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Fresh Start Doula

Hey there! My goal as a doula is to make your pregnancy and birthing experience smooth as possible.


Good morning everyone!


Such a joy!

Doula | Fresh Start Doula | United States 10/13/2023

Having a baby soon and want extra support? Fresh Start Doula is here to help. Is it my website

Doula | Fresh Start Doula | United States Welcome to Fresh Start Doula Fresh Start Doula is a company that helps expecting couples go through the last weeks of pregnancy, labor, and the first week home smoothly.


C-Sections are just as important as vaginal births. Fresh Start Doula is here to help you through both.


C-Section births are just as important as vaginal births. As a doula I can help you before, during, and after labor. Every birth is a fresh start!


No one wears this scar more proudly than I do. As a doula, I’m here to support the decision of the mothers and fathers. Fresh Start Doula is here for you.


If your little one is looking for the next little one, no need to be scared, just hire a doula!!!


There may be some mamas out there struggling with getting pregnant, don’t give up! It’s still possible.


I know you’re tired mama, but you got this! It’s so important that your baby has time to finish “baking” before he/she comes into this world. So, hold tight and enjoy the last few weeks of feeling your little love on the inside.


Fresh Start Doula is always here to help!

Naomi Campbell Welcomes Her Second Child at 53 07/01/2023

It’s never too late to birth a blessing!

Naomi Campbell Welcomes Her Second Child at 53 "It’s never too late to become a mother," Campbell wrote in a post announcing her son’s arrival. The supermodel welcomed her first child in May 2021. Learn more about her new addition here.


This is one of the most painful things I’ve endured. I had to go through it twice but I’d do it all over again for my babies. As a doula, I can help you before, during, and after this process. Fresh Start Doula is here for you.


My first baby I helped into this world! Fresh Start Doula for the win!


You don’t have to go through this alone! Fresh Start Doula is here to help!


As a doula, I give every mom and mother to be a very big Happy Mother’s Day!


Love helping parents birth their little one into this world! It’s such a blessing!



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We encourage partner participation and offer them reassurance during the labor process.

Having a doula takes some of the pressure of your partner so they can enjoy the experience, instead of trying to remember all those comfort techniques from childbirth education class alone. Also, having an extra person to emotionally reassure the birthing person is extremely helpful.

Doulas have witnessed and participated in numerous births and therefore know what to expect. We are the "calm in the storm" when things feel overwhelming, intimidating, or downright scary. Not only do we aim to keep the birthing person comfortable and relaxed, but also the partner!


Did you know numerous studies have documented the benefits of having a doula present during labor?

A 2017 Cochrane Review, (Continuous Support for Women During Childbirth) showed that with doula support, birthing people consistently report having a more positive and satisfying childbirth experience.

We know that what sticks with parents most, is not the outcome of their birth (whether vaginal, cesarean, interventions, or no interventions), but how they felt they were treating during the experience.

Birthing people have a right to feel like the driver and not the vehicle during the birthing process. Feeling like you have options and some control or choices, helps lessen fear and increases overall satisfaction.


Accessible. Reliable. Committed.

These are all words that come to mind when I think of what makes doula support so valuable. There are enough unknowns when it comes to birth and parenting without having to gamble on whether or not you will have support along the way.

We welcome those 2:00 AM wake-up calls when you're questioning if your water has broken or if it's time to head to your birth location. We understand that support is necessary around the clock and at a moment's notice... not just during the typical "9-5" business hours.

Pregnancy and birth come with a roller coaster of emotions. We are the people you can trust to share those intense feelings with.

You can always count on your doula!


You know your family... we know birth & early parenting. With a doula's unwavering nonjudgmental support and your unique preferences, an amazing team is "born!"

Everyone feels more confident when they are well supported. You're in the driver's seat when you have a doula. We are the experts in options and we present them to you for you to make your own individual choices.

We take the time to listen. You don't have to worry about your doula offering unsolicited advice or questioning the decisions you make along the way. Doulas have your back!


We notice when you're holding tension in your face or when you're clenching your fists. We remind you to use the restroom and we put your water bottle up to your lips in between contractions. We make sure your environment is as calm as possible by dimming the lights and playing your favorite music.

We sense when you're feeling anxious or scared and help you work through those very real emotions.

We know when to speak to you in a gentle voice and when you need more of an upbeat, "let's do this" attitude. We know that certain times call for silence and other times call for verbal encouragement (and how to know the difference).


Doulas are experts at helping parents dig deep. Deeper bonds with your partner, deeper connections with your care providers, deeper understanding of the birth and postpartum process.

Doulas acknowledge your past experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today. We hold space for you to express all emotions, whenever you feel the need to. Facing your feelings head on during your pregnancy and birth, will help you tremendously.

Empathy is the only way we can beat shame and allow for vulnerability. You can count on your doula to never judge your feelings or your choices.

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