Golazo Business Hub

Golazo Business Hub


Hello. We are Preston Digital Agency.

We are a new Digital Marketing Agency registered under the business registration act in Kenya that started recently and we were looking forward for being beneficial to you company.

The following are among the services we offer:


-Web designing & Development.

-Mobile Application Development

-Software(s) Development

-Content marketing.

· -Social media marketing.

· -Social media advertising.

· -Email marketing.

· -Google & Youtube Ad's advertising

· -Cloud & Server Support

· -E-commerce Development

And many more.

It is with humble request that you will find our services of beneficial to your company. Do not hesitate to contact us on the above email or call 0796700350 or 0729277607.

Kind Regards,

Elijah Mateya

Business Development Manager

Preston Digital Agency

We are a business development company using technology, trainings and digital tools to support business and individuals to grow Hello,

Welcome to Golazo!

We are a tech business development company that utilizes software applications, training packages, video, and photos to help your business grow. We design tools and models to equip you with confidence and skills for success based on your business requirements. Our main goal is to see your business grow from one stage to the next. We work with dedication and confidence, trusting that when you work with us, you will begin to see tangible results in your operations. Thank You!

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Without shining light on your business, success is almost impossible and this is why at Golazo Business Hub we have dedicated tools and resources to illuminate your business.
Call us today for:
Website designs
Software apps development
Product photoshoots
Business training

Call Now: +256 787 208 115/+256 700 896 547 for immediate response.
The growth of your business shouldn't wait!

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Happening at Golazo
This month, we are running a mini-series on the importance of professional photography for your business
Stay tuned to get helpful tips on how you can grow your business with photography


Golazo Business Hub

Our co-working space is well equipped with all the amenities that you'd ever wish to have in a conducive work environment.
Give us a call today on 0787 208 115 to book your slot.
We shall be excited to serve you :)

Golazo Business Hub We are a business development company using technology, trainings and digital tools to support business and individuals to grow


Jobs: For so long, finding a job in our economy has been harder than the job itself. We hire CV writers, proof-readers, magnets, and all the connections. We saw this pain, and we have solved it all. Now all you need to do is to download the GiGs app, create your profile, and our smart technologies will take care of everything from there. With the GiGs App, you don't have to write another CV in your life.

Just click the link below, download your copy and you're good to go!
GiGs App for Jobs: https://lnkd.in/gSdQtzXt


Talent acquisition be a daunting task!
However, with professional training sessions tailored to your need, you can achieve a world of experience for both your company and customers.

At Golazo, we utilize modern technologies, training programs, and digital tools to build people and businesses for growth!


In the past, if you wanted to buy a ticket for a show, you had to go into the theater and talk to an employee. They would take your money and give you a paper ticket. Then when it was time for the show, you had to get in line at that same theater with all of your friends and wait outside the door while they opened it up so you could all go.

Imagine if you could make your own tickets for events. And people would be able to buy them online, get a message notification or print them out, and bring them along to the event without needing to go anywhere.

UG Tickets presents a Simple, friendly, and convenient online platform that helps organizers sell event tickets using cashless methods of Mobile Money & card, monitor the transactions in real-time, and easily check-in customers using our app or visit us at https://www.ugtickets.com


Financial Tip: Keep little/no, disposable money on you, and you'll realize how much you've actually been spending on non-essentials.

Money in the hands/quick access can be shockingly transient. there's a way it tricks you into thinking that "every challenge disappears once you throw money at it"
Not a good trait for business! 😁

Wondering you can change your spending trends?
Join us for The GiGs Hub, every Thursday and Wednesday, where we discuss money matters like these and many more.
We have only a few only a few slots, visit https://www.ugtickets.com to book one before they're all taken :)


I don't know who needs to hear this, but if you have a stable paying job, please don't rush into starting up a side hustle business, it's not all glamour & glitz like many want you to believe.
Truth is, the success stories are far much less than the EPIC FAILURES. Not to mention the life-altering mistakes made...

The best thing you can do with your hard-earned income from a paying job is to save first and then make a decision whilst your money sits in the bank. With enough time to plan, you will make fewer mistakes, and get more value for your money

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NEW! Wifi ☑️ Coffee☑️ Parking ☑️ Printing ☑️
Fin the perfect space away from the office to work on urgent projects this festive season.
Our fully facilitated co-working space will be open for use throughout the holiday period.
Call: 0700 896 547 to book your space.
Business Must Go On!


NEW: We are happy and proud to announce our new and well-facilitated co-working space.
Available to all looking for a quiet and conducive place to work from.


Something New!
We are happy to announce the introduction of our Golazo Co-working space.
Come visit us and check this out :)


The Silent Killer of Many Private Businesses in Our Economy
It's true that running a business sure is tough stuff, but this could probably be eased to a degree if one had considerate clients.
Many a young creative today are suffering a slow silent death because of disrespectful clients.

Picture this; a client demands the creative show previous works done before they're hired for a job, and they duly comply.
They then task them to produce a couple of samples -without pay- to prove capability of taking on the "big job", and again as humble servants excited to please a customer, they'll go ahead and deliver to satisfaction.

Upon completion of all these hoops, this now then supposedly contented client hires the poor soul for a humongous job, where they're expectant of earning their keep as the certified creative they have proven themselves.
Still filled with excitement, they welcome the huge tasks with open arms, pore over them with every intent to impress; spending hours in research, design, and development.

After weeks of laboring at the job, a presentation of the final drafts is then made to the wonderful client, for comments and corrections before making final delivery, and that's when the "movie" kicks off...

Following completion of a huge task, the client's next course of action (s), can easily make or break your small business.
Since as a small business -often in the early stages-, most of your transactions heavily rely on mutual trust and respect, when a client abuses that, you're literally ruined!
After final delivery, some clients then find it convenient to go days without a response, some begin to obfuscate and equivocate when invoiced, and there's even a shoddy bunch that will now change from having approved of your previous works (even the samples you made for them) to now rubbishing your efforts.
And sadly this happens often to many creatives, especially startups.

In the end, they just burn out, failing to realize the genuine dreams and ambitions that inspired their opening.
Because, you see, in spending so much time to execute that one client's tasks, there are many others that they put on hold or outright reject, in hopes that this one huge project will compensate for it all. And when they don't get paid, it bears devastating effects on their prospects, efforts, and most importantly, ESTEEM!

If you are a client out there that has done this to your creative, please change. It might not occur to you now, but killing off one business today, eventually comes back to affect you too. Especially in a future where you'll least afford it.
Support one another for growth.
Peace Golazo


Game store Uganda and Shoprite are both winding down their operations in the country, after years of unmatched dominance. Given the clout these two stores have held in the elite shopping circles for decades, their imminent demise is so sad to witness.

We worry about the jobs of the locals that have been working there, the suppliers about to lose out on two big clients in quick succession, and the amount of revenue to be lost in taxes by the government.
Some here in Uganda have interpreted the departure of the two prominent behemoths as some open indicator of the ever-dwindling middle class in the nation's economic strata; however, for the people that have keenly followed the trends in the recent past, this opining is largely false.

The challenges buffeting these operators to the point of closure are more to do with operations than the market. When holding a near-monopoly on a niche market, it's much easier to succeed than collapse, and one even has the ability to dictate their own terms to the regulators.
So no, the people putting these closures down to the market, are simply wrong.

But, the operations!
The operation of a business in an ever-evolving market can be such a tricky matter.
And speaking of operations, I'd like to specifically zero in on our attitudes towards work as Ugandans...

Have you ever come across a Ugandan employed by a multinational?
How we go to extra lengths to ensure that our special status is NEVER misplaced by the audience?
That whoever gets the privilege to win our indulgence, should treat the opportunity with the utmost honor due?
We don't mind trailing our coats long and hard for as long as it's to draw attention to our special status for working with this or that important company, and hence a requirement for our presence to be felt.

Now all this should not have been a "big deal" -like we say here-, if only we knew our limits - the right place(s) and time(s). But alas, that's far from always being the case; especially in a small city like Kampala, where almost everyone knows everyone.

At times some of the toes upon which we have trampled belonged to the very people that directly or indirectly sustain us - the CUSTOMERS!
And many an unlucky soul have oft fallen afoul of our clout chasing endeavors.

From getting treated like trash at the check-out counters, to attracting unsolicited rude responses to an inquiry at the "customer service desks", many a customer has often been driven away more than retained by our attitudes; vowing never to return to the place whence they feel they have been tormented.

This does not bode well with operations at all! Especially for a business whose main survival is dependent on the image portrayed before the general public.

From the large telcos to chain stores, banks to major distributors, many of us when employed in these places, have behaved like the people we serve matter but little, and that the jobs will be ours for a lifetime. Why care about excelling at customer service?
And when the customers vote with their feet, only then does the reality hit home.

Nevertheless, though, let us all be of good cheer, the doom and gloom making rounds on social media, is simply unwarranted.
We are a beautiful nation, despite all challenges, our people are by and large a hospitable lot; our vibes are infectious, and when all this is finally behind us, Uganda will rise again!

We're not the only country struggling at the moment, if you have been following the news, every place is currently going through something, and like they have hope there, we should too.
Cheer up, you live in the most beautiful country on earth!
For god and my county ✌🏾

Our Story

Statistics show that 77% of Uganda's 44M people are below 30years of age; of which up to 84% are unemployed and 2/3 surviving on less than 800USD a year, according to the GEM-Uganda Youth Report.

In a nation-wide survey carried out in 2013 by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), it was discovered that Uganda has some of the highest entrepreneurial rates in Sub-Saharan Africa, with over 1.8million informal business setups.

However, the report also discovered that despite 40 out of every 100 Ugandans being engaged in an activity or two concerned with running a business, over 1/3 of them are unable to realize growth of their businesses and offer jobs to others due to a lack of support from any institution(s), lack of enhanced access to financing, and absence of relevant training programs.
As a result, most of the dreams harbored by many during the startup stages of the businesses are short-lived.

Further more the report continued to state as follows; "Uganda's young people are under-educated and ill equipped to manage commercial enterprises beyond the one-person stat-up phase. This means that under current conditions, they are unlikely to create businesses that will employ more people in the near future, and hence contribute significantly to reducing unemployment and boosting economic growth."


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