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A friend of mine wants a three bedroomed house
GOOD WORK DDC. Think we van work together. Am Jackson Muhairwe on 0772608020/0704608020
Good morning
Help me and tell me with all this finnished house how much money can it take, thnx
Any latest designs for single rooms please
Love every bit of it!
Ramani/ujenzi/ukarabati wasiliana nasi 0624004650

Common wash room
Master bedroom
3normal bed room
Study room
Beautiful container house design
Contact us to get yours
What is your idea on this plan
no mach i can say anless 2 apreciate all u do 2 sarv us

We pride ourselves on working with clients to find innovative solutions to traditional construction problems and applying the latest information technology to help drive efficiencies and reduce waste in our processes without compromising on quality.

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DECOR Design Constructors 17/09/2021

DECOR Design Constructors

You can always reach us on whasup. Thanks and blessed weekend.

DECOR Design Constructors We pride ourselves on working with clients to find innovative solutions to traditional construction problems and applying the latest information technology to help drive efficiencies and reduce waste in our processes without compromising on quality.

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How it started. Just keep your eyes glued here.


Water fountain

At your service.

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You need it! We are at your service.


You need it! We are at your service.


You have leakage problems, we have the permannet medicine.


You may be suffering from stubborn leakages in your house or office. Any leakage you make think of DDC has the best solution for you.






Today we want to talk to the corporates by answering this question.

Why is it that most coporates still rent while most hustlers in the informal sector doesn't?

Very likely reasons.
1. Very few corporates join saccos or saving schemes where they can be saving periodically. Try telling a corporate to save 10k a day, to them thats so pedestrian thought. The hustlers are in all sorts of saving schemes and they join many of these "10k a day" schemes.

2. The burden of dreaming big. Whereas it is okay to dream big, it is also okay to start small. Few corporates want to start small, they wait for big money to invest. Money invested today is better than money invested tomorrow. Hustlers are not afraid to start small.

3. Risk averse. Corporates are more risk averse than hustlers. Those guys bite the bullet and invest in risky ventures which do pay off. Corporates ask for NPV, IRR and a host of other things.
We should all not be hustlers but corporates can learn a lot from the hustlers.

4. Lifestyle- corporates have standards, etiquette, appearances to keep, most of which are a scam. Pressure on corporates to dress and live a certain way is high. Colleagues will pressure you to buy 'assets' that r liabilities or bad assets like cars. Hustlers rarely have these.

By @Vicmwenya a.k.a NzeEdwards.

What other reasons do you think adds to this list? Put in the comment section.


Seguku here we are.


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[07/30/20]   Low cost 3 bedroom house with basic finishes.

You have a plot of land? Dont you get scared to start construction. MATERIALS needed for a standard 3 BEDROOM HOUSE.

Cement 260 bags =6,760,000
Plaster Sand 8 trips forward =1,280,000
Lake sand 7 trips = 1,610,000
Agregate 3 trips forward = 780,000
Burnt clay Bricks for foundation walling 2240 pcs = 1,120,000
Local Burnt bricks for super structure walling 11,000pcs = 2,750,000
Hardcore 3 trips forward= 660,000
Gladiator (Anti termite) =56,000
BRC Mesh = 480,000
8 * 2 Timber for form work = 150,000
DPM = 80,000
DPC = 120,000
Round poles = 320,000
Y12 22pcs = 792,000
Rings 10 pcs = 180,000
Bindimg wire 10 kgs = 50,000

Roof (Flat roof)

Roof covering (ordinary profile iron sheet coloured gauge 30) 42pcs = 1,764,000
Hoop iron 6 rolls = 320,000
Assorted Nails 50kgs = 300,000
Assorted Timber = 1,800,000
Expanded wire mesh 12 bandules = 360,000


Main entrance Steel door= 550,000
Back steel door = 300,000
Windows 7 pcs with glazing = 2,750,000
Wooden interior doors and frames 9pcs = 2,600,00

Kitchen Boards and sinks =400,000
Closet boards = 700,000
Paints & undercoat & brushes/rollers =2,200,000
Tiling (optional coz we are dealing with low cost) = 1,100,000

All plumbing materials and appliances =2,200,000
Electric materials and fittings = 2,800,000
Labour = 8,600,000
Transportation = 300,000/-
Misceleneous = 2,000,000
TOTAL Ugx 47,840,000

You need more information and inquiries pls dont you hesitate to contact us.

Yes and plans that will work within the above budget we are at your service.

[email protected]

Whasup +256 776 327245

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Our passion!


For you to do something better you must be that something first.

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DDC at work in Mukono.


May God keep each and everyone of you safe from any harm and danger.

We are persuaded we shall overcome.

Keep safe. Stay from harm's way. Stay at home.


Today marks the beginning of History as the 1st, World Engineering Day. There are main topics the day will aim to recognize and celebrate. The goals of World Engineering Day have been outlined as:

1. To demonstrate the role of engineers and engineering
2. To develop solutions to climate change.
3. To raise the profile of engineering and technology, and its role in improving the quality of life worldwide, and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
4. To encourage dialogue between engineers and decision makers, industry leaders, scientists, non-governmental organizations and the public at large on issues relating to climate change and sustainable development.
5. To enable policies and solutions to address the world’s most pressing problems using engineering and improve dialogue between citizens, engineers and policy-makers.
6. To encourage, more young people, especially girls, to consider engineering as a career.

“Engineers are often not very good at articulating the value of what we do for society. That’s a problem, because engineering is critical to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals” said Dr Kanga, during her opening address at the World Engineers Convention last year.

“As we all face the impacts of climate change, environmental crises, our growing cities like artificial intelligence, we’re going to need more engineers.”

As a sign of supporting item 6 above, Decor Design Constructors (DDC) is inviting that one very needy girl who has just sat for her S6 last year and her qualifications would enable her to take a Diploma course in any engineering filed, to send her details to our email address below for considerations for a scholarship.
[email protected]

The company will do a comprehensive background check on the candidates to ascertain that the candidate picked is truly a very needy candidate.

Sent details to
[email protected]


4 bedroom massionette. Very economical and effective. Saying that it will cost our dear client 143m turn key will sound unbeliveable BUT its true just imagine.

Our whasup and call number still remains the same +256776327245



Yes! You Need it, We Do it. Three bedroom house. Very Economical, Effective and Efficient.

For any enquiries pls call or
Whasup +256776327245



Do it yourself!

You have decided to use your own builders and you buy them materials as they provide labour, you should be able to know the amount of cement required for plastering a Particular Area covered. Knowing this will prevent you from running into losses. We will explain to you how to calculate the amount of cement require for plastering.

We use the following mix ratio below for plastering

Wall plastering = 1:6
Ceiling plastering = 1:4
External wall plastering = 1:4
Internal wall plastering = 1:5
Repair wall plastering = 1:3
All in {Cement : Sand}

Plastering range i.e. thickness = 12mm – 15mm
12mm/1000 = 0.012m
Calculating bags of cement require for 100m2
Volume of plastering = 100m2 * 0.012m
= 1.2m3

Using mix ratio 1:6
Total ratio = 7
Cement ratio = 1/7
= 0.143
1.2m3 * 0.143 = 0.171m3
Addition of bulk moisture 35%
0.35 * 0.171m3 = 0.06m3
Addition of waste 20%
0.20 * 0.171m3 = 0.034m3

Total = 0.171m3 + 0.06m3 + 0.034m3
= 0.265m3
1 bag of cement (density) = 1440kg/m3
Weight of cement = 50kg
= 50/1440 = 0.0347m3
No. of bags of cement = 0.265/0.0347
= 7.67bags

100m2 area covered = 7.67 bags

1 bag of cement will cover 13.04m2 Area

Now assuming 50m2 area is require to be plaster on site. Calculating the amount of cement to be use will be
50m2 area covered = X bag
X = 3.83bags

3.83 or approx 4 bags of cement will be require to plaster 50m2 Area.

Area = L × w (which is height in this case of wall)

Whasup/call +256776327245


From our In box

"Hello DDC team! I have a plot of 50 by 100, between Bungalow and Maisonnette which one would you advice.?"
We feel that this question might be representing many, we thought it wise to post the answer here.
We answer as follows;

Points to consider in making maximum return on Investment on a 50 by 100 feet plot: A comparison between Bungalow and Maisonette floor. When putting up bungalow type houses either for sale or residential in the 1/8th 50 by 100 feet plots in towns. Consider the following:

These houses are going for between Ugx 150 million to 250 million each, depending on several factors such as the floor area of the house and quality of finishes and workmanship. Most of these houses are 3-4 bedroom with an average floor area of 100 m2.

Bungalows are single dwelling residential houses that have only 1 level-ground floor while Maisonettes are single dwelling residential houses that have two levels that's ground floor and 1st floor.

Savings on Land.
In the construction of a bungalow in the 50 by 100 plot, the floor area is spread laterally on the ground. For example, a 100m2 house will have all the floor area on the ground floor level. This means that in the 50×100 plot, there will be less out-door space since the house covers a large space.

In the maisonette type design, the house floor area is spread vertically. If the total floor area is say 100m2, 50m2 [living room, kitchen, dining room] will be on the ground floor and the rest of the 50m2 [bedrooms] will be on the 1st floor.

This means that there will be more ground floor space in this design. This saving of space can be utilized to either give the unit more garden space or to construct a similar unit. If the house is for an individual for his own use, he can use the extra saved ground for garden space or for future development. If the house is being constructed by a developer for sale, the developer can construct a similar sized house and sell it. This way, he will have reaped more benefits since in the single 50×100 plot, he has developed 2 units as opposed to the bungalow style which can only accommodate 1 unit.

The foundation for a maisonette is cheaper since the area is reduced by half. For example, for a 100m2 floor area maisonette, the foundation area will be 50m2. For a 100m2 bungalow, the foundation floor area will be 100m2.

In a 100m2 floor area bungalow, the roof surface area will be approximately 150m2. In a 100m2 floor area maisonette, the roof surface area will be half the bungalow roof area-around 75m2. This means that there will be savings in terms of roof material, ceiling and timber roof trusses.

Cost of construction.
The cost of construction of a bungalow of 100m2 floor area will be the same for construction of a similar sized maisonette

You will say that in the maisonette design, there will be extra costs incurred due to the first floor suspended reinforced concrete slab!

Take note this extra cost is cancelled out by the savings incurred due to use of less roof material, less foundation floor area, and the saving of ground floor space to cater for an additional house within the same plot. Maisonettes also give a sense of more security than the bungalows since the bedrooms are located upstairs which is inaccessible by burglars.

Most burglars use the soft spots of a building to gain access such as the roof and windows. Since the roof and windows are over 5 meters above the ground, this deters criminals from choosing maisonettes. Maisonettes look more imposing than bungalows hence a definition of class.
Therefore, maisonettes will give a better return on investment since they still leave more space for further development in the same 50 by 100 feet plot size as opposed to bungalows which use up a lot more ground space, more aesthetically appealing and are less prone to burglary attacks.

You have any construction related questions please feel to reach unto us.


Call or Whasup
+256 706 327245
+256 776 327245
+256 706 746868


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You can construct a comfortable home with a monthly income of Ugx 800,000

In Summary

Once you own your home you do not have to worry about being given an eviction notice or asked to leave by the landlord. You are under no obligation to any agent or landlord and neither you do you have to worry about shifting or finding another home because you will never have to move out. So it is only wise to invest as much as one can on acquiring a dwelling of their own.

Yes you can!

A salary of Shs 800,000 is a head-start in most companies but it is as good as useless for most young corporates. Renting a modest two-roomed house alone goes for Shs 250,000 in the surrounding areas of the city, including upcountry towns. Factor in the expenses of food, transport and the must-have of entertainment and the salary is completely wiped out.

In fact, young people this age, fresh from university, usually have to solicit for bail-outs from parents or they borrow, making the situation even grimmer with debts to pay. Completely convinced they cannot survive on this amount for 30 days, the mention of building a house in itself is like too much ambition, a scaling a wall of sorts.

Some will think about it but relegate it for later upon promotion or a new better paying job. Six years down the road and approaching 30, a girlfriend, a baby probably and a take home of Shs 1.2m and the money will still not be enough. 10 more years with two or three children going to school and the now 40-year-old has probably only managed to purchase a plot of land with gritted teeth.

Get off your high horse

But people have built homes on much lesser incomes, so getting a home is not an indomitable achievement of a select few with seven figure salaries. In fact, this amount is roughly the only take home for most civil servants on a U3 salary scale without allowances, but if you start out immediately, you can enjoy the benefits of owning a home by age 30.

With Shs 7m, you can acquire a 50 X 100 ft. plot of land that has a land title in a radius of 30 km from the city centre. Newspaper croc sections are awash with plots at this cost affluent neighborhoods. Today in Gayaza, Mukono and Sseguku were costing this very amount about 7-9 years ago, so do not despair about buying so far away from the city since the city is expanding daily.

The trick however is in adjusting your lifestyle downwards if you’re serious about owning a home. For example, get off your high-horse and start renting a one-roomed house which is cheaper and makes certain that you put aside something for your dream home. “If you cut down on expenses in other areas as well, you may be able to save at least Shs 250,000 per month. In about a year and a-half, you will have a plot of land.

Now that you have land…

Acquiring a building plan complete with approval from authorities will take you Shs 800,000, another five or six months of stringent saving, a much needed virtue for this dream. We are now about two years down.

A modest house of two bedrooms, a living room and a small kitchen, with the toilet and bathroom outside, which is realistic in this case, will need about 6,000 bricks. With each costing Shs 300, you can buy these in five months and put them at the site.
In some areas however, bricks go for Shs 400, but to avoid this cost, you can make bricks on site, and these will cost Shs 170 each.

A bag of cement at the moment goes for Shs 28,000 and such a house needs about 40 bags. So in another five months, you will have deposited money, say with hardware world, worth 40 bags ready to start. This is another year for bricks and cement, a total of three years now on the project.

You will also need 4 trips of lake sand at Shs 220,000 and 2 trips of plaster sand at Shs 200,000 and after this you will now have everything you need to start building. For labour, it is best to get a person who will charge you one wholesome fee for building the house up to the ring beam, at appoint when it’s ready for roofing.

This will cost you between Shs 3.2-4.3m, an amount you do not have to fork out in one go. You will also need iron bars, 12 in this case for this house all of them at a cost of shs 400,000. The sand, bars and labour charge will take you another year, but you will now have a house built to the ring beam at the end of four years.

This kind of house will need about 25 ordinary iron sheets each going for Shs 37,000. You will also need nails and timber, of which you can get used timber that is just as good at a cheaper price, and this will take you another six months. Save up for another six months for 20 bags of cement to do the floor and the plastering and you will have your shell house at the end of five years.

Three windows each going for Shs280, 000 will take another three months of saving. Excavation of a latrine will go for Shs180, 000, and you will also need about 1000 bricks, 6 bags of cement and three iron sheets for your exterior latrine and bathroom. Six years down and you will be staying in your own home.

Factor in another year for miscellaneous expenses and we are counting seven years down. At this point, though I strongly discourage the notion of taking a loan at any point in building a home, a loan can help to quickly roof the house, move in and then the money that you've been using to rent can be used to service the loan. So in Seven years you can enter your modest house.

Diversification yields quicker results

However, we have never built a house for anyone who is using the salary this way. Although this is possible, it could take upto 15 years for someone who wants a three-bedroomed self-contained house, the ultimate definition of modesty for most people. Our advice; diversify.

Poultry Keeping:

Save Shs3m in a year and start a poultry farm. Rent land at Shs 500,000, use Shs 600,000 to put up your chicken house, buy your first batch of feeds at shs 300,000 and use the balance to buy 600 layer chicks which go for Shs 2,500 each.
In six months, you can sell off these chickens at Shs 10,000 each after selling eggs along the way at a tune of Shs5m (I have used 500 assuming 100 died). You can buy the plot of land, lay a foundation, and using your poultry farm as collateral, get a loan and purchase 1,000 layer chicks this time and repeat your six months cycle.

Goat Keeping:

You can also buy a she-goat at Shs 100,000 each month and entrust them with someone in the village. Goats produce twice a year and in six months, a young one is ready for sale at the same price. You can achieve your dream faster this way or through a small catering business supplying sambusas and chapatis.

In all, a dream home is achievable whether through disciplined savings or diversification.
Single Room self

This type is flexible it can fit even in the smallest piece of land. Depending on the size of the land and desires of a client all can work, however the cost of construction can also be affected by the nature of land.

Differences in cost occur where there is different topography of the land. For instance if the land needs grading you may incur an extra price due to the foundation difference.

But a simple single self-contained house can go for approximately sh6.8m to sh8.5m.

You may need about 25 bags of cement for such a house if you lay a slab and about 20 bags without a slab to make it up to the ring beam.

You need around eight 3 meter iron sheet pieces for a minimal single self-contained house to be complete.

Let us take you through in the phases and prices

Building materials

One room can take 3,000 bricks and if each one costs sh300 then it will cost you sh900,000. Fine sand two trips costs sh220,000, coarse sand two trips sh220,000.
It can take 30 bags of cement and each costs sh28,000, dump proof membrane one roll will cost you sh90,000, gravel one trip at sh200,000.

In case you need hard core one trip cost will cost you Shs280,000, hoop iron one roll can cost sh95,000.


Roofing timber can cost you sh750,000, iron sheets will cost you sh640,000 and roofing nails will cost sh30,000


You have to account for tools as well, a hoe costs sh14,000, a spade sh22,000, a wheel barrow sh120,000, a pick axe sh18,000, mortar pans sh10,000 and a panga costs sh13,000.

Other things

Scaffolding poles 15 can be enough and each costs sh4,000, nails 3-inch, 5 kgs each at sh4,500, nails of 4-inch the same price and 5-inch are also at the same price.

Builder’s string one roll is enough and it costs sh35,000, anti-termite treatment one item costs sh28,000. Water might cost sh150,000 and lastly you may need a store which may cost more than sh300,000.

This one room may cost approx Ugx 13.86M up to roofing stage. Add another 2.8M for window, doors, floor tiles and plumbing works.

when hiring contractors, it is wise to always get multiple bids from different contractors so that you can easily compare prices, and require bidders to break-down their prices to give you a clear picture.

Plot 90 Kanjokya Hse, Kanjokya Street – Kamwokya.
Tel/Whasup. +256 776 327 245
Email: [email protected]



Formation and Profile


DDC at its inception in 2015 saw the start of a philosophy based on uncompromising quality, service excellence and dedication to clients’ needs. Our prestigious reputation is proof that we have been highly successful in meeting our objectives. We are proud to be the preferred specialists to many leading financial Institutions that offer Mortgages to home builders in Uganda.


Architectural & Structural Designs, Engineering works, Construction Services, Interior and Exterior Design works, Refurbished Container houses and offices,



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Opening Hours

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