JNJS "Always...
How often do you experience dry skin? Let jNjs Hydra-Moist heal, moist, rehydrate and revive a glowing looking you🥰. . ....



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