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Soundboy Milton is a fast-rising South Sudanese Afro-fusion singer.

He’s currently riding high with his latest release ‘Eternity’ listen: https://youtu.be/PSaYbhTHjDM

Subscribe to his channel here: https://youtube.com/c/MiltonKizzy

Follow him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/africansoundboy


USD rate skyrocketing against pounds
100$= 70000SSP

Photos from JUNUB HORIZON's post 02/08/2022

New Music Video out Lala- T Manager Music. Check it out on his YouTube channel 🔥🔥💯🇸🇸❤️

T Manager Music


Husband is h*rny at night and baby is crying at the same time,
Wife what will u do 🙄


🥺🤲🏾 Dear Lord, none of my followers should die this month. Bless them all!

AMEN 🤍🙏🏾


Hi Family


Dear general public,

The management of Hardlife Avenue Music wishes to inform you all that; the Mantani candle night meant to memorize him and his contributions through his music is slated to take place on Saturday July 30th, 2022 at Club Celebrity, Munuki.

The event will purely be organized to raise funds for his daughter who is currently undergoing medical treatment in India to fix her physical disability that requires a financial support to facilitate her treatment process.

We therefore, call upon all fans, friends, well wishers to be part of this memorial event.

Mantani has been a great icon in the music industry of this country who shined in the Hardlife Avenue Music group as a lead rapper, he left behind a daughter, wife, siblings and parents.

Kind regards

Mgt, Hardlife Avenue Stars
Juba, South Sudan.


Mr. Putin H.E Crazy Fox 😅😅
Slapping Is Not A Problem On Stage


Brand New Audio

Junubin🇸🇸 Waguan by MB Law silent Mafia will be out on 5th August 2022. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to get first hand release .

“We Promote Talent “


Young Tycoon aka Lawrence Malong Lual to be freed from Luzira Prison anytime this year.

The young and famous tycoon was popular known for his quote “When I was poor did you investigate the source of my poverty”

Malong still stands as the richest Man in South Sudan worth $2.4 Billion



This is serve to inform the beloved fans and the general public that Jay Dynamic will be Launching his studio Album (LOVED CHILD) officially on 10th. Sept. 2022 at BMC GARDEN JUBA, featuring various musicians.
Official poster will be out soon.!!



Our Best Female Artist Lady Kola Has Finally Release The Long Awaited Official Video With And That's Down Low🎤❤️

Anyway My South Sudanese , We Need To Go For Gym Our Ladies Are Looking For Six Packs😁😁


Dollar Bonus


Thanks Promota Kay Two For Love Of Your Nation 🇸🇸🎤🚀❤️

I appeal to the main players of the South Sudan music industry to unite and work hand in hand with one another.

I urge promoters and musicians to ditch politicking because it won’t help us in one way or another. Politics should be left to our elders who have been in the game for decades and decades for they know how they are playing their cards. We should stick to entertainment and also scheme for activities like farming and sports.

Poking our noses in politics will only cause us harm and nothing else. Lets continue contributing for the betterment of this country through entertainment and sports. There are several countries that were built and developed from their participation in sports and entertainment.

The basketball federation is already at it’s best to change the narrative of this country. The entertainment industry is a bit lagging because of our involvement in politics. Wake up, let’s join our few entertainers, example; John Frog, Lady Kola, Dynamq,Juna De Star, Slate Nation, Warchild bezzy and AK Dans.

It’s our time. Let’s chase it!!


Rayvanny Your South Sudanese Are Expecting You To The Country 🇸🇸🎤🚀❤️


Nyerere dead, wife alive
Milton Obote, wife alive
Kenyatta dead, wife alive.
Mandela dead, wife alive.
Mangufuli dead, wife alive.
Saitoti dead, wife alive.
Mugabe dead, wife alive.
John Garang, wife alive
Akuku Danger dead, wives alive.
Mutula dead, wife alive.
Ghadafi dead, wife alive
Amin Dada dead, wife alive
William Nyuon Bany dead, wife alive
Nkaissery dead, wife alive, etc.

No wife, Pope Francis alive.

Whatever you do with the above information is up to you.



Art! Who comprehends her? With whom can one consult concerning this great goddess

Juna De Star and the Tanzanian Super Star Rayvanny are dropping a new ringtone to the East African Communities and the Globe at large as the Tanzania Star official page reads!

Hala Team Most Wanted for letting Us go Next Level Of Music.

Keep following JUNUB HORIZON for more coming on your way!


People keep on saying the right person will come.., I think mine doesn't have transportation money 😩😂


"How can a man hurt such a beautiful woman like you"
The sentence from another man who wants to finish you completely 🤣


Audio & Video Alert.

We Are Soon Releasing Another Baddest Audio Soon With The Video.

Tittle: Promise
Artist: Lucky Mezzo
Audio By: Temperature Touch
Dir: Patrick Miles (Fire House)

Don't Forget To Subscribe To His YouTube Channel And Be The First To Get The Song.

Click 👉 https://youtu.be/SPlaKD7NvJ0


WAFCON (Women's Africa Cup of Nations) Winners

2022: South Africa

2018: Nigeria

2016: Nigeria

2014: Nigeria

2012: Equatorial Guinea

2010: Nigeria

2008: Equatorial Guinea

2006: Nigeria

2004: Nigeria

2002: Nigeria

2000: Nigeria

1998: Nigeria


African countries with satelites in space

1. Egypt 11 satellites
2. South Africa 10 satellites
3. Algeria 6 satellites
4. Nigeria 6 satellites
5. Morocco 3 satellites
6. Ghana 1 satellite
7. Sudan 1 satellite
8. Ethiopia 1 satellite
9. Angola 1 satellite
10. Kenya 1 satellite
11. Rwanda 1 satellite
12. Mauritius 1 satellite

Source: Africa Space Generation Advisory Council


Congratulations To Beckie Johnz For Her Hardworking In Music Industry 🎤🚀Of South Sudan ❤️❤️🙏🏻
The Collaborations She Made Are Really Motivating The Fans

For The Matter Of Love She Was Recently Awarded For The Best Collabo And That's Mukugu Ft Fik Fameica In Junub Talent Awards


Congratulations To Alijoma Mabil On The New Award In Junub Talent Awards Last Night As Best Artist Of Year❤️🇸🇸🎤🚀


Congratulations To L*l Simon For Win In Junub Talent Awards Last Night As Best RNB Artist Of Year🎤🚀


| \
/ \
Boy Or Girl😅


Alijoma Mabil dropping out come for more video soon.

Keep in touch ✊🎤🇸🇸


Mention Your Favorite Artist Worldwide And See His or Her Reaction


Music For Peaceful Youth In The Country G.A.K TheGiant 🇸🇸✅

Before We Announce The Official Date Of Releasing "STRAIGHT OUTTA SHIRKAT "
Let's Go Subscribe To His YouTube Channel


Antidote is the next anthem byMilton Kizzy dropping in few days ❤️❤️


Fix Us Anywhere On The List Of Africa
My South Sudanese Artists Wish All The Best For The Country 🇸🇸 Let's Move Internationally
MT7 Degreez
MC Ghetto
John Frog
Silver X
Khim Swaqq
Emmanuel Jal
You Can Rate Them By Their International Songs


NAATH MEMES Promotion Shouldn't Be Done In Such Ways Stop Insulting Your Own Artist

Let's Take Example From Our Elder Promota Kay Two


Come And Die In South Sudan Because Of Wrestling 😅😅😅💔


Tell Me Which Country Are You Residing
Mine Is South Sudan 🇸🇸


Even though It Winds With Spears I won't Leaves You In My Life By Bob Dizzy SK
But Won't You Die On Your Way 😅😅 Walai This Life 🇸🇸✅

Anyway Heartbeat Is The Only Best Lovely Song We Are Having In The Nation 🇸🇸✅
Awau eh Deng Ft Amy Mayom Music
Is finally out


S*x bonus 😂😅


G.A.K TheGiant is The South Sudanese Dinka Rap Flow With Missions, Visions And Having The Message To Spread To The Youth Of South Sudan
Cease Panga And The Base Are The Vibes 🔥❤️✅
Nimule Yutes Go And Grab Cease Panga T-shirts And Jumpers From Your N***a Deng Nairå


All About Beledi Jemil Album By Silver X

Wish You Success In Your Music ,Your Album Is Really Inspiring Us The Fans🇸🇸✅❤️🔥


It's all about Shanghai By Emmanuel Jal
The Favorite Song Is Changu With MC Ghetto❤️🙏🏻🇸🇸🔥





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