Altech computer solutions uganda

Altech computer solutions uganda


My computer is too slow problem solved

The first step to fixing a slow computer is to verify that your machine is the actual source of the problem. Videos that seem to buffer forever, and websites that take ages to load, may not be your computer’s fault. Geek Squad agent Derek Meister claims that many people mistakenly identify a slow system as the problem when “it’s actually not the computer, [but] their broadband connection.” See “Downloads are taking forever” below for instructions on how to use to diagnose a slow connection.

If the problem is your PC, check whether you have plenty of free space on the hard drive holding your operating system. Windows needs room to create files while your system is running. If your hard drive is maxed out, performance suffers. Now is the perfect time to clear some space. If your computer’s operating system resides on an overstuffed C: drive, clearing out some space could boost OS performance.

Microsoft’s System Configuration tool is your next-best bet for tackling slow performance. Many applications launch automatically when your machine boots up, which can stretch out boot time—especially on older, slower PCs. Make a habit of trimming the startup items. Open the tool by pressing Windows-R, typing msconfig, and pressing the Enter key.

Checking the Startup Item and Manufacturer columns is the best way to figure out which potential performance-killers you can safely disable. Avoid messing with any of the services and programs that have Microsoft Corporation listed as the manufacturer. Items such as AdobeAAMUpdater, Google Update, Pando Media Booster, Spotify, and Steam Client Bootstrapper are all fair game. Regardless, err on the side of caution: If you’re not sure what the program or service does, don’t disable it.

Once you’ve made all your changes, click OK and restart the computer. It should boot up quicker and feel noticeably faster.
Do you have a computer that really disturbs you in all you have to use it for? Do you feel like carrying it to a workshop is a burden? Altech computer solutions Uganda have brought the solution directly to your home.. simply give us a call on 0751 872035 or 0702 913454 and

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Introduction to laravel

Learn laravel with altech computer solutions uganda..
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In this tutorial we are going to learn how to Install laravel and make our machines ready for Use in laravel.


You have a mifi.. is it bricked to one line.. eg to vodafone?? do u want it to be unlocked?? Altech computer solutions uganda can Unlock your Mifi router such that all other networks can work on it.. simply send us a message. or give us a cal


Getting few Customers? feeling like giving up on work? please don't give up. The solution is right here, Get your Business a website that will be visible all over the world. Altech computer solutions Uganda are here to develop for your business a good and cheap website. Simply contact us on 0702 913454 or 0751872035 or visit our website and get more information about us


Why your business needs a website

Hello Altech subscribers. Today we bring you one of the reasons why your business has got such a small customer and client reach and one of its solutons is simply having a website,
For more details call 0702913454/ 0751872035

[07/21/18]   Hello altechians, did you know that your computer has more than one processors but it operates only on one??

Today we shall learn how to make it operate on all the processors..

1. press the windows button + the R button and type msconfig.

2. after boot change to the number of processors you want to use, note it will require you to first reboot your machine.. this will increase your machine speed.

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Altech Computer Solutions Uganda

Is your computer Disturbing you, do you want to find a solution without going to a mechanic for repair, Altech has gotten a solution for you, simply visit our you tube page using the link below , check for the solution. if not found, comment it on any video and we post a solution for you. Please don't forget to subscribe 14/07/2018

Tips on buying computer portable laptops Tips and information on buying a portable laptop computer.


Hello Altecians. Take a look at our new customer services rendered specifically for your convenience. We are just a call away.
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Altech computer solutions uganda


How to change the start menu of your Operating System

Are you a windows 10 or 8,8.1 user, does the start menu Disturb you, learn how to change the start menu of your windows to look like that of windows 7 through watching this tutorial to the end..


How to improve the speed of your computer

In this tutorial, you will learn how to Improve the speed of your machine without downloading any software..


Check and save computer specifications

Learn how check and save specifications of your Computer. This helps you know which materials a technician has taken from your computer since some tend to change the specifications when the machine is left with them


Bye bye Adult films

Have you ever wondered why small kids watch p**n? Did you know that sometimes they do watch it not because they want but due to typing errors in the search engines it comes up.. Now here is a simple way to block p**n to avoid watching it accidentally.. Watch the tutorial to the end.. Thank you


Screen shot of your Screen

Hello Subscribers, I am going to take you through how to take a screen shot of your screen without downloading any software


Unresponsive Touchpad solved:
Unresponsive Touchpad is one that won't allow you to click, move cursor or double click.. it mainly happens in Acer computers when you try to change windows say from 7 to windows 8,8.1,10 etc.. the following are the steps taken to solve it..
Method 1:

1. By use of a working internet, visit google and download the touchpad drivers for your computer..
2. Install the touch pad drivers and restart your computer...

Method 2:
Your laptop touchpad might be accidentally disabled by you or someone else. In this case, you need to enable your touchpad to make it work again.
On most Acer laptops, to enable touchpad you should press the Fn key and F6 or F7 (the function key with a touchpad icon on it) on your keyboard at the same time...

Method 3:

Update your bios to the most upto date bios..
If all the above solutions fail, please seek assistance from Altechcsu technicians by simply calling us on 070291454/0751872035


Solutions to computer failing to turn on when switched on
1. Check to make sure that the power cable is plugged into a working outlet or power strip.
2. Try using another power cable if you have another, try using it.
3. Check and make sure that the power button isn't stuck.
4. If it's a laptop, disconnect the power adapter from the laptop, and then remove the battery as well. Wait 60 seconds and then reinsert the battery and also reconnect the power adapter. Then try to turn the laptop on once again
5. Also check for blown cable power fuses and replace them.
6. Most power shortage problems are tecnical so calling in a computer technician is the needful.
Call 0751872035/ 070291345 for more Tech support.


Have you ever wondered why your computer keeps on slowing? Altech CSU brings you some quick solutions you can try out to save your day..
1. Make sure that your computer is up to date by connecting it to the internet and enabling automatic updates and installation.

2. Make sure that your PC hard disk isnt running low on memory. if so you can delete unwanted stuff like movies, music etc. Or upgrade your hard disk to a higher storage capacity.

3. Viruses have played a big role in slowing down modern day computers. Viruses can be avoided by installing up to date anti viruses and regular scans.
Avoid opening flash drives before scanning them..

4.Updating your computer hardware in terms of RAM, processing power, storage etc will help in speeding up your PC to much the day today heavy resource needful softwares like Adobe cc, Fifa etc.

5. Some causes of a slow computer might be very technical like in the Motherboard, cabling etc. This is where PC professional comes in.
For more help and assistance reach us on 0702913454/ 0751872035


Hi Altech subscribers, One of the largest problems faced during the using of the internet is Limited Wifi connections.. Here as altech we have found a solution to this problem.. By helping to kick it out of uganda or your premises, please invite your freinds to like the page and share this page to help some one else.. Below are the solutions to the problem:

1- Visit Google , download driver pack for your computer and the install your drivers.. after installing the drivers, restart your computer and am sure it will help you.

if that didn't help you out, kindly follow this
2- Use an ethernet cable to connect to an internet connection, Update your windows and restart your computer..

If this doesn't help,

3-Open an admin-level command prompt in Desktop mode, type the following commands, and hit Enter after each command:
a- netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled
b- netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
c- netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled

Then type the following and hit Enter, to verify that practically all the settings are disabled.
d- netsh int tcp show global

Finally, reboot your machine and see if this helps.

You may also try this:

4- Open Command Prompt as Administrator and run the following commands

sc config licensemanager type=own

Restart the computer and see if it has helped.

If all the above problem fail, the problem maybe a technical problem such as Wifi adapter problem.. to solve such problems, call a technician at 0702913454 or 0751872035


Hello Altech CSU subscribers. in the next episode we are going to give you the commonest computer problems with a solution.
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Sometimes faulty computers are annoying and require a hefty budget to repair. But this is because we use them in a inappropriate manner. Here is part 3 of habits that harm our computers. Reach us on 0702913454 /0751872035 to talk to our tech Team.

1. Exposing the Computer to Heat
Exposing your computer to direct heat sources such as sunlight or heaters can cause severe damage. Electronic devices such as computers, produce heat, so adding more heat can cause plastic parts to melt, as well as solder. So make sure that you keep your computer nice and cool.

2. Putting Magnets on or near your Computer

Regular hard drives use a magnetic system to store data. Unshielded cables can experience magnetic interference, resulting in loss or corruption of data. Older CRT computer screens (not the LCD or LED kind) are also very susceptible to magnetic interference. What all that means is that magnets are bad for computers, so keep them away from each other

3. Hitting the Case
If you hear strange noises coming from inside the computer case, when the computer behaves sluggishly or when it stops reacting, many people feel that a good thump will fix the problem. Computers are full of delicate parts, and hitting them can cause these parts to become loose, cables to disconnect, and even break important parts. Next time you feel like hitting your computer, take a breath, switch it off, and let it rest for a minute before starting it up. If you hear strange noises, it can mean that something has gotten loose inside, so don’t wait and take it to a technician for a checkup.


Hello everybody. we've came back with part 2 of every day habits that harm our computers.
Don't hesitate to call us on 0702913454 /0751872035 for help.

1. Not Restarting After Installing New Software
When you install a new piece of software onto the computer, some may ask you to restart it. You may feel that it’s a waste of time, but these requests are not mere whims of developers. Some applications need to start up with the computer for them to function properly, so using them without the initial restart can result in them not working properly (or not at all). Even if you don’t have the patience for it, make it a habit of restarting your computer when prompted to.

2. Letting Pets Get Too Close to the Computer
If you’re a pet owner, you probably noticed that your pets like to use your computer as a pillow. Who can blame them? It’s nice and warm. You may find it adorable, but it’s actually very bad for your computer. Fur finds its way into the computer and can block the vents, or jam internal fans, causing the computer to overheat. So keep your furry friends away from your computer, and have it cleaned at least once a year


3. Installing Programs Automatically

You may not like to read the information in the various windows during a program installation, and many programs will offer to “save you the effort” and automatically install themselves. The problem arises when these programs install add-ons like unwanted toolbars on your computer, which will, at best slow it down, and at worst steal your information. Next time you install anything, take a moment to read what’s going on instead of just clicking “OK”.
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4. Opening the Computer Case When it’s Still Plugged In

It is recommended that you clean your computer every few months, clearing dust, and fur from the case. Some of us like to do it ourselves, but sometimes forget to unplug the computer from the power socket. While you may think that when the computer is off it’s safe to touch the insides, it is not. There still is a current running inside, and touching any electrified part may short-circuit the computer and damage it, or worse – electrocute you.

compiled by Altech csu 0702913454 /0751872035


Hello ladies and Gents. today i bring you. every day habbits that damage our computers. avoiding them will greatly extend our computers lives. Here we go..........

1. Blocking the Computer’s Vents
Trying to save space can often lead you to placing your computer close against the wall, desk, sofa, curtains, etc. The vents are vital in keeping the computer cool, and anything that blocks them may cause it to overheat. High temperatures damage the internal circuitry, so keeping the computer nice and cool by not blocking the vents should be a priority.

2. Cleaning the Screen with Liquids
When you want to clean your computer screen, you probably use a wet wipe or some basic cleaning detergent, but this may actually damage it. Any type of liquid can cause corrosion if it gets into the screen, and detergents (even natural ones) may damage the special coating on the screen. The best way to clean a computer screen is by using a dry microfiber cloth, or the same kind of cloth you use to clean your eyeglasses.

3. Pushing the CD/DVD Tray to Close it
Even I do this from time to time, instead of pushing the open/close button on the drive. You may think that these actions are the same, but when you apply force to the drive, you can break the opening and closing mechanism. So next time you’re closing the drive, use the button

4. Using the Same Password
It may be easy to remember your password this way, but it also makes it easy for hackers and criminals to log into your private information, or worse. You wouldn’t want to use the same key for your home, car, and bank account. If you hate remembering passwords, simply get a password management program like LastPass or LogMeOnce.


We are sorry for all inconveniences to Altech subscribers. our page is still under development. we are preparing something much bigger for all your computer problems.


Altech computer solutions uganda


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Do you have a computer that is hindering your daily work just because its faulty.
Then there is no need for looking for technicians alover Uganda to help you.
Altech is right here at your door to sort all computer problems at a fare price and on a time budget.
Reach us on 0751872035/ 0702913454. 11/11/2017

What Does “Dual Core” & “Quad Core” Mean? A long time ago, your CPU came with a single core. These days, most CPUs are at least dual core, and more likely quad core. But what does dual, quad, or octo-core even mean?


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How to change the start menu of your Operating System
How to improve the speed of your computer
Check and save computer specifications
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