Mj Computer Repair and Software Installation

Mj Computer Repair and Software Installation


ups up for sale shs 150000
call 0752804369
I Need A Hp/dell Desktop Computer Of 200gb Hardsk, 2_4gb Ram, Dvd Writeable, 16_19inchs Monitor. Am In Gayaza Kla On 0777024890.
need LG screen
borland c++ setup failed run on my PC windows 8.1, it displays "This app can't run on your PC " how can i solve that problem?
Hey guys can u pliz help me with any asistance ,my laptop z producing a lot of sound 4 rm the fan and strong vibrations wat could be r the problem and solution
cal me on 0751053622 i have alaptop 4repair
Hello any job

we repair computers, software upgrade and installation , and we also buy used or new computers and selling of computers . we provide market for computers

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Mj Computer Repair and Software Installation


[07/05/20]   New New!!!
Computer repair can now give you all the services wherever you are . Contact us on 0701903985 or Whatsapp us on the same number for quick and quality services.

info.microsoft.com 16/06/2020

Microsoft 365 Virtual Training Day


info.microsoft.com Security and Compliance


Computer repair, software upgrade and computer selling and buying's cover photo

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Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus Updated Apr 2020 Download


getintopc.com Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus Free Download. Full offline installer standalone setup of Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus.

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Nokia Edge: 10GB RAM, 42MP Dual Cam

pricepony.com.my Today, we’re bringing you the next member of HMD Global’s Nokia Edge lineup. Nokia Edge 2019 features dual 32MP cams. For more details, check it out!

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Explore, Innovate on IBM Cloud, Learn Skills and Find Jobs - IBM Digital - Nation Africa

IBM has launched an exiting free for all learning platform geared at educating people on emerging technologies, Blockchain, AI, Data Science, IoT, CyberSecurity, Cloud, Quantum Computing etc, Access it at http://www.digitalnationafrica.com

developer.ibm.com With Digital - Nation Africa (D - NA), access knowledge & tools to innovate & launch your own digital solutions and find jobs that fit your skills for free!

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Microsoft AI Idea Challenge Contest 2018 for developers, students, professionals and data scientists

Microsoft AI Idea Challenge Contest 2018 for developers, students, professionals and data scientists https://theyouthargus.com/index.php/2018/08/27/microsoft-ai-idea-challenge-contest-2018-for-developers-students-professionals-and-data-scientists/

theyouthargus.com Application Deadline: October 12th, 2018 The Microsoft AI Idea Challenge is a competition for developers, students, professionals and data scientists seeking innovative, breakthrough artificial int…

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Andela Level Up Program - September Intake

*Andela Level Up September Intake is Open*

Are you looking for an opportunity to learn *Software Development* and *Delivery*?

Sign up for the *Andela Level Up Program*. These are *Free Software Classes* that happen every month where you get to learn Software Development starting with the basics of programming.

We have facilitators at different universities around Kampala offering structured facilitated learning. *Registration for September Intake is now open.*

Here is the link: http://bit.ly/AndelaLevelUpSeptember

*These Classes are FREE to Everyone regardless of their educational background and Programming background is required to attend!*

docs.google.com Thank you for interest in the Andela Level Up Program. The program is designed to give you an Opportunity to get you started in the area of Web and Software Development and also increase your technical ability. The Program is Open to Everyone and all Courses that are Interested in learning Web and S...

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iEARN Collaboration Centre

Friends let us get connected to iEARN and participate in the online training offered to teach better with technology and projects. Visit https://iearn.org/cc/space-34

iearn.org Thank you for your interest in iEARN! You must get connected to view iEARN's interactive forums and participate in projects.

[01/23/18]   *_Tip of the Day_*

*Understand the PC/ Laptop you are buying or selling*

I am following a number of Kampala Road electronics and computer selling and buying facebook groups and pages but I have noted some things here:

They sell so much of used computers and they give basic specifications I. e. HDD, RAM and maybe duo core *but look here*

If you're looking for a good laptop to buy you must consider the following specifications :

*what's the generation of the laptop or computer you're buying (1th,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th or 7th??)*

*what is the processor speed?*
I. e. (Intel core i3-3200MU 2.6GHz)
*Hard Disk space /HDD-(500GB/320GB/160GBetc)
*RAM /Memory (4gb/2gb/etc..)
*Battery life (3hrs+) and
*Graphics card

*here is the game*

Remember, now days battery life is determined by the generation of the PC you buy. Latest generations consume less power and long last batteries.
*Graphics card I. e. intel HD 5500 graphics core performs better than Intel HD 4400 core by around 15_20%.
Then maybe the body, now days people no longer carry heavy and big laptops. Slim bodied laptops feel good.

*Now, let me break down the generation s*
Latest generations are the (i7-7th generations, 6th, 5th,4th,3rd, 2nd and finally 1th generation) respectively.

*How do you know the generation of your PC?*
If you select and right click on *my computer or This PC* and then choose properties, you will be able to see the model of your computer processor. So if you have *intel core i5- 5300M1U* the first figure on (5300M1U)-5 in this case identifies the generation (5th gen.) and (4605U) 4th generation etc....

A 5th generation CPU of 2.7GHz is slightly better in performance than a 4th generation CPU of also 2.7GHz. In other words 5th generation CPU of 2.7GH can be equivalent to a 4th generation CPU of 2.8GHz.

*Older generation PCs emit a lot of heat and easily heat up this is because of the highest processor power consumption*

Don't be cheated today because of ignorance. We're here to


Computer repair, software upgrade and computer selling and buying


Computer repair, software upgrade and computer selling and buying's cover photo


i core 5. ASUS 160gb, 4gb of Ram, hdmi, wireless, dvd rw, battery 3hrs at 600,000


hp mini on sale 1gb of RAm Hd160, metalic frame
price 350k
but faulty battery
call or whatsapp 0701903985

[01/14/16]   New Acer x110p 3D, DLP
projector with remote @
2,500 Lumens,Lamp Life(eco-
mode):4,000 hours
CONTACT 0702277475/
(located at Ham Towers 3rd floor

mediafire.com 16/10/2015


Serial and licence key collection
1. 1. ╚═►Ms office 2007 Product Key Full & Full Version Download◄═╝ V224J-CYXVH-CTBMM-CJPWM-7BVD8 G9C64-F9WB2-Q7VY8-CFJ9H-DP7D8 TFDFX-YH3VT-26F98-QX8CT-G8BYJ DXPQC-D6PHB-G7WQC-973V9-4FX38 MMWGR-JVTFQ-M7KJ2-QPDQB-BQW7W JKGFR-TV26Q-JTVQY-8GYFC-KGDQ8 WD4KC-7FQG3-264X9-MKB77-96938 ╚═►MS office 2010 Product Key◄═╝ P8TFP-JGFMM-XPV3X-3FQM2-8K4RP 6CCCX-Y93YP-3WQGT-YCKFW-QTTT7 TV9PW-6RP6V-FDVP9-9GC78-Y4B4X TYPY-2TTJD-XFKXJ-D839V-FGDR3 D6QFG-VBYP2-XQHM7-J97RH-VVRCK 7X49M-7JPTJ-MCKFT-H7WFC-X2GYW GTV93-GYCX4-663P6-3J3BF-TFWFJ TK7BQ-BXMKX-JFD4J-PPRHX-9CQCM 36DQT-HBFDF-FH2CV-2T4M3-Y8X4H 7MCW8-VRQVK-G677T-PDJCM-Q8TCP KFWC9-FHT3V-GXGXT-WTYGG-2RQKV VYBBJ-TRJPB-QFQRF-QFT4D-H3GVB MM4XV-HHR99-YXMVW-G7KFK-TJ6H3 VYBBJ-TRJPB-QFQRF-QFT4D-H3GVB ╚═►microsoftoffice 2007-2013◄═╝ http://www.mediafire.com/?2aqa2f8mbs5bzt9 ╚═► vista and windows 7 product key◄═╝ http://www.mediafire.com/?a1h1579t9bx912w ╚═►VMware Workstation v9.X ◄═╝ Serial Key:→↓ ZF3X0-4ZW0Q-0842P-E6PGC-PKRZF VY19K-01X5L-084MY-MXMZG-MAUF2 YA5X2-FEFDK-H80VQ-4YWQC-MPARD YU1WA-F1GD7-485UQ-ADNNT-XCAR6 GF1WR-FGZ5J-485RY-JGQQC-XZ2G8 AY3HA-F1D5N-08D7Q-Z6X5T-XK2G2 YG5EK-D1X8L-088XY-NNQEC-P3AW6 VF14H-0YFE5-48D2Z-ZDPNT-YFUZ8 ZU31H-2WY83-0853Y-Z5WQZ-ZAAC6 GC1WK-F8XEM-M812P-9WMG9-XUU9F AY540-00W0M-088DY-GDQ7T-QL8Z8 FF34U-A5W11-H80UP-F6WNV-NL8V6 CF71K-AGD52-H894Q-Q4P7E-XL2R6 YZ5MA-6GXDP-0841Y-K4PNG-XK2ZF ╚═►NovaPDF Professional Desktop v7.7.387◄═╝ Name : Dennis Anker Serial: B11F-8V0T-XRU2-Z344-4MDF-2WM5-6XEB- NHK4 ╚═►Microsoft Office 2013◄═╝ S/N: 9MBNG-4VQ2Q-WQ2VF-X9MV2-MPXKV ╚═►PowerDVD v5.0◄═╝ S/N: MV588995988G2285 ╚═►Active Partition Recovery Enterprise v8.0◄═╝ Registered Name: Bernhard Walder Registration Key: 00001Q-RB25T2-24ZXFW-WVDC84- RCD4EQ-YWMDZ6-MD61TD-VQ4VMU-87UDC3- 5JB9DX-8NJMPA ╚═►AUTO CAD 2013◄═╝ sl no= 110-10061620, product key= 781E1 ╚═►Internet Download Manager v6.15.1 Serial◄═╝ First Name: Anything Last Name: Anything Email: Anything Serial: 7G7QY-NZWKQ-23KRA-RAMQ4 ╚═►Registry Workshop v4.6.2◄═╝ Serial Key:→↓ 01CBC4B66A06969B2638235982DED475E724C63B3D32 A13286 D226D99703423AA060156394800258 D5EF54FCCFB52306C7A2AA1D44A028E17E2833D3CC7 0F31E ╚═►USB Disk Security v6.2.0.30 Serial Key◄═╝ ACADEMIC 18027 ------------------------------ ABUTTER 18011 ------------------------------ ABRAZITE 17950 ------------------------------ ABRADE 17875 ------------------------------ WIRING 17820 ╚═►Advanced Archive Password Recovery Pro v4.53◄═╝
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3. 3. ╚═►Flash Player Pro v5.4◄═╝ Name: LiveLong Serial: LdfFla-23B9AC7E23E323AA6E448A9BD65AADFB ╚═►Hide Files and Folders v3.5◄═╝ Serial Key: →↓ a66e44fe14a7fcd5 be8054ffac8c3d28 3d5cbbdd6049fe6b 788887cd0bbcf8e2 fd434bde7a94fe93 ╚═►Nitro PDF Professional Enterprise 8 v8.0.6.3◄═╝ Serial: →↓ NP8D95K4GG0610986CC NP8D28K08K861091A52 NP8D8F04GSK619D6560 NP8D98G4XKS61068817 NP8DD60C8S061FC5394 NP8D23CX8C8612FA36D NP8DCD8GOK4610DCCA4 NP8D03S4SGK612D6DA0 NP8D772561161D133E8 NP8D764G84C61247501 NP8D2F4KXC861F6DFBA NP8D03C80SK613F59AA NP8D20KSX08613BF266 NP8DCD4COS46100F9C6 NP8D52G00O0614E8C6C NP8D772561161D133E8 ╚═►SUPERAntiSpyware Professional v5.6.1014◄═╝ Serial Number: 322-412-2500 Activation Code: 60c2-7e0c-10ad-329d Serial Number: 395-790-9638 Activation Code: b8b9-f84b-0e4d-dd7d Serial Number: 109-577-0923 Activation Code: ca2c-0423-1199-78f0 ╚═►Office 2010 professionalplus Serials◄═╝ BDD3G-XM7FB-BD2HM-YK63V-VQFDK W3BTX-H6BW7-Q6DFW-BXFFY-8RVJP DX4MW-PB7F4-YR4WT-BV3MM-4YV79 6D739-9F4F2-BKKV8-YCHRF-PWR8B 4C9PX-DH3G9-D424D-FGGKF-PRWH3 W3G79-KFKR2-M9C86-JG748-G8373 ╚═►Avast 5+6+7 serial ( Free )◄═╝ S/N: W6754380R9978A0910-4TZ59467 ╚═►USB Drive Antivirus V.3.02 Build 0509◄═╝ 1. NAME-USB Antivirus Serial-WWHKZY --------------------------- 2. NAME-User Serial-WWKZ --------------------------- 3. NAME-Rock_OM Serial-TSIS --------------------------- 4. NAME-Frendz Serial-HVKVN ╚═►Corel Graphic Suit X6◄═╝ S/N: DR16R22-LZA9ZQN-6HPW8RX-6QTKYZ ╚═►Corel Video Studio 12 Serials ◄═╝ VS14R22-PZ9U4XB-4USTVDL-PEPLKE2 VS14R22-D3466GB-UUS6K43-7EQW6UW VS14R22-PR6QWBP-GUCYVNG-UKSQJHA VS14R22-T5525UA-V4EG9DR-P6TB6UE VS14R22-UYC4CTQ-BPQJT25-WTT4SPS VS14R22-9LHHX33-ZP4N5P4-SBM7HGS VS14R22-D8YUMAB-A2Q3YNE-HMQWNWE VS14R22-R5BNPCQ-DKY26BT-DPY6C9J VS14R22-QKDXPFN-YRVKL2E-HGZRG6E ╚═►Super DVD Factory v5.7 ◄═╝ Name: freeserialkey Serial: 1199BA01C9C8B64244B4A42A662A723A2CBF089A005B E4CF26 AE68FCCF22992A0E9CF910CF06804A 6686148DFD58C8293818E5268FB78439C578DAAD2A87 BFFF2F 60CC40A24D7C4707A8A8A572431074 A008160333830C862C73D3BAC576CF11803C0D8414297 9EC58 34921FE9C4E63896150A4F3EC32C61 028A1F493D0003C5 ╚═►Virtual DJ 6◄═╝ Serial: WBBS-UCHF-UBBLG ╚═►Sony Sound Forge◄═╝ SN : HQ-EM4R8P-7S407G-S93NCR ╚═►ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CS4 SERIAL KEYS◄═╝
4. 4. 1132-1033-0380-3409-5427-6334 1132-1686-5385-1891-1718-6945 ╚═►Quick Heal Total Security version: 13.00 (◄═╝ Serial: VNI4-GACF-2358-RSUW ╚═►Avira internet security 2012 until 19 April 2013 key :◄═╝ Serial: P3WWW-WWWT3-PJHYD-CNCJ3-7973S ╚═►ESET SMART SECURITY 4 and 5,6 !◄═╝ Username: EAV-71746858 password : kbbmak3xen 06-12-2012 Username: EAV-71549467 password : 8ad8k72nbm 04-12-2012 Username: EAV-72535882 Password:j2jfk4u6pe Expire:21-10-2012 Username:EAV-72535886 Password:xbjaarhjs5 Expire:21-10-2012 Username:EAV-72535888 Password:h6sb4ctejc Expire:21-10-2012 Username:EAV-72535884 Password:rmjcev7tra Expire:21-10-2012 Username:EAV-72535899 Password:cdedc44tt3 Expire:21-10-2012 ╚═►avg antivirus 2013 Serial◄═╝ 8meh-r9q3v-zhe2t-92kcr-a9gls-yembr-aced 8meh-rlkzo-8chhh-hsyka-kauxg-sembr-aced 8meh-r6633-ypt9h-ycnsr-h42ot-eembr-aced 8meh-r2cml-sswfw-moxfr-tcrgu-3embr-aced 8meh-rfod4-sx7r8-jrtqa-jgero-wembr-aced 8meh-rnzll-2yuqx-79ppa-m3tde-aembr-aced 8meh-rk82s-pwf92-c33ba-qdw4h-gembr-aced 8meh-rf22z-an7hs-qdwmr-2eebp-bembr-aced 8meh-ryh2w-sak7n-h2hga-w73j4-9embr-aced 8meh-rnxbd-gmngf-bslsr-zjkod-pembr-aced 8meh-rf4bz-fh4uo-vrv3a-4ch9l-dembr-aced 8meh-rg9b7-bggvc-pxrcr-jpr2l-hembr-aced 8meh-rvega-vjyy3-y3dla-8nxy2-6embr-aced Windows 8 developer preview product key 6RH4V-HNTWC-JQKG8-RFR3R-36498 AVG Antivirus Professional 2012 Serial Number 8MEH-RW2ZU-29S4F-26QCR-WFZV4-BEMBR-ACED 8MEH-RREY3-L2LQA-LUMOR-UHNK2-6EMBR-ACED 8MEH-RPDWL-THRLY-O8Z3R-474SC-4EMBR-ACED 8MEH-RPTGT-KMOL7-EEEVR-KORKD-LEMBR-ACED 8MEH-RMXLW-HN44A-BABPA-SBK3B-PEMBR-ACED 8MEH-RCKOP-BP9KK-YW8EA-6K8TK-SEMBR-ACED 8MEH-RXYFD-JUV72-8922R-FTBZ6-QEMBR-ACED 8MEH-RAJC2-O3P77-KRRQA-H3SLN-REMBR-ACED 8MEH-R2CML-SS7FW-MOXFR-TRU8V-3EMBR-ACED 8MEH-RS47Y-82HT8-GONVA-BCCCZ-DEMBR-ACED 8MEH-RXYFD-JUV72-8922R-FTDO8-QEMBR-ACED Nero 11.2.00400 Code: 9004-0173-5M17-EU7K-KLPZ-XT4P-2MT3-4PA8 Nero 11.2.01000 Code: 9004-0173-5M17-EU7K-KLPZ-XT4P-2MT3-4PA8 ╚═►Adobe Flash Professional CS5◄═╝ Serial Key:→↓← 1302-1194-4375-5059-8090-0288 1302-1956-2248-1616-0365-7124 1302-1645-5592-7683-5740-9343 1302-1065-1908-3692-6001-0784 1302-1086-3696-5544-5238-9400 1302-1339-8680-7615-5184-8324 1302-1065-1908-3692-6001-0784 1302-1059-9625-8530-7802-6962 1302-1339-8680-7615-5184-8324 1302-1116-8780-8984-8675-8256 1302-1912-4694-1510-2945-5932 1302-1059-9625-8530-7802-6962 1302-1194-4375-5059-8090-0288 1302-1339-8680-7615-5184-8324 1302-1956-2248-1616-0365-7124 1302-1912-4694-1510-2945-5932 1302-1116-8780-8984-8675-8256 1302-1956-2248-1616-0365-7124 1302-1912-4694-1510-2945-5932 1302-1065-1908-3692-6001-0784 1302-1835-3972-5775-4732-9757 ╚═►FIFA 12 serials online (PC)◄═╝ Serial:→↓← QJAA-SCPR-2XYK-X3ML-0UNL
5. 5. S4LU-NP8Z-GKAD-7GK2-JRLD Y7GY-CSUG-3B54-3V1N-0UNL MXMD-8GX6-23KL-Q67F-0UNL 5Y9H 9GCV 6L7F 7GG4 DU6E ╚═►Adobe CS3 Keygen serial number◄═╝ Serial number:1326-0651-74702-0424-4066-8309 Activation number: 3244-5309-7205-7250-5740-2918-5471 Activation type: Normal ╚═►Windows XP SP2 geniune key◄═╝ Serial: JG28K-H9Q7X-BH6W4-3PDCQ-6XBFJ ╚═►SpeedUpMyPC 2013◄═╝ Licence Key:→↓← SP-EKSPY-W97SD-VRMZN-CWM4C-MJKVH-EHAZ8 SP-VNUJB-PTHHB-WBYGQ-ZJSKE-SVN3R-L3E72 SP-MY2KH-JVXKL-T3ANR-8YYFT-C8A3H-2PCLF SP-7MNBW-83RKR-8WS7R-2F8WG-UHQ8F-C3V9Y SP-XHTKF-VMV2N-WHFFB-WMUJ4-YAJY2-L3N6Q ╚═►Game Maker 6◄═╝ Serial: E3133057BE7AD9E655FEE02F ╚═►WinUtilities v10.53 Professional Edition◄═╝ Serial: WYMTGGP-7362-85FE-A519-4F96-QKWU ╚═►Cyberlink Powerdirector 9◄═╝ Seiral: BF937-FZ7NB-KHZEY-B3LAP-BNEFL-VT3EW ╚═►Your Uninstaller Pro 7.5.2012.12 Serial ◄═╝ Name: sharyn kolibob Serial: 000016-9P0U6X-N5BBFB-EH9ZTE-DEZ8P0- 9U4R72-RGZ6PF-EMYUAZ-9J6XQQ-89BV1Z Adobe Photoshop CS3 MasterCollection Serial Serial: 1325-1164-8142-5014-6460-3938 PasswordUnlocker PDF Password Remover 5.0.0 Serial: hzNHEuQvcGvzRyVJHgv9pyiki7kbTQymwmCViiUCjEO0 UQmchD w8NwjlmHE09nDe2ztZrUJ3UUtvoQY2 CdDIQbzQKzoC0ae7+w3EvYYd9W1UPJ2+1a6z42vAxCf2 31nV2M n4A+601rPJwnqJa2FK7kZJOFr3NszW prjzsFAdQgw= Microsft office 2007 enterprise 32 bit Serial: F3DJD-6FFQ4-XQTQF-PGK47-8MDQ8 CM9R7-9X4DV-F43J4-JVC67-GYDQ8 bitdefender free edition v10oem Serial: 7C7CC-DCA97-71242-F0814 FIFA 2010 Serial: URU4-HVRD-G8H7-F7G4-1911 KKHH-FRTB-L1M2-F5V8-1911 URKK-F9Y4-G5U8-33Q1-1911 PMXP-49L2-D1G2-85L0-1911 J87P-39P7-W8J4-T3F7-1911 Folder Lock 7.1.1 Final serial key: F7-20120725-2-873991 registration: 58260C22969C0EE8C65E3CB20460E4F44A063486 serial key: F7-20120725-3-968359 registration: 4E3A626E0EE4E0CEDE30EE22509858386C7A7CEA serial key: F7-20120725-8-354379 registration :76F60EB08CE6186A88C2E4AE646EAEA8147E4052 serial key: F7-20120725-3-339758 registration :C6E26644AA4AA606CC00B46206B2FC129EB256B0 serial key: F7-20120725-1-691441 registration :5AB890E642D6400C1678D0640E9E88CA26FA88C4 serial key: F7-20120725-3-663346 registration :8AC2E8BAC028EAA26042C018B8B4A6B8F46A1AAA serial key: F7-20120725-9-295215 registration :B6EA60745C24DE70769A1EC4FCD62C5CD8E8FC6A serial key: F7-20120725-4-188913 registration :9CAEC42C5E74CE10065A20D85410601EC4007CFA serial key: F7-20120725-6-219585 registration :9A98B6FC12A60E621E462AAE4EAE70AED4126002 serial key: F7-20120725-1-869828 registration :8242FA5E14AE88C89EACF6964068121A2264BCC2 serial key: F7-20120725-4-863538 registration : D090E2729622027884288C1E1E46DCC81CD4FE30 serial key: F7-20120725-8-475696 registration
6. 6. :42C85E9E8620E404F25412C4EA6852944EA4CA88 serial key: F7-20120725-9-222467 registration :7E52F24C3254C40A3802A6924E44B0A21A3060C0 serial key: F7-20120725-4-436627 registration :7A52720C8E12A0A80CF8FE9ABA1094089C6EB034 serial key: F7-20120725-5-224353 registration :7CEA8028A8F808569AB0AAFECC98B2E896302882 serial key: F7-20120725-7-112789 registration :784C1ABE7AAAC8E80680F8BAF00292DE4CDCC4DE serial key: F7-20120725-6-137291 registration :F6FA767AE2DEBCCA1AF64A4E0C88B82844781E94 serial key: F7-20120725-1-619748 registration :82C820C8825CF4B4D8F8BA46D42EA4A2CAC41A8 =========================================== ======= ====================== MP3 Encoder 1.0 s/n: _23456789a_ydcgwvaf s/n: _23456789a_ydcgwvaf Defrag Professional Edition 4.0.508 Name: Hans Mueller License: DPM1-0VNZ-002Q-X32X-033Y Name: Hans Mueller License: DPM1-0VNZ-002Q-X32X-033Y TraceRoute 2.0.2 s/n: Key-B03-30-230-209-164-3899 s/n: Key-B03-30-230-209-164-3899 Norton Internet Security 2012 Serial: JT888GWHQ7RQ32B932BB89XJM Only 1 User ! Angry Birds Space Serial: THET-ALEV-LEFR-USWO OR 00a00b00c00d PC Optimizer Pro Serial: XUV4-9MP-6AFC-NN8-7NP|XUV4-9MP-6AFC- NN8-7NR Microsoft Office key 2013 Activation Key: JR3N8-YV72J-86V92-HC2PM-PRXTW Microsoft Office key 2013 Activation Key: MT7NR-6GWBK-QGHBV-2YBFG-72V28 Microsoft Office 2013 key Activation Key: Y89N6-KWWJX-YHFVP-DWMGK- XKR9J OFFICE 2013 PRO PLUS MSDN RETAIL: KDVQM-HMNFJ-P9PJX-96HDF-DJYGX OFFICE 2013 VISIO PRO PRO PLUS MSDN RETAIL: ND3G9-KQHY4-8P3W2-VGXVY-B4D73 OFFICE 2013 PROJECT PRO PLUS MSDN RETAIL: TJP4N-R7JXW-442FX-82QGR-WFD4X Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key for Preview KMS FCMXC-RDWMP-RFGVD-8TGPD-VQQ2X Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key for Professional Plus PGD67-JN23K-JGVWW-KTHP4-GXR9G OFFICE 2013 PRO PLUS MSDN RETAIL: B9GN2-DXXQC-9DHKT-GGWCR-4X6XK 6PMNJ-Q33T3-VJQFJ-23D3H-6XVTX OFFICE 2013 VISIO PRO PRO PLUS MSDN RETAIL: MT7YN-TMV9C-7DDX9-64W77-B7R4D Office 2013 Pro Plus MSDN Retail Keys: KDVQM-HMNFJ-P9PJX-96HDF-DJYGX 366NX-BQ62X-PQT9G-GPX4H-VT7TX 4HNBK-863MH-6CR6P-GQ6WP-J42C9 6KTFN-PQH9H T8MMB-YG8K4-367TX KBDNM-R8CD9-RK366-WFM3X-C7GXK MH2KN-96KYR-GTRD4-KBKP4-Q9JP9 2MNJP-QY9KX-MKBKM-9VFJ2-CJ9KK N4M7D-PD46X-TJ2HQ-RPDD7-T28P9 NK8R7-8VXCQ 3M2FM-8446R-WFD6X 2B8KN-FFK6J-YWMV4-J3DY2-3YF29 MTDNG-PDDGD-MHMV4-F2MBY-RCXKK PBTFM-WWN3H-2GD9X-VJRMG-C9VTX G9N3P-GRJK6-VM63J-F9M27-KHGXK DMXHM-GNMM3-MYHHK-6TVT2-XTKKK GYWDG-NMV9P-746HR-Y2VQW-YPXKK
7. 7. 6HDB9-BNRGY-J3F83-CF43C-D67TX X2YWD-NWJ42-3PGD6-M37DP-VFP9K GPT9W-CWNJK-KB29G-8V93J-TQ429 46DNX-B4Q98-PQVPW-Q8VM6-FVR29 PNP4F-KY64B-JJF4P-7R7J9-7XJP9 WTFN9-KRCBV-2VBBH-BC272-27GXM N2P94-XV8HD-W9MHF-VQHHH-M4D6X 433NF-H7TMK-TPMPK-W4FGW-7FP9K 7TPNM-PMWKF-WVHKV-G869H-9BQ6X XRNFT-HG2FV-G74BP-7PVDC-JB29K DJC4N-DX7PC-GM3GK-V8KKW-XWYGX N7PXY-WR4XP-D4FGK-K66JH-CYQ6X XRNFT-HG2FV-G74BP-7PVDC-JB29K Office 2013 Visio Plus MSDN Retail Keys: BYJFV-KN4QC-RCYQK-7JKR9-MG7V3 66DNF-28W69-W4PPV-W3VYT-TJDBQ ND3G9-KQHY4-8P3W2-VGXVY-B4D73 VXX6C-DN3HQ-3CRXG-RF4KT-YG7V3 4GKNP-76F7H-W2D7B-V6PHF-PPMH3 K6NC7-KMX7G-TC6RR-FDM23-8K6YQ 2NYF6-QG2CY-9F8XC-GWMBW-29VV8 TCWJK-N6GFH-82BP9-HV7YQ-T6KMQ QQ4NR-2Q67B-X9C6R-4B8CH-HXJRD PBRNH-MY4D4-67BQK-WGM4P-XTKMQ TNFXF-KX69C-G2KVT-8X4MK-DYF4D OFFICE 2013 PROJECT PRO PLUS MSDN RETAIL: GJYNC-WYT8F-2Q4DD-FR9YF-YTBFX TJP4N-R7JXW-442FX-82QGR-WFD4X 3QNJ8 3JVTH 36VHV-6KBKT-BPXJK 2NDRT-M9QTH-2BKP3-HPRVC-J42B9 48HNV-4CGHT-PWCHM-WR3W2-6JC8K 68N6Q-G8BK4-B4G8D-3XK82-V8PB9 Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 7XD2X-JWJ94-BCHBW-W9WXP-J2WPT 2PWHY-KT4X6-96PYW-XQR7V-HW2W9 YF79C-7Y4B4-PGM89-6BKGJ-46PBT PYMDW-8DFY2-Y68BB-XHDGD-CT443 Windows Xp Professional SP3 V2C47-MK7JD-3R89F-D2KXW-VPK3J BTFRC-GHC7V-2WFBW-Y42XW-9WDKY JG28K-H9Q7X-BH6W4-3PDCQ-6XBFJ YCKQV-CK63Y-2P3VG-8FTB6-T7W28 CD87T-HFP4C-V7X7H-8VY68-W7D7M CB9YB-Q73J8-RKPMH-M2WFT-P4WQJ XR6BX-WB4J4-V8D4D-PT7KY-X6QWY KH6RH-6374K-8CPDJ-CJ3CV-QQC2Q FRH2X-6VD7F-YH2TV-2V8B7-J46FG QKBGY-T8JFG-F448Q-24KRG-48XPJ H49F9-8RTVG-MTCVH-G2MFK-C47C8 KW88P-MG360-WMYJJ-9Q2G8-F3MWB RJFWT-PD7GJ-8QV7B-PGWRC-9Q34Q BW2DK-62W43-74CDC-6284C-32GPY WQC9V-4T9JK-B8FG9-QWJ2C-KXY43 CJ4BR-YHR9H-XPJB4-J4VWY-39XYW J22J6-TJM8G-RBH6D-CRP46-Y6Q7W XWTC3-Y8G6Y-YH7X8-D673M-WFBDX PD9WR-BDGBK-RPXKR-W3CK4-QHYF3 D6FY9-288V2-QHKC8-WW9DY-YCKJJ CCFRD-B49C2-XC9JV-49DW9-MKTHQ BDV7T-3JK2Y-BT4RM-3GHH2-6QHDY RegClean Pro 6.2 00ZNXX-FA684X-21PQZQ-41H89P Wondershare Video Editor vrfjw-xtkx2-jaeux-nw8zr-ks7sv VMware Workstation 9 1F685-643EJ-XZDU9-L325K-021PK MZ6T9-6T21N-8ZRJ8-LH0EM-8CQ79 SUPERantiSpyware Professional 544-432-556 Activation:RSE-GFD-54GF xilisolft ultimate converter name:any licence code: A5162-6B62-6E50-4D475466-6C8F-9491-D11C 31D9-53FD-973F-BB31-2AEB-EAB8-3253-C2F0 DB73-FDB7-5FF5-68EC-079B-0D1D-CD28-914E 1D9B-71D9-B777-BFD7-582E-D286-E2AF-84A1 3159-D375-9D37-7131-667C-923C-F3AB-13C0 AC00-48CE-248A-0068-9E78-7CDB-112C-4C25 33FB-751F-B951-DDFD-0A12-B61F-FB0B-A251 A5162-6B62-6E50-4D475466-6C8F-9491-D11C 31D9-53FD-973F-BB31-2AEB-EAB8-3253-C2F0 DB73-FDB7-5FF5-68EC-079B-0D1D-CD28-914E 1D9B-71D9-B777-BFD7-582E-D286-E2AF-84A1 3159-D375-9D37-7131-667C-923C-F3AB-13C0 AC00-48CE-248A-0068-9E78-7CDB-112C-4C25 33FB-751F-B951-DDFD-0A12-B61F-FB0B-A251 1965-0009-D5AC-BC92-4662-018E-8C47-C962 06E5-89BA-8301-4DBA-23BB-7CB1-C2DD-201C CCD0-845B-5327-BA68-A2B2-0940-9E2E-2856 8286-F3C7-DB60-F647-9B54-1680-6EFA-DEB9 Xilisoft HD Video Converter Name: any Key : 6685D9AF-A26E-44FB-8C354-19F5-D730-4D0F
8. 8. 2A0387BE-172B-446C-B13B7-9DC9-85C6-B416 3054198967333333333785D2-64BC-4052-8AC6 A5B68-6168-645A-474DE370-C571-8C18-A08A 09CB3783-2066-4DF4-92F76-077E-2B20-1456 ismail-2010-B00A-C6B4FF6-9A90-593E-172E 190F-B5E3-5345-100D-1765-C54F-CAB2-C190

mediafire.com MediaFire is a simple to use free service that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so you can access them anywhere and share them everywhere.


computers and laptops



Other Electronics in Kampala (show all)
ICT Specialists ICT Specialists
O.B Plaza Room U11, Arua City Plot 17, Bharwani House, Nakasero Hill.
Kampala, P.O BOX 8781,

ICT Specialists Uganda is an innovative ICT and power solutions provider that was started by a highly qualified and trained ICT professional

Digital Kitchen scale Kampala uganda Digital Kitchen scale Kampala uganda
Bombo Road
Kampala, 256

Accurate weighing Scales features a wide selection of Home & Kitchen Scales. From high precision pocket scales for weighing the smallest of items, to home kitchen scales for weighing ingredients and portion control, Accurate Weighing Scales has your cover

The Online Shop The Online Shop
Luwuum Street, Universal House
Kampala, 35244

Dealers in Quality and Affordable electronic appliances

Dmkw Electrical Appliances Dmkw Electrical Appliances
Nansana Town Council

For any efficient services in Electrical & solar system installations or any need of Electrical products, Just please call center us for more information.

Bakadi Technologies Bakadi Technologies
Plot 1032 Entebbe Road, Suite P7 Pelican H'se, Najjanankumbi
Kampala, 00256

Bakadi Technologies provides Telecom, Electrical & Electronic Technical Services

N&k Phones Repair Library and Electronics N&k Phones Repair Library and Electronics
Nambi House

Phone repair. Library. Electronics. We also have gaming at our center 10am-5:30pm. N&K it belongs to Eng Kateregga. Full meaning Nakiganda&kateregga

Kramer Electronics Africa Kramer Electronics Africa
Plot 84b Luthuli Aveneu

We develop creative, reliable and value-oriented audio, video and computer signal processing solutions. www.twitter.com/kramerElec

MHl Technologies - U Ltd MHl Technologies - U Ltd
Located In Makerere Kikoni

we sell and buy new/used computers,smart phones,smart tvs,laptops

Da Phone Guy Da Phone Guy
Grand Conner House L4 335B

Welcome to the world of real gabgets

Shoppaaz Shoppaaz
Street 4
Kampala, 1556

Dreaming of an upgrade! With the right deals and accessories for your gadgets, dream with us and we will make it happen @UG MOBO

Mechanical dial baby medical scales Kampala Uganda Mechanical dial baby medical scales Kampala Uganda
Kampala, Uganda
Kampala, 256

This scale comes with an easy to read 8 inch raised dial and 11 x 12-1/2-inch platform. Perfect for homes, offices, or clinics where 0.1 kg readability is sufficient.

Mechanical steelyard platform bench scale Kampala Uganda Mechanical steelyard platform bench scale Kampala Uganda
Bombo Road
Kampala, 256

platform Scales are designed to be used in tough industrial environments like in ware houses where there is constant weighing of heavy bags of grains, seeds, food produce etc.