The Software Engineer

The Software Engineer


Engineers check Out this
Someone good enough to write me a code for an app. Please call or Whatsapp me for details: 0756175497 and please only those are experts and good.
More interested in react native developers, with some knowledge in Python.
More interested in react native developers, with some knowledge in Python.
We are hiring!
Software Engineer (React Native)
Our client is looking for a Software Engineer to build their mobile apps using React Native.
You will design and implement functionality for mobile apps, interfacing with the backend using REST APIs, and create a scalable, testable, and documented codebase so that it can grow sustainably over time.

Our ideal candidate will have at least 4 years in software engineering, 2 or more years' experience using React Native, have shipped at least one product using React Native, have experience interfacing to back-end APIs, a working understanding of native iOS and /or Android native APIs/language.

Knowledge of these will be of added advantage.
-You've shipped a native iOS and/ or android app
-You've worked with Node and React on the web
-Knowledge of AWS

To apply for this role, send your CV and cover letter about suitability for this role to [email protected]
Pls someone should help out!!
Hi, everybody. I'm Daisy from China. I like traveling everywhere. I hope to know more friends. I hope someday you can guide me.☺️☺️☺️
My First Software

Click the link below

Good morning house,

Please I need your view on this as members of Community.

Do you know some areas in Lagos that is being disturbed by flood??

What do you think is the cause??
What do you think the State government can do about it??

Plz send your view and comments via WhatsApp to 08057864289, indicate your name and local government.

Thank you.
Am asking for a website that I can use to download software's,or the application I can use to download software's
We have WhatsApp group where different software engineers share ideas. Around the world. If interested text me me on +256777467410 or drop your contact with country code

Software engineers are computer science professionals who use knowledge of engineering principles and programming languages to build software products, develop computer games, and run network control systems.

We develop software in accordance to the requirements of the clients and deliver it in the stipulated time frame


"How did you get better at coding?"

"How can I understand Python better?"

"How can I cook better?"

"How can I dance better?"

"How can I play better basketball?"

This is going to work in any field.


Want to be a software engineer? Code
Want to be a web developer? Code
Want to be a frontend developer? Code
Want to be a backend developer? Code

There is no shortcut to success here.
In order to get better you have to build projects.

Create. Break. Level up!

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In life we meet people but there are some that become our soulmates cos of how fast they transform our lives in a short span of time.

What a humble soul Desire is!, innovative and creative with great ideas, full of patience and love.

Happy womb escape to you, may God grant you more years to taste his goodness in the land of the Living
Happy birthday Desire Erised

The Software Engineer updated their website address. 10/04/2021

The Software Engineer updated their website address.

The Software Engineer updated their website address.


This new documentary called The Social dilemma on Netflix, is a must watch for everyone using social media.

It will teach how to handle info on internet, why your personal data is important and above all how social media can impact your life.


If you are using a product from a company and you are not paying for it, then you are the product the company is targeting.


You don't have to have kids early in life. Kids are just best friends who are always broke. Make sure you are prepared before getting them.


And this is how software developers will be coding in the next 20years.


A dream is not what we get while we are asleep,
But a real dream is that idea you get that makes you sleepless.

Is there that idea you wanna come up with and you see it as being viable for you, just put it straight through code. 23/06/2020

MOMO API integration with python(3).

Thanks to Suuna Conrad for the great work A couple of years ago from date, MTN released an open API to it’s Mobile Money. Many of the organisations that were sick and tired of…


Coding is hard! Don't quit coding because you aren't good enough. KEEP coding because you aren't good enough!

KEEP coding to become better.
KEEP coding so you can reach your goal.

You got this!πŸ™πŸ½β€οΈ


Hey programmer! My printer is not working can you fix it?

Mine isn't working either


10 Most Loved Languages as per Stackoverflow 2020 Survey.

1. Rust
2. TypeScript
3. Python
4. Kotlin
5. Go
6. Julia
7. Dart
8. C#
9. Swift
10. JavaScript

My senior software engineer last time i did pair programming with him, he told me that he was asked at the interview whether he could implement a project in PHP that the company was using, but he answered "i can do it perfectly in my favorite language", he missed the job. But he is now a certified oracle software engineer.

His advice to me was
"Always understand one language and stick to it for awhile solve many problems with it as possible rather jumping from one trending language to other just because it is trending. "


How to stay healthy as a Programmer:

- Get enough sleep
- Take pauses
- Stay physically fit
- Sit correctly
- Water your body
- Kill screens in your bed

Take your health seriously.
ps: Health is Wealth


Software Engineer
JavaScript Developer
Frontend Engineer
Frontend Developer
Web Developer
UI Developer
UI Engineer
Backend Developer
Backend Engineer

So many job titles in our industry!


Code more!

Want to be a software engineer? Code
Want to be a web developer? Code
Want to be a frontend developer? Code
Want to be a backend developer? Code

There is no shortcut to success here.
You have to code!


I don't remember a day i missed programming ever since COVID-19 started.


Advantage of dating a Software developer: They don't have time to look at other girls

Disadvantages of dating a software developer: They don't even have time for you


Programming is not:
β€’ fix my computer
β€’ create a google account for me
β€’ fix my router
β€’ buy me an iPhone online
β€’ hack my partener’s FB account
β€’ build a website for free
β€’ make me an app that tells me how to build a website
This is my own experience!
Anything to add?


People who think coding is easy are Project managers, CEO, Clients and other non-coders.

People who know how coding is hard are software engineers, developers, programmers and coders(who actually code)


Avoid writing "hustle code" as much as possible: Bad code just to get things working right NOW.

As projects grow, so will bugs, headaches & costs.

Build good habits.

I never regret spending extra time to think & write cleaner code from the start


My Github is a graveyard of unfinished projects.

Every time am like i will get time and complete one by one.


Me: I am a software engineer!

Everyone else: Can you hack my ex's email?
Can you fix the screen of my phone?
Can you repair my TV?
My internet is not working can you fix it?


Absolutely! Developers need to work well with other people in agile teams.

It’s impossible to be a good Software Engineer without well developed soft skills.


Usually it's much harder to learn how to deal with people in your team than to learn how to code.

But of course, you need to know how to code to even be in a team πŸ™‚


πŸ“Œ Be a developer that everbody wants to work with.

πŸ’» It's not all about the code.


You're a lovely person, with a heart full of love and joy for everyone, that's why your birthday is on Easter. Wishing you a very HAPPY EASTER BIRTHDAY Desire Erised


Backend engineer should know at least one server-side programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, . Net etc.

Knowledge of various DBMS technology is another important need of backend developer. MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLServer, Redis are widely used for this purpose.


Front-End Developer basically designs the interfaces of a software which users interact with.
skills of A front-end developer.
HTML/CSS. I know, these two terms keep coming up. ...

JavaScript/jQuery. Another MAJOR tool in your front end developer toolbox is going to be JavaScript (JS). ...

CSS and JavaScript Frameworks. ...

CSS Preprocessing. ...

Version Control/Git. ...

Responsive Design. ...

Testing/Debugging. ...

Browser Developer Tools


Want to get good at programming?
Cool. CODE.

You want to be a better developer?
Cool.... CODE.

Oh you want the top 3 secrets to be a better software developer?
Cool.... code, Code and CODE!

It's literally that simple!

There's No shortcut to becoming successful in software development.


This is a day in the life of a programmer:

- 1% actually coding
- 40% debugging
- 15% coffee breaks
- 30% googling errors
- 9% staring with your colleagues at the screen
- 5% trying copy/pasted solutions from Stack Overflow


When it's curfew in Uganda
LDUs don't give damn to any rank. 06/04/2020

China starts development of 6G, having just turned on its 5G mobile network

5G radiation caused COVID-19, if this theory is true because it has not yet been scientifically proved wrong, then what will the roll out of 6G radiation cause to the world!
Am just wondering out of Curiosity China said it would set up two groups to work on 6G technology saying the technology is of "great importance" to the country for the future.


is much more than a code.

Learn how to listen carefully.

Learn how to ask the right questions.

Code is just a tool to solve a problem.

Maybe your client needs a new car and not a new software.

How to Become a Software Engineer

Entering Software Engineering as Your First Career

  • πŸ“· 1 Earn a degree in software engineering or a related field. Most software engineer positions require a bachelor's degree.[1] Majoring in software engineering will provide the most useful background for designing and perfecting software in the corporate world. Computer science is another good choice, although its more theoretical approach is best suited for future graduate students and R&D work.[2][3]

  • It is possible to get hired with an associate's degree or even with nothing but self-taught experience. However, these opportunities are generally low-level programming jobs, even if the employer bills it as "software engineer."
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