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How to Build a Modern Brand

How to build a modern brand. People spend a lot of time thinking and talking about company brands. And it is fascinating to hear about the brands they love and why — particularly at certain points of the year when marketing activity really heats up. Like the beginning of this month, for instance, when it was all about back-to-s…


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Innovation coupled with time-tested features make up the newest version of QuickBooks Pro. Intuit has demonstrated its commitment to research and development by adding requested features. QuickBooks Pro 2015 includes improved accountant collaboration tools, notifications and notes, and general improvements to essential features. This dedication to improving its accounting software earns Intuit another year in the top spot. This Top Ten Reviews Gold Award-winning software can help you become more efficient so you can get away from your books and run your business.

QuickBooks Pro's interface combines new features with tools and hotkeys familiar to longtime QuickBooks users. New features in the 2015 version include summaries of your top customers and profit and loss from your homepage, simplified and comprehensive reports, shared folders, and consolidated windows with pertinent customer and vendor information.

QuickBooks Pro includes everything you need to track inventory, invoice clients, pay vendors, manage payroll and reconcile accounts. It comes with more than 150 preconfigured reports and the ability to create custom reports. It also allows you to create and share report templates. QuickBooks is compatible with numerous popular business applications and mobile devices. It includes direct integrations with Excel and Outlook. Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices. If you are looking to migrate from a Sage product, Intuit provides simple migration instructions for transferring data.

Over the years, QuickBooks has garnered up to 85 percent of the small-business market, primarily due to one fact: most small-business owners are not accountants. QuickBooks is designed to be simple to use regardless of your level of formal accounting experience. However, it also supports traditional accounting methodologies and is compatible with TurboTax business software, and most accountants are familiar with QB file formats. A Mac version of QuickBooks is also available.


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Practice and body of knowledge concerned primarily with
methods for recording transactions,
keeping financial records,
performing internal audits,
reporting and analyzing financial information to the management, and
advising on taxation matters.
It is a systematic process of identifying, recording, measuring, classifying, verifying, summarizing, interpreting and communicating financial information. It reveals profit or loss for a given period, and the value and nature of a firm's assets, liabilities and owners' equity.
Accounting provides information on the
resources available to a firm,
the means employed to finance those resources, and
the results achieved through their use.
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We have moved!!
Our Lira office has moved to Tipu Paco House, Olwol road, room G3 in an effort to serve you better.


FinData Management Limited


Can you Read and Speak: Kikuyu, Swahili, Luganda or Lango
Are you a Lady Aged 18 and above
Have a good command of English
And have a clear audible voice
Then inbox us your CV before 16th Dec 2014 at 5:00PM for an exciting job opportunity with the team that 'technically serves'


Work Smarter, Not Harder
Introducing the quickest and most
user-friendly QuickBooks yet


Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)

#FYI:The Value of #RecordKeeping: If you do not keep the necessary information or any other proof, #URA may have to determine your income using other methods. We may also reduce the expenses you deducted.

Key #records you may keep;
-Bank statements,
-Stock records,
-Assets Register,
-Income Statement-Receipts & Payments.
-Invoices, Receipt books,
-Appointment letters E.t.c...


QuickBooks Pro 2014 get a special price today by emailing [email protected] with the subject "Special Offer"


Looking for a Wordpress Developer?? is the answer


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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke


"The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency."

Bill Gates


"There are two types of computer users in the world, those that have lost data and those that are going to."

Bill Hassel, Hewlett-Packard Responce Centre


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2014 is here... 23/08/2013

Lira Business Directory - Lira's #1 Online Business Directory

Lira Business Directory - Lira's Lira's Number one online business directory 15/08/2013


Jobs | LIRA NGO FORUM - Mozilla Firefox Project Volunteers2 hours ago02 ViewsJob Title: VOLUNTEERSDuty Station: Lira NGO Forum, Lira with frequent movement within UgandaGrade:...


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The Power of Mornings: Why Successful Entrepreneurs Get up Early

The Power of Mornings: Why Successful Entrepreneurs Get up Early | - Mozilla Firefox Waking up earlier can make you more productive. Here is how to turn yourself into a morning person. 07/08/2013

How to Use Social Media to Find Customers (Infographic)

How to Use Social Media to Find Customers (Infographic) | - Mozilla Firefox Whether you are trying to reach consumers or other businesses, social networking sites likely hold the key to your success. 05/08/2013

Accounting Apps for Your Number-Crunching Needs

Accounting Apps for Your Number-Crunching Needs | - Mozilla Firefox Accounting is a painstaking, resource-intensive process for businesses of any size. Luckily, the choices for low-cost and flexible accounting... 05/08/2013

4 Start-Up Accounting Tips for the Young Trep |

4 Start-Up Accounting Tips for the Young Trep | - Mozilla Firefox When launching a new business, young entrepreneurs tend to forget one very important element: their books. Here's how to avoid making that mistake. 31/07/2013

Errand Technologies Limited - Small Business Solutions

And So we are back... Errand Technologies Limited Official page 28/06/2013

Kaspersky Lab Product Licenses: Top 10 FAQ

Kaspersky Lab Product Licenses: Top 10 FAQ There are many requests sent into Kaspersky Lab Technical Support concerning license issues for Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Internet Security...


Errand Technologies Limited has changed its number for Northern Uganda to 079 383 8248 feel free to get in touch with us 17/06/2013


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**ToC Apply Errand Technologies Limited, Web Services


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