Holistic Yoga Nurse

Holistic Yoga Nurse

Private, semi-private and group yoga and fitness classes. Offerings; Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin and R Now, she shares her passion with others.

Dawn's Bio
Dawn's yoga journey began 15 years ago when she found the sweet balance of strength and mindfullness in her yoga practice supported by a loving yoga sangha (community). Dawn persued her love of yoga with 500 hrs RYT formal teacher training. Dawn teaches creative Vinyasa Flows as well as supported alternatives to traditional postures accomodating all bodies. Dawn offers classes that cha


Floyd Yoga Jam! One rhythm
I am blessed🙏🏽


OMG😍 Do yourself a favor and read this beautiful book.


“I counted my years and found that I have less time to live from here on than I have lived up to now.
I feel like that child who won a packet of sweets: he ate the first with pleasure, but when he realized that there were few left, he began to enjoy them intensely.
I no longer have time for endless meetings where statutes, rules, procedures and internal regulations are discussed, knowing that nothing will be achieved.
I no longer have time to support the absurd people who, despite their chronological age, haven't grown up.
My time is too short: I want the essence, my soul is in a hurry. I don't have many sweets in the package anymore.
I want to live next to human people, very human, who know how to laugh at their mistakes and who are not inflated by their triumphs and who take on their responsibilities. Thus human dignity is defended and we move towards truth and honesty
It is the essential that makes life worth living.
I want to surround myself with people who know how to touch hearts, people who have been taught by the hard blows of life to grow with gentle touches of the soul.
Yes, I'm in a hurry, I'm in a hurry to live with the intensity that only maturity can give.
I don't intend to waste any of the leftover sweets. I am sure they will be delicious, much more than what I have eaten so far.
My goal is to reach the end satisfied and at peace with my loved ones and my conscience.
We have two lives and the second begins when you realize you only have one. "
Mario de Andrade

Spiritual Hope, with Tara Brach 04/11/2022

A beautiful soul🙏🏽

Spiritual Hope, with Tara Brach Spiritual Hope, with Tara Brach [live-streamed on 06/24/2020]Spiritual hope opens us to possibility and energizes us to manifest our potential for love and w...


Lessons from my garden.
The power of choice. Life over death. When given the choice, this little plant, with an abundant will to thrive, chose to live🙏🏽

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Imbalance in the body leads to imbalance in the saddle. Let me help you gets things straightened out.😊 If you have a group of 5 or more I can come to you. Yoga in the aisle! $10/student.
Yoga is a great pre-show or event tune up. Send me a message or a text.


Such a beautiful artist.




Good morning beautiful souls. Just a little reminder of what’s truly important 🙏🏽


Yoga and Movement for Equestrians. No matter how good your cues are, if you don’t have accurate body awareness and sharp focus, you can’t make the necessary corrections. Yoga will expand your skill set and help to guide you to self-correct. Monday we will address the core. Your core involves your pelvic floor (which is an incredibly complex system in itself), your deep abdominal muscles, transverse abdominis, deep lower back muscles, and diaphragm. It’s much more nuanced than most people think, and it doesn’t like to be constricted.
All together with the spine, these components create a container for your abdominals, and that container likes to move and breathe – not be sucked in.
The whole goal with strengthening your core is to create a dynamically stable spine that allows you to move safely and efficiently, with good force absorption and low transfer.
So, the goal is healthy, easy movement – great.
What makes the task of dynamically activating your core complicated is that all these muscles have three tasks to do at the same time…
Breathe, stabalize and move. Your body has to be synchronized and fluid. It’s not about sucking your belly in, which actually makes it harder to move and breathe.
I’m happy to teach riders in their own barn. Bring some friends.

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hosted her first two day-long retreats this past weekend. She crafted a schedule and cultivated a container that promoted healing, levity, and sisterhood. Her husband and my father made it all possible (as he always does) by helping her envision the possibility and supporting her all the way through to being resident chef.

A theme that kept coming up is one worth sharing. We want healing to be climactic, a rush of released emotion or a moment of epiphany. We want to throw our wounds and teachers into the fire and rise as a Phoenix to fly away brighter and.. *whole* and *healed.*

What we often find, however, is that we meet our selves, our lessons, and our teachers again and again. Each time we approach from a slightly or vastly different angle. We understand a new dimension that was before hidden from our perception. We peel back the truth in pieces- sometimes monumental and sometimes microscopic.

Transforming is not a flash-bang experience. It is not linear. It is not predictable. What matters is that transmutation and transformation are possible. We can choose to walk our path towards home. And though that path is always ours alone, it is easier and less frightening and far more FUN when we walk our paths together.

I'm grateful to have my feet upon my path again. And for the sisters who I have met once again on my journey. I am most grateful to be traveling alongside my mother, a woman who is rising from her own fires- physical, historical, and spiritual. Together we have been able to do the work of lifetimes in the last decade or so. And even longer before that, if less consciously. So thank you, Beautiful Mama, for your wisdom and companionship on the road to Home.


Thank you all for your interest in this retreat. The retreat is full!!
If you and your tribe are interested in a private group experience please message me.

I’m hosting 2 one day Yoga Retreats! A retreat is a chance to step back from the business of your daily life. A place to take refuge, find some space, and just take a pause to breathe.
Space is limited: 3 spots left for Saturday and 5 for Sunday.

Watch this reel by natasha.s.day on Instagram 10/19/2021

It all you!

Watch this reel by natasha.s.day on Instagram etkfit • Nobody is coming.


I’m hosting 2 one day Yoga Retreats! A retreat is a chance to step back from the business of your daily life. A place to take refuge, find some space, and just take a pause to breathe.
Space is limited: 3 spots left for Saturday and 5 for Sunday.


We are all wishing on the same stars! Let us please share some compassion and help each other when we can.


Change nothing and nothing changes🧐


Thought for the day;
Do not shrink yourself to fit into spaces you’ve outgrown


I what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it!


The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.
….Anna Quindlen


Let your home be one of kindness, love and gratitude🙏🏽


Author : Morgan Harper Nichols

Taking charge of your mental health | Cheryl Tan | TEDxYouth@NgeeAnnPolytechnic 09/12/2021

Such an important message regarding mental health. Please share

Taking charge of your mental health | Cheryl Tan | TEDxYouth@NgeeAnnPolytechnic Cheryl is an imperfect human with an infectious laugh. She has dedicated her life to uncover the dark and light within herself, constantly expanding her inne...


Music by Sok Hwee Tay. Such a delightful soul.


Early birders this is a great opportunity for an AM yoga practice. Join my friend Sydney for some Power at Aiken Yoga.

Hey everyone! I am so excited to announce that I am going to be teaching a Power Flow class on the reg now! Join me every Monday and Wednesday at Aiken Yoga from 7am-8am!

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Kittens, yoga and an opportunity to help the animals.🥰


by Angi Sullins

When they want to
control you
they do not come
with shackles
made of iron
they come instead
with cages made
of shame and story
like the one
about the woman
who earned crisis
for her curiosity
so tempted by a life
of wisdom and independence
she caused the downfall
of all civilization

Women are dangerous,
says the shame story of Eve
they cannot
be trusted and
should not
trust themselves

Give a woman
free choice and
she’ll eat the fruit
tempt the man
enrage the god
she’ll destroy us all
with her mad desire
to know
to discover
to understand
her self
her world
her maker
give a woman any freedom
and she’ll follow
her curiosity
shape her
own story
seek truth beyond
the dictates
of order and obedience

she will wreck
your carefully controlled mandates
your reign of tightness
she will unmake
your holy wars
of right and wrong
and infuse the realm with
choice and instinct
empathy outranking rules
creativity eclipsing war
sovereignty subsuming
blind servitude

When you want to know
like Eve
when you have a taste
for truth
and a hunger for wisdom
you have to question
the stories
test the facts
rattle the cage
who profits from you
believing a lie?
who benefits because you
believe you are both
cause and curse?

they have tried
to burn you
with their shame
strip you
violate you
shrink you
silence you
but they could not break
your phoenix spirit
its fierce heat
will melt old regimes
and enflame a generation
who will not settle
for smallness
for submission
for shame

sink your self into
the feathered
red sleeve
of your ancestors
and rise, woman
rise again
for you are
Persephone’s Daughter
Lilith’s lover
Eve’s heir

find the truth
eat the fruit
unmask the myth
let it burn

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Women’s Circle is a beautiful celebration of sisterhood. If you want to explore a personal Circle of friends, I am willing to host and facilitate. I have the perfect space🙏🏽

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I what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it!




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