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[01/22/13]   How to Make Your Computer Run
Have you noticed that your computer
runs slower than before? Or just slowly in general? Try these strategies to make your Windows computer run faster
Check your hard disk space. As a
rule, you want to keep at least 15% of the hard disk space free to keep the computer running smoothly. Simply go to My Computer, right-click on Hard Drive , and go to Properties .
There you’ll see a pie chart of your
free versus used space. If it’s mostly full, you’ll want to start by removing unnecessary programs and files; if it’s not, you probably want to tackle the actual way your computer operates.
Remove any programs you do not
use. Go to Control Panel > Add or
Remove Programs (or Uninstall a
Program , depending on your
operating system) to find a master list of programs installed on your
computer. Some things will strike you as useless immediately, in which case you can remove them right away.
Others won’t look familiar to you and may require you some research.
It may help to see how often you
use the program. If you right-click
one of the column titles above
your program list (ex. Name,
Publisher, Size, Installed On, etc.),
you should be able to add
additional characteristics by which
to judge your programs. For
example, find Last Used On on
the list of options and check it; a
column displaying the last time
you used each program will now
appear and can also be used to
sort your programs. Some
programs will not have been used
in years and may be candidates
for deletion.
When in doubt, don’t remove
anything you don’t recognize; it
may be critical to the function of
your computer – and if you delete
twelve different things only to
discover that your computer no
longer works properly, it will be
very difficult to determine where
exactly you went wrong.
Delete files you don't need . Unless
you have very little storage space on your computer or simply have an abundance of unnecessary documents, deleting small files won’t make much of an impact on your computer’s overall function. However, any large files like movies you never watch(I have to admit am guilty here),
photos you don’t need, or songs you never listen to can really gum up the works and should definitely be removed.
Don’t forget to empty your
recycling bin.
Prevent unnecessary programs
from starting when the computer
boots. The more programs try to run while your computer initializes, the slower everything will be. Revise your
startup programs by altering your
system configuration via MSConfig
Install an anti-virus program and a
spyware scanner . The fewer bugs,
viruses, and bits of adware your
computer has to manage, the more
time it will have to devote to other
processes. While you’re at it, make a point of keeping Windows up-to-date; not only will this keep Windows itself in better shape, but some viruses ride in on Windows updates that are downloaded way after the fact (and therefore not monitored as closely).
Run a Disk Cleanup. This can clean
up hundreds of megabytes of
temporary files – sometimes even
gigabytes (if you have Windows XP,
Vista, or 7). It will also open a window in which you can chose what to delete. Go to My Computer, right-click the Hard Drive and select Properties , and then click Disc Cleanup (within the General tab).
Check all the boxes except for the
game files and setup files.
Run a Disk Defragment. This will
reconfigure the way the hard drive
stores information for maximum
efficiency. Go to My Computer, right-click the Hard Drive and select
Properties , then go to the Tools tab and click Defragment Now .
Check for any disk errors. These will
also slow your computer down. Go to My Computer, right-click the Hard Drive and select Properties , then go to the Tools tab and click Check Now
under the Error-Checking area .
When the dialogue box opens, check both boxes.
If you get a window saying that
Windows can't check the disk
while it's in use, click on
Schedule Disk Check and then
OK. It will run on your next
Turn off indexing. Go to My
Computer, right-click the Hard Drive and select Properties , then unclick the box indicating that the drive should be indexed.
Clear your Prefetch folder. Windows saves a file of the program you are using to make it start up faster. After
years of use, this folder gets stuffed with irrelevant programs.
Open Notepad and type:
del C:\Windows\Prefetch\*.* /Q
(Copy and paste this text to
ensure you don’t make any
Save as faster.bat (the .bat
extension will run it as a batch
Run it! Simply double-click the file
to initialize. In a few moments,
the command prompt will
disappear and your programs
should run more smoothly.
Change Prefetch Parameters. This a
dangerous task to complete unless
you follow these steps exactly. If
you're not sure about anything, don’t continue.
Go to Start > Run and type
regedit to initialize the registry
Parameters to access the
Double-click EnablePrefetcher.
Once the new window pops up,
there should be a small, editable
text box with the number 3 in it.
(Windows allows 4 options: 0, 1, 2
and 3.) 3, the default, fetches
Change this to 2. Your PC will
boot a lot faster and your PC
performance shouldn't be
Click OK and then close regedit.
Add RAM to your computer . To see
if you need more RAM, initialize the
Windows Task Manager by pressing
Performance tab, find the area
devoted to Physical Memory. If the
Free amount hovers around zero but the computer is still slow, you may need to take your computer in to add RAM or even add more RAM yourself.
Restart your computer. The
computer usually needs to reboot to implement changes.
Defragment your hard drive . This
should make the system boot faster.

Thes tips are for windows users. MAC OS coming up next.

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