This is how Baby Yoda and I telework! The cup says “adulting is hard”.
Me and Danielle, my favorite Tuesday afternoon yoga 101 instructor!!
Yoga at DC Prime parking lot was great! Bummed I'm going to miss this Saturday.
Ozzy is practicing Sphinx pose with half frog.
Those of us taking virtual classes relate to this all too well!
Great Restore class with Reggie this evening in the studio!!! Worth the wait to open! 🧘🏻‍♀️

YogaSix is a modern approach to yoga. We believe in making yoga accessible to everyone. Visit us for classes that are energizing, empowering and FUN!

Here's How to (Finally!) Work Up to a Headstand, According to a Yoga Instructor | 10/20/2022

Here's How to (Finally!) Work Up to a Headstand, According to a Yoga Instructor |

Think you know how to do a headstand or ever wonder how? Check out this LIVESTRONG article, YogaSix Master Trainer, Veronica Najera explained how to do a proper headstand.

Here's How to (Finally!) Work Up to a Headstand, According to a Yoga Instructor | Wondering how to do a headstand (Sirsasana)? Here, a certified yoga instructor goes through the instructions, benefits, form tips, progressions and variations.

Photos from YogaSix's post 10/19/2022

Now Streaming: lululemon Studio 🔥 Energize your body and refresh your mind on the lululemon Studio Mirror

Timeline photos 10/17/2022

Have you had a chance to check out our new retail yet?! Come by your local studio we truly have something for everybody 🤩

Timeline photos 10/14/2022

Surround yourself with people who motivate you to be your best😍💙

5 Yoga Poses That Can Help You Heal From Trauma 10/10/2022

5 Yoga Poses That Can Help You Heal From Trauma

Do your hips ever bother you? Try the 5 yoga moves featured in Well+Good to relieve some tension and stress

5 Yoga Poses That Can Help You Heal From Trauma Your body has a way of holding onto trauma. Here are 5 yoga poses for trauma that can help you release it, according to yoga instructors.

Timeline photos 10/10/2022

Today is 💚 World Mental Health Day 💚 and this is a great reminder to prioritize your mental health! Taking a yoga class can help reduce stress, relax your mind, and create clarity and calmness which can help aid in your mental health!! So bring a friend or family member to class to enjoy all the fantastic the end of the day TOGETHER WE RISE 🙌💙

Timeline photos 10/08/2022

More stretching, less stressing!😎

How to Get the Most Out of Your Yoga Practice—Emotionally Speaking 10/08/2022

How to Get the Most Out of Your Yoga Practice—Emotionally Speaking

YogaSix Master Trainer, Valerie Ugrinow recently featured in Yoga Journalsharing How to Get the Most Out of Your Yoga Practice

How to Get the Most Out of Your Yoga Practice—Emotionally Speaking Sure, you're familiar with the physical benefits of yoga. But what about the emotional ones? Our writer offers 8 things to keep in mind.

Timeline photos 10/07/2022

Supporting the fighters, admiring the survivors, honoring the taken, and never, ever giving up hope💗💪

Timeline photos 10/06/2022

We LOVE seeing new faces join our Y6 Family!!! If you're new to YogaSix drop your studio name in the comments 🤩


Today is the Day! YogaSix is now streaming on lululemon Studio!

lululemon is bringing the best of the best together to deliver the most dynamic fitness content, community and products. Your favorite YogaSix classes will now be accessible through the and in-person experiences. Click on the Link in bio learn more.

Timeline photos 10/05/2022

Awareness Is Power💕

Timeline photos 10/04/2022

When friends turn to family 💗

Timeline photos 10/03/2022

Who's ready for the best hour of the day?!🧘‍♀️🤩

Timeline photos 10/01/2022

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and did you know you can decrease your risk of breast cancer by 30%- 50% exercising for at least 30min 3-5 times a week?! 💗

In honor of this month, sign up for our OCTOBER CHALLENGE and take 20 classes in 31 days starting today! If you haven't already signed up you can do so under the "ME" tab in our Y6 app 🤗

See your local studio for additional information on organizations to support!

Timeline photos 09/30/2022

Yoga continually reminds us to let go of that PERFECTION and embrace PRACTICE 🤗

Timeline photos 09/29/2022

Did someone say Mat Monday?! Having a good quality mat can make a world of difference in your practice. Come check out your local studio to see what we have in store🤩💙

Timeline photos 09/28/2022

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think... Now it's time to crush those !

Timeline photos 09/27/2022

Congrats to this amazing member for completing 100 classes in less than 6 MONTHS!! Thank you for continually flowing with us 😍🤗 How close are you to your class goals?!

Timeline photos 09/26/2022

Reviews like this truly make our day, cheers to the amazing team at 😍👏🤩

Timeline photos 09/25/2022

Friends are the people who make you smile brighter, laugh louder, and live better 💪💚


Timeline photos 09/23/2022

It doesn't matter if things aren't perfect, your practice is your time to feel alive, loved, and free 🙌

Find Your Flow With the Best Carryalls for All Your Yoga Gear 09/22/2022

Find Your Flow With the Best Carryalls for All Your Yoga Gear

16 Best Yoga Mat Bags to Carry All of Your Workout Gear

Find Your Flow With the Best Carryalls for All Your Yoga Gear From slings to duffles to backpacks, we have the top picks for yogis.

Timeline photos 09/22/2022

Yoga truly for everyBODY! Check out your local studio to see what class is best for YOU 🤩


Early AM Club
Join us! 💥FREE to book!

Thursday Sep 22nd
🔆5.15am Sculpt w/ Holly
🔆7.30am Mix (45min) w/ Maddy

Friday Sep 23d
🔆6.00am Hot w/Maddy
SHOW UP! 💥Get a Raffle Ticket for every Early AM class you attend👆(Thursday & Friday). On Friday 9/23 we will raffle off $50 Y6 boutique credit. 🛒🎁

Bring a friend get an extra raffle ticket 👭🙂

Are you in?🙋‍♂️
Book here.
Text the studio 703.662.0169

Timeline photos 09/21/2022

Nothing compares to the energy you feel in a Y6 class! Thank you for flowing with us😍


Join us TOMORROW @8-9am for a Pop-up Restore + Sound Bowls with Kimmi for the Equinox! See you all tomorrow 😊💙💚

8 best yoga poses for strong, defined abs, as recommended by professional yogis 09/20/2022

8 best yoga poses for strong, defined abs, as recommended by professional yogis

Insider 8 Best Yoga Poses To Build A Strong Core article featuring our very own Y6 Master Trainer, Tamara Teragawa

8 best yoga poses for strong, defined abs, as recommended by professional yogis If you want to strengthen and tone your core, consider practicing yoga. Poses like side plank and boat pose are great for building strong abs.

Timeline photos 09/20/2022

We could all use a little extra good energy during this Mercury Retrograde🤣


Look at how cute this Y6 tank is!!! It could be yours!!!😇💚💙

Timeline photos 09/19/2022

Who doesn't love some rooftop yoga?!

Photos from YogaSix's post 09/18/2022

Y6 essentials! Featuring our new towels😊💙💚

Timeline photos 09/18/2022

So awesome to see our new members flow through their first class😍

Photos from YogaSix's post 09/16/2022

New retail is here😍 Check it out the next time you’re at the studio!💙💚

YogaSix on FOX 32 Chicago 09/16/2022

YogaSix on FOX 32 Chicago

Fox 32 Chicago host Anita took a look at YogaSix talking about the studio's mission is to make yoga accessible to all.

YogaSix on FOX 32 Chicago FOX 32 Chicago host Anita takes a look at YogaSix in Hyde Park. One of the owners says the studio's mission is to make yoga accessible to all.

Timeline photos 09/16/2022

Yoga truly is such a great way to reset the mind and the body after a long week. Because calm minds really do help give us a strong vibe 😉



Timeline photos 09/15/2022

Peace, love & YOGA🤩

Timeline photos 09/14/2022

As we continue to grow, where would you love to see a YogaSix studio near you?!

Timeline photos 09/14/2022

Join us on Saturday 9/17 for International Country Music Day! Come from 9:30-10:30am for a super fun country music Sculpt&Glow with Camille!🤠

Timeline photos 09/13/2022

Did someone say TACO TUESDAY?! Count us in🤩


By our very own

💗Goddess Pose:

Opens Hips
Strengthens ankles, calves, knees and thighs
Strengthens and stretches shoulders
Helps to build a strong core and back

Goddess pose takes up valuable real estate on our mat.  In Goddess we claim our space by stepping our legs wide, opening our arms and bending both to 90 degrees.  We become grounded and confident.  This becomes a reminder that we are in control of our mental and physical space and that we control access to both.

We can build mental and physical strength by holding Goddess pose.  In a hold we wake the muscles in the lower and upper body.  The longer we hold, the more strength we gain mentally and physically.

Gently squeezing the shoulders blades together opens the heart and strengthens the back.  Opening the heart allows us to receive love and kindness that might otherwise go unnoticed.

This month, enjoy a few breaths in Goddess Pose and let us know how you feel!☺️💚💙


Come and try our Y6 Mix!
New to our schedule Y6 MIX class combines some of our familiar favorites. 

💚 Starting out with our Y6 Hot set sequence💙 kicking it up with some Sculpt & Flow💚and then stretching you out with a little Y6 Restore

In 45 minutes, you’ll
✅ flow,
✅strengthen, and
as you dive into several of our signature styles.

🅱︎🅾︎🅾︎🅺 Y6 Mix!

💙 Tuesday/Thursday @ 7.30-8.15am with Maddy

💚 Wednesday @12-12.45pm with Anne

💥Bonus all our early AM Classes including 7.30am Mix are FREE (no credits required) to attend for a limited time only.
Book using the Y6 App or call/text the studio 703.662.01.69


Our Summer Sale is still going on!!! Grab these cute pieces on sale while you can!!!🛍😍

Harry Styles-Inspired Yoga Poses for Beginners - aSweatLife 09/12/2022

Harry Styles-Inspired Yoga Poses for Beginners - aSweatLife

Yoga poses for beginners shown by Y6 Master Trainer Tamara Teragawa featured in A Sweat Life inspired by Harry Styles

Harry Styles-Inspired Yoga Poses for Beginners - aSweatLife These Harry Styles-inspired yoga poses are perfect for beginners and sure to make you feel "Golden" post-workout.

Timeline photos 09/12/2022

Hands down our favorite hour of the day💙💚


"Even the smallest act of service, the simplest act of kindness, is a way to honor those we lost, a way to reclaim that spirit of unity that followed 9/11," ❤️🤍💙President Barack Obama

Photos from YogaSix's post 09/12/2022

A rainy morning didn’t stop us from having another amazing morning at the Branch!😊💙💚 Thank you to everyone who came out, we can’t wait for another fun morning on September 25th!🥳


Join us TOMORROW for Sculpt & Flow at the Branch with Holly! Members can sign-up by calling or texting the studio and members can sign-up through event brite!:) See you tomorrow for an amazing morning 😊💙💚

Timeline photos 09/10/2022

Who is ready to relax and recharge this weekend?!

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❄️ⓈⓃⓄⓌ ⒹⒶⓎ❄️All morning classes today Monday 1.3.22 are canceled due to weather. ❄️Stay tuned for any possible updates t...
✨Happy New Year ✨Ready to be your best u in 2022? 💪🦋🌈Is your New Year’s Resolution 🌱taking care of u?  Ready to get fit ...
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🎉Anniversary Special Last Call🎉ⓈⒾⒼⓃ ⓊⓅ today to receive your 🅵🅸🆁🆂🆃  month of unlimited yoga for $30. Use promo code “fir...
Step inside! We believe we can all grow, becoming better together.#yogasixashburn #ashburnyoga #ashburnfitness #leesburg...
Hi Y6 Fam!Mark your calendars! We are celebrating our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY🎉the week of July 11th-July 17th! Make sure to...


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