Bitcraft Ltd

Bitcraft Ltd is an internet and software company founded in Uganda and with major operations in Dubai. Bitcraft ltd is a Ugandan internet and software company founded in 2012 as a joint venture between Pavicompro Inc who had been operational since 2008 and two friends who had been freelancing since 2010.


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[01/02/17]   Happy new year to you all.

And happy programming to all you fellow programmers out there.

[01/02/17]   It's 2nd Jan 2017 already.



Bitcraft Ltd


Bitcraft ltd is a Ugandan internet and software company founded in 2012 as a joint venture between Pavicompro Inc who had been operational since 2008, Musa (computer programmer) and Abra who had been freelancing since 2010.

Bitcraft was later incorporated in October 2015.

We specialize in software development and internet-related products and services including web development and online advertising among others.



Mission is the big challenge ahead of everyone, which is hard enough to get all the competitive juices flowing, yet it is also a challenge which everyone knows they can and will achieve. Reebok’s ‘Beat Nike’ mission was a fantastic example. What did every employee of Reebok want to do every day? Well it was pretty clear. Missions are generally met, and then a new mission is set out.
For a startup, the mission is the most important thing – I’d argue more important than the vision or the strategy. Key metrics are generally the sign of achieving a mission. However, sometimes it is simply financial (go IPO, Make $100m in revenue, etc. have all been fine missions).

Andrew D.
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Bitcraft Ltd's cover photo


Bitcraft Ltd's cover photo



Vision is an end state that you can articulate. It is a purpose for why the company exists. These do not have to be foundational. The most famous of visions was Bill Gates’s ‘a computer on every desktop, in every home’ – that’s all he had to say, and everyone knew why Microsoft was the place to work 20 years ago. Ted Turner had a vision of a 24-hour news channel, and Henry Ford had the vision of cars being driven by everyone, not just the elite. You don’t have to have a vision that is this big, but you should have something that describes an end state of the world that you are building a service to enable or tap into.

Andrew Dumont


Branding | How much big Brands spent on their Logos

Pepsi: $1 million

Arnell Group redesigned Pepsi's logo to the tune of $1 million in 2008. According to Stock Logos, "The listed prices include a complete branding package unless otherwise noted."

A 27-page document, titled "Breathtaking," was full of pop-culture buzz words explaining Arnell's methodology for the redesign. The report was mocked using phrases like: "Emotive forces shape the gestalt of the brand identity."

How much are you willing to to invest in your Logo?


Web Design Business: Before you Start.


Working with an understanding and responsive client helps
to make the development process a positive one.
Having realistic expectations and an understanding of the process is
a bonus.
A good client understands the overall picture and works with you as a team player to make the Web site a success.

Attributes of a Good Client:

*Is goal oriented: focused on the big picture
*Understands the Web environment and the development process
*Gives final sign-off and approval
*Is in agreement on deliverables, schedule and budget
*Is responsive to email and phone calls
*Has a “team”approach
*Gets you content on time
*Is part of the solution instead of the problem

This Post will be followed by the "Bad Client"


Less sometimes says More. Be Inspired. #CleanDesign #WebDesign 30/04/2013

A great name wins — Here’s how to find yours

Finding a Great Startup or Product Name If you've followed this series of articles you should be on your way to creating a strong brand. If you've missed the previous articles you can read them here, here, here and here. ...




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"Inspiration for Web Designers" SmartCar
We love the big imagery on this, and of-course the layout. So clean.


MySQL 5.6

Planning to use or considering MySQL 5.6 on Windows? Check out what’s new in the latest release of MySQL Connector/Net:


Custom Web Design over Templates
Creating a business website is not unlike dressing up for a formal dinner party that is filled with people you’re trying to impress. Your suit/dress must be unique and it must fit you just right. After all, you’re going to be judged on how you look, how you act, what you say and how you say it.
Now imagine if you went to a dinner party with a one-size-fits all suit or dress. And imagine if you prepared for that dinner party with canned speeches that everyone’s already heard before. Trust me, it’s far better to be unique and to ‘dress to impress’ than to use templates that everyone else is using. In business, it’s all about first impressions. What first impression do you want to make?


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"Inspiration for Web Designers" Blackberry


Ashton Kutcher as Apple founder Steve Jobs in "jOBS"
The film omits the last decade of Jobs’ life,
Hitting a store near you come April 2013


It's a clear Blue Sky here.. Good morning everybody.


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"Inspiration for Web Designers" Sony Xperia


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"Inspiration for Web Designers" Reebok


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"Inspiration for Web Designers" Jack & Jones


Scan for a surprise! 03/01/2013

Blog | Pavicompro | Creative Web Design Agency | Mobile Web Design | Dyanamic Business Systems | We.

Your business has just been established and needs publicity?
The creation of a business website will allow you to present your product in its best light.
On the one hand, the business website will allow you to advertise the products offered by your company at an acceptable price. On the other hand, a professionally built website can act as a successful round-the-clock online shop displaying your products.
Thanks to your business site you’ll be able to attract clients from all over the world, find business partners and markets for your goods in different countries.

Read full post here: Blog page for Pavicompro as a creative web design, web development, programming and hosting agency.Ofeering a broad range range of services not limited to Web Design, Mobile Web Design, CMS, SEO, App Development, Web Development, and so much more.


Web development,
web hosting,
native mobile app development,
online advertising



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