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Our specialty is in the area Computers, Sales, Service, Repair & Networking. Count on us to give you

ESSY Computer a UG-based computer and networking firm dealing with sales and services of computers, laptops and their accessories in the market.Our services Include;
*Computer repair (Desktop & Laptops)
*Software installation
* Computer virus removal
* Printer, wireless and other peripherals support
*Data recovery
*Network support
*IT staffing services,.. Growing with industr

ESSY Computers updated their phone number. 26/07/2020

ESSY Computers updated their phone number.

ESSY Computers updated their phone number.


Question: What are the "tools of your trade"?

Do you have your own computer? Everyone who runs a modern business, or works in a profession, should have a laptop.
A computer is not even a "tool"; it's the "toolbox" in which most all the modern technological tools are kept.
Are you on the Internet? Do you have it in both your business and your home?
# If not, you better sell your car, if you have one, and walk, but you must have a computer and be on the Internet
# If you have a house, it would be far smarter in today's world to have a smaller house with Internet, than a bigger house with no Internet.
# It would be far, far smarter to have a smaller car, or none at all, and be able to afford a computer and Internet for your business and family, than to have a luxury car or the like.

Credit: Strive Masiyiwa
Sourse: Be prepared to change your career (Part 3)


Need to buy a computer? I'll be droppipng in a few tips for u on this page. and here's 1 for today.
Desktop buying guide
Processing power
A PC's processor defines how well it handles the most basic of tasks. The faster your processor, the snappier the operating system will feel and the faster you'll be able to perform complex tasks such as photo and video editing. The more cores a processor has, the better it will be at performing multiple tasks at the same time without feeling the strain. It'll also dramatically improve performance in programs that support multiple cores.


Hello everyone! Just wanna thank u for being supportive. We'll continue to serve you like we can. God bless u all

Photos from ESSY Computers's post 22/01/2014

Photos from ESSY Computers's post


At present, our web site is still under construction. We are making an effort to present you with our entire spectrum of offers as soon as possible. At this point we can provide you with information regarding Computer Systems, Servers & Laptops via this page. The emphasis of our site is on information. This topic is certainly of interest to you. Keep Checking on this Page. Thanx


Guys/Gals when I post things I am posting to the best of my knowledge if I am for certain incorrect please correct me more knowledge to me helps. Thanks!


ESSY COMPUTERS provide a range of computer repair and support services for both home and small business users. From computer & laptop repairs, including virus removal, broadband, and other upgrades.
Established in 2010, we have received over 40% of our new enquiries from recommendations. With a loyal and supportive customer base like this, we like to think we are making a difference to our customers. Why not give us a call and see what a difference we can make for you this festive season


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The “No fix, No Fee” Guarantee (In my own view)
The “no fix, no fee” guarantee is attractive to people who are cheap or are genuinely on a tight budget. It eliminates any risk to them (which isn’t necessarily bad) but these people tend to be a little more flaky. More often than not they will try to negotiate with you or be slow at paying you; if at all. These are obviously not the clients one would want. The best type of clients are those who are professionals themselves. They may be lawyers, consultants, doctors, dentists etc.. and they understand that time is money and your time is no different.
Although not advertising a no fix no fee guarantee wont mean you’ll get more professionals, it means you wont attract as many cheapskates.

Now days I have a simple rule with how to charge clients. If I couldn’t fix the problem because its unfixable or the client doesn’t want to spend the extra money, I charge for my time. If I couldn’t fix the problem because I don’t know how to, I don’t charge. Its not the clients fault that I didn’t know how to fix it.
As for standing behind my work, I do. If I just left the clients place and the problem happens again, I would be right back there to fix it for free.
What do you guys think? Do you offer one? If so, have you been burned before? Drop us a comment.

_Josue Pike


f you have any questions about desktop repair, or computer repair in general, please give us a call to speak with one of our expert technicians!


Desktop Motherboard Repair
Really, the only independent part of your computer is the power supply providing power to the motherboard and other parts. Because everything relies on the motherboard, it is the last thing you want to fail. It can become one of the more difficult repairs depending on part availability and compatibility. Luckily most motherboards are standardized so if your motherboard does fail.

Motherboards are so complex and have so many microchips and components that it could be anything. That’s where we come in; we have the experience and tools to diagnose the issue with your desktop to get it repaired quickly, accurately and efficiently. A motherboard repair isn’t the end of the world and our technicians will let you know what your options are if this happens.





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