Community Active Network -Uganda

Promote community participation at gkrassroots level in the fight against unemployment amongst women and youth ,primary health care at community level and education.

[09/08/21]   Hi everyone,
Lots have changed during this covid pandemic time as many weren't expecting such to happen. Although the pandemic effects are obviously seen today we yet to see it's long term effects especially to the generation whose will never continue with their education. In Africa with the number to be high hence higher unemployment rates.
Therefore,at Community Active Network Uganda we plan to help them through Skills for the future program where we hope to train them in various vocational skills by connecting youth to partners running skills project or businesses for on job training in skills like mechanics, welding, pottery, salon management ,business skills etc.
Whoever reads this program and picks interest to partner with us please let's know

[02/22/21]   Did you know that through community responsibility we can make change in our communities. So are you ready to be a change maker ! Participate and be a game changer in consideration of covid 19 effects to your community.lets share


[06/11/19]   Fellow members don't let your children go unskilled bring them to Community active network Uganda to be matched with skilled members in the vocational skill of their choice. Waiting to meet you


Tailoring lesson going on thanks to those agreed to take this vocational hands on training for better future


Community Active Network -Uganda's cover photo


Community Active Network -Uganda's cover photo


Hello friends we opening up a community school in Masaka district ,Mpugwe 75 miles from Kampala city. Trust community school is set to open this 2019 academic year,with nursery section. As a community school it will focus on disadvantaged children in Mukungwe Sub county mainly.

[06/11/18]   Why community active network Uganda going for promotion of urban farming and nutrition development, this is due to poor feeding habits in urban centers today so get involved

[01/01/17]   Let's kick poverty out of Uganda by setting self help projects at every house hold level. Projects like poultry,goat rearing vegetable and fruits growing can work out.

[12/01/16]   To day CAN-Uganda is to launch a new project this month called CAN Self Help project aimed at helping families within the community start up small income generating activities mainly farming projects with the objective of fighting poverty and hunger at grass root level.

[07/03/16]   hassler's life


St.Francis kids dancing


Thanks to Louise O Dea to volunteer with us at CAN UGANDA.


proverbs 21:21 and 11:17
Corinthians 2;6-6



[05/07/14]   Host travel and tour,
You can now enjoy safari while on a charity visit and this will help you learn Ugandan culture as you will be staying with a host family in Uganda,hence enjoying a free tour guide and low safari tours costs.Learn about Uganda and be able to find out more about what you can visit while in Uganda.The funds paid to us will be used to help the disadvantaged children at Can Education center to live a better life and improve their learning environment.

[02/26/14]   Volunteer opportunities are open now,if you would to volunteer with us at CAN Uganda can education center,please let us know as we projects that could suite your interest.Remember its a great opportunity for you to learn,and share experiences with locals as well as enjoying safari and sight seeing around the country Uganda the pearl of Africa.What you need to do just mail to [email protected] or leave a comment.
Projects running include: english teaching,sports,medical care,art and craft and construction work.Ask for details if interested.

[02/02/14]   Hello friends, we have now formalized our volunteering project of which you can now join or be our representative or referee and direct those interested to us. read the volunteer pack to day and join.

[01/09/14]   Hello Friends,CAN-Uganda,recently got a new staff member to coordinate its international correspondences especially for UK residents and Europe.He is called Christopher Guest .He recently visit us in Uganda and volunteered with our organisations in the areas of English teaching,sports,project planning and art mainly Griffit.He is currently back to England and trying to implement and design our Volunteer program.If there is anyone interested in volunteer with CAN-Uganda please let us know by contact Idriss Kakeeto or Christopher via fb.The volunteer program will be out soon with guidelines to follow to volunteer with us.It will a host family volunteer program and the cheapest you can ever find around the world.


chris visit to Uganda


Would like to thank Christopher Guest for having introduced a wonderful Graffiti art project to Uganda.and kids had special time with you freind and hope many out there will come for more support

[11/28/13]   It is only four days to our 1st children art therapy aimed at engaging children in the fight against child violence which lead to child abuse.Wait for special arts expressing how they understand child abuse and their solutions.

[11/13/13]   Hi everybody, now trying to raise funds £2000 to build two classroom.join our call and comment to show interest.

[11/10/13]   we are proud to have been interviewed by ivhq

[09/24/13]   you can help and african child go to school by sponsoring one of these.
coming soon

[09/24/13]   Working with Orphans and disadvantaged children is a challenging role as it require a lot of support to achieve a goal and with your help of any kind, from where you are ,you are helping us to reach our goal of sponsoring 60 orphans and 2 rescued kids from torture.With only $10 sponsor a child back to school as education is the only basic right to a child for a better future.You may contact us via our group page for other details.

[09/05/13]   more young girls in their late ones are being r***d everyday in the newvision news dated 5th sept. 2013


Some of the homes where our kids come from


Our school structures,thank you can-uganda


Is there anyone willing to attend studies at our school,please admission are available for pupils and vacancies for teachers but only interested in volunteers


We keep local hens and c***s and we need to expand it


Its this small business that i depend on with my two little twins as a widow.


It was a great pleasure to have you at our offices


Sample pics ugandan kids hope to future in the UK children competition but hope they will present best at the end of it


Helping the youth and other community members learn their rights through art,education, seminars, paralegal work and provision of necessities to their life.



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