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Photos from Resonance Images's post 12/26/2021

Now that Christmas is over, this was our recent project:

A replica Star Trek: Discovery resin prop that was lopsided from its molding, though not horribly out of whack. So we worked our magic, leveled several areas and straightened some grips. Then we touched up some angles and a fresh coat of paint. Not quite screen accurate, as we took a few creative liberties with the grip for feel, and with the final colors. But overall a very nice piece in the end that we hope the recipient enjoys.


SHHHHH!!!!!!...... Leave it to the music guys to spoil our secret plans


Helpin' our friends over at Disonance make their recording room look prettier and sound better.


Tank painting


With everything COVID-19 going down, we like many a touring artist, are at a standstill until it's safe to be around people again.
With that being said, many of these artists have absolutely no income coming in during this time.
As many people will be consuming streaming and download services, please take this time to support them by actually buying their music/videos instead of pirating it, supporting their Patreon pages if they have it, and buying merch from their online stores.
We hope everyone stays safe and healthy. We'll see you all soon....

Somewhat Damaged 12/05/2019

Somewhat Damaged - NIN Tribute @ Bottle and Barrel Oct. 5, 2019

All Rights Reserved, Somewhat Damaged, Resonance Images.


Back at it again...


It's been a while since last post (We've been very busy these last few months.But new things soon). We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for a wonderful year, and all that you have done to support us,our cohorts and live music in general this year. Next year will be even better...


We've just opened up some new slots for band photography. Either Performance Photography, or traditional Photo Shoots for Press Releases, Album Artwork, or to simply update your group's webpages and Facebook. !!! ALL !!! qualify for our Independent Artist Discount of 50% or more (some down to ONLY $150.00 !) if scheduled before Sept. 1, 2018. Hurry up before all our slots are full! 314-707-2649 Ask for Adam

Posters 06/29/2018

Resonance Images Propaganda Poster #2. All rights reserved, Resonance Images.

Grendel 06/08/2018

GRENDEL @ The Crack Fox, May 10, 2018.


Some new GRENDEL pics this week! Also keep an eye out for Ghostfeeder and new 2018 Peter Turns Pirate pics coming up soon!


Getting some care packages ready for all our favorite venues in STL.....

Peter Turns Pirate 02/10/2018

Peter Turns Pirate at The Crack Fox, October 7, 2016.


Just in time to break up the grey cold of winter, we'll have some new pics up this Saturday. We'll see you then!


We will be on a slight hiatus for the rest of December, so we can finish up a few projects for clients and some of our staff can take time off work to record their own music.
We will still be available during this month at 314-707-2649 for your imaging needs, but there will not be any new show pictures for you until we return in January.

We would like to take this time and thank everyone who has made our past year amazing. A huge thank you to Carrie and the staff at The Crack Fox, Mike and the staff at The Ready Room, the staff at Foam, the bands and staff of The Birthday Massacre, Ego Likeness, Sumo Cyco, Army Of The Universe - Official -, Adoration Destroyed, Stoneburner, Aurelio Voltaire, PeterTurnsPirate, BESTIAL MOUTHS, Vela Uniform, , En Esch, Bella Morte and all of our Facebook friends.

Also, you can catch us Dec. 21st. at The Firebird for the @youngzoomusic show. Come check it out. Link below:

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. See you all in 2018.

Vela Uniform 11/23/2017

Vela Uniform at The Heavy Anchor, November 10, 2017.


Vela Uniform pics coming up soon...


Have a safe and Happy Halloween, everyone. You never know what goes bump in the night...

Voltaire 10/28/2017

Aurelio Voltaire at The Crack Fox, August 13, 2017.

Voltaire 10/26/2017

All rights reserved, Voltaire, Resonance Images.

Bella Morte 10/10/2017

Bella Morte at The Crack Fox, August 13, 2017.

Stoneburner 09/23/2017

Stoneburner at The Crack Fox, May 29, 2017.


Due to recent civil rights issues and concerns in our city (St. Louis, MO), we here at Resonance Images have chosen to delay the posting of our concert photo shoot with Stoneburner from the previous weekend. We feel this past week it has been very important for our city and its citizens to use all of our attention and resources to address the issue of police overreach and abuse of powers.

We here at Resonance Images are deep supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement. Because all lives matter. But black lives are under attack today from those who are tasked and sworn by oath to protect us all. This isn't anti-Police. This is anti-corrupt Police. Because we also support police officers; here at Resonance Images, our sister company Disonance Recordings, and Black Lives Matter itself. Many of our own family and friends here at Resonance Images are either currently, or have been, police officers themselves. Those going out there every day to make the streets safer have our prayers and our support.

We will be returning to our usual posts, with the photos from Stoneburner's amazing show posting tomorrow. And as we all heal and address this issue, we ask that everyone be safe. But just as important, it is time to stop and listen to our fellow citizens and to understand what they are saying. Because only together can we move on and make this life safe for everyone. Much love,

-Adam, Resonance Images


Are you guys ready for some more pics?...... An amazing show from Stoneburner coming up in a couple days!

Army Of The Universe 08/31/2017

Army Of The Universe - Official - at The Ready Room, May 22, 2017.


Some new pics on their way from Army of the Universe in a couple of days.....

Sumo Cyco 08/08/2017

Sumo Cyco at The Ready Room, May 22, 2017.

Ego Likeness 07/19/2017

Ego Likeness at The Crack Fox, May 29, 2017.

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