Form + Function Massage

Form + Function Massage


I got a fabulous deep massage by Anthony yesterday! I have suffered for over 3 months with debilitating strained muscles in my back....After trying EVERYTHING in the book, I feel better today for the first time in those 3 months! I'm scheduled for more therapy at Form&Function!
F&F offer reasonable prices, exceptional and courteous staff, and of course great professional massage! Give them a our local businesses!
Melissa is great. She gave me my first massage ever, and I'm 65! She listens where you have problems with your body. I feel so much better now. I'll be going back to her on a regular basis. Thank you Melissa

Freedom in movement is living. We aid our clients in learning how to incorporate healthy movement and muscular health into their daily routine.

We aid our clients in learning how to incorporate healthy movement and muscular health into their daily routine


It feels like we've skipped Spring 💐 and Summer temperatures are creeping in☀️⁣⁣
Enjoy the warmer weather but remember to stay protected! ⁣⁣
Shoulder burns 🥵 and massages unfortunately don't go together 😂⁣⁣


The sun is out and spring is officially here ☀️⁣

This is your moment to get outside 🏃 soak up the sun and move your body!⁣

From a swim in Barton Springs Pool💦 to a walk around Lady Bird Trail🍃, Austin has a lot to offer!⁣


Looking for a great easy anti-inflammatory food?🤔⁣

🍇Grapes contain anthocyanins, which reduce inflammation!⁣

Inflammation typically causes pain because the swelling and buildup of tissue starts pressing against nerve endings. This pressure sends pain signals to the brain, causing discomfort!😣⁣

Alternatively, you can book an appointment at Form + Function and we'll take that pain away 🙌⁣


SXSW is here! Today is the first day of the festival in this wonderful city but keep in mind a few things when coming to our studio:⁣⁣
👉Prepare for the extra traffic - we're close to downtown!⁣⁣
👉There will be less parking (plan accordingly)⁣⁣
👉We will be extra busy with limited appointment availability⁣⁣
👉Schedule your session NOW, you will need it⁣⁣
🔗Link in bio to book a session!⁣⁣


Nicole, thank you for this review!😊⁣⁣
This is music to our ears 🎶 ⁣⁣
What ever the pain may be, we are here to help! We want you to live a pain free lifestyle and that starts with a massage at Form + Function!🙌⁣⁣
👉Click the link in bio to book an appointment!⁣⁣


At Form + Function, we've got your back and any other pain you might have!🙌⁣

Are you ready to be pain free? Book an appointment today!⁣

👉Link in bio!👈⁣

Photos from Form + Function Massage's post 01/17/2022

Have you noticed our collection of products at Form + Function?⁣
We have a wide selection of local, sustainable products including our signature palo santo scent!🪵⁣

Check out our inventory next time you're in for a session!🙌⁣


What’s your New Years resolution? How about starting 2022 pain free! 🙌⁣

📲Click the link in our bio to schedule an appointment and start this year on the right track! ⁣


💬Mary, thank you for the kind words!⁣

😃I'm glad you found us to help with your chronic neck and back pain. A huge shout out to Lizzie and her amazing skills!⁣

🔗If you're looking for a massage studio to help with chronic pain, click the link in our bio to book a session today!⁣


Looking for a great inflammatory food?👀⁣

🥑Avocados are your new best friend! Not only are they packed with potassium, magnesium, fiber, and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats but they also help fight inflammation!🥑⁣

Thank you Avocados 😎😂⁣


😂Shopping for those holiday gifts this ?🧑‍💻😂⁣

🙌Remember to support and shop local this holiday season! From gift cards to local art, we've got a great selection for everyone😉⁣

Come check us out!⁣


Need a gift idea?🎁 This holiday season, why not give the gift of pain relief🙌⁣

We have gift cards available for all treatments here at Form + Function! ⁣

👉Click the link in our bio to purchase one today!⁣

Timeline photos 11/19/2021

Holiday Buzz + Openings on Thanksgiving!🙆🍗 -
No need to be coy
Curl up with your favorite fuzzy animal apparel and purchase all your gift certificates here. You won't even have to brave the retail stores or worry about supply chains. You little polar bear, you.


Why should you include massage into your wellness routine? 🤔⁣

Check out the video to find out🙌⁣


Meet our newest therapist, Stan! 😎⁣

His massage style is intentional and therapeutic, rooted in deep tissue, orthopedic, and trigger point therapies. ⁣

Whether you're an active body dealing with pain or soreness, a hard worker looking to relieve some tension, or a non-athlete whose love language is touch🙌⁣

Click the link in our bio to book an appointment today!⁣


Do you feel a little stiff in the morning?😣⁣

Try this stretch out and feel your body loosen up ready for the day ahead! 🤸‍♀️⁣

Are you loose yet?...⁣


Amanda, thank you for the kind words!😊⁣⁣
We’re so glad Katie was able to help you with your chronic pain🙌⁣⁣
👉Communicating with clients before and during treatments is so important and we are proud to hear about your positive experience at our studio!⁣⁣
Click the link in our bio to book an appointment today!⁣⁣


Happy Friday Everyone!⁣

☀️Who's out there enjoying the sun on these cooler days?!

If you haven't already, get out this weekend 🤸‍♀️ and soak up some sunlight! There is a strong correlation between vitamin D sufficiency and optimal muscle function. Increasing levels of vitamin D reduces inflammation & pain!🙌⁣

Maybe go soak up some sun before your massage! 😉⁣


Happy Friday Everyone!⁣

☀️Who's out there enjoying the sun on these cooler days?!☀️⁣

If you haven't already, get out this weekend 🤸‍♀️ and soak up some sunlight! There is a strong correlation between vitamin D sufficiency and optimal muscle function. Increasing levels of vitamin D reduces inflammation & pain!🙌⁣

Maybe go soak up some sun before your massage! 😉⁣


Meet our newest team member, Morgan 😊⁣

👉Morgan uses a combination of techniques ranging from myofascial release, trigger point, orthopedic, and deep tissue leaving her clients feeling the utmost benefits of massage. Each session is unique and ever evolving to fit you and your needs! 🙌⁣

📲Click the link in our bio to schedule an appointment with Morgan today!⁣


If you’ve been to our studio, you may have had a ginger chew after a treatment. Yes, they are delicious but there’s also a reason why we love them!⁣

👀Ginger has been shown to help with:⁣

👉Reducing inflammation and pain⁣
👉Battling infections⁣
👉Controling nausea and indigestion⁣

🙌There are more benefits to ginger but those three alone are big ones! So whether it’s through powdered ginger, raw ginger, or getting a ginger chew while in our studio, try to make it part of your diet!⁣


🍌We love bananas! Not only are they delicious but they are also a healthy source of fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and various antioxidants and phytonutrients.⁣

💪There is also some evidence that bananas are good for combating cramps for endurance athletes!⁣

😂As far as the benefits of throwing bananas at Melissa? Google the benefits of laughter!⁣


ACL this weekend?🎉 Then save this!⁣

After hours of standing, dancing, drinking, and listening to great artists, your legs and lower back will definitely feel a little sore. And your head too, probably.🤕⁣

So when those aches and pains settle in, re-watch this and get yourself feeling right!🙌⁣

👉Book yourself an appointment to get that post-ACL massage treatment when you need it most!⁣


Who’s heading to this weekend?🎉⁣

If you are, know that you’re definitely going to get your steps in, so remember to stay hydrated!💦⁣

Once you’ve danced your socks off 🕺 for 3 days, there’s nothing better than a recovery massage at Form + Function! ⁣


👉Have you tried ? Our therapists place silicone cups on your skin for several minutes to create suction, and then replace them periodically in a session.⁣

🤸‍♀️People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, and as a type of deep-tissue massage🙌⁣

Curious to try it out? Click the link in our bio to book a session!😉⁣



Who else is loving the cooler days?🍃 It’s the perfect time to go outside and get that body moving!⁣

🏃‍♀️Heading out and going for a walk, run, paddle, swim, or for a joyful skip through has so many benefits! So much so that we couldn’t fit them all on this reel…⁣

Can anyone spot Melissa?😎⁣

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