KCS Science Club

KCS Science Club


Try on technology 0706643138
Try on technology 0706643138
See how come s
See how come s
I am the robot maker
I am the robot maker

This page is dedicated to bringing the latest news and info from science and tech world from Kyambogo college and around the world

Operating as usual

Photos from Crys photography's post 14/10/2021

Photos from Crys photography's post


Join the family and you won't regret it. Photography of nature at heart

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Architectural designs

Follow the page for more adventure to be discovered



Architectural designs

To all those hat have spared their time and energy and decided to move with us on this journey, its lots of love and gratitude as we ht 300 likes and still growing bigger. Here's a shot at what's been happening recently. please enjoy and don't forget to share our page to your other friends.


Find me on 0703121857/0780745135 but only if you mean business. This is serious and urgent


Am of the view that those that are willing and ready to give back, contact me or makumbi George coz we are planning to revisit our club for a resurrection in preparation for the exhibition at the sapphire celebrations come September. Thanks in advance. Don't miss out this is serious


Confirmatory test; the annual science xpo is on ds sato!kam in big nambas


Any one who kan gt m sm gd boxes(5) wil b d best pasn eva!!


Guys get ready, the expo is on this term! Ts our chans to make it big,massive and succesful! Thx


Guys av gt 2 speakers n wana mek head 4ns dat r sylnt.. if uv gt any idea inbox m via ds page plz thx


He changed water into wine,thats CHEMISTRY, He healed the sick by mere saying thats BIOLOGY,he created his own surface tension by walking on water & His own upward gravity by ascending into heaven, PHYSICS, prayer is the best mobile phone ICT,fed thousands,FOODS & NUTRION....::: God The Best Scientist....


Its Time To Retire So That We Can Retyre For Another Greater Journey. Guys It Was Nice Working With U As A Leader U've Taught Me What Really Leadership Is. #Vishal(presdent) #myres(vp) #josh(speaker) #andrew.k(sec) And The Rest Of The Cambinent Not To Forget The Family #TBAG shout out and respect to all of you guys. #allan_lesnar(publicity)


Confirmed Confirmedno Mo Anouncements, 11th July Is D Day [email protected] A Youth Shudnt Miss Coz Great Young Minds R Gona B Unleashed Whn Young Students Exhibit Wat U Cant Even Beleive By Hearing Bt By Seeing. Ts Nt A Sci-fi Bt Its A Real Lyf Exhibition. Cam En Witness D Great Things [email protected] Ur Fellow Students("imagine") Have Done. Ug Has Got Technology Beleive It O Not! Dats D SCIENCE CLUB EXPO.There Is Also Quiz So Expect To C Bains Boiling . B Blessd. Cam 1, Cam All!


Members D Science Xpo Has Been Postponed To 4th July Nxt Week. Sory 4 D Incovenience. Thx B Blessed


D Annual Science Club Exhibition Is Here Again On 27-june. Do U Wonder Of D Thngs U Watch On Tvs Seeing Pipo Makin Thngs [email protected] U Cnt Imagine? Dnt Worry, D Young Isaac Newtons Of Kyacosh Have G*t A Soln 4 Dis, Cam En See Wit Ur Naked Eyes Directly En Stop Arguing Over Media Staff! The Complex Science Has Been Disintergated Into Simplex Eg Cam En C Robots, Rockets, Achitecture, Chemical Reactions, Art And Design, D Biology Of A Living Thng Etc. "Miss At Ur Own Risk"


upcoming event: science exhibition on sat 27th jun 2015....entrance fee affordable, keep in tach 4 more details thanx...


There is one thing even more vital to Science than intelligent methods; and that is, the sincere desire to find out the truth, whatever it may be. Come and witness this at the Annual Science Fair 2015 at KYACOS on 27th June 2015.




Am In Need Ov A Strong Motor, If Any Pliz Contact Me. A Big Reward Awaits! Thnx


guys dont forget we are reflections of geniuses, so prepare 4 da exhibition


guys just cant believe it but finally tissue regeneration finally successfull


Newz NewzScience club z boiling samting fantabulous 4 u all studnts ov kcs en dats d QUIZ wch will involve Qns 4rm all aspects ov lyf. Cam Ready 2 Win En "Lunch Will B Provided At Xul" "Gifts Lyk ......... Will B Won" " D More Students U Bring 4 Quiz The More......." Cam 1 Cam AllInovation Z Our Priority.


Can U Beleive In D Whole AFRICA We Have Only 1 Satellite And Its In Nigeria Bt In Other Continets, Satellites R Becaming HouseHolds. AnYWe Scientists (engineers) Think Of Making 1 In Ug.


Unfortunately, the clock is
ticking, the hours are going by.
The past increases, the future
recedes. Possibilities decreasing,
regrets mounting. its now coz tomorrow z a mystery. #former president 2014


Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has
not yet come. We have only
today. Let us begin...guys we a waiting for innovations this year.#former president 2014


Science Is All About Reasoning Not About Guess Work So Guys Reason Out As Ur Trying To Invent Ur Own Invention. "Dont Drink And Drive"


Happy New Year to all...


Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all friends


Knowledge is being aware of what you
can do. Wisdom is knowing when not to do
it. ~Bisaso Edwin


I have not failed. I've just found 10,000
ways that won't work. ~Thomas A. Edison..the man who inverted a bulb failed more than 99times ..so the times of failure in our life is the measure of success in life


How can the Hubble Space Telescope look back in
time to see the Universe as it was billions of years
This episode of Hubblecast explores the vast scale
of our Universe, explaining how Hubble can be used
to grasp cosmic distances, view very distant
galaxies, and even explore our own past.


Try not to become a person of success,
but rather try to become a person of value.
~ Albert Einstein


Did U know that Ostriches can run faster than horses, and the male ostriches can roar like lions...


thnx for attending today's meeting


Great minds discuss ideas; average minds
discuss events; small minds discuss people.Great scientists discuss ???


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