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Integrated Media Systems


I have used and benefited fr om the services of Integrated Media Syste ms for over the past ten yea rs. They represent the finest in craftsmansh ip, and service that one can expe ct. Whether it be the Management, Operatio ns, Accounting, or Service everyone is a profession al. I would recommend them to anyo ne interested in obtaining a quality ho me audio/visual system.
Innovative Amazing NEW Smart Technology th at could CHANGE THE FUTURE 2018-2020

Integrated Media Systems is nationally recogniz ed as the leading Residential Electronics Syst em Integrator in the Greater Baltimore/Washington Met ro Area.

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Timeline photos 06/02/2022

Win Father's Day this year by helpi ng the man in your life comple te his dream man cave with impressi ve surround-sound and stunning visual effects! We c an even take care of all of t he wiring hook-ups for you so he c an relax and enjoy his new spa ce.

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To all of those who ha ve fallen in battle defending our nati on, we take time today to rememb er and honor your sacrifice.

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The Big Game deserves an equal ly big viewing experience. Don't miss o ut on an inch of the acti on and upgrade with us today.


Our RAYVA Home Theaters solutions a re perfect for building your dream ho me theater. Entertain guests with theater-quality aud io and video or have a nig ht in while you binge your favori te series.

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Does looking at this give y ou headaches? Our experts can sort it o ut for you so you're not untangli ng wires for hours while setting up yo ur media systems.

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Did you know? Automated lighting a nd shading can actually save you mon ey on your energy bill by moderati ng the amount of sunlight that hea ts up your home.

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We don't just help people in the ir homes. If you need setup or assistan ce for any audio or video nee ds in your place of business ( or place of worship!) we can hand le that too.

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Happy Mother's Day to all of t he moms out there! We appreciate everythi ng that you do and hope tod ay is a relaxing one!

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Fun fact: video produced from a project or is less straining to the e ye than video from a standard televisi on.

Timeline photos 05/01/2022

Looking for audio and video set up for your event? Give us a ca ll and we'll take care of it wheth er your space is big or sma ll.

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A smart TV is capable of connecti ng to the internet and thus eliminat es the need for a separate b ox for services such as Roku a nd Apple TV. Smart TVs allow y ou to switch between various streaming servic es with ease.

Timeline photos 04/25/2022

Promote socializing and enhance your ho me by turning any room into a med ia room. Add a mounted wall TV or high-e nd speakers to make your entertainment spac es even more lively.

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Smart lighting, immersive audio & vid eo, and much more can even be integrat ed into your outdoor living spaces.

It's now easier to call Integrat ed Media Systems. 04/20/2022

It's now easier to call Integrat ed Media Systems.

It's now easier to call Integrat ed Media Systems.

Integrated Media Systems updated their pho ne number. 04/20/2022

Integrated Media Systems updated their pho ne number.

Integrated Media Systems updated their pho ne number.

Integrated Media Systems updated their busine ss hours. 04/20/2022

Integrated Media Systems updated their busine ss hours.

Integrated Media Systems updated their busine ss hours.

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Integrated Media Systems would like to wi sh you and your family a Hap py Easter!

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Automation allows you to connect yo ur lighting, shading, thermostat, TV, audio syst em, and much more together. With automat ed systems, you can control every eleme nt of your home with the tou ch of a finger.

Timeline photos 04/11/2022

Increase convenience and user experience in yo ur house by upgrading to a sma rt home today.

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Get complete control over the ambian ce in your home with automated shadi ng. Integrated smart sensors can even he lp you control the temperature in yo ur home, helping you save money fr om lessened dependence on your HVAC syst em.

Timeline photos 04/05/2022

Big budget TV programs continue to domina te cultural conversation. Don't be stuck watchi ng these can't-miss events on your decade-o ld television! Give us a call to discu ss your options today.

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Two major ways to save mon ey on your electric bill today:

Switch to smart lighting. Smart lig ht systems can trim around 35% o ff of your energy bill by maki ng sure the lights are only on wh en you need them.

💡 Upgrade to L ED lighting. According to the U.S. Departme nt of Energy, you'll save $225 on avera ge per year by using LED ligh ts as opposed to incandescnet bulbs.

Timeline photos 03/29/2022

Is this a media room, ho me theater, or living room? Follow t he link to find out the differen ce. Then take a guess in t he comments.

Timeline photos 03/25/2022

Answer: If you saw our la st post, the answer was... [Full Swi ng Simulators] Soccer! The days of sedenta ry gaming are long gone. Get acti ve, stay inside, and have fun wh en you let us set you up.

Timeline photos 03/23/2022

Question: What game is being play ed on this client’s new set-up? Subm it your guess in the comments bel ow and check back soon for t he answer.

Timeline photos 03/21/2022

You’re cozy, the snacks are prepar ed, and the movie is queued. Oh, but wait! The music is sti ll on in the other room. Pl us, the lighting is too bright a nd the volume isn’t right. What do y ou do next?
a. Get up, wa lk around, turn off the music, tu rn down the lights, and turn up t he volume.
b. Use your arsenal of 25 differe nt remotes to make adjustments from yo ur seat.
c. Control the shades, security syst em, temperature, lighting and audio of a ny room in your home using t he tablet sitting on your lap.
What's yo ur next move? a, b, or c?

Timeline photos 03/17/2022

Happy St. Patricks Day! Enjoy t he festivities knowing your home and busine ss are safe with a visual monitori ng system accessible from anywhere. Stay sa fe, hydrated, and have fun out the re!

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People ask us all the ti me, where do you put the TV in an op en concept floor plan? Before deciding whe re it should go, consider these 4 things:
☑️ Sight Lines: Your TV should be se en from all sections of the flo or plan.
☑️ Distance: If your spa ce is vast, you might need to consid er a projector or adding multiple T Vs.
☑️ Activites: Whether you're cooking or scrolli ng, you should be able to enj oy the TV.
☑️ Viewer Position: Make su re your TV can be seen by viewe rs whether they’re sitting, standing, or playi ng on the floor.
If you sti ll don’t know where or how to integra te a TV into your open conce pt, we’re here to help. Give us a ca ll today!

Timeline photos 03/11/2022

Sorry [Steve Harvey] - but we ne ed to change the channel because Mar ch Madness starts this weekend! Who mak es the watch decisions in your hou se? Tag them in the comments bel ow to lay claim to the TV th is weekend.

Timeline photos 03/09/2022

Our brains are deeply influenced by lig ht in our environment. Lighting control doesn 't just elevate your home but it al so helps improve sleep and mood. Pl us, it makes your home look bigg er or cozier and saves energy.

Timeline photos 03/07/2022

Do you struggle to get o ut of your warm bed in t he morning? With home automation technology, y ou can regulate your tub’s temperature direct ly from your smart phone. Warm b ed to a hot bath - doesn ’t sound like a struggle at a ll.

Timeline photos 03/04/2022

Today is National Employee Appreciation D ay! Even though they prefer to st ay behind the camera, we’re shining t he spotlight on our employees today. Tha nk you for all of your ha rd work, dedication, and passion for helpi ng our clients.

Timeline photos 03/01/2022

This equestrian arena opens and clos es its doors right from the owner 's smartphone. No dismount needed! Whether it ’s for your home or business, indo or or outdoor, we provide solutions.

Timeline photos 02/28/2022

Gone are the days of needi ng your cable box in sight! Wi th upgraded technology, you can hide yo ur cable box conveniently behind your floati ng TV and your remote will sti ll work. Plus, we’ll throw in hidi ng the cables as an added bon us.

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