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Doha Insurance -Umm Al Dhoom Muaither -Doha


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You can't watch some parts of the road because of the position of the mirrors. Those parts are named blind spots. You can reduce the space of blind spots by adjusting the mirrors and by checking over shoulders for watching well the two sides.


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[01/11/15]   لا تسمح بعد الآن لإلغاء أي من خططك بسبب أي حدث غير متوقع. بمجرد أن تكون شريك معنا، فسوف تبحر في طريقك بسلاسة في المحيط الواسع وتتمتع بوقت الاسترخاء مبحرا على طول الساحل مع أصدقائك وعائلتك!

من خلال تأمين اليخوت المقدم إليك من قبل الشركة المرموقة في هذه الصناعة، فإنك لم تعد تحتاج للقلق بشأن أي عاصفة في البحر لأننا في شركة الدوحة للتأمين نبذل كل الجهد للاهتمام بالمخاوف المرتبطة مع أي مأساة أو مكروه قد يصيب اليخت الخاص بك و توابعه وسط بحر هائج.

نسعى لتقديم خطة مصممة خصيصا لك تسمح لك بالإبحار مع شركة الدوحة للتأمين في أكثر الطرق الخالية من الإجهاد والتوتر، في حين أنه يكون لك الحق في تغطية كاملة ضد أي ضرر أو خسارة قد لحقت بالقارب، والآلات والعربات المقطورة، والسرقة سواءً في عرض البحر أو على اليابسة، أو كانت في حالة الرسو، أو المرور العابر.

يوجد عدد من الخيارات التي يمكن أن تناقشها في أي وقت مع الخبراء لدينا والتي تم تصميمها بعناية لتلبية احتياجاتك وتناسب ميزانيتك. من هذه الخيارات ما يلي:

تغطية شاملة
مسؤولية الطرف الثالث فقط
الحوادث الشخصية

[01/11/15]   التأمين على السيارات
سواء كنتي أم وحيدة تقوم برعاية كافة الأعمال المنزلية، أو موظف متقاعد يبحث عن حياة خالية من المتاعب أو شخص مهني منشغل بعقد اجتماعات دون توقف وليس لديه أي وقت فراغ للتعامل مع العديد من القضايا التي تأتي مع الحوادث، حين ذلك تكون الدوحة للتأمين حتماً هي الشريك المناسب للجوء اليها.

يوجد بشكل إجمالي نوعين من وثائق التأمين التي وضعت بعناية يجري تقديمها في شركة الدوحة للتأمين:

• التأمين الإلزامي للسيارات (مسؤولية الطرف الثالث) أفراد / أسطول

• التأمين الشامل للسيارات (التأمين الكامل) أفراد / أسطول

التأمين الشامل للسيارات (التأمين الكامل)

تهدف خطة التأمين الشامل لحمايتك ضد كافة انواع السرقة، والأضرار المادية للسيارة، والإصابة الجسدية لركاب السيارة وبالإضافة إلى ذلك فإنها تغطي أيضا مسؤولية الطرف الثالث.

إصلاح مجاني (السنة الأولى فقط)

تغطية مسئولية الطرف الثالث

عدم الاقتطاع على قطع الغيار (السنة الأولى فقط)

التغطية عن الأضرار الخاصة

التغطية الطبية المرتبطة بالحادث لجميع الركاب

المساعدة الشاملة على الطريق

تأمين الطرف الثالث

تأمين الطرف الثالث يشمل:

التغطية والتعويض فيما يتعلق بأية إصابة لأشخاص آخرين (بما في ذلك الركاب) ناجمة عن حادث وقع نتيجة لخطئك.

الأضرار أو الخسائر في ممتلكات أشخاص أخرين ناجمة عن حادث وقع نتيجة لخطئك


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Lusail Insurance Agent


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[01/11/15]   Aviation Insurance
The services we offer at Doha insurance for General Aviation are absolutely innovative, customized and cost-efficient to not just meet the requirements of our clientele but to also ensure affordability.

We provide exceptional insurance coverage to our clients in various sectors, including but not limited to corporate and commercial aviation operations, municipalities, individual aircraft owners and operators, commercial businesses, and the like.

Owing to the experience of over a decade in the industry, Doha Insurance takes pride in providing absolutely comprehensive services and enhanced policies to meet virtually all kind of aviationrelated risks.

The benefits being offered to you by Doha Insurance under Aviation Hull & Machinery Insurance include:

Custom writing solutions for all business classes (commercial & charter fleets, corporate aviation operations, and light aviation)

Claim Specialists, who are well-versed and experts in the aviation industry

Comprehensive consulting services to our valuable customers to educate them about safety and loss prevention

[01/11/15]   Roadside Assistance:
At Doha Insurance Company (DIC), we strive to provide you with the best services, so that you can quit worrying about the small things and enjoy the peace of mind.

Our services are tailor-made to ensure your specific needs are met to the highest possible standards.

We have designed two great services offered to our valuable customers to present them choices they can easily afford.

Client have the options to choose from “Gold and Silver Cards Service” designed exclusively to assist you in case of an emergency breakdown. The purpose of both services is to get you back on road in no time, and to allow you to continue your journey peacefully.

So no matter when and where you need help, our team will always be available to assist you 24 hours a day!

The services we offer to our valuable members include but are not limited to:




Service Calls
Gasoline Service
Mechanical first aid
Battery service
Lookout Service
Accidents towing services
Towing service
VIP Services
Car Replacement

We don't just do fuel top ups and battery replacements when you breakdown - we get you to where you should be. We'll try and fix your car wherever it is so that you can drive home. for more information please check here.

[01/11/15]   Claims
At present time there are various insurance companies around the globe that are usually sticking to their long-standing company cultures, where Doha Insurance feels there are certain values that are too significant to be disregarded or ignored and this includes, providing the most superior quality services to our valuable clients at the time they need us the most to stand by their side and relieve their worries.

At Doha Insurance, our philosophy is treating our clients the same way as how we would like to be treated as at the time of an unfortunate event. These times are definitely extremely distressing and there is already a lot one has to go through, which makes us more considerate to ease whatever little we can to our clients.

Our key values in this regard includes

All these values are incorporated to the core in our processes, which makes us far more thoughtful and sensitive to our clients needs than anyone else in the industry.

Hence, our clients are highly encouraged to report any claim to us as quickly as possible in order to allow us to take care of the rest in the most professional, efficient and fair manner.

[01/11/15]   Travel Insurance
Set in a great mood and all ready to take a trip to your dream destination? We know the mood is right, but you can never tell when the time may go wrong. It is often said that the worst things happen at the least expected time at the worst possible places. So for times like these, we want you to be prepared not to handle all these worries alone, especially when you are in your vacation mode, but to let us take care of all the inconveniences so you could enjoy your long awaited vacations uninterrupted with your love, family or friends!

Choose us as your partner to your vacations and we promise to protect you against all the mishaps that include

The product provides cover for Individual, Families, Schengen Visa and Hajj Umra Protection for the following benefits:

Medical emergencies
Lost baggage
Cancellation of the trip
Passport, Identity card, credit card loss and so on
We have multiple plans specially designed to meet your needs at the most reasonable prices:

Travel Smart
Inbound Travel
Travel Plus
Discuss your plan with our experts at Doha Insurance to get the best insurance policy customized to your needs and budget!

[01/11/15]   Yacht Insurance
Do not allow any of your plans to get washed away due to any unforeseen event anymore. Once you partner with us, you sail your way smoothly into the wide ocean enjoying a relaxing time cruising along the coast with your friends & family!

With Yacht Insurance offered to you by the most reputable company in the industry you no longer need to worry about any storm in the sea as Doha Insurance is here to take care of all your apprehensions associated with any tragedy or misfortune that may occur to your yacht and its belonging amidst a rough sea.

We offer a customized plan to you that allow you to sail with Doha Insurance in the most stressed free manner, while you get entitled to complete coverage against any damage or loss caused to boat, machinery and trailer, theft either at sea, kept on land, whilst moored, or in transit.

There are number of options you may discuss with our experts anytime that have been designed carefully to meet your needs and budget. Some of the options we offer to you include:

Comprehensive Cover
Third Party Liability Only
Personal Accident

[01/11/15]   Motor Insurance
Whether you are a single mom taking care of all the household work, a retired employee who is looking to live a hassle free life or a busy professional with non-stop meetings and have hardly any spare time to deal with numerous issues that comes with an accident, then Doha Insurance is definitely the right partner to turn to.

There are in total two carefully devised insurance policies being offered at Doha Insurance:

• Motor Compulsory Insurance (Third Party Liability)
• Motor Comprehensive Insurance (Full Insurance)

Motor Comprehensive Insurance (Full Insurance)

Our comprehensive insurance plan aims to protect you against all sort theft, physical damage to the car, bodily injury of the passenger of the car and in addition to this; it also covers third-party liability.

The prominent coverage it offers includes:

Free Repair (first year only)

Third Party Liabilities Coverage

No deductible on spare parts (first year only)

Coverage for Own Damage

All Passengers Medical coverage related to the accident

Comprehensive Road-Side assistance

Third Party Liability Insurance (T.P.L)

Third Party Insurance covers:

Coverage and compensation in respect of injury to other people (including your passengers) resulting from an accident that has occurred due to your fault.

Damage or loss to other peoples' property resulting from an accident that has occurred due to your fault


Lusail Insurance Agent's cover photo


Lusail Insurance Agent's cover photo


Car Insurance
Home Insurance
Labor Insurance
Travel Insurance



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