Homeland Strength

Homeland Strength


Congratulations m7 tibu......
The future is secured
A win by landslides
People who are shouting for us because bobi wine has taken his family abroad, please the airport is very free YOU CAN ALSO TAKE YOURS TO ANY COUNTRY YOU WANT.
I will always vote President Museveni because I am someone who is passionate of consistency and I don't like change. Since I became knowledgeable, his leadership and managerial skills and experience has convinced me that he has been able to manage our country Uganda's Problems consistently that is why I am not willing to change my mindset and I religiously like him to continue leading our country.

You have my vote in 2021 elections.
Mzee wadala audio out by Legacy Daddy yo office if you need it you watspp me on +256705514613
Ugandans why are you so excited
Bobi wine is now the biggest problem of uganda music industry and i remember i said this 2 years ago
After bobi joining politics and becoming a very strong opposition leader,all government officials and prominent politicians became vigilant because all people thouht that music is for uneducated stupid people but bobi set the trend that attracted many entertainers and ounce you join opposition side,expect fighting against you. ie,they will start finding and noticing every single mistake you make and this is why now chamelleons car is impounded and dont get surprised when some strange cases are accused before him.
Many entertainers are threatening to unseat strong known politicians ie: him self bobi,chameleon,dr hilder man,mathias walukagga,geofrey lutaya,Irene namatovu,dr bitone,aganaga,reachel magoola,patriko mujuuka,etc.
My advise to all musicians is to avoid behaving the ways before because they be imprisoned because now they take you serious and stop driving with out permits,stop publishing your properties in news or public because they will be impounded,tax books and receipts should be ever on sight,take care of your kids because it is time to be dragged to courts for negligence,debts and stop disappointments for the shows because you will be imprisoned.
Bobi wine is now the case study for all this because ever since he joined politics,his shows were stopped,dragged to courts stupidly,his car tundra was impounded,busabala beach is not as active as it was,his songs are stopped 80% from radios and tvs,beaten and and miss handled.
Prominent politicians are afraid of you the entertainers.
eddy mezaya

When we released photos of spoilt "dead" beans mixed with stones packed by Aponye and delivered to the few residents of Bwaise through Office of the Prime Minister, most of you run about commenting as we are opposition who just go about opposing everything.

Today it turns out that Col. Edith Nakalema has arrested OPM Permanent Secretary together Christine Guwatudde Kintu with other OPM staff Joel Wanjala, Fred Lutimba and Martin Owor over supplying spoilt beans.

Som gullible Ugandans are on Facebook chanting and hailing Edith for a job well done.

To begin with, who is APONYE LTD?

APONYE LTD is a company owned by Mr. Apollo Nyegamahe (Photo attached) the NRM chairman of Rukiga District, a brother to Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda.

So first question to those chanting and thanking Nakalema for hoodwinking you, when did PS Guwatudde Kintu, Joel Wanjala, Fred Lutimba, & Martin Owor become APONYE LTD to pack the spoilt beans?

What powers did the above people have to stop APONYE LTD, a brother to PM Rugunda from forcefully taking the deal of supply?

Has anybody tried to understand that this deal is worth 75bn shillings and the first family is directly interested in the entire procurement process?

Ugandans! Ugandans! Ugandans!

Will you ever wake up? Who parked beans with stones in white clean buvera?

Do we even understand that OPM has been a center of public funds theft for 3 generations now? Yet they have always paraded for us the innocent Ugandans yet the culprits are left at large and most times have always ended up being the deep state itself?

Remember NUSAF, GAVI, GLOBAL FUND money, UWESO, REFUGEE FUND....money among many others.

The day you will keep your eyes open to know it that u have you Mafias and criminals in power is when you will understand that arrest of PS Guwatude Kintu and her colleague staff was a decoy to confuse our credulity and thy are as innocent as the sound of the word.

They have studied us the led, understand our gullibility and will always manipulate us in this paid media that is about to receive a kick back of 14bn in this Covid19 deal.
Grand pa physicals alone won't change our minds you must go, enough is enough

Boxing. Kick Boxing �. bodybuilding. Powerlifting. Weightlifting. Workout � plan. Meal plan. Bodyguards and Bouncers. Gym Equipment. Supplements etc

Operating as usual

Kenya Vs Uganda Military Comparisons 12/05/2022

Kenya Vs Uganda Military Comparisons


Kenya Vs Uganda Military Comparisons This Comparison is based on Publicly Available informationunless otherwise noted.All Images shown in this video belongs to the respectedowners not us. We're ...


Kid skills

Kid weapon


Okutambula kulaba okuda kunyumya

Okutambula kulaba


Hard knock Night workout

Hard knock ✊


Give me a way

Let’s go

Photos from Uganda Boxing Federation's post 22/04/2022

Photos from Uganda Boxing Federation's post


Akoze atya




Catzilla 🐱


Midnight workout


Omusumba Yiga alina kyagamba


Enjoy it

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Kid skills
Okutambula kulaba okuda kunyumya
Hard knock Night workout
Give me a way
Akoze atya



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The Network for Water and Sanitation NETWAS Uganda is a non- profit making organization that provides services in the water supply, sanitation and hygiene sector.NETWAS also carries out social mobilization, research and dissemination of information.

South Wing,4th Floor,Kamure Park. 128,Old KIRA RD,BUKOTO. P.O.Box 36765
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“Knowing where things are, and why, is essential to rational decision making” Jack Dangermond, Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)