Cde Jal R. Gai

Cde Jal R. Gai


If that rumors of election rig in the current American race is true!
The world in general will never have peace .
If you want to deny this fact, go first and test my African leaders's DNA


1. Eagles fly Alone and at High Altitudes - They don't fly with sparrows, ravens, and other small birds.

MEANING - Stay away from narrow-minded people, those that bring you down. Eagle flies with Eagles. Keep good company.

2. Eagles have an Accurate Vision - They have the ability to focus on something as far as 5km away. No matter the obstacles, the eagle will not move his focus from the prey until he grabs it.

MEANING - Have a vision and remain focused no matter what the obstacles and you will succeed.

3. Eagles do not Eat Dead things - They Feed only on Fresh Prey.

MEANING - Do not rely on your past success, keep looking for new frontiers to conquer. Leave your past where it belongs, in the past.

4. Eagles Love the Storm - When clouds gather, the eagle gets excited, the eagle uses the storm's wind to lift itself higher. Once it finds the wind of the storm, the eagle uses the raging storm to lift itself above the clouds. This gives the eagle an opportunity to glide and rest its wings. In the meantime, all the other birds hide in the branches and leaves of the tree.

MEANING - Face your challenges head on knowing that these will make you emerge stronger and better than you were. We can use the storms of life to rise to greater heights. Achievers are not afraid to rise to greater heights. Achievers are not afraid of challenges, rather they relish them and use them profitably.

5. Eagles Prepare for Training - They remove the feathers and soft grass in the nest so that the young ones get uncomfortable in preparation for flying and eventually flies/ when it becomes unbearable to stay in the nest.

MEANING - Leave your Comfort Zone, there is No Growth there.

6. When the Eagle Grows Old - His feathers becomes weak and cannot take him as fast and as high as it should. This makes him weak and could make him die. So he retires to a place far away in the mountains. While there, he plucks out the weak feathers on his body and breaks its beaks and claws against the rocks until he is completely bare; a very bloody and painful process. Then he stays in this hiding place until he has grown new feathers, new beaks, and claws and then he comes out flying higher than before.

MEANING - We occasionally need to shed off old habit no matter how difficult, things that burden us or add no value to our lives should be let go.
By Jal R. G*i

I am not politician nor their follower.
I am just a mere individual citizen of this great nation South Sudan.

Subject: My Advice to Nuer
I am not a good writer with ethics but I maybe the informer to let you know and get inform of what each one of us passing through. This become too and I can't dare it anymore.
It seem that my people you have forgotten that, being a tribe is defined by dignity, integrity, respect, respect yourself as individual to give chance to others to respect you.
A weak tribe is always a weak tribe due to the following reasons, lack of identifying the cause of the problems, lack of unity, ferocious attitude thinking that I am tough can't be confront, thinking that I am always right, can't be defeat, my community is the best than that community, can't respect Mr X just because I am like him, finally easy to be bribe and convert from the cause and many more odd which engulf the most people ideology among our communities. Such a few reasoning set our way of doing things into reverse gear. No group of people can lead without a leader, even the two individuals one can and other will follow. It really itching my mind for the past seven years how prolonged this fierce situation they are passing through thinking that, that tribe oppressing us when you know the cause why you get oppressed and humiliated. It is all because of weak mindset you borrowed from where I don't know during this 21th century. How come a man can built his house and set it on to fire when he get finished it? You begin to build what will determine your future for the last seven years and latter on you begin to quiet without any pressure and find yourselves ending up praising the oppressors. Is it not what known to us a mediocrity? Why not practising patient and tolerant? We are now became the weaker tribe ever just because of our own making. We don't survey and think a little Mile, how will it take us by finding ourselves to just be good for today and leave tomorrow unpredictable? Where Will it take us? People don't cherish others who are at least trying their best way of doing thing to improve what is mean to be for the sake of the country citizens. Isn't it mediocre? When you take a look on such a mess and specified where it began and come, definitely the engineers and players are Nuer politicians. For how long will it take us? The best example to have eye and a good ear on how this current crisis has been prolong by them! Go and revise the this current kakistocracy system, a good numbers of the never be surprise, are in the business in the kleptomania manner, is it not mediocrity? To prove in the ultimate reality, the most part of the country is at eased as only the said politicians sectional in Nuer tribe, their areas where they're originated the live through them is uneasy. Death and sorrow are the only option people live through. I took this note from what I experience on Nuer politicians, their political status is difficult to understand as they are politically inactive and unscrupulous at the same time. Sadly can you imagine, the looming is currently underway on their watch believe me, you will hear what happen recently in greater Akobo, will definitely happen in Bentiu also and others parts of upper Nile, sadly. Nuer politicians in the said kakistocracy system need only interrogation politically because they're qualified to it. They don't need language of honary.
Those are my tribe politicians.
This is not the end.
By Jal R. G*i
The latest from Addis Ababa:

PM Hamdok and President Museveni as Guarantors met Salva Kiir and Dr Riek Machar on the number of States this afternoon. After a long meeting they agreed on 10 States.

However, Salva Kiir asked to be given half an hour to consult his colleagues with him in Addis. After that time lapsed he came back to say that his subordinates rejected what was agreed upon and that he needed 3 days to consult in Juba. This was granted and the meeting of the same people will take place on the 15th instant.

PM Hamdok will hold a press conference on this agreement any time from now.
Update from Addis

The IGAD Ministers met and adopted the following:

1. Formation of Transitional Government of National Unity by 22 February using 23 +Abyei as a basis
2. That any extension is not desirable
3. Kenya strongly advocated for return to 10 states.
3. That IGAD Summit of Heads of State and Government endorse the proposal on state (23+ Abyei)
4. That the Heads of State should prevail over the Government of South Sudan to accept the proposal.

The Summit of IGAD Heads of State and Government met this evening to consider the proposal of the ministers:

1. The proposal was categorically rejected by President Kiir
2. M7 supported Kiir position
3. Prime Minister Hamdok adjourned the meeting till tommorrow to further consult with other parties and Head of State and Government.
To all my fellow human being, if one never see a careless jealous human being, who don't care about what have a feeling like human being.
Here is the one.
I don't know his name actually than heard him that he is a current South Sudan information minister under Salva Kiir regime.

I doubt his face, the way the man look!
Show that he is a lonely angry self warrior who will never pass through the valley of happiness.

God come and rescue my country from the hand of strangers.
JCE 32 States online the death row.
R. I. P

In other hand Taban Deng on the __________ ?
A lots of problems Gatnyakek. You cultivated and reap the end.
JCE 32 States online the death row.

R. I. P
نعم فاسنا ومريم
اين انت من فضلك تعال وسحق الخاص بك.

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Robert Mugabe


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If you found yourself came from rich family, please respect the gateman otherwise in some other way around! He maybe your biological father.


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Availability = (Total Uptime)/(Total Uptime + Total Downtime) calculate the availability factor for a 30-day calendar month with 30 minutes of scheduled downtime in that calendar month as:

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Hello fans
Today is a good day but tomorrow will be beautiful and colorful.
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During her 20s she's complicated,
But after 30s anything that's breathing is welcome.


For the first time.






1) No man is perfect

2) Men are like children. So be like his mother.

3) Hear quickly; talk slowly.

4) Never compete with a man.

5) Never try to be equal with him.

6) Be fast to apologize when you know you are wrong.

7) Don't be too jealous with him. This is good for your peace of mind.

8) You may check on his phone if you want, but that isn't necessary.

9) Always be honest as a wife.

10) Never leave your house for a long distance without his permission.

11) Make sure you know the food he likes, and prepare that at least twice a week if money allows.
12) Don't let your husband get in the house with a parcel in his hand.

13) Try to make a budget together.

14) Be his adviser, not a critiser.

15) Don't ever forget that a wife is a helper of husband.

16) Learn good things from your mother.

17) When God blesses you with children, never give more attention to your children and forget your husband.

18) Learn to smile at your husband.

19) When your husband knocks off from work, greet him. If possible, hug him.

20) Don't let your husband leave the house without eating. This may mean "eat" and "eat".

21) When your husband becomes angry, stop talking.

22) Keep the bedroom clean always.

23) Never put cloths on the bed. Some men hate that.

24) Be a clean woman.

25) Look romantic.
26) Always remember to do what a wife should do. You are not his sister.

27) Treat his relatives as you would treat yours.

28) Oftentimes ask how his relatives are doing.

29) Pray together.

30) Never compare your husband or your house to someone else's.

God bless you all...


How principle get us down to our knees!


Western Nuer District 1922_1930 with it's capital Bentiu

The district was divided into two separate geographical areas Jabel River and Ghazal River area which is split by a natural boundary, each with distinct features as regards the physical nature of the country.

The Jabel River area to the South was inhabited by the Nyuong , Dok and Jagei Clans. It consists of a low lying black cotton soils plain interspersed by Khors, where ridge of high sandy ground on which palm trees ( noor ) and scrub grow.

The Ghazal River area to the north was inhabited by Leek, Bul, Jikany and Dinka Ruweng. The Ghazal River area to north was high ground which becomes more frequent and occasional belts of palm and talh ( Accacia seyal) or gum al Arabic or lalob.

Distribution of Population in Jabel River Clans:
Area and tribe Dok
Chief. Buom Diu Jul
River post. Adok
population 11063

Tribe and area Jagei
Chief.Thiech Puoch
River Post. Tharjiath
Year. 1927

Tribe and area Nyuong North.
Chief.Gatluak Nyak Population. 3305
Year. 1927

Tribe and area Nyuong South
Chief.Wuon Kuoth.
River Post.Belek. Population. 4116.
Year. 1927

Ghazal River Clans

Tribe and area.Jikany North
Chief .Badeng Bur
River Post.Yodni population.4021.

Tribe and area Jikany South.
Chief.Gatkek Luop
Ruai Wuor/ Kerlual
River Post.Bentiu

Tribe and area Leek North.
Chief.Tuil Raan.
River Post.Yoynyang.

Tribe and area Leek South
Chief.Nyuel Jul.
River Post .Wathjak
population. 8353
Year. 1930

Tribe and area Bul
Chief. Not yet appointed but later Tekjiek Dual Doang
River Post.Wangkai
Year. 1930

Tribe and area Ruweng Dinka.
Chief. Bilkuei Duot
River Post .Panrur
population .9000
Year. 1930

Characteristics of former Western Nuer H. Chiefs were:

A .Buom Diu Jul Chakpiny Thier of Dok Nuer

Chief Buom Diu was witchdoctor seized by the divinity “ Teny”in 1921 and fighter leader who led the Dok tribe before government control. The Dok have in the past had a Tribal Organisation which is practically of the present day and the clan has been less affected by changing conditions than any other of the Nuer tribes.
Buom Diu wields a paramount influence over a populous Tribe and administers the area with a minimum of help from government. He was harsh, possibly oppressive at times but he realised in great measure than other Nuer Chiefs the meaning of government and the inevitable consequences of misrule, there can be little doubt. Buom Diu’s autocratic methods seem best suitable to the people he has rule and “ I believe his apparent harshness to be Not in consonant with a sense of fairness “. Buom Diu had under him 42 sections under their respective headmen and 6 Sub_ chiefs

Buom Diu Jul was known as a very brave warrior but stubborn and hot headed man. He was arrested in 1923 to prevented him Not to join Gatluak Nyak Goak of Nyuong Nuer against colonial resistance and deported to Yirol in Lake area in early 1925. On his returned, he became the most reliable Chiefs under Captain Fergusson who was murdered by Gatkek Jiek ( Kuel Jiek ) in Dor Nyuong in 1930. He protected the government properties during the aftermath of Fergusson’s murder revenges as was well thought by PERCY CORIAT ( nicknamed Gier Kuac ). Buom was deposed by precesssor of Captain Fergusson known as Captain Romilly for extortion and being an “unconstitutional autocrat” and was exiled to Akobo and then back to Yirol in Lake area. Buom Diu was allowed to returned home in 1948. Buom Diu was only Prophet among the Nuer Evans_ Pritchard met personally as mentioned in his book of 1935.

B. Gatluak Nyak Goak descents of Biliew Wiew of Nyuong North

Gatluak Nyak Goak was a hereditary Chief of cattle custodian ( Wut hook), fighter leader and he was seized by the divinity of Dapiir in 1919 and organized a number of successful raids against Dinka tribes. He refused to agree on peace terms with Captain Fergusson and allied with Prophet Kulang Ket of Jagei Nuer in resistance against the Turuks in 1923_ 1925. After Gatluak Nyak surrendered to Captain Fergusson than who he appointed him as Paramount Chief. In November 1927, Captain Fergusson discovered that Gatluak Nyak had hidden guns and hoarding cattle collected in fines. In punishment he was demoted and half of his Galiath section was assigned to Chief Chak Riang his rival from Dor Nyuong. Therefore, Chief Gatluak Nyak immediately surrendered to the government on receiving news of Fergusson’s murder, but because of Chak Riang accusation He was kept in detention in Malakal Town for two years. Later, he was proved innocent he was reinstated as Chief of his Galiath section in 1930 and appointed H.chief Nyuong Nuer in 1935. Having learned Arabic while in prison in Malakal, he was considered a highly satisfactory Chief up to his death in 1938. Gatluak Nyak was paramount Chief of both Sections of Nyuong Nuer from 1924 to the end of 1926, he was believed to be exceeding his authority and made trouble over the returned of cattle raided from Dinka tribe and his Chiefship was confined to the Galiath section while Dor Nyuong were placed under his rival Chief Chak Riang . In 1927 he was arrested on suspicion of instigated the outbreak in December of that year and was imprisoned . After his removal the area was placed temporarily under Chak Riang who was also in charge in Dor Nyuong. .
In June 1929, Chath Hook Bang of Dok Chieftain who was had been deported to the Dinka Agar’s country in 1924 for oppressive acts, was appointed to the Galiath of Nyuong Nuer. Chath Hook Bang was killed by an elephant hunting in August 1930 after he proved himself remarkable able leader. After captured of all murderers of British Captain Fergusson and summarily executed than Sultan Gatluak Nyak was proved innocent and was reinstated as Galiath Chief in December 1930 and died in 1938.

C. Chath Hook Bang of Dok Chieftain

Chath Hook Bang was a staunch government ally in the patrol against Kulang Ket who possessed by spirit called “Mani Wan” and Gatluak Nyak Goak of Dapir in 1924_ 1925. He was taken to visit Khartoum, he was photographed wearing Fergusson kilt ( Fergusson 1930.p.126). Chief Chath Hook Bang was deposed along with Chief Wuon Kuoth for unfairness in hearing case in 1925. There was a feudal case between Chief Chath Hook Bang and Prophet Kulang Ket of Mani Wan in Jagei area, and Kulang Ket was arrested and given into Chief Chath Hook Bang’s care upon his surrendered in 1925. In Western Nuer, it is widely believed that Chath Hook Bang killed Kulang Ket by burried him alive in Thor Village near Adok sub_ port. Prophet Kulang Ket is said to have prophesied to Chath Hook Bang that the next time they would meet, Kulang Ket will be an elephant. This came to pass when Chath Hook Bang was killed by an elephant he was hunting around Kaati village in 1930.

D. Chief Wuon Kuoth of Dor Nyuong

Wuon Kuoth was hereditary earthmaster known in Nuer as” Kuar Muon” or Leopard Skin Chief as well as Tribal Chief until he was deposed for malpractices in 1924. Prior to the present administration Wuon Kuoth was a warrior leader noted for his success against the Dinka tribe in Yirol and Rumbek. After Wuon Kuoth deposal, Chief Gatluak Nyak Goak of Galiath Nyuong was appointed by Romilly as paramount Chief of Nyuong Nuer.
In early 1927, the Dor area was removed from Gatluak Nyak’s control and placed under Chak Riang who was neither a hereditary Chief nor a fighter leader and his rule did not appear to have been successful. He was deposed and succeeded by Wuon Kuoth in December 1930 after he had been trial and found not guilty due to lack of sufficient evidence of complicity in murdered of British Captain Fergusson.
There were about 30 sections or (Chiengs ) under their headmen, Included Two Sections of (Angac Dinka) living in Nyuong country. These are divided into 5 main group under Sub.Chiefs.

E. Chief Thiey Puoch of Jagei area

Chief Thiey Puoch was hereditary Earth_ master “Kuar Muon” not fighter leader. He was appointed after death of Prophet Kulang Ket the witchdoctor in 1926. Chief Thiey Puoch was sub_ chief of the Padang _ Reanyian sections but was appointed Head Chief of the Jagei Nuer when his brother Jiech Puoch was deposed by Captain Fergusson. The government expected him to deal with anti_ government witchdoctors campaign between November _ December 1930 but instead in 1940s, he proposed that he hand over the Chiefship to Nyaruac Kulang Ket , the daughter of Prophet Kulang Ket of Mani Wan who was then siezed by Mani Wan’s spirit. Chief Thiey Puoch has the qualities of Chief but lacks the fighting character needed to make his position entirely secure from the machinations of the wizards. Thiey Puoch Chiefship is not an easy one but he has done well and has little more need of assistance than Buom Diu of Dok. Although a smaller tribe than the Dok , the sections and headmen( gaattutni) number 51 with 7 Sub_ Chiefs in Jagei area.

F. Prophet Kulang Ket

the prophet Kulang Ket was seized by “Mani Wan” spirit sometime after the appearance of two others major Prophets named Deng Lothcum of Tutroah and Teny Dhurgon of Puot Nyuon among the Western Nuer. Kulang Ket visited Khartoum (perhaps Omdurman) on his own during Mahdiyya era and on his return to his Jagei country succeeded in becoming the most influential Prophet among the Western Nuer. It was believed that the name “Mani” derived from a word Mahdi of Mohd Ahmed of Gezira Aba when Kulang Ket visited Khartoum . Kulang Ket was probably 80 years old when government made contact with the Jagei in 1921, and agreed to try to curtail raids against the Dinka tribe. In this he lost the support of many young men among Jagei included his own son Majok Kulang. Majok Kulang died in expedition against Dinka Chic in 1922, and Kulang Ket was gradually forced by public opinion among Jagei Nuer to rally with Chief Gatluak Nyak Goak and take up arms against the government. Jagei were defeated in Battle of Limpout in January 1925 and Kulang surrendered in March 1925. Kulang Ket was detained at Adok where he died in custody under Chief Chath Hokbang on 24 June 1925. Thereafter his daughter Nyaruac Kulang Ket, a divorced woman, tended him during his captivity and later on seized by spirit of Mani Wan after her father’s death. Prophet Nyaruac Kulang Ket was greatly respected in Western Nuer and eventually achieved the same spiritual eminence as her father did and she died naturally in 1973 in Limpout village.

G. Jikany area under Chief Badeng Bur

Chief Badeng Bur was not Kujur but a fighter leader , he was said to be rough and responsible to Chief Tuil Raan . Under him were 15 Jikany headmen ( gaattutni ) with their sections under 4 Sub_ Chiefs. The chief Badeng Bur was senior among Jikany 4 Sub_Chiefs. Badeng Bur remained loyal to the government after Captain Fergusson was killed. He and Chief Gatkek Luop shared authority over the Jikany area after Chief Tuil Raan was deposed by Turuks in 1931. When Sultan Tuil Raan was removed and 4 Sub_Chiefs above were appointed to run Jikany area.
The Jikany of the Ghazal River border have been more harried by slave raiders and more influenced by the Arabs than the neighbouring Jabel clans and their organisation is less secure. The pretty jealousies inflicted by Chief Tuil Raan and 4 Sub_Chiefs has rendered as loser administration necessary, which it has Not been possible to give due they were subordinated to Leek Chiefs in their shared area. Chief Badeng Bur was murdered by his subordinates in 1932.

H. Jikany Area under Chief Gatkek Luop

Chief Gatkek Luop was appointed a sub_ Chief of Kerlual sections by Captain Fergusson in 1925. He shared authority with Badeng Bur after Chief Tuil Raan was deposed as Headchief of the Jikany, and he became Headchief after Badeng Bur murdered in 1932. Sultan Gatkek Luop was reported by government to be popular among Jikany civilians because he solved their problems quickly but unpopular among his Jikany sub_ chiefs who felt unduly restricted by him. As Tut wech ( bull of cattle camp) without spiritual claims, he often came into conflict with the Kuar Muon ( landlords or earth_ masters) within his jurisdiction in Jikany land. Gatkek Luop was still Headchief of Jikany when the Sudan got her independent on 1 January 1956. Under him were 7 sections, headmen and assisted by One Sub_ Chief. Gatkek Luop was young , able and has confidence of his sections but was ambitious, independent and has antagonised Tuil Raan possibly from over assumption of his authority.
The Kerlual, a branch of Leek tribe are controlled by Sub_ Chief Ruai Wuor and responsible to Headchief Tuil Raan. Kerlual sections were under 6 headmen. Ruai Wuor of Kerlual has managed to steer clear of Jikany intrigues and competent subordinate leader.

1.Shared Area of Jikany and Leek tribe

Chief Tuil Raan hereditary Chief earth _ masters known as Kuar Muon in Nuer, and a Leek tribe by birth. He was appointed as Headchief of both Jikany and Leek Kerlual branch in 1924 . The Chief Tuil Raan was loyal to government after Captain Fergusson death. He was noted to be too restrict to his clans but remained loyal to government at the time in 1927. Chief Tuil Raan was unknown either as a Chief or Leopard _ Skin leader and spent most of his youth time piloting and escorting Arab traders and hunting parties around the country. On his appointment, he was given control of Jikany South in addition to the two Jikany sections in area and also Kerlual section, and Chiengchuak division of Leek area. Tuil Raan was from Chiengchuak section, under Chiengchuak were grouped into 11 sections under their headmen and 2 Sub_ Chiefs.
Tuil Raan has a power gred and energetic but completely unscrupulous and hardly less untrustworthy. He was sufficiently intelligent to be loyal to government, yet without restraint it is certain that he would abuse any position he held by misrule. Later Jikany were removed from his Chiefship and his authority confined into the Leek tribe only.

J. Leek area under Nyuel Jul

Nyuel Jul was hereditary cattle custodian known as “ Wut hook” and was appointed as a Chief of the Leek tribe by Captain Fergusson in 1925. Nyuel was deposed in 1926 and exiled to Yirol but later reinstated as Leek Headchief. In aftermath of the Captain Fergusson’s death, he was considered as one of anti _government and was again arrested and sent to Malakal in 1928. By the end of same year 1928, he was reinstated as Leek Headchief and was considered satisfactory in rule but by 1932 he became unpopular among Leek tribe . Chief Nyuel Jul was craft, unpleasant due to uncontrollable for his Leek tribe who were too close proximity to Bul tribe. Not being a Chief by hereditary and lacks the instinct or character of a leader, it is doubtful whether Nyuel Jul’s Chiefdom will last longer.
Feuds (ciow) are still prevalent in the Leek area and there is enmity between Leek North and South. Under Chief Nyuel Jul were 37 Chiengs with their headmen and 5 Sub_ Chiefs.

K. Bul Area

Paramount Chief has not been appointed and is unlikely to be for some years. The Bul were twice visited by Captain Fergusson but other than the two marches of the Turuk’s troops into Bul Area in year 1928_ 1929 were left to their own devices until 1930. Bul tribe have much intermarried with Arabs from the North. Bul country is difficult to access during the year because no overall Paramount Chief to control Bul tribe.
In 1930, Bul Beliew was the Gek_Gaak_ Kuac sections of Bul Nuer, Tekjiek Dual Doang an earth_ masters Kuar Muon of the Chiengdieng section, and Pey Poar were all appointed as Sub_Chiefs of the Myindeng ( Matnideng, Dijul( Dieng), and Gok areas respectively. Chief Bul Beliew was half Arab half Bul Nuer and by far was the most intelligence among trio Sub_ Chiefs of Bul tribe. Chief Pey Poar was treated as a Headchief of Bul Nuer but lack any kind of control , old and utterly incompetent. Chief Pey Poar died in year 1931 and Tekjiek Dual Doang of Chiengdieng appointed as a Headchief Bul Area.

Finally, Dinka Ruweng area

The Ruweng Ajiba and Ruweng Alor were in 1930 transferred from Kordafan Province. They were originally from Western Nuer and placed under Kordafan Province in 1928 as it was considered to be governed them remotely from Upper Nile Province at the time. For obvious reasons Dinka Ruweng cannot be administered successfully from the Headquarter of Arabs in Kordafan Province.
The Ruweng Ajiba, the Chief of whom was Mai Bilkuei had more intermarried with Nuer than with the Ruweng Alor. Chief Mai’s father Bilkuei Duot, an old man, was alive and most feared by Jikany Nuer as a Dabbler or magician. For the past four ( 4) years the Ruweng Dinka area have been more or less dependent on their own resources. They were quiet amendable people though tiresome when they afford refuge to recalcitrant Nuer tribe. Occasionally, there were clashes with Jikany and Leek arising out of disputes over some wretched waterhole on the border.

My dear people of Western Nuer District both Jebel River Clans and Ghazal River Clans
The history above was our ancestors’ history in the past written long time ago by scholars, sociologists, anthropologists and rulers before we were born.

N.B. Please if you got any dispute than direct it to those authors who wrote them not me. I wrote it as they have mentioned it.

Thanks for your understanding in advance
Cheers: Khan Maluit Jiek



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Photos from Cde Jal R. G*i's post 04/08/2022

The announcement of roadmap is imminent. What do you think about it and how possible the roadmap will help in R-ARCSS toward upcoming election?


Welcome back to the people movement uncle Gen, Makuach Teny Yok. No matter how much the differences! We fall and raise together.


Today is ¹st august 2022,
I pray that any financial dread will go away with July. August will be a markable and the beginning of the new dawn for your financial breakthrough, in the name of God the most high.


When there's nothing to say!
Enjoy the life silently as long as you have your bread on the table.


By General I Support Gen. Stephen Buay Rolnyang kai

How I Was Betrayed by the Sudan People Liberation Movement and National Congress Party (SPLM-NCP)

By General Stephen Buoy Rolnyang

After President Museveni and I saved him from being toppled by Dr. Riek Machar and his group from 2013-2018, President Kiir gave orders to former Chief of Defence Staff Gabriel Jok Riak to arrest and fly me to Juba on May 31, 2018, from my home town of Mayom where I went to offer some traditional sacrifices on my late father’s grave after spending a decade without visiting his grave.

I was attacked in Mayom town on May 31, 2018, around 1200 hours by pro-government militia forces based in Mayom area under direct command of Major General Mathew Puljang Top. Three soldiers were killed and two others wounded among my few personal bodyguards who were accompanying me home; while I did not fight in self-defense because it was not my intention to fight them and that I did not want to do anything stupid that would be used against me in the court of law. They arrested, shackled and flied me to Juba the following day by a small caravan plane.

On arrival at Juba international airport, I was manhandled and thrown in a small national Security van that did not have any ventilation save for a few small holes created to let in some air. They went and threw me in an old underground bunker that was initially used as a torture chamber in Juba by the former Sudan military intelligence during the war to throw in and lynch suspected South Sudanese who were accused of being the SPLA supporters.

When Sudan Armed forces withdrew to the North, the bunker became a dwelling ground for snakes, rats and other harmful and poisonous creatures. The South Sudan People Defence Forces (SSPDF) Military intelligence instead converted it for the same use against the South Sudanese who are accused of opposing to President Kiir regime. Many South Sudanese People specially from Dinka Awiel, Nuer and Equatorians have been lynched and tortured secretly in that bunker. Decomposed bodies could be smelt inside the bunker that is 4 by 8 meters long.

I was bundled into the bunker for three days with my legs and hands shackled and without food and water. I was forced to sleep on the rough floor and struggling to safety whenever I spotted a snake or a rat charging towards me in the dark; rolling on my belly from one side of the bunker to the other.

I urinated in my pants for three days until when I was transferred from this military intelligence custody under a cruel military intelligence officer, Brigadier General Kuel Garang Kuel to military Police cells where the handcuffs were broken and removed because there were no keys to unlock them. The keys were thrown in a toilet by Brigadier Kuel Garang Kuel fearing that the handcuffs would be removed by his soldiers in his absence, because the soldiers manning the custody were not happy with the way I was being humiliated despite being a comrade and the one who served in various positions in the SPLA (SSPDF). and according to the South Sudan interim laws, “an accused person is presumed not guilty until proved in the court of law”.
On June 16, 2018, the Chief of Defence forces formed an investigation committee under Major Gen. Late Michael Manok Kot to look into my case to investigate my alleged rebellion against the government and whether I was in contact with the rebel leader Gen. Paul Malong Awan or not.

The charges were framed by Major General Mathew Puljang Top himself and politicians of my home area Bul Nuer, especially Tut Keaw Gatluak and Joseph Manytuil, the Governor of Unity State in order to get rid of me.

The committee recommended to the former Chief of Defence Staff General Gabriel Jok Riak that they did not find me guilty of the alleged offences and suggested that I should be released immediately; but the Chief of Defence staff was very furious with the committee’s outcome and he ordered the committee to sit again and investigate further until they should find me guilty.

The committee upon being forced to redo the investigation, conducted a fresh investigation and assumed that they found me guilty and recommended that I should be arraigned in a General Court Martial (GCM) to answer the charges.

On January 3, 2019, the Chief of Defence Staff formed a General Court Martial that consisted of seven members namely;

Name in

Maj. Gen.
Thiik Achiek Hol

Brig. Gen
Riak Tiop Deng

Brig. Gen
Duol Gony

Brig. Gen
Nhial Arou

Brig. Gen
Angui Geng

Brig. Gen
Hillery Oduho

Brig. Gen
Abubaker Mohamed
Judge Advocate

On February 4, 2019, I appeared before the General Court Martial (GCM) and was asked if I had any objection to the formation of the members of the panel. I told the court that I had reservation with the whole panel due to the following reasons:

First, the SPLA Act 2009, Article 35 (4) says, in all cases, the presiding officer shall be a senior in rank to the accused and that all members of the panel be at least equivalent in rank to the accused. Therefore, in my case, the presiding officer should have been a Lieutenant Gen. and six Major Generals.
Secondly, the SPLA Act 2009, Article 36 (2), says that the General Court Martial (GCM) shall be convened by the Commander-in-Chief when the person being tried is in the rank of a Brig. Gen. and above and the Chief of Defence Staff should convene a court in respect of other junior officers in the lower ranks. The court had been wrongly constituted and had to be overhauled in conformity with the above legal procedures.

The Chief of Defence Staff recommended new names to the Commander-in-Chief to reconstitute a new General Court Marital (GCM) which the President reconstituted hereunder:

Name in

Maj. Gen.
Thiik Achiek Hol
Court President

Maj. Gen.
Atem Duot Atem

Maj. Gen.
Peter Gatwech G*i

Maj. Gen.
Akuei Ajou Akuei

Maj. Gen.
Isiah Paul Lotole

Brig. Gen
Abubaker Mohamed
Judge Advocate

The court conducted 17 sessions upon which it collected views from witnesses. The last session was held in a closed door where closing arguments and mitigations were held.

The court dropped some of the charges such as Article 60 that related to treason and Article 61 for offences relating to security that had been levelled against me earlier.

The only charge that remained was, disobeying of lawful orders from your superior that were found in Article 67 and Standing Orders Article 69, SPLA Act 2009.

I was not entitled to a fair trial because the General Court Martial (GCM) was politically manipulated and received incentives in the form of bribery at the end of every session from the very people who masterminded my arrest. It is worth mentioning that, at the end of every session, a vehicle with the Presidential numberless plate from the house of the Presidential Security Advisor Hon. Tut Gatluak could be seen openly coming to the court to pick up some GCM members and dropping them at their respective homes.

They could be seen giving a copy of that day’s session to the driver to take it to Hon. Tut Gatluak so that he was informed about the day’s court session. This had been continuing until when there was a serious tie vote among the members of the GCM, because there was no substantial evidence that could be used to convict me.

However, the tie was simply broken because of rampant poverty in South Sudan since the GCM members were bribed with hundreds of U.S dollars, according to the one of the persons who I will not mention here, who was among the team that went and paid the money to some powerful members among the GCM members who could influence the whole court.

The GCM was forced to break a tie and improvised an arbitrary decision based on available administrative articles such as an article 67 “disobeying of lawful orders from your superior” and article 69 “standing orders” SPLA Act 2009, which are very administrative and only can be applied in the case involving a junior SPLA personnel. Therefore, the GCM endorsed the following ruling:
Demoted me from the rank of Major General to Private
Dismissed me from the SSPDF to civilian
Sentenced me to one year imprisonment from the date of my arrest on May 31, 2018, which was even elapsed during the trial.

After reading out the ruling, the GCM asked me whether I would like to appeal against the verdict, which I turned down as there was nowhere, I could appeal my case against the GCM verdict, because the same powerful people who influenced and manipulated the GCM decision, could also do the same in the outcome of my appeal. I gave up and left everything as it was decided by the GCM and instead made the following statement:

Honourable Court, when I moved from Wau to my home in Mayom, I asked for permission from the Commander of the Ground Forces on phone and he gave me five days and directed that I immediately proceed to Wau and hand over the command of 5th Infantry division to the new Commander once I am back from my home.

The Commander of the Ground Forces came to this Honourable Court and denied that he did not grant me permission to go home. I requested this Honourable Court to contact the Mobile Telecommunication Company (MTN) to provide this Honourable Court with my audio with the Commander of the Ground Forces, but this Honourable Court turned down my request in favour of the Commander of the Ground Forces.

I talked with the Commander - in - Chief, President Salva Kiir, in Mayom through the phone of Gen. Akol Koor on the allegations that reached the President's office that I wanted to defect and join the rebels. But when the Commander-in-Chief found out that the allegation was not true and that I only went home to offer traditional sacrifices on my father’s grave, the Commander-in-Chief himself gave me five more days to spend at home before going back to Wau. The Commander-in-Chief told me that he would inform the Chief of Defence staff that he had given me five days off.

I was attacked by Maj. Gen. Mathew Puljang, I thought with orders from the SSPDF headquarters and his soldiers killed three of my bodyguard and wounded two others. Interestingly, you have not arrested or demoted him to a private like what you have just done to me, yet I did not fight back because I knew that they are the government forces and I had to surrender to them knowing that they might have been ordered by the SSPDF headquarters to arrest me.

It has appeared in this honourable Court that nobody ordered Maj. Gen. Mathew Puljang from the SSPDF to attack and arrest me. Maj. Gen. Puljang was acting on his own without being ordered by the SSPDF headquarters to do so, but to my surprise, no action was taken against him by the SSPDF command.

Instead, I am the one who has been arrested and charged with treason and other charges, while Maj. Gen. Puljang was the one who killed three of my bodyguard and wounded two others yet we did not fight them back in self-defence. Therefore, Mathew Puljang Top could be charged with murder.

If I had fought Maj. Gen. Mathew Puljang in self-defence, I wouldn't have been arrested as there would have been a lot of deaths on both sides in Mayom town. That is why my soldiers were only the ones killed and wounded in cold blood simply because I did not fight back.

Honourable Court, the verdict that you have just passed on me, that is a one-year imprisonment sentence starting from the date of my arrest on May 31, 2018, elapsed last May 2019, yet you are still keeping me in jail. This is very humiliating to my person.

Honourable Court, this case is politically motivated by a few politicians from my own community Bul Nuer who are conspiring and colluding with the Chief of Defence Staff in order to get rid of me politically and militarily.

Therefore, I feel betrayed by these politicians and officers from my community in the face of the SSPDF command despite the immense contribution that I have made in defence of this country and its constitution. END OF MY STATEMENT!

The GCM decision was supposed to be taken to the President for confirmation according to the Article 89 (2), SPLA Act 2009, that states “the findings and sentence of a General Court Martial (GCM), shall be confirmed by the President and Commander -in-chief. In my case, the President did not confirm the decision of the General Court Martial (GCM), neither did he delegate a warrant to anyone to do so on his behalf or announced any Presidential decree on the SSBC National T.V. as would be the case of a senior officer like I am.

It is worth mentioning that, the legal advisor in the office of the President late Molana Majok Mading connived with Hon. Tut Gatluak and General Gabriel Jok Riak not to submit the decision of the GCM to the President for confirmation, because of some legal irregularities involved in the court procedures which were likely to be in my favor if it were submitted to the President who would be much obliged by the law to dismiss the case altogether.

They went ahead and announced the GCM decision at a military parade at Bilpam (SSPDF HQS), because Late Molana Majok Mading wrote to the Chief of Defence Staff in his capacity as legal advisor in the office of the President giving a greenlight to announce the judgement without any warrant signed by the President himself to confirm my sentence.
They went and briefed the President about what they had done illegally and by telling people that the President was so busy with other national issues that he could not sign the confirmation letter by himself. The President kept quite without reacting to the illegality of the announcement, instead the President told them to wait for any negative reaction from the public or Army so that he would pretend as if he was not aware of what was going on in the General Court Martial (GCM) and he would eventually try to dismiss the case if things gone wrong in the public or within the Army.

Below is a letter written to the Chief of Defence Staff by Late Molana Majok Mading to give a greenlight to the Chief of Defence Staff to make the pronouncement of my conviction at a military parade ground as planned by Chief of Defence Staff and Hon. Tut Gatluak. The letter reads as follows:

Subject: Confirmation of the Verdict of General Court Martial (GCM) Verdict on Criminal Case No. 22/2018 of Maj. Gen. Stephen Buoy Rolnyang

I refer to the referenced letter Number GCM/J/351/2019, from the President of the General Court Martial Maj. Gen. Thiik Aciek Hol dated October 21, 2019, addressed to H.E. the President and Commander-in-Chief of the SSPDF, in which the GCM read out the verdict to the above-mentioned convict.

According to the documents on record, and after the court ruling, the convict was asked as to whether he wishes to exercise his right of appeal or not in accordance to the provisions of Section 88 (2) of the SPLA Act, 2009, read together with Section 263 of the Code of Criminal Procedure Act, 2008.

The Convict is on record as having been satisfied by the verdict and hence did not intend to appeal.

Therefore, H.E. the President has confirmed the verdict of the GCM in totality and he has further directed that the convict should be released forthwith.

Have the assurance of my highest regards and consideration

Molana Majok Mading,
Legal advisor Office of the President,

After I was released from the jail, I happily rejoined my family and stayed at my home for two years and later decided to register and establish a security firm called Jamus Security Service (JSS) in Juba at least to support my family financially so that I should not depend on government support anymore.

When there was an opening for a position of a governor, I decided to submit my application to the office of the SPLM with an intention to be appointed as the governor of Unity state based on a popular demand from the people of unity state to serve them as their governor to reconcile them, restore peace and rebuild the much-needed beautiful social fabrics, harmony and co-existence that used to be among the communities of Western Upper Nile that were destroyed by the SPLM infighting.

When some powerful members of the Sudan People Liberation Movement and National Congress Party (SPLM-NCP) found out that my application for the governorship position has reached the office of the SPLM and my name was about to be shortlisted and subsequently be presented to the President for final endorsement, they went and talked to the former SPLM Secretary General Nunu Kumba and gave her good amount of money and Kumba immediately removed my name in favor of Joseph Nguen Manytuil to replace my name in the race for governorship candidate to re-appoint Joseph Nguen Manytuil as the governor of Unity state to be in office again for indefinite period of time; while doing nothing for the people of Unity state. Instead, he is discriminating and killing the people of Unity state on clannish line; as the case of what has been going on now in the South of Unity state areas of Koch, Leer and Mayendit, where thousands of people have been displaced, burning down all villages, killing children and elderly people who could not run for their lives and committed all forms of evil acts including gender -based violence.

The SPLM-NCP quest to get rid of me did not stop there. They had planned to assassinate me when Joseph Manytuil was finally re-appointed the governor of Unity state; when populations of Unity state reacted negatively and protested in vain against the re-appointment of Joseph Nguen Manytuil as the governor of unity state. The SPLM-NCP concluded that it was me who instigated people of unity state to protest against the re-appointment of Joseph Nguen Manytuil. They then onwards, staged several assassination attempts on me but failed because I maintained a low profile in Juba when I received such an information about my possible assassination by the SPLM-NCP.

When I felt an high-level of insecurity targeted against me, I finally decided to sneak out of Juba to flee for my life and joined General Paul Malong’s group in Nairobi because I was pushed beyond the limit by the SPLM-NCP.

When I found Malong’s group was negotiating with the regime for potential peace agreement that would pave the way for the possible return of General Paul Malong to Juba to work again with the SPLM-NCP, I decided to pull out from Malong’s group with the rest of my colleagues who defected with me from Juba and formed a new movement called the South Sudan People’s Movement and South Sudan People’s Army (SSPM/SSPA) with the aim of liberating the people of South Sudan from the SPLM-NCP politics of tribalism, Hatred, injustice, repression, institutionalized massive corruption, bo***ge and to install a genuine democratic system of governance that would pave the way for the people of South Sudan to choose their own leaders in order to move the country forward.

In conclusion, President Kiir has successfully marginalized several members of the SPLM who fought in the bush with him to liberate the people of South Sudan and he has attached himself to the National Congress Party Plus (NCPP) and together they have formed what is so -called the Sudan People Liberation Movement and National Congress Party Plus (SPLM-NCPP).

President Kiir loves the elites of the (SPLM -NCPP) simply because they have no shame and do not work through official channels. They work out everything with their heads to avoid being caught for accountability.

After they have depleted the national coffers, The SPLM-NCPP has disgracefully resorted to begging money from the Middle East kingdoms’ countries and come back with millions of dollars and divide the money among themselves at the expense of the People of South Sudan, including a recent purchase of a big real estate for the President in Dubai, all to appease the President to work more closely with the SPLM-NCPP team and continue to marginalize the real SPLM members who always get the leftover of what they eat as the country is starving economically from lack of funds to pay the Army and civil servants who have not been paid for the past 28 months now.

What the SPLM-NCPP does not know is that the war that they have started will not end well with them; it is beyond them and they will not enjoy the wealth that they have accumulated in the Middle East countries upon their retirement. Furthermore, it has now reached to the extent that one of the powerful members of the SPLM-NCPP has been given a free rein to take money out of the central bank and other financial institutions in the country without documents and sell out the country’s natural resources in advance; while the rest of the real SPLM members are sitting back, folding their arms watching as money is being stolen in broad daylight simply because they fear being arrested or relieved from their current positions.

I would like to advise the real SPLM members in Juba that it is high time to rescue the country because the situation has become a disaster. What are you waiting for? This is the very situation you should wake up and ready to die honorably for the sake of the nation. If I say the SPLM-NCPP elites, I mean President Kiir, Tut Keaw Gatluak, Vice President Abdelbagi Ayii, Hon. Mayik Ayii, Hon, Dhieu Mathok, Hon. Tor Deng Mawien, Governor of Awiel, Governor of Unity state Governor of Eastern Equatoria among others.

This group was initially called the Sudan People Liberation Movement and National Congress Party (SPLM-NCP), when they were namely H.E The President, Hon. Tut Gatluak, Hon. Louis Lobong, Hon. Joseph Nguen Manytuil, Hon. Tor Deng Mawien, Hon. Mayik Ayii, then they were joined later by another group namely H.E Vice President Abdelbagi Ayii, Hon, Dhieu Mathok, Hon. Governor of Awiel among others and the name changed from the SPLM-NCP to Sudan People Liberation Movement and national Congress Party Plus (SPLM-NCPP). This group is the one holding our country hostage in everything.

The real SPLM members in Juba are not included in the above-mentioned list because they are equally suffering alongside the ordinary South Sudanese people for the negligence that they have created by selecting President Kiir in the first place to replace late Dr. John Garang De Mabior, the hero, while they knew it very well that President Kiir would not live up to the expectations of the People of South Sudan.

I would like to warn the SPLM real members in Juba to stop engaging with the SPLM-NCPP group from now, otherwise when tsunami comes it will be too late for them to be differentiated because the battle to rescue the people of South Sudan has already begun and it is just a matter of time one will fight with his own bodyguard in his/her own compound and by that time it will be a worse situation for all of you when all population of South Sudan turn up against you .The people of South Sudan are now awake and can no longer be cheated.

Last but not least, I would like to remind H.E the President that when we were in Thiet-Yinthkuel, Bhar El Ghazal in 2001, when he was our overall commander for the SPLA 3rd Front and when he sent me with Commander Pieng Deng to go to fight and capture Raja, I narrated to him the story of this National Congress Party (NCP) group when they were still operating alongside the Sudan Government fighting us as hardened militias and how they were playing their own cards in the Sudan. In fact, all what I told him last time has become true now and he cannot deny it.

They have successfully landed in Juba and captured him alive and are busy using him to enrich themselves at the expense of the people of South Sudan and particularly the President’s colleagues and comrades who fought alongside him during the liberation struggle in which some of the best comrades have been killed and their families are suffering on the streets of Juba nobody is helping them out and they will never be helped out as long as the President Kiir is continuing to work with this group, because even those who are still alive are equally suffering, leave alone the families of those who have died.

The NCPP group has charmed and anointed your very heart of the liberation struggle that we all know and you are now unable to just recognize a few faces of the SPLM/SPLA revolutionaries who have survived the liberation war. Your eyes are so blinded and jammed and could only see the NCPP group more clearly than seeing the real SPLM/SPLA members.

Mr. President, all what I want to tell you here is that there is no enough time left for you to repent before the rest of the SPLM members and the People of South Sudan in general. Just do your worse and know that the end is near and you will not escape it at all and nobody shall come to your help. We will all deny you and allow you to carry your own cross alone.

Mr. President, the humiliation and damages that you have done to the beautiful historical Movement, the SPLM/SPLA are irreparable.

Just Prepare yourself for the worse Mr. President!!!

Important relevant Questions:
How come a General of such caliber be demoted and dismissed from the army on a mere administrative charge that could be handled administratively? Is it like that in other countries? Or is it only in South Sudan politics?
How many Generals defected and killed people yet they came back to rejoin the government even with higher ranks than the ranks they had before they defected. Have they been arraigned in any court of law to answer on their charges of defection and killing of the people?
What is the exact crime that I committed that could lead to my demotion and subsequent dismissal from the Army, if the President would have issued a decree on the National T.V (SSBC) so that the people of South Sudan would have a clear picture of what exactly had transpired in my case?
If my charges were initially connected with the treason or rebellion as it was viral on the social media, why did the General Court Martial (GCM) acquit me of all the charges on treason and rebellion, and how did the same General Court Martial went around and demoted my rank and dismissed me from the Army after all? Or may be their mind was preoccupied that day with Tut Keaw money? Because if the General Court Martial had found me guilty of treason or rebellion charges in the first place as it was the initial case, it would have been their golden chance to sentence me 20 years’ imprisonment under article 60, SPLA Act 2009.
Why did they release me from jail if I was really found guilty of any crime?
If I had been demoted and dismissed from the Army (SSPDF) because of the administrative charges, how many Generals would have been demoted and dismissed from the SSPDF for the same charges specially those who refused to be transferred from their previous units but they ended up being redeployed to other lucrative units of their own choice after refusing transfer and those who committed crimes, went to the bush and came back with higher ranks than the ranks they were given before they defected.
Which officer is better than I am in terms of Military performances and academic credentials among the deadwood Generals who have remained in the SSPDF? Or are they just the caliber President Kiir wants to work with?
Will the SSPDF ever be transformed into the National and Professional Army? Or will it remain as a semi-militarized factional force for the rest of its life as long as President Kiir still in power?
Couldn’t this humiliation and mistreatment be considered as a big slap in the face of all Generals of the SSPDF at Bilpam and indeed in the face of the law of the country?

Notice: The next article will be like: Who killed Kerubino Kuanyin Bol in 1999?
In a nut shell, late Kerubino Kuanyin Bol was not killed by Late Peter Gatdet Yak as some people say, but who killed him? Stay online for the next article in a few weeks’ time.

I thank you all for reading this long piece. May God bless you and bless our beloved country South Sudan.

THE END lesson 🙆



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