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Kibaale RURAL Development Foundation is happy to partner with you.
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Education being a means of transferring civilization KIRUDEF is putting hand into investing in the sector. in the mean time initiative has been put into infant education/elementary education and vocational training with prospect of embarking on secondary education as longer as resources can allow.


This undertaking was undertaken relying on recommendation made by a survey carried out by KIKUDEF in 2008 in Kyebando-sub-county,Buyanja,Kibaale district..

The major objectives were:

To educate the orphans and vulnerable children(OVC) found in the community
to promote girl child education in the District
To reduce the number of OVC
to give a ray of hope to the ovc such that they are encouraged to work hard and not despair with hope of integrating the disadvantaged ovc in national building in the current trends.

Given the above objectives and the prevalent poverty levels in the community, KIRUDEF started ST. Joseph Community Nursery and Primary School at Kisalizi ,Kyebando sub-county,Buyanja county , Kibaale District. This was aimed at introducing at least elementary primary education .however given the rural mindset of most students, majority drop out before completing primary seven. The students still face a challenge of walking long distances to school, inadequate scholastic material like books and pens as well as hunger while at school. The school was started in 2008 with an enrollment of 60 pupils which number has increased to 215.We hope the numbers to double by 2015.its worth noting that the school has classes up to primary four due to lack of ample facilities to go up to primary seven. The school is housed in semi-permanent structures which we intend to improve as we receive donations from various charitable parties. On this note KIRUDEF is calling upon all good Samaritans world over to support us in an effort in saving the orphans and vulnerable children financially, moral, voluntary work or otherwise for the organization has limited resource at its disposal relative to the work before hand.

Vocational training Center

The KIRUDEF Vocational training center is located in the rural Kisaalizi Trading center, Kyebando sub-county, Buyanja, Kibaale District. Started in 2009, the vocational center has nine members on its board of governors. The purpose of the center is to offers hand craft skills to the many jobless youth in the community who otherwise become a menace in the society. We basically target school drop outs especially young girls who marginalized and at times married off in oblivion and not sure of their livelihood.

The institute trains in the following skills:

tailoring and cutting
brick laying and concrete practice
knitting and weaving
carpentry and joinery

the training takes a period of one year and for the start at graduation , the graduands a given a token of a tool kit to use in the field. We are grateful to partners such as Twam, work aid, tools for solidarity and tools for self reliance from the UK for their undying support to the institute and call upon others to join us in this struggle.
Agriculture is the major source of income in the community. The local people are basically involved in arable farming and tending to embark on animal husbandry.As such the organization has put efforts to improve and boost agriculture by venturing in supporting aquaculture, fruit-culture, crop farming, growing vegetable, beekeeping, goat rearing, rabbit keeping, poultry, piggery, sheep rearing and cattle keeping but not limited to the aforementioned.

The Aims for venturing in agriculture are:

To improve household incomes as a source of the community's livelihood.
To improve on nutrition in the community as remedy to illness caused by malnutrition especially among children who dwell in the area of our operation.

In the area of operation, the activities are executed in divisions organized in form of zones . In the mean time, KIRUDEF for instance has five agriculture zones in Kisaliire local council as indicated below:

Zone Name
i Bamusuta
ii Mahundwe
iii Mantabu
iv Musongola
v Kyamugombya

In the various zones, vegetable growing is compulsory since vegetables have a short maturity period with a ready market. In addition to that, the locals have a choice of any other type of crops to grow depending on preference and fertility of the soils. Given the necessity, KIRUDEF is tasked to provide seeds to the local community in the various zones. The table below shows the various inputs KIRUDEF provide/has to provide to the various communities dealing in the various branches of agriculture ventured in.

Branch/Category Inputs
Aquaculture/fish farming

Fish flies
construct fish ponds


Beehives made out of timber

Fruiticulture Seedlings/Suckers of:

passion fruit

Animal Husbandry


poultry/fowl rearing

chicks(broilers / layers)
ducks / ducklings

Arable Farming/Crop Growing

Cassava stems
Irish potato tubers
Cereals seeds such as rice, wheat maize, sorghum, sim sim
sweet potato vines
banana suckers
yam tubers
sunflower seeds

Vegetable Growing

tomato seeds
cabbage seeds
carrot seeds
green pepper seeds
sukuma wilky

The products from agriculture include vegetables like cabbages, tomatoes and onions, fruits like ovacodoes, mangoes and oranges alongside a variety of local foods such as maize, ground-nuts and beans. From animal husbandry and poultry eggs, milk, chicken, pork, beef and mutton among others have been realized. Most of the products have a ready market and of course are a source of food to the families in the community. The locals are thus able to earn income to support their families which is a step toward eradicating poverty in the rural community. But the dream is still far from being achieved as the work ahead is still a lot yet the resources available are minimal to adequately drive the pace of the project.
I want to ask. Do u give internship placements for university students like Makerere?

This is an organization which works in the Rural poor communities of Kibaale District. Offers Education to Orphans and OVCs. u will see.

Operating as usual

Photos from Kibaale RURAL Development Foundation's post 01/11/2021

Photos from Kibaale RURAL Development Foundation's post

Photos from Kibaale RURAL Development Foundation's post 01/11/2021

Photos from Kibaale RURAL Development Foundation's post

Photos from Kibaale RURAL Development Foundation's post 01/11/2021

The new crop which can be introduced to Kibaale District from Kalangala to improve the Income of the community because it's multi-purpose.

Photos from Kibaale RURAL Development Foundation's post 22/10/2021

I have traveled through Port Alice Entebbe.

Photos from Kibaale RURAL Development Foundation's post 22/10/2021

Traveling to Kalangala for work.


We are back in action after along time


You can come and see them by your own . With the guide of KIRUDEF.


The wonderful things our country Uganda has.


We are doing this work with the youth of Igomero. We need more support to accomplish our vision.


The Piggery Project for Kahoro Women's United group.


Kahoro Women's United Ground is a well organized one in Nyamarwa Sub County.


Together we can make this world agood place for everyone to stay in.


This is very great to provide Clean and safe Water to the communities.


Solar energy is the way to go.


Kibaale Rural Development Foundation working with the community of l Romero Nyamarwa Sub County Buyanja County Kibaale District to bridge the Road which connects Mubende and Kibaale District s


The cookstoves of modern one the ones we in the community.




The Banner for MASEN.


Work for MASEN in progress.


We are looking for support to boost the activities of KIRUDEF as Organization.


Some of the products from KIRUDEF Vocational Training Center.


The organization KIRUDEF is looking for support to help people with disability in Kibaale District. more expecially the Women. Please we call upon everyone to help these people.


This is the one from behind View


The Construction of VIP Latrine at the KIRUDEF Vocational Training Center is in progress and needs more Support for Completion.


This is one of the work shop we do training of our Trainees in Kibaale District.


Our Trainees undergoing training at KIRUDEF Vocational Training Center.


See them at work.


The Trainees


We need more support for Skills development towards a girl child in Kibaale District.


The following are the ways some one in Uganda can get married, shoose the suitable one for you so that you can have a good Family.


The Good things to see in Uganda Kibaale District.


United Nations adopted the 2030 Agender for sustainable development pledging to leave no one behind in the global efforts to realize 17 sustainable development Goals.


We have put more effort on extending our services of Clean Energy Technologies to Rural poor communities in Kibaale District .


The Group was happy and promised to buy and work with KIRUDEF.


Now days we are offering Clean and renewable Energy Solutions to the Rural poor Communities of Kibaale District being Supported by WWF and KCSON. Also some times back we got support from En venture Enterprise Uganda. The community is so happy to have Solar, Cook Stoves, Water Filters and Water Preffures.

Now we need support for the OVCs Education. And the Skill Development for the Youth who have Droped out of schools which are very many in the Villages.

Videos (show all)

See them at work.
The Good things to see in Uganda Kibaale District.
These are some of the Cookstove we have for the people in Kibaale District as we implement SDG7.
The message from the beneficiaries.
During the Clean Cooking Forum in Nairobi Kenya.
Dan in Nairobi.



Kibaale Town Council Kyairungu Road
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