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With talent acquisition becoming more competitive and technology rapidly evolving, both employees and companies are feeling the pressure. In fact, the World Economic Forum estimates that 90% of the global population will need new skills by 2030 to meet these demands. 📊

Upskilling and reskilling are now essential strategies for staying ahead. Support your teams by offering new learning opportunities and the gear they need to succeed. After all, investing in your employees' development is crucial in this fast-paced world. 📚💼

👀 Explore the latest trends in our 2024 Trending Lookbook and equip your team for success! Shop today:


HR superstars - did you know a whopping 82% of employees are craving more recognition at work? 🤔 It's not just about the paycheck; it's about feeling seen and valued.

From custom T-shirts to sleek tech tools, discover how promo products can create those unforgettable Brand Love™ moments and foster a sense of belonging among your team. 🤩👏

💥 Ready to transform your HR engagement strategies? Check out our latest Spark Blog and let's make every employee feel seen and valued:


Boundless Brand Consultants have a particular set of skills: we will find the perfect eco-friendly products for your events. ♻️😎

Event marketers, if you're tired of searching for sustainable swag within your budget, we're here to help:


A day for celebration, education, reflection, and connection. Happy Juneteenth! ❤️🖤💚

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We're here to help your brand elevate your team's work vibe in this new era of hybrid work. 😎

As the workforce evolves, so should our approach to keeping our employees engaged, supported, and inspired. With 80% expecting hybrid or remote work setups and 76% emphasizing the importance of culture, it's clear: the right tools and accessories matter more than ever. 👏

From innovative tech gadgets to authentic, quality comforts, we've got what it takes to make every workspace, whether at home or in the office, a place where creativity and productivity bloom. 🤩

🛍 Spark joy and enhance efficiency in your team's daily grind. Explore now in the Together, Untethered category of our 2024 Trending Lookbook:


What is branding products with purpose™, really? 🤔

Shoppers have always cared about value, but in the 2020s, they care much more about brand values. What your business believes in is just as important as customer service and product quality. Today, you’re expected to put your greater purpose on display, going beyond traditional branding by intertwining your core values and mission into your brand story. 🤩

More consumers want to see their values reflected in the brands they support. This new consumer mindset makes purpose-driven branding no longer a nice-to-have but an essential ingredient for effective promo marketing campaigns. 👏

💥 Check out our latest Spark Blog where we demystify what it means to be branding products with purpose™ and offer three tips for implementing purposeful promo marketing:


Summer is heating up, and so are summer promo trends! We've curated the coolest products to keep your brand in the spotlight all season long. From stylish drinkware to must-have summer totes, we've got everything you need to make waves. 🌊

Even better, all these summer essentials come with no setup charges (yes, really!) until July 1st so you can boost your brand without breaking the bank. 😎

🛍️ Dive into our Summer Trends Idea Book, and discover how your brand can shine bright this season:


From humble beginnings to a powerhouse partnership! In our latest Spark Blog, we give a behind-the-scenes look at how Bill Cobbs and PromoAdvantage's dedication to client relationships and cutting-edge technology led to an exciting new chapter with Boundless. 🤩

💥 Our shared success is a testament to the power of growth, innovation, and the right partnership. Dive deeper into their journey to Boundless and the future that lies ahead on the Spark Blog:

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The fascination with all things oceanic has drummed up hashtags like , , and , to name a few. 🧜‍♀️

This whimsical trend is all about embracing cool shades of blue, lavender, and green with touches of texture and sparkle. It’s a fantastical twist on resort wear that screams vacation vibes. 🐳

🤿 Dive into with your brand today:


Today is a day to remember and honor the brave heroes who serve to hold our flag high. 🇺🇸

To those who courageously gave their lives, and those who bravely fight today, we thank you. ❤️🤍💙


Does your brand's sustainability commitment align with it's actions? We help brands ensure their merch truly reflects their dedication to the planet. 🌎

Whether it's reducing your carbon footprint with locally-made items, or choosing manufacturers with circular business models, we're committed to creating sustainable swag practices for our partners. ♻️

💬 Want to make your merch more sustainable? Our Brand Consultants are here to help you get started branding products with purpose™ today:

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might the biggest book club on the planet - this corner of TikTok has over 175B views and a passionate following with consistent engagement. Users connect to other users with their favorite literary finds, and bookstores are using to connect to readers and research consumer trends. 📚

Building community is a strong focus in 2024, and shows you can build a thriving community in-person or online. In a perfect pairing with these channels, home and office trends like book nooks and “shelfies” are another way to curate a happy space of joy and wellness. ✨

💝 Gift your recipients a cup o’ cozy and a bestselling read for moments of restorative bliss. Shop in our 2024 Trending Lookbook today:


Branding goes beyond just a logo—it’s about creating a cohesive and memorable representation of your brand through every touchpoint. After all, your brand's merch should be so much more than just eye-catching - it should create positive and impactful experiences for your community. 👏

Holographs, ink reveals, motion graphics, and 3D design elements are a great way for your brand to stand out from the crowd. 🤩

Shop texture and motion decorated products in the Fresh Finds category of our 2024 Trending Lookbook:


Trends come and go in promo. Instead of going for white-label mugs, mocktail kits, and mousepads, more consumers are looking for brand-name retail goods. 🤩

Premium gifts have a way of immediately turning heads and grabbing attention. With the right strategy, these retail gifts have the power to forge lasting connections that transform into brand loyalty. 💝

💥Read all about the rise of retail and how your brand can jump on the trend on our Spark Blog:


We couldn’t be prouder to 👏

Recognition is a huge part of the Boundless culture, and we love to go all out for our awards night each year at Founders’. This year’s awards night was no exception - we had a blast celebrating this year’s award winners! 🏆

From embodying our core values to achieving new heights in sales milestones, our folks are truly the best in the biz. 😎


June is around the corner, which means it's almost time to celebrate Pride Month! We've curated the ultimate Pride Month collection to help you spread joy, acceptance, and a whole lotta Brand Love. 🏳️‍🌈

✨ Whether you're decking out your team in rainbow gear, showing some love to your LGBTQIA+ clients and partners, or just treating yourself to something fun, we have everything you need to show your Pride:

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Let's be honest - we never want to stop reliving Spark Fest 2024 🤩

Our first day ended with a Welcome Party at one of the hottest rooftop spots in Austin. We kicked things off with a headshot happy hour, added some tunes with a live musician, and even got a little glam with our hair tinsel station. ✨

And, in true Austin fashion, we ended the night watching the bats take flight from the iconic South Congress bridge. 🦇

An unforgettable night with an unforgettable crew. 👏


B2B marketing requires lots of touchpoints and nurturing to score sales. Decision-makers’ preferences and needs are changing, too, so your consulting firm needs to keep its finger on the pulse of what makes clients sign on the dotted line. 🤔

Promo generates an impressive ROI and, while it’s a little trickier to track than digital strategies, it still has a place in your firm’s marketing strategy. 👏

💥If you’re itching to try something new, check out our latest Spark Blog for the do’s and don’ts of B2B promo product marketing to move the needle for your brand:

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Whether consumers and companies are using innovative techniques, building a garden, or volunteering in the community, there's definitely a growing interest in growing food. 🌱

Nurture the budding urban farmer on your team with necessities like this sunflower kit or Citizen Farmers book packed with expert tips. Have a farming expert on your team? Help to power the smart farmer with a live video drone to keep an eye on their crops. 🚜

Whether it's nurturing a tiny balcony garden in NYC or tending to acres of land in Kansas, we've got you covered with the perfect gifts to Cultivate Brand Love™. 💝

🌽 Shop Farming today in our 2024 Trending Lookbook:

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From solar-powered desalination plants to Tommy Hilfiger jackets embedded with thin-film solar panels that can be removed for charging devices, there has been more solar power integration into everyday use than ever. ☀️

Solar has a clear sustainability story, but there's also an economic story; solar power has finally become the cheapest source of electricity. By opting for a solar-powered version of a favorite tech item, brands can help to save their end users $$ when it comes to powering the products they're gifted. 👏

🌎🌞 Check out these innovative products from the SolaRevolution category of our 2024 Trending Lookbook today:


At Boundless, we understand the significance of brands. They're not just names; they're personal statements, powerful symbols of identity and values. Just as we believe in the potential of your branded products, our commitment lies in meticulously building a collection that mirrors the excellence, style, and impact of your brand. 💥

Introducing our Boundless 100 collection—a carefully curated selection of timeless favorites, handpicked with the utmost care. Consider these products part of our very own Hall of Fame, recognized for their quality, design, and enduring impact. 🤩

👀 Whether you're building a branded store or seeking corporate gifts that leave a lasting impression, this collection is your gateway to inspiration and priceless peace of mind. Dive in and discover which products earned their place among our top picks:

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Educational content is a huge part of Founders' Circle every year, and this year was no different. Not only do our Brand Consultants get the opportunity to meet with our manufacturing partners for small group sessions, but this year, we leveled things up with The Tradeshow Tour. 🎸

Our Brand Consultants had the opportunity to walk the show floor of our very own mini tradeshow featuring some of our top manufacturing partners. We had a BLAST getting the scoop on trending products and building connections with one another. 👏

Oh, and did we mention our onsite activation? Folks got to create their very own festival shirt on the tradeshow floor to take home with them. 😎

A huge THANK YOU to our incredible manufacturing partners who attended Spark Fest and The Tradeshow Tour - we wouldn't be able to Create Brand Love™ without you. ❤️


Prepare-wear, but elevated (like, out of this world) 👽

With the recent eclipse and release of Dune 2 in 2024, fascination with extraterrestrial culture is at an all time high. Even Prada is in, as they're designing the NASA space suits for the 2025 Moon Mission. 🌔

🚀 Whether you're leaning into durable materials (packable puffer, anyone?) or putting a futuristic twist on the classics, we've got what you need to take your branded merchandise to the moon:

Photos from Boundless's post 04/19/2024

Last month, we brought our Sales and Corporate Teams together with our manufacturing partners for our annual Founders' Circle event - a week of learning, connection, and fun with our peers. 🤩

This year, we kicked off the event with a team-building session benefitting Girls Empowerment Network - a central-TX-based nonprofit whose mission is to ignite the power in girls by teaching them the skills to thrive and believe in their ability to be unstoppable. ✨

Our attendees participated in a pitch-off where they were tasked with creating swag bag pitches for the organization's annual Radiant G Conferences with the winning items being donated by Boundless to Girls Empowerment Network. 👏

Not only did our folks come up with some amazing swag bag items, they worked together to create over 200 Swiftie-inspired Bestie Bracelets for the girls attending these conferences - decked out with words and phrases of affirmation to remind them just how powerful they are. 💪

Moments of community like this remind us why it's so great to .❤️

Photos from Boundless's post 04/18/2024

As consumers are becoming more conscious of their safety and wellness, “prepare wear” is gradually becoming a priority. 👷

Consumers are considering more multi-functional and durable clothing or items that protect against harsh environmental elements like sun, wind, germs, and pollution. 🦠

👀Check out our favorite protective picks:


As a brand, you’re already an expert at what you do. While there’s always room for improvement, you sell a solid product or service that solves real problems—but so do your competitors. 😅

While it’s possible to compete on product features, pricing, and service, immersive experiences set apart memorable brands. In fact, 80% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy from brands that offer personalized, engaging experiences. 🤩

💥Learn why brand immersion is so important and follow our expert strategies for designing immersive brand experiences for your customers on the Spark Blog:

Photos from Boundless's post 04/16/2024

We had the BEST time last month in our home city of ATX at Founders' Circle 2024: Spark Fest! 🎸

This year's Spark Fest theme was inspired by music festivals such as Austin City Limits and Lollapalooza. Festivals bring together people to connect, create, and collaborate, and Spark Fest was no different. We brought together our sales and corporate teams with our manufacturing partners for a week of education, networking, and fun.✨

The music was bumpin', the vibes were high, and the merch was most definitely merch-ing. 👏

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes coverage of this incredible event and see what it means to . 😎


Let's take your brand into it's super natural era ♻️✨

With sustainable options at your fingertips, why choose anything else? From products created out of recycled materials, to items with end-to-end impact tracking capabilities, we'd say it's pretty easy being green. 😎

🌎 Create your brand's sustainability story through purposeful promotions today:

Photos from Boundless's post 04/12/2024

Can we get a yee-haw, y'all? If Beyonce's doing it, your brand should too - embrace the On the Fringe western trend, that is. 🤠

Piggybacking off of the “Coastal Cowgirl” aesthetic, fringe is most definitely in for 2024. In fact, western styling in general is still going strong and feels timeless, laidback, and earthy. Leather, denim, tassels, and traditional prints are the keys to the collection. 🤩

If your brand wants to go maximalist and kitsch, embrace the “Dolly” aesthetics with Yeehaw Core: a bold and full-fledged country western extravaganza. Up to y’all. 🤘

🛍️ Shop On the Fringe today in the Fresh Finds category of our 2024 Trending Lookbook:

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Henrik Johansson and Jason Black launch Boundless.

V.C. firms Austin Ventures and Silverton Partners provide first-round funding.

Determined vision for technology platform and applied for patents.

Boundless listed among the ASI Top 40 Distributors (and has been listed ever since).

Sales Affiliate team exceeds 100 members.

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At Boundless, we understand the significance of brands. They're not just names; they're personal statements, powerful sy...
Prepare-wear, but elevated (like, out of this world) 👽 With the recent eclipse and release of Dune 2 in 2024, fascinatio...
Let's take your brand into it's super natural era ♻️✨ With sustainable options at your fingertips, why choose anything e...
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