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Hľadáme 4 ľudí na nový projekt :)

Viac info na 12/06/2015

awaboom s.r.o. - Senior Developer

Skladáme ďalší tím :) Programovanie internetových aplikácií.


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Awaboom's cover photo


Awaboom's cover photo 15/12/2014

Košičania otvoria nový segment. Chcú čarovať Košický startup Awaboom vstupuje do nového segmentu. Chce preraziť s počítačovou hrou Veneterra.


Impressia Success Quotes Free


Zajtra Free Summer :) ...mate už stiahnutú appku?

Free Summer Festival #Kosice 2014 #android #app is here! :)

Google Play:


Free Summer Festival #Kosice 2014 #android #app is here! :)

Google Play:


Check out our new #awaboom website :)


Awaboom Games

#game #traveler


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Awaboom's cover photo


Awaboom's cover photo 15/04/2014

Save the BlowFish - Android Apps on Google Play

Our new #game Save the #BlowFish is here :) Play now! Save Mrs. Blowfish!Your friend, Mrs. Blowfish, urgently needs your HELP! The big bad gangster fish will eat your friend unless YOU help him stay in the corals. ...


Awaboom Games

Vždy sme sa snažili robiť prácu, ktorá nás baví. A keďže nás baví hranie hier, tak sme začali vyvíjať #hry. V živote sme do práce nechodili radšej :)
We have always tried to engage ourselves in work we genuinely enjoy and since all of us enjoy playing games, we started to develop #games. Never before did we enjoy coming to work more than we do now :)

Awaboom is a new and creative IT company that offers diverse IT services, primarily focusing on mobile game development. 14/03/2014

10 great new freebies found on Behance • Inspired Magazine

Skvelá sada :) This roundup includes some fresh ui kits, backgrounds, fonts, icons, themes, and mockups, all found on Behance. All these elements are free to download and


Nová #app :) *** Družstevné #Noviny #NFD ***

Do svojich #Android smartfónov si ju môžete stiahnuť z #Google Play:

Aplikácia má lokalizáciu do 4 jazykov (SK, CZ, PL a US)

Príjemné čitanie Vám praje #awaboom :)


Pigeonhed: FBEOCOR - 04 Battleflag (Lo-Fidelity Allstars Remix)

Relax a trošku bojovej nálady pred výzvami ďalšieho mesiaca :)

"Battleflag (Lo-Fidelity Allstars Remix)" by Pigeonhed, taken from the album Flash Bulb Emergency Overflow Cavalcade of Remixes (1997 Sub Pop)




S potešením Vám oznamujeme, že dnes pribudli 3 nové aplikácie #NFD :)

*** Družstevné výroky NFD ***

Aplikácie sú v SK, CZ a PL pre platformu Android (obchod Google Play).

Tu sú linky na stiahnutie app:




Aplikácie pre platformu iOS (Apple) budú dostupné na stiahnutie čoskoro. Budeme Vás informovať. Zostaňte naladení na #awaboom :)


Awaboom's cover photo 14/02/2014

Romanca SK Free

Krásneho Valentína prajeme s aplikáciou #Romanca :)
Happy #Valentine's Day with #app #Romanca :)

#iOS (#iPhone):
Romanca SK Free

Romanca US Free

Romanca SK Free

Romanca US Free Get Romanca SK Free on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews.


Skylar Grey - Back From The Dead ft. Big Sean, Travis Barker

A little rest before new challenges :)

iTunes: Amazon: Music video by Skylar Grey performing Back From The Dead. (C) 2013 KIDinaK... 16/01/2014

Facebook plans suite of standalone mobile apps for 2014

...we are full of expectations :) Facebook’s new Messenger app is lightning fast and utilitarian — a vision of the "mobile first" mentality Facebook promised one year ago. In an earnings call two weeks after Messenger launched,... 09/01/2014

Facebook kupuje mladou indickou firmu, vyvíjí nástroje pro analýzu mobilních aplikací

Ide to aj takto! :) Americká internetová společnost Facebook kupuje začínající firmu Little Eye Labs, která vyvíjí nástroje pro analýzu mobilních aplikací. Little Eye Labs má sídlo v Indii, kde je první mladou technologickou firmou, kterou Facebook coby provozovatel největší internetové komunitní sítě na světě přebírá.


Awaboom's cover photo


Schiller with Nadia Ali "Try" Official Music Video

Neustále skúšame niečo nové. Tento rok bude opäť iný. Zostaňte s awaboom :)
We constantly try something new. This year will be different again. Stay tuned for #awaboom :)

Directed By: Marcus Sternberg Album: Atemlos Universal Music Germany 04/01/2014

Philographics: Big Ideas in Simple Shapes

Big Ideas in #Simple #Shapes :) ...excellent! Philographics is all about explaining big ideas in simple shapes, merging the world of philosophy and graphic design. 03/01/2014

Devita Life Quotes Free - Android Apps on Google Play


One time, one of our friends was taking a walk through a mexican beach, watching the sunset. As he was walking, he spotted another man. Once the man was closer to him, our friend realized that the man was a local. The man kept bending down, picking something up, and throwing it into the water. He did this again and again. Once our friend was even closer to the man, he realized that the local was collecting starfish, which have been laying around the beach, and one after one, he threw them into the water.
Our friend was a little confused. He approached the man and said, “Good evening, mate. I can’t quite figure out what you’re doing.”
“I am throwing these starfish back into the sea. As you can see, the sea has brought them upon this beach. If I don’t throw them back into the sea, they won’t have enough oxygen and they will die.”
“I understand that,” our friend said. “But there are surely thousands of starfish on this beach. It is absolutely impossible to save all of them. They are too many. And you’re also probably forgetting that this is probably happening to starfish on hundreds of other beaches. Can’t you see that you’re making no difference?”
The local smiled, bent down, picked up another starfish, and threw it back into the sea.
He said, “But this one will live.” He said, ?But this one will live.? Devita Free offers you 101 carefully chosen quotes/sayings.


Awaboom's cover photo 12/12/2013

Mobile App Visual Flowchart AI An app's architecture, interactions and layout in one pixel perfect deliverable. Save Time: Just drag-n-drop elements from our Illustrator template to create beautiful flowcharts in minutes,... 10/12/2013

'Doom' at 20: John Carmack's hellspawn changed gaming forever

Happy 20th Anniversary :)

Play Doom here: Two decades ago a demon infestation changed the way we play games. Doom was first launched 20 years ago today, and while it wasn't the first game to let you play from a first-person perspective, it... 10/12/2013

Romanca US Free

The Chain and the Comb

Once upon a time, a married couple once lived in this world in a small village. Their love didn’t stop growing since the day they got married. They were very poor and they both knew that each one of them carried an unfulfilled wish in their heart. The man had golden pocket watch, which he inherited from his grandfather. The man dreamed that one day he’ll buy a golden chain for the watch. The women dreamed about a pearl comb, which she would put in her long, smooth, light hair.
Years passed and the man kept thinking more and more about the comb, which he would like to buy for his beloved wife, though his wife nearly forgot about the comb by then. Instead, she was trying to figure out a way to buy her husban the golden chain.
For a very long time, they didn’t discuss it, though they stilled carried their unfulfilled wishes with them.
One morning, the day of their tenth anniversary, the woman came to her husband with a smile and a bald head. Her beautiful, long hair was gone.
"What did you do, sweetheart?" He asked surprised.
The woman showed him a golden chain.
"I sold them so that I could buy the golden chain for your pocket watch."
"Oh, what did you do," sighed the man, showing his wife the pearl comb. "I sold the watch so that I could by the comb for you."
They hugged, not needing anything else. Their love was stronger than ever before. Get Romanca US Free on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews.


Awaboom's cover photo


Apps: myLIGHT, Impressia, Romanca, Fortuna, Devita, myCompany (mini, basic, plus), Rádio Košice, Rádio ŠPORT, Free Summer, GMN

Technology: awacreator



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