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Do it once, do it right!! With these high-quality gutter guards, you won't have to worry about getting clogged gutters. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

TMK Ventures is proud to offer LeafBlaster Micro-Mesh Guards, the highest-quality gutter guards on the market and the design is proven to work because of thorough design prototype trials. Experience free-flowing water year round with the help of our gutter guards. The guards will protect the gutter from environmental clutter and debris. We have more than 35 years of gutter protection experience an


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, , , , and More!!


Why are important? They prevent water pooling, help avoid foundation issues, and redirect water away from your home. Keeping them clean are very important. Our Leaf Blaster keeps your gutters 100% clean.

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We need more TV like this. Matt and I did a extreme home makeover house in Baltimore for the Girls and Boys hope home. Best week of my life!


Protected gutter system at this beautiful home in Arlington, VA.


A that will keep your spotless!!


by Hometown Gutters and Guards


Bigger gutters are only as good as the gutter guard you put on it! 🍁


Leaves, leaves go away in Arlington, Virginia 🍁


Half Round Copper Gutters, We Can Handle That! 🍁


Beautiful home in Nokesville, VA being overwhelmed by water off the roof 🍁


Woodbridge, VA. home in the woods needs a gutter protection they can trust! 🍁


Ever wonder what your contractor is talking about when they mention the different terminology associated with gutters❓

Here’s an easy diagram displaying each essential piece❗️


Needless to say, gutters have been around a long time, and the technology has come a long way! 👍


Why are gutters essential⁉️

Gutters direct the water AWAY from your home, preventing damage. You do NOT want water settling near your homes foundation. 👎


For a limited time, SAVE $250 on full gutter and/or gutter guard installations. Call to book your FREE estimate and get started!

Hometown Exterior Pros Do it once, do it right!!


If you want to really eliminate gutter cleaning, call us at MasterShield. The 100% aluminum frame, the copper infused micromesh, and the ribbed design below the micromesh all work together to keep your gutters clean, and you off the ladder. Don't forget your lifetime, transferable warranty!!


We have to do a sight evaluation of your home to tell you how much copper will cost. It has to be measured and each foot of downspout is included.


So you just took the plunge with new copper gutters. We have your solution. We offer a pure copper panel with our patented copper infused panel. It works like magic. Keeps your gutters clean and will extend the life of your big investment.


Most homeowners don't realize the mess their gutters make during the year. Even if they are cleaned out 3-5 times a year it usually isn't enough. That is just throwing money down the drain. If you invest in a great gutter guard system, such as MasterShield, you will never clean your gutters again. That is our guarantee to you!


This customer called us because we are started and run by a military family. She also had problems with her gutters, soffits, and fascia. Or so she was told. We were the 3rd company to see her and her house but what we found was simply a bad gutter job and worthless gutter protection. The guards let in some rain however most was just overshooting the gutters. The fascia and soffits were actually not rotted at all although she had been told that and quoted a price 2 times what ours was. So glad she waiting and is now a customer of ours for life.


Here is the problem. Too many choses when it comes to gutter guard systems. Unless you really research the products I will be the first to admit it is confusing however hopefully this helps.

Always look for one that has the most pitch to the guard however still brings in the water into the gutter. This helps eliminate build up on top of the gutter guard itself

Look for a guard that has copper infusion in the mesh of the panel. This helps break down debris and does not allow it to block water flow into your gutter.

Beware the old price is only good until.....This is a pressure devise that many inferior products have to use to keep you from making up your mind after you do your own research


This freshly remodeled home in Burke was missing one thing. Gutter Guards. We didn't want to use Leaf Filter because we heard they don't honor their warranty. So very true. By the time they clog your check has cleared and no warranty exist anymore. Its the old good till your check clears philosophy. MasterShield will be here to fix or replace your system for many years to come. It rarely needs service however if it does its a simple phone call to schedule. Please call us today for a honest estimate for your gutters. Don't be fooled.


The short answer is no. If your gutters are in good condition, and just need a good cleaning, and general tune up, we can do that and save you thousands of dollars. We look at the structure of the gutter, how its currently installed, is it big enough to handle the water coming off your roof. We basically do a 10 point inspection of your gutter system to see if it passes our test. Because the last thing you want to do is invest in an expensive gutter guard, only to find out your gutters are what is failing.


We got a call from the guy who handles maintenance at the Town Hall in Poolesville, MD. All the gutters were leaking. We went out and measured the building only to determine that the existing 5" gutters did not handle the water coming off the roof. Both the gutters and downspouts needed to be larger to capture all the water. We installed bigger gutters and downspouts for them and now the gutters handle the water the way they should.


Which is the best product to keep my husband off his Ladder and off the roof? While all these products will keep the gutters clean, MasterShield is the only one that doesn't need to be cleaned itself. You have to remember that if your guards clog your entire system will overflow. The copper infused panels make MasterShield a heavy hitter in the industry with a lifetime warranty that you will never clean your gutters again.


What is the difference between gutter guards and leaf guards. We get asked this question everyday. Leaf guards are a product that lays flat over your existing gutters. The problem is that everything that clogged your gutters before is going to clog the filter with Leaf Filter. MasterShield has a strip of copper thru the product that reduces the amount of cleaning required thru the years. It is much more effective at keeping you off a ladder once and for all


This customer has had a problem with overflowing gutters since they moved into their home 5 years ago. They tried having them cleaned, only to find out the company they hired didn't do a very good job and left the downspouts full of debris. They thought that having the gutters cleaned once or twice a year would be sufficient to keep them flowing. What happened this winter was the weight that built up in the gutters from debris and water caused the gutters to pull away from the house and water deteriorated the fascia board. They needed all new gutters, downspouts, fascia, on most of the house. It could have all been avoided by using a good quality gutter guard such as MasterShield with the built in copper strip that eliminates the need for cleaning. Lesson Learned


At this home in Alexandria, Virginia the homeowners had their gutters replaced 5 years prior. The problem was that they installed a gutter guard that would clog, then cause overflow. The overflow of water was getting into the basement and causing mold issues.

At this job we had to remove the old gutter guards and install MasterShield. MasterShield is designed to pull the water into the system, while not allowing ANY debris! Now the homeowners basement is drying out and they no longer are getting overflow due to the WRONG gutter guards.

Photos from Hometown Gutters and Guards's post 05/14/2021

This installation was at a country club in Alexandria, Virginia. The club had half round gutters and a rotting fascia board. Half round gutters look nice, but can cause problems with turbulence of the water. Water will overflow in heavy storms and ruin the fascia. The way to combat this is installing a synthetic fascia board to eliminate the rott.

We removed the old system and fascia and installed new synthetic fascia, along with a new half round system.


This project in Bethesda, Maryland. could be a showcase home for us. The home is positioned between oak trees, maples, and pines, the true test! The gutters on the home had inside hangers, which made it easy to make adjustments to the pitch. Once the pitch was correct and they were cleaned out, we installed the MasterShield gutter protection.

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