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Happy New Year 2024 from Blue Elephant


Share the warmth of homemade Thai cuisine with our Blue Elephant gift baskets! Perfect for foodies and culinary explorers, these baskets are filled with our finest selection of Thai cooking essentials. Gift a basket of flavor this holiday season!


Merry Christmas from Blue Elephant 🎄🎉


Wrap up your feast with the sweet embrace of our Mango Sticky Rice, a festive treat that's as delightful to the eyes as it is to the palate. Experience the joy of Thai sweetness!

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Dive into the heart of the holiday season with our exquisite Green Curry, a dish that's as vibrant in flavor as it is in color. Let the aromatic spices of Thailand bring warmth and joy to your festive table!

Trends Ep 14 Chef Nooror Somany Steppe Blue Elephant Thai Cooking School & Restaurant Bangkok 22/12/2023

🎄✨ Celebrating the spirit of the season with an exclusive interview by the fabulous David Barrett featuring our Founder, Master ChefNooror Somany Steppe on Trends TV's Christmas edition ! 🎁📺

Thank you very much David and for this lovely moment together!

For more info on our Xmas Menu and the very special "Magical Rivers New Year's Eve Menu" paying tribute to project for , at the Blue Elephant restaurants of Bangkok & Phuket, hit the message button 🙂

Trends Ep 14 Chef Nooror Somany Steppe Blue Elephant Thai Cooking School & Restaurant Bangkok Trends Christmas 2023 Special episode.From Brussels to Bangkok: A Culinary Odyssey with Blue Elephant.In the heart of Bangkok, on Sathorn Road, Blue Elephant...


Kick off your celebrations with a Thai twist! Our Thai Fish Cakes are the perfect starters to tantalize your taste buds and add a touch of Thai tradition to your festive gatherings.


Celebrate in style with the rich and aromatic essence of Thailand! Our Blue Elephant culinary collection brings the authentic taste of Thai festivities to your table. Indulge in the heritage of Thai cuisine with our premium cooking sets.


🌱💚 Crunch into the irresistible blend of East meets West with our Green Curry Falafel! 🥙 Get ready to savor the spicy kick of green curry mingled with classic chickpea goodness, all in just 20 minutes! Perfect for a party of 4 or just when you need that something special.
👩‍🍳 Don your aprons and let’s blend soaked chickpeas with fresh coriander and onion to start this flavor-packed adventure. Coat them with a crisp layer of sesame seeds and watch these beauties turn golden in the fryer! ✨🍴
📌 Dip into our smooth garlic yogurt sauce for a creamy finish to this zesty treat. Hit play on our tutorial and cook along! 👉 Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more creative recipes every week!


Explore the flavors of Thailand with our 'Petit Basket,' a compact yet abundant selection of culinary delights. It includes two elegant cups, luscious coconut cream, aromatic curry paste, a variety of exquisite teas, an assortment of snacks, convenient cooking sets, rich curry sauce, and tantalizing dipping sauce. Each item in this basket is a testament to the rich and diverse tastes of Thai cuisine, perfect for those who love to explore through taste.


🍛🌿 Embark on a culinary journey with the Phuket Tumee Curry – a Peranakan delight that brings a slice of Phuket's rich heritage to your dining table. Featuring tender pieces of seabass or white fish, bathed in a luscious coconut cream curry, this dish is a harmonious blend of tradition and flavor.
👩‍🍳 Each step, from the initial sizzle of okra to the final simmer of succulent fish, is a dance of aromas and tastes, leading to a crescendo of rich, creamy curry perfection. The Phuketian Heritage curry paste is the star, infusing your kitchen with scents that whisper tales of ancient recipes passed down through generations.
🥥 Creamy, dreamy, and utterly delightful, this curry is a testament to the island's history, inviting you to savor every spoonful over steaming Thai Jasmine rice. Ready in just 20 minutes, it's a timeless classic that fits right into your modern, fast-paced life.
📌 Follow our straightforward steps to recreate this cultural masterpiece and take pride as you introduce your loved ones to a piece of Phuket's treasured culinary legacy. Let us know how it goes – your experiences and twists are always an inspiration!


Introducing our 'Treasure Box' - a trove of Thai flavors and craftsmanship. Inside, you'll find a beautifully crafted teapot with 2 matching cups, two rich curry sauces, two aromatic curry pastes, a pair of delightful snacks, two noodle sets for an authentic Thai experience, and our premium Thai Tea. Perfect for gifting or indulging in the diverse tastes of Thailand.

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Festive Thai Cooking with Blue Elephant.
Let's share photos of your festive dishes or holiday cooking experiences with Blue Elephant products.

Visit us for more winter recipe ideas and spice up your season with Blue Elephant!
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Embark on a flavorful journey through Thailand with our special hamper. It's a celebration of tastes and textures, featuring Thai Blue Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Ginger Biscuits, Rice Crackers, Dried Mango, Crystallized Ginger, and Thai Nuts & Herbs. Complemented with two elegant ceramic tea cups, this hamper is a perfect symphony of Thai culinary delights.


"Warm Your Winter with Thai Spices"
Discover the rich, warming flavors of Thai spices. Each spice not just adds flavor, but also brings health benefits perfect for winter. From soups to curries, infuse warmth into your meals easily with our spices.

Visit us for more winter recipe ideas and spice up your season with Blue Elephant!
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🥗✨ Dive into a platter of vibrant colors and textures with our Salad Platter 'Gado Gado' Style! A feast for the eyes and the palate, this dish marries the crunch of fresh veggies with the heartiness of fried tempeh (or tofu) and soft-boiled eggs, all drizzled with our rich and nutty BE Thai Peanut sauce. 🥜🍳
🌱 Each element is thoughtfully prepped and layered over lush green salad leaves, making every forkful a symphony of fresh, satisfying notes, finished with a squeeze of zesty lime. Ready in just 15 minutes, it's the perfect quick and nutritious meal that doesn't skimp on flavor.
📖 Follow our easy steps and get ready to impress with this nutritious platter that's as delightful to assemble as it is to devour. Share your own 'Gado Gado' creations with us! 🎨🍽️


Unveil a treasure trove of Thai delights with our exclusive hamper. It includes our charming Blue Elephant teacups and pot from Lampang, aromatic Jasmine Green Tea, crispy Rice Crackers, and zesty Ginger Biscuits, all elegantly presented in a Thai silk box. Experience the perfect fusion of taste and tradition in every sip and bite.


Happy Loy Krathong 2023 ✨
รวมส่งความสุขเทศกาลวันลอยกระทงปี 2566
Monday 27 November "Loy Krathong day", is a famous floating northern festival. On the evening, Thai people gather together to release floating rafts called Krathongs onto rivers, and canals to give thanks to the Goodness of Water.


Step into a world of tranquility on November 27th with our special hamper featuring the elegant Blue Elephant teacups and pot from Lampang, paired with our aromatic Jasmine Green Tea. Presented in a beautiful Thai silk box, it's a perfect blend of Thailand's rich culture and exquisite flavors. A thoughtful gift to cherish this season.


"🍚🥥 If you're craving a spoonful of comfort with an exotic twist, whip up this delightful Rice Pudding with Coconut and Lychees. It’s a dish that’ll whisk you away to tropical paradises with every bite!
✨ Steamed black rice becomes the perfect canvas for the rich tapestry of coconut cream, infused with the sweet, fragrant notes of pandan. With the addition of juicy lychees, this pudding is not just a dessert, it's an experience – one that dances between tradition and tropical indulgence.
🌴 Whether you're ending a lavish meal or simply treating yourself to a sweet escape, this pudding, with its velvety texture and bursts of lychee sweetness, promises to be a showstopper. Ready in a breezy 20 minutes, it's a love letter to those who adore the comforting warmth of rice pudding but desire a touch of tropical flair.
🥥 Don’t forget to share how your culinary adventure goes! We're all ears for your stories and the unique spins you put on this classic recipe. Happy cooking and happier indulging!


Discover the charm of Thai craftsmanship with our exquisite Blue Elephant teacups and pot, lovingly made in Lampang. Each set, nestled in a luxurious Thai silk box, embodies the elegance and rich heritage of Thailand. Perfect for tea lovers who appreciate the finer things in life.


Dive into a world of exquisite Thai flavors with our collection of gourmet hampers! From the charming 'Petit Basket' to the lavish 'Treasure Box', each hamper is a unique journey through Thailand's culinary wonders. Whether it's our aromatic teas, savory snacks, or rich sauces, there's a treasure trove of tastes waiting for you. Perfect for gifting or indulging yourself in the rich tapestry of Thai cuisine.


🐟 Dive into a world where the rich flavors of the sea meet the tangy zest of tamarind in this Tamarind Glazed Grilled Salmon recipe. 🌊✨
🍲 Picture it: succulent pieces of salmon, taking on the golden-brown hues as they sizzle in the pan, marinated in a sweet and tangy Phad Thai sauce that glazes over the fish, creating a layer of flavor that's both vibrant and comforting.
👨‍🍳 Imagine the sizzle as you lay the fillets down, the aroma of garlic mingling with the Phad Thai sauce caramelizing to perfection. It's a dance of flavors with a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds and a fresh burst of spring onions adding that final touch of crunch and zest.
🍋 And when it's time to plate up, it's not just the salmon that will be steaming. Watch the lime wedges' citrus mist as you give that generous squeeze, each drop enhancing the salmon's glaze, ready to be paired with the fluffy bed of jasmine rice.
🍽️ Whether you're looking to woo your dinner date or simply treat yourself to a midweek feast, this Tamarind Glazed Grilled Salmon is your ticket to a flavor-soaked journey in just 20 minutes. Ready to cast off?


ไข่เจียว เมนูง่ายๆ ทำเองได้ทุกวัน
Thai Omelette (Khai Jiao) is a simple menu that you must try now.



🍛 Chicken Massaman Curry, a treasure trove of Thai flavors in a hearty, home-style dish! 🌶️🥥 In just 20 minutes, transform your kitchen with the exotic scents of Thailand and treat your family to a feast that's both soul-warming and taste bud-tingling.
🥘 Rich and creamy coconut melds with the deep, spiced notes of Massaman curry paste, tender chunks of chicken, and the earthy goodness of potatoes. Each spoonful is a symphony of sweet, salty, and nutty tones, crowned with the satisfying crunch of roasted peanuts.
👨‍🍳 Whip this up for an impromptu dinner party or a snug family meal; it's a dish that's sure to gather compliments as effortlessly as it brings smiles. Don't forget a fluffy bed of jasmine rice to soak up that luxurious curry sauce! 🍚
Ready to cook? Grab your apron, and let's make magic happen in the kitchen! 🎩✨

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Get ready to celebrate with the exquisite flavors of our Blue Elephant Phad Thai Cooking Set! 🎉🍜 Our very own Master Chef Nooror has crafted a Phad Thai experience that's not just a nod to Thailand's history, but a taste of our culinary pride!

Journey through the flavors that united a nation during the WWII era, a dish promoted by a visionary Prime Minister to inspire patriotism and culinary innovation. 🇹🇭🌾 From reducing rice consumption to introducing a noodle revolution, Phad Thai has become a symbol of Thailand's vibrant culture.

Now, you can create this beloved dish at home with ease! Our Blue Elephant Phad Thai Cooking Set includes our premium BE Rice Noodles and the iconic BE Phad Thai Sauce, ensuring every bite is packed with authentic Thai flavors. 🥢✨

No need to scour the market for ingredients; we've curated the perfect combination, featuring the finest rice noodles and a sauce that sings with tamarind's sweet and tangy notes. Just add your favorite toppings like succulent Giant Ayutthaya River Prawn and Hill-Tribe Organic Egg to complete this timeless recipe. 🦐🥚

Join us in honoring a dish that's more than a culinary delight—it's a heartwarming embrace of Thai heritage. Make every day a with Blue Elephant's gourmet touch! 🐘💙


Discover the tradition of Thailand in a bowl with our latest offering - the Blue Elephant Khanom Jeen from our Thai Premium Noodles Collection. These noodles, distinguished by their slight sourness, bring you the authentic flavor of Khanom Jeen, a staple Thai dish rooted in centuries-old culinary practices. Taste history and culture in every bite!


Grateful to for this article showcasing one of our favorite Thai recipes !

🔥Discover the essence of Thai culinary brilliance with Tom Yam Kung, intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO 🔥🍲
Embrace the perfect blend of tart, spicy, salty, and sweet flavors that create a harmonious aroma from galangal, lemongrass, bergamot, and bird's eye chilies. 🌶️🍤 Unravel the rich history of this iconic dish, exploring its variations and the chef's secrets in striking a balance of flavors and aromas. Our Master Chef and Founder's culinary journey is now featured in this exclusive article by Michelin Guide. ChefNooror Somany Steppe is sharing her expertise in this traditional Thai masterpiece, emphasizing the therapeutic benefits of the herbs and spices used. 🍲🌿 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳

Tom Yam River Prawns soup by Chef Nooror is available at Blue Elephant Cooking School & Restaurant Bangkok
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Happy New Year from Blue Elephant
Merry Christmas from Blue Elephant
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Phuket Tumee Curry Peranakan Heritage
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Forest Products พรีเมี่ยมแยมผลไม้ Forest Products พรีเมี่ยมแยมผลไม้

Jam manufacturer and distributor of "Forest Products Brand". Award winning fruit jam (Superior Taste Award), Less sugar jam, Fruit topping, and Fruit sauce. http://www.thaiforestp...

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Boncafe (Thailand) is a leading gourmet coffee manufacturer and exporter, as well as the provider of one-stop coffee solution for your business

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ติ่มซำโกบ๊อเจ้าเก่า ซอยตากสิน 34 (ไม่มีสาขา) สั่งเลยที่ Robinhood >>

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Coffee Journey กาแฟหอมเข้มข้น คุณภาพชั้นเยี่

Ikayaki Cheffu - หมึกย่างสไตล์ญี่ปุ่น Ikayaki Cheffu - หมึกย่างสไตล์ญี่ปุ่น
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Salapao by P Salapao by P


Bigy shop แฟชั่นสาว Big Plus Bigy shop แฟชั่นสาว Big Plus


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ถาด-เพรา-หอม ถาด-เพรา-หอม
59/166 ซ. รามอินทรา 21
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Rachawee อาหารสูตรเด็ดอร่อย ราคาถูก Rachawee อาหารสูตรเด็ดอร่อย ราคาถูก
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