African Agriculture Risk Management Services

AARMS develops and implements risk assessments, risk management plans, and risk management education for farmers and other agriculture related enterprises to reduce their risks and increase their chances of success and of loan repayment.


African Agriculture Risk Management Services


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I hope and pray that some of the 300 village famers we trained are using these methods, though perhaps in remote locations due to security situations, during this time of food insecurity in South Sudan 26/04/2016

Modernizing Agriculture Is A Big Challenge – Bank of Uganda

This is a well thought out, clear and concise summary of where agricultural development in Uganda needs to go by the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Uganda. It was the keynote at last week's dissemination of a CGAP (World Bank) research report on financial needs of different segments of smallholder farmers in Uganda, an event co-sponsored by Uganda Agribusiness Alliance where I work.


Listening to Andrew Rugasira, founder of Good African Coffee and Chocolate, give the Keynote Address at the Generation AgriPreneur Conference, urging value-addition to the agricultural wealth produced by Africa. Did you know that Africa produces 40% of the world's cocoa but only 1% of the chocolate made from that cocoa? This has to change for Africa to prosper.


You want to become an eco-entrepreneur and find solutions for one of the main challenges in Uganda: Sustainable agriculture, Manufacturing and Tourism? You want to receive support to turn your idea into reality? Apply now for the SAG-SEED Starter Months 2016 in Kampala, Uganda! Deadline: 1 May: 05/01/2016

Family-run farm in Spotsylvania wins small farm of the year award Two years ago, Thomas Roberson Jr. left a six-figure job as a physician assistant—to grow vegetables.


Ugandan farmers to benefit in $4m euro project Dynamic page description 15/10/2015

Victoria Sekitoleko, an apt example

A good article about the Founder of Uganda Agribusiness Alliance and Chair of our Board, Honourable Victoria Sekitoleko There was a time when Victoria Balyejusa Sekitoleko was a darling of the media. She had newsmen eating out of her hand for her heavy news bites and


Uganda Agribusiness Alliance

At its 4th meeting, the Avocado Value Chain Group heard member Judith Bakirya summarize her 4-page report on key avocado pests and diseases and their management, based on her extensive experience as the largest grower in Uganda. Member Catherine Thatcher reported on her trip to Italy with the Uganda trade delegation, and to the Netherlands to meet with businesses and discover potential markets for new and existing avocado products; she also was able to speak directly with President Museveni about the potential of avocado agribusiness. Each of the 19 meeting participants was asked what they wanted from being part of the Group; and volunteers formed a committee to draft a proposal on strategic goals and structure for the Group as it moves forward.


One of the meetings I helped organize.....

Visiting World Bank officials asked UAA to host a meeting where they could hear and learn from those in Uganda how they saw the way forward for climate smart agricultural development. UAA gathered 16 colleagues who we knew had good insight into and vision for agricultural development in Uganda: 6 farmers, 2 processors, 2 exporters, 2 providers of agribusiness development services, one provider of agribusiness ICT services, 2 managers of agribusiness incubators, and one provider of market information and networking services. All gave the World Bank officials their thoughtful input, including 6 women and 5 youth. Among the main conclusions: successful agricultural/agribusiness development depends on individuals who have a combination of passion for what they do, education on how to do it, and patient perseverance that is committed to a long-range view of their agricultural efforts as a business.


NOTE: This is not a program of AARMS but it looks like its a good opportunity; all I know about it is what is below:

There will be a training on Basics of Fish Farming on Saturday 3rd October 2015 at Aquafarm Fish Farm in Buloba Mityana road.
Time: 8.45am.
8:45-9.00 Arrival
9:00 -9:30 farm tour
9.30-10 am: Tea
10 - 12:30 theory session on the following;
1. Pond siting
2. Key Issues to look at before putting up a pond.
3. Pond construction
4. Pond preparation for stocking.
5. Pond Stocking:
6. Pond Management:
6a. Feeding
b. Predator Control
c. Sampling
12:30-1:00 Question and Answer session
1:00pm lunch. Departure after
Fee: 35,000 Uganda Sh.
Please confirm attendance by sending fee to
Mtn: 0772 438236 (Sophie)
Airtel: 0702437490 (Lilliane) with reason stated as "fish training" 24/09/2015

Increase in pyrethrum prices excites Western Uganda farmers About 5,000 pyrethrum famers in Kabale District and Rwenzori region have something to smile about following revision to the crop’s pricing structure 24/09/2015

Backyard vegetable farming earns her income everyday Monica Mutabarura, a mother of five, had always gone to the market to buy vegetables for her family 24/09/2015

Victory! World’s Largest Spice Company to Go Organic and Non-GMO by 2016 Signaling yet another victory for the clean food movement, the largest spice company in the world has announced it will be almost entirely organic and non-GMO by the year 2016.


‘Organic agriculture is the way to go for Ugandan farmers to earn more’ Globally, organic farming is growing at 15-25 per cent per year compared to two to five per cent annual growth for conventional farming 15/09/2015

A 'miracle' fruit that smells like rotting onions and tastes like pulled pork could save...

I'm more and more excited about the possibilities of Ugandan agribusinesses exporting our abundant and delicious local fruit to high value markets; in both fresh and processed forms (juice, dried, etc.) This is one of them! I've eaten it many times, but would love to eat it prepared like pulled pork....see the link. It's taking the US vegetarian world by storm.


One way the dairy cooperatives want assistance is in developing the capacity to process raw milk themselves rather than only store it in coolers for sale to other processors. They need the help of the CPA interns that Uganda Agribusiness Alliance is connecting them with, to project the costs and the financing needs of this expansion into value-addition.


Uganda Agribusiness Alliance (UAA) where I am the Chief Operating Officer, just took the first step in connecting 3 Ugandan dairy cooperatives needing business assistance, with Ugandan CPA firms that have supervised trainees needing experience. This connection will help the cooperatives graduate successfully out of Technoserve's subsidised assistance program, fully into the private sector. UAA hopes to continue this process of developing a consortium of reliable business service providers and connecting them to agribusinesses needed assistance, as part of its new Growth-Oriented Agribusiness Accelerator (GOAA) Programme being launched soon.


African Agriculture Risk Management Services's cover photo


Avocado Value Chain Group hosted by UAA met 2nd September to finalise a 7 page report on the avocado value chain in Uganda and 3-year plan on the way forward to develop it; with help from growers, processors, exporters, seedling suppliers, and representatives from the Ministry of Finance, NAADS (agricultural extension) and the Export Promotion Board. 01/09/2015

Growing Doubt: a Scientist’s Experience of GMOs Jonathan R. Latham, PhD By training, I am a plant biologist. In the early 1990s I was busy making genetically modified plants (often called GMOs for


Sounds like a good training for a reasonable cost 13/08/2015

The Toolbox » How Satellite Technology Is Aiding Agriculture

Wow! Three of my favorite things....agriculture, technology, and coffee! A new platform for tools aiding social change. 13/08/2015



The Chair of Uganda Agribusiness Alliance, Honourable Victoria Sekitoleko, was a speaker at the Vodafone Power Talks July 30 at Serena Hotel; UAA's CEO Edward Katende, and Knowledge Manager Doreen Namayanja also attended the talks.


The new Avocado Value Chain Group held its second meeting at the offices of Uganda Agribusiness Alliance in July, and was joined by two new avocado processing businesses and a key official from the Ugandan Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industries and Forestry. At the third meeting coming up in August participation is expected to double, including a dozen new growers and 3 exporters.


Three Uganda Agribusiness Alliance staff -- CEO Edward Katende, COO Steve Hodges, and Knowledge Manager Doreen Namayanja -- attended the annual National Agricultural Exhibition in Jinja, learned about the Farming God's Way approach to conservation farming, and tried rabbit meat (well, 2 out of 3 staff did)


Uganda Agribusiness Alliance staff (Edward Katende and Steve Hodges) participated in a 2-day conference on new models of agricultural financing, July 2-3


Includes lunch and transport


Seeking AVOCADO businesses: Uganda Agribusiness Alliance is helping a group of agribusinesses develop a coordinated avocado value chain. So far: 3 growers with over 6000 trees, 2 potential avocado oil processors, 2 avocado seed product businesses; for both domestic and export markets. If you have or are starting an avocado agribusiness and want to join, contact me (Steve Hodges) 0753461348 or [email protected]. Serious inquiries only, please. 10/07/2015

Harvard Study Proves Why The Bees Are All Disappearing | CSGlobe

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.” – Albert Einstein. The careful study shows that the main cause of bee death is neonicotinoids, the most commonly used agricultural insecticides. If the bees go, then the whole world goes! The results from this study not only replicate findings from the previous study, but also reinforce the ... 17/06/2015

With a growing population, we need crop intensification – survey

Thanks to Elizabeth Asiimwe for posting this article; we absolutely need to promote intensification, but do it carefully in a way that builds soil fertility and doesn't overuse chemical inputs A socio-economic survey has shown the need for farmers as well as policy makers to make use of research to enhance crop intensification 05/06/2015

Exporters of flowers to get codes

Actually the article is mostly about export of Ugandan fruits and vegetables to the European Union being banned by the Ugandan Ministry of Trade because of complaints about chemical residues and about pests, in order to clean up the industry before any bans are imposed by EU. Points out the importance of improving quality control, of organic growing as one important option, and the difficulty of having no functional agricultural extension in Uganda to train on exactly these things. The private sector is trying, but can't replace government extension which should be doing these things. THE ministry of trade is to issue codes to all exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables as one of the measures to clean up the sector which is facing an impending ban from European markets 05/06/2015

Your morning espresso could be about to get a lot more expensive

An excellent summary in layperson language of the future of coffee. I agree that shade-grown is the way of the it true that Starbucks has discontinued shade-grown? Concerned consumers should push for shade-grown. The article says that coffee production in largest producer of the higher value Arabica coffee, Brazil, is so mechanized that integrating shade trees is not means that there will be increasing market opportunities for countries like Uganda which can adopt shade growing. Because the global demand for coffee keeps growing. Risks to coffee’s global supply chain including climate change may be significant, but they also present opportunities for sustainable business




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