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Kuchyne Oresi
Kuchyne Oresi

Architecture, Design, Civil engineering, Urban Planning, Conceptual Design, Energy, Renewable energ STUDIO, s.r.o. STUDIO, Ltd.

je mladá projekčná kancelária spájajúca architektov, dizajnérov a urbanistov s konzultantmi v rôznych oblastiach. Vytvárame kreatívny priestor pre individuálny medziodborový prístup ku každému projektu. is a young design office bringing together architects, designers and urban planners along with consultants in various fields. We form space for individual creative interdisciplinary approach for each project.

Exhibition of VANN MOLYVANN 26/04/2022

STUDIO was part of the unique exhibition of Cambodian Architect Vann Molyvann presented at the CAPLA, University of Arziona. 30.3 - 15.4.2022

Exhibition of VANN MOLYVANN Cambodian modernist architect Vann Molyvann (1926-2017) Molyvann was Cambodia´s first fully qualified architect and the man responsible for the new era of Cambodian postcolonial architecture, nowadays referred to as The New Khmer Architecture. The exhibition was the outcome of research by the inter...

Stará Turá 21/11/2021

Our first international cooperation with BIAS Architects and Associates brought us an 8-11th place in the domestic competition but on the other hand, strengthen our cooperation with Taiwan and opened possibilities for other international cooperation in Europe.
For more information click on

Stará Turá A landscape competition for an urban refurbishment of the urban zone "Mierová" located in the town of Stará Turá in the Trenčín Region. This was the first cooperation between STUDIO Ltd. and BIAS Architects and Associates. More information in our Portfolio / Landscape / City park 2 You can see ...

Cottage 21/11/2021

Another project proposal from STUDIO Ltd., heading for review.

Cottage Proposal for a modern village cottage in Nižný Klatov, Slovakia. The project is currently in development and you can find more details in our portfolio.

Individual dwellings 27/10/2021

New ongoing reconstruction project of our colleague Ing. arch. Peter Tracík.
We are looking forward to the final form of this development, meanwhile, enjoy the preliminary video.

Individual dwellings Reconstruction of the family house (Slovakia)


A new summer term has already begun, and STUDIO Ltd. got new interns in its internship program. Let us welcome the 5 students of the AUPP and UA dual diploma program in Civil Engineering. Welcome aboard 🚢

Curved Timber: 6 Times Architects Bent Wood to Their Will 14/04/2021

Curved Timber: 6 Times Architects Bent Wood to Their Will These façades bend, twist and undulate, proving that architecture can be clad in wood without being so wooden.

HOME | STUDIO New site 25/02/2021

Our new web page is already on. We are still building some features; however, most of our extensive portfolio is already finished. Feel free to browse it and give us feedback. We are always happy to hear from you.

HOME | STUDIO New site studio studioFeb 21 minSTUDIO in ANIH Bulletin no. 5Košice Millrace, A Unique Historical Waterwork has been Bonding the Technological Advances and Culture for Centuries in Asian Network of ...00

Photos from STUDIO's post 02/02/2021

ANIH Bulletin no. 5 is out and STUDIO(Research) was part of it.

Košice Millrace,
A Unique Historical Waterwork has been Bonding the Technological
Advances and Culture for Centuries
斯洛伐克科希策 水磨坊水道:

Stefan Tkac (Associate professor, Chair of Civil Engineering and Architecture, American
University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
柬埔寨美國金邊大學副教授 Stefan Tkac

亞洲產業文化資產資訊平臺Asian Network of Industrial Heritage
Bulletin 5 - December 2020

Photos from STUDIO's post 13/10/2020

An ongoing sacral project of a small campanile.
For more details feel free to contact us on [email protected] or follow us on

Photos from STUDIO's post 13/10/2020

Yet another villa ready to be built via STUDIO Ltd.
For more details feel free to contact us on [email protected] or follow us on

Photos from STUDIO's post 13/10/2020

Currently ongoing villa project.
For more similar projects feel free to contact us on [email protected] or follow us on

Photos from STUDIO's post 13/10/2020

The new ongoing facade restoration project.
For more details feel free to contact us on [email protected] or follow us on


Gratulujeme v mene celého tímu :)

Congratulations to Dr. Štefan Tkáč, UA Global Lecturer and AUPP Associate Professor, for being awarded Fulbright Visiting Scholarship in the United States. Dr. Tkac will spend his scholarship from January 20, 2021 to July 20, 2021 at the The University of Arizona - College of Engineering, Tucson, Arizona state, USA. His Fulbright research will be on the study of Micro-urban structures and their energy potential.

The Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program offers grants to about 850 foreign scholars from more than a hundred countries to conduct post-doctoral research at a U.S. institution. Scholars are selected based on their leadership potential, capacity to conduct research and lecturing at a U.S. university. The program's mission is educational exchange. Scholars share their knowledge and experience upon returning to their home country.

Dr. Štefan Tkáč is a dual Ph.D., graduated from the Technical University of Košice, Slovak Republic and Chung Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan R.O.C. His Ph.D. is in both the Theory of Designing Buildings and Environment and Civil Engineering. Dr. Tkac is active in research, focused on micro-urban design, micro-energy, and hydro-power plants. He also owns an international architectural company, runs the Slovak~Taiwan hydro energy research lab and is a valid member of Asian Network of Industrial Heritage.

Dr. Štefan Tkáč has taught in AUPP since 2018 as Associate Professor, and then later became the chair of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

American University of Phnom Penh UAZGlobal


Together with our Bolivian partner Signani - STUDIO Ltd. is developing a new concept for an urban delivery pick up. At the moment we are shifting between EV platform manufacturers to find a suitable chassis. The concept is intended to be reviewed at the Taiwan International Electric Vehicle Show in 2021. More info coming soon...


All types of Design services under one hoot :)
For more details please follow


STUDIO Ltd. extended the contact points network to Toronto, Canada via our visual artist Mr. Ned Chu.... you can find more about the STUDIO´s current partners, projects and activities at


Our new Taoyuan ~ Qingpu mico~office, finally furnished and ready...

For more information about collaboration, projects or services, please feel free to contact our Main office via [email protected] or leave us a fb. message, we will contact you back...


STUDIO Ltd. is about to open the second contact office 💻💻 in Taiwan 🇹🇼 - Taoyuan - Qingpu area (桃園-青埔) conveniently located near the Taoyuan HSR🚅 and MRT🚈 station, and Highway no. 2 🚗🚗🚗 leading directly to the Taoyuan International Airport✈️🛫🛬.

For more information, please feel free to contact our main office or follow us on

Looking forward to work on your dreams
STUDIO Ltd. 🇹🇼🇸🇰

Photos from STUDIO's post 26/08/2020

Monument to the fallen soldiers of the First World War - the Public Cemetery Kosice, Slovak Republic
The main authors of landscape architecture:

Ing. arch. Lukáš Sečka, PhD.,
Ing. arch. Peter Tracík, MBA.,
and others...

(picture via


STUDIO Ltd. got its first international interns via our Cambodian contact office, it will be our pleasure to work with them and teach them as much as we can, so that one day, they might end up being the core of our Phnom Penh office, who knows... :) 🇰🇭

For more details, please visit or contact any of our CEOs.

Photos from STUDIO's post 26/07/2020

Japanese style nursery room, yet another pleasant budget project successfully wrapped up. For more information, current projects, and cooperation opportunities, please feel free to visit

Photos from STUDIO's post 19/07/2020

And the model for the Japanese room repurposed into a budget nursery room is slowly heading to the end. 7,93sq m was indeed a challenging space. Thus, every cm had to be reconsidered along with the minimum requirements for the corridors.


STUDIO Ltd. partner with Indian Bottomline Studio founded and led by Ms. Pinki Singh.... you can find more about the STUDIO´s current partners, projects and activities at

Photos from STUDIO's post 10/07/2020

KG STAV is yet another contractor for our renovation project in Snina - Eastern Slovakia.

The project is slowly heading towards the finish line.

For more updates on our ongoing projects follow and exquisite pictures soon... at


Building progress of one of our large scale development and renovation in Snina... via Zapa -

Enter Now in RTF’s Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2020 13/06/2020

Enter Now in RTF’s Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2020

Enter Now in RTF’s Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2020 Rethinking The Future (RTF)'s Architecture, Construction, and Design Awards 2020 are now open for entries. The competition includes over 60 design categories.


Small scale shopping mall.


Preliminary render of the Shanping excavation site...

Photos from STUDIO's post 04/06/2020

The Shanping power-plant excavation site is slowly turning into an exhibition site. STUDIO is preparing the basic proposal, ex*****on is already on its way. 2009 Typhoon Morakot destroyed the area, but remains are well preserved as a memory of the power of Mother Nature... Shanping excavation site open-air museum is planned to be open next year. There will be remains of the old power plant displayed directly on-site, posters and 3D model will be also placed in the Gaoping hydropower plant in Zhuzimen village.

For more details follow our Facebook:

Or browse the STUDIO web:

Photos from STUDIO's post 04/06/2020

A recent development proposal from STUDIO Ltd. for a 2 floor 16 units block including individual parking, garden and gazebo. For more projects and info visit our web page:


STUDIO in cooperation with the Technical University of Kosice, preparing historically the first exhibition of Cambodian Architect Vann Molyvann - A Man who built Cambodia...

The estimated time is November - December 2020.

More details soon...

The Vann Molyvann Project The Vann Molyvann Project is an international team of architects and architectural students to document the buildings of Vann Molyvann.


STUDIO Ltd. partner with Malaysian Ubiqarts Solutions led by Mr. Angus Lee.... you can find more about the STUDIO´s current partners, projects and activities at


STUDIO Ltd. partner with Bolivian Signani Design led by Mr. Nando Siñani.... you can find more about the STUDIO´s current partners, projects and activities at

Photos from STUDIO's post 23/04/2020

"The real scale Tesnegrity experience" from the Bachelor degree Civil Engineering students of the University of Arizona and the American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP).
There were 6 students working on this project, namely:

Chan Ek Indraprokorb (student),
Pa Victor (student),
Banh Chhouhan (student),
Yin Ya Ponleu (student),
In Mowinsophat (student),
Someil Vichetsocare (student).

Ing. arch. Štefan Tkáč, PhD., was acting as a lecturer and consultant here.

You can find more information on the STUDIO web page and discover many other projects we are recently working on...

Photos from STUDIO's post 23/04/2020

Low-cost Micro apartment - New Taipei City...
You can find more information on the STUDIO web page and discover many other projects we are recently working on...

CONTACTS | Mysite 20/04/2020

We are launching an updated web page, it is still a development in progress, but even during uneasy times as we are living nowadays, we are trying our best to bring you recent information from our studio.

CONTACTS | Mysite STUDIO Ltd. has its main office based in the city of Košice along with the contact point in Trnava, both located in Slovakia, EU, but we are constantly widening the network of our partners and colleagues. 

STUDIO 20/02/2020

Another wrapped up project ready for construction, starting from summer 2020, Kosice, Lorinčík area, Slovak Republic...


Návrh revitalizácie priestoru ATRIA - Rada rodičov 20/02/2020

Proposed revitalization of an atrium for the local primary school. In the STUDIO s.r.o., we are also cooperating in crowdsourcing projects like this one, as even though we are all grown up now and became an architects and engineers, we still believe in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry´s Little prince - 'All grown-ups were once children... but only a few of them remember it.' We remember :)...
If you share the same passion and feeling you are more than welcome to participate, even a small amount will make a significant contribution to the future generations...

Návrh revitalizácie priestoru ATRIA - Rada rodičov

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One of our currently ongoing projects.
The Shanping excavation site - open air museum proposal




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