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Through her coaching and organizing programs, Alejandra shows her clients how to live stress-free and orderly lives inside the homes they love.

Alejandra Costello, Creative Organizing Expert, is the co-founder of, a company committed to helping stay-at-home moms, busy professionals and creative individuals who suffer from ADD/ADHD bring order to life at home by setting up custom & effective organizing systems. Alejandra's organizing makeovers have been seen in Family Circle, Woman's Day and The Washington Post Express. To see


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Woohoo! 6 More Timers to Giveaway!

If you watch this video; I'm so sorry I didn't shower and I'm in my pajamas. I just thought I'd do a quick update about what's going on on my new FB page Alejandra Costello

Time Timer has given me 6 more Timers to giveaway! Enter the giveaway on my FB page - "See" you on Facebook!


I'm Giving You My Favorite Organizing Tool!

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I'm giving away my favorite timer plus a surprise gift ;) The link to enter the contest is on my NEW page - 10/18/2011

Time Timer | Products

My gracious friends at Time Timer - Make Every Moment Count just sent me a 12" timer. If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with this timer! Tomorrow I'm starting a giveaway so one other person can enjoy using this jumbo timer as much as I enjoy using mine. I'll post the giveaway tomorrow on my new FB page: Alejandra Costello :)


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Up early to start a productive Friday in my home office! I love working in a space that is super organized - I feel more efficient and creative. In fact, sometimes I can't focus until my desk is organized. I know I'm not the only one here that thinks that....


So sad to hear the news of Steve Jobs. Even though I just became an Apple user this past year, I am already hooked on my MacBook and iPad. Thank you for everything you did!


IKEA furniture is tough to assemble! Would you pass or fail this interview?? I'm pretty good with an Allen wrench so I think I'd pass... :)


So excited to connect with all of my YouTube friends on Facebook! Together we can organize our homes and lives with each others support. What kind of video should I do this week? Ideas, ideas, ideas!!


Going on a date with Ed tonight - we're eating sushi! Every time I think of sushi, I think of the 'sushi' rolls I made a few months ago. Can you guess what it really is? It's not real sushi, but it's edible....


Friday: Productive day ahead or early start to the weekend? I'm feeling productive after my cup of coffee in my peeps mug!


What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn't fail? 09/28/2011

21 Projects Using Recycled Sweaters at The New Home Ec

Just came across 21 creative ways to reuse old sweaters. After seeing this article, I kind of wish I had 'sweater clutter' in my closet so I could make those cute flower pillows ;) Which project is your favorite? I love sweaters (fall weather loves them too), and I definitely had a favorite one in high school. It got so many holes (I kept stitching them) so I named


Although I LOVE being productive and getting stuff done, sometimes you have to find the time to do nothing! Whose with me on this one?!


Looking like another cloudy day in DC. Where is the sun?! If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? Tag yourself on the map! I'd be in Hawaii with Ed ;)


Sitting in Starbucks working while drinking a pumpkin spice latte (my reward for being productive)! Does anyone else reward themselves with yummy treats?


How do you organize your batteries? I've tried so many different ways to organize mine and here's my favorite way to do it: Simple to set-up and easy to maintain :)


Anything colorful (and color-coded!) I LOVE. I just came across this motivational picture and had to share. I'm feeling green, red and yellow after this weekend. What 3 colors are you?


Ed & I spent the day in Annapolis walking, eating seafood and sitting by the bay watching the boats. I love calm carefree days. Relaxing for the rest of the evening before Monday starts. Who's planning for a productive week ahead? 09/17/2011

I’ve Exercised 9 Times In The Past 3 Months | Professional Organizer DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland

Can I be really honest with you? I've only exercised 9 times in the past 3 months... I just wanted to share a quick story before we all start our weekends. Is that okay? Well, as some of you might know exercising isn't my favorite activity.


Up early to workout and take care of a few errands before a relaxing Saturday with Ed. Whose working on a DIY project this weekend? Do tell! P.S - This picture made me smile (and laugh) so I wanted to share with you ;)




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